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BFV World Reveal Multiplayer Gameplay Montage!

555 ratings | 15167 views
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Text Comments (68)
The Donald (1 day ago)
Game Raiders gave this 4 out of 10...bummer..i guess COD is still king...just make a fucking realistic modern war game for fucks sake.
Jabberwocky (8 days ago)
This looks gorgeous!! I can't wait to play it!!
Dr Melontitz (8 days ago)
the character looks goofy as frick
Joel Verdin (9 days ago)
Really you hope stream more
Jax (9 days ago)
1.6 mil subs and u barely get 10k views on most ur videos, sad to see the crew come to this. :(
Will Blacksmith (9 days ago)
“ I know it is not the best gameplay” first 15 seconds doesnt miss a shot….
shaddow3456 (9 days ago)
Sniping like its black ops 2 hova gyot dayum! Lol
Snappy (9 days ago)
Looks like BF1
Luke Shepherd (9 days ago)
wouldn't you know it, looks exactly like B1
SteelAdder (9 days ago)
This makes me moist
Plebtile (9 days ago)
FPS is better on mouse and keyboard.
Ahmed Eshaq (10 days ago)
Headphone warning at the beginning, jesus christ.
Tud (10 days ago)
Alex (10 days ago)
Fuck yes WW2 and battlefield finally together again
mathew silva (10 days ago)
LOVE ME SOME BATTLEFIELD, and awesome video hova
RANGER LEADER (10 days ago)
What you talking about not the best game play you we're going off on squad's getting triple kills
Siggy (10 days ago)
Does this play any different than BF One? It looks like the same game pretty much.
yankeesman1010 (10 days ago)
They made sniping way too easy. Basically just COD
JustSavageThings (10 days ago)
Looks better than BF1.... hope if plays better too
Hova Gaming (10 days ago)
This looks like a fun game great vid!! Keep up the good work!!
SoulKilla1000 (10 days ago)
EA can take another L.
xMentor mentor (10 days ago)
Not enough women and cripples, im offended.
xMentor mentor (10 days ago)
xMentor mentor (10 days ago)
Battlefield Vsjw
xMentor mentor (10 days ago)
Battlefield Vagina
xMentor mentor (10 days ago)
Females: Strong and Independant
xMentor mentor (10 days ago)
I hope they give the option to turn off AI speeches, i dont wanna be in the zone baked off my titties fighting the sjw nazis then hear a Strong and Independant Woman scream grenade or some shit, why is she there? Its a fucking battlefield mate go back to the kitchen.
xMentor mentor (10 days ago)
Not enough Strong and Independant Women, where the cripple battalion at? There the reason the germans feared us.
Conner Henderson (10 days ago)
Game looks good!
Vicious Oz (10 days ago)
So is there any new features so far, or is it just a prettier version of BF1 in ww2?
GrantSweatshirt (10 days ago)
Hova always was at his best in the old BF3 BO2 days, can’t wait to see him play this and black ops 4
wet towel (10 days ago)
Favourite announcement from the Xbox showcase?
Andrew Taylor (10 days ago)
It was all utter shite. Same old from Microsoft at E3, relying in Halo, Gears of War & Forza. Kingdom Hearts also looks like a childs game. Shame really because I miss having an Xbox at times.
Lucas Marconi (10 days ago)
Halo Infinite. Probably. I don’t know, can I just say everything.
North_town87 (10 days ago)
thats the norwegian map awesome
Sirob737 (10 days ago)
bruh..... that quickscope at the end 0.0
tongaexpress (10 days ago)
Is this footage from PC gameplay :)
tongaexpress (10 days ago)
Hova was it with 1080tis in sli or a single 1080ti
Hova (10 days ago)
tongaexpress (10 days ago)
Lucas Marconi single or sli 1080tis
Lucas Marconi (10 days ago)
Yes, all I know is that they where using 1080 Ti’s.
TANIMAL13 (10 days ago)
Kinda looks like a combination of BF1 with Battlefront 2 (yes i know they are made by the same developer). Looks solid so far!
Terce (10 days ago)
looks really fluid. hopefully it feels that way too.
Trenton Keys (10 days ago)
That sudden “welcome” scared the shit out of me lol
Tox11CFumes (10 days ago)
This game looks dank
John Segura (10 days ago)
That was amazing.
PANDAZ (10 days ago)
The melee is the same?, hopefully they havnt finished the takedowns yet and they add different ones when the game fully releases
1gecky123 (10 days ago)
game looks good hopefully its more like bf3/4 than bf1
Ben Saph (10 days ago)
dude.....that is not a laferrari, its a Lamborghini Veneno
Blake - (10 days ago)
What car is that in ur pfp?
Lucas Marconi (10 days ago)
From what I’ve seen and heard it’s more like bf2 & bf4. Looks like a great year for bf.
Hova (10 days ago)
Let me know what you guys think!
llJeezusll (10 days ago)
I think Nice snipin 😎
GOURD MONGRIL (10 days ago)
GrantSweatshirt (10 days ago)
Hova you seem back in your element with this montage, refreshing to see I hope your channel starts to regain some steam and climb those sub numbers to new heights
CloutBoisTV (10 days ago)
You were kicking ass with that sniper Gawd Damn Gurl!
Michael N (10 days ago)
Frostbite engine is wasted on a grenade spam fest like Battlefield and EA in general. I don't support EA any more, but I'm not militant about it, so power to you if you enjoy their games. Hopefully you and the crew can get some great BF videos out. With a game like BF you could actually fit everyone on one team. Just please, no more pigeon with sp33dy. That gamemode is a snore fest.
Novaxine (10 days ago)
Oh shit it feels like bf3 gameplay.
Finesse Squad (10 days ago)
500 likes and I’ll drop a bo4 diss track
Stef Cvet (10 days ago)
Gears 5 tho
TheSLASHX (10 days ago)
ItsKaotik GD (10 days ago)

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