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PUBG's Rarest Items Can Take 80 Years to Unlock via Loot Boxes

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YongYea (10 months ago)
EDIT: Eighty. Years. Show your support on Patreon.com/YongYea or PayPal.me/YongYea to help this channel stay independent and self-sustained! Also, follow me on Twitter.com/YongYea for the latest updates. TOP PATRONS - Thelionsam (Cipher) - THE CROWN KILLER (Cipher) - Feras Ameen (Big Boss) - PapaSnippy (Big Boss) - Sick Nasty (Big Boss) - Willie Houston (Big Boss) - KMille (Boss) - Michael Redmond (Boss) - Kyle Crawford (Boss) - Alex Moretti (Boss) - Jonathan Ball (Boss) - ComfyHat (Boss) - J Black (Boss) - Steve Colby (Boss) - Justconst (Boss) - Brenton Brown (Boss) - Pawel Dziemian (Legendary) - Jonah Ferguson (Legendary) - Darius Harvey (Legendary) - StalkerSOC (Legendary) - Jake Betts (Legendary) - Princess Stabbity (Legendary) - Dark Fox (Legendary) - Teemu Hattukangas (Legendary) - Emperor Obvious (Legendary) - JMorro (Legendary) - Darrien Cunningham (Legendary) - Matthew Riggs (Legendary) - Matt Towey (Legendary)
Eternia (4 months ago)
Jeffrey De Guzman Yea, my teacher's biasness to my individual results is just cosmetics right? Still affects my overall result and gameplay of the game of life
Dylie (8 months ago)
It won’t take you 80 years bullshit
Tyler Calhoun (10 months ago)
william 'And you're forgetting one more very basic thing. You (Brendan Greene) don't have what it takes to optimize your game.'
Danny Darco (10 months ago)
Pub G purposely put the limit so hackers have to buy multiple accounts in Asia. Blue hole is making millions of dollars banning cheaters have to buy more accounts. The cheaters are selling the items in the crate’sFor real money
Genji (2 days ago)
The Xbox version is a literal potato
FlameWolfScout (7 days ago)
I know CS:GO is another major offender with regards to loot boxes giving skins and stuff, but let's not forget that TF2 was doing it way before CS:GO was a thing. Hell, *unlike* in CS:GO, where it's all just skins, TF2 has both cosmetics *and actual weapons* in its boxes, thus to me making it a worse offender than CS:GO. EDIT: And before anyone says anything about needing keys for the crates, TF2 does that as well.
AniRmx 2nd (9 days ago)
i got PU’s Trench coat in 2nd try for free by getting coupons
ThebatgamerHD 2004 (9 days ago)
I know this is pointleds but January 10th is my birthday
Darren Morales (19 days ago)
Challenge Accepted
Kitsune Tengoku (20 days ago)
Lootboxes are the worst thing that could happen on the gaming industry, randomized probabilities on a virtual slot machine for content is the laziest way to incentive players to buy things, if the game is good, people will buy proper content, even expansions . Makes fornite's battle pass look like the best way to endorse players to ....play ? Just ban loot boxes and force developers to actually make real content that actually makes players satisfied !
GHB (27 days ago)
Whales (players willing to spend large amounts of money) should go to a real casino see whats the difference between a loot box and a slot machine and understand why this is shady.
Dennis Ramirez (29 days ago)
As of now 10-16-18 Loot boxes is pubg are irrelevant All their loot boxes are bought with battle points that you gain from playing matches. And you racked them up quickly if you’re getting dinners. So it’s almost like a progression/reward system for playing in general and being good at the game
Scott Johnstone (1 month ago)
I bet that the Devs and people connected to them give themselves a load of rare items to sell as a sneaky bonus.
Scott Johnstone (1 month ago)
30 million players isn't necessarily 30 million copies sold, just saying, many on Xbox gameshare.
Aaron White (1 month ago)
I feel like PUBG's popularity proves gamers on the whole don't care about quality, but hype.
that fit Asian (1 month ago)
It’s been 84 years
Benadict Yate (1 month ago)
I still stand by Guns of Icarus's cosmetics system, sure, you pay for clothing items, but they are rarely over $6.00 a piece, and you always know exactly what you get. I shilled out $20 to support the company, and I got exactly the outfit I wanted, plus a couple extra nick-knacks, because I'm a sucker for aesthetics, I would gladly spend $20 a couple more times if they had a greater variety of clothing items. Seriously, just sell actual items!
Francisco DeTonne (1 month ago)
Welp. Even more evil and dickish than EA. Instead of players paying to the company, Blue(ass)hole let players pay to each other to have players prey for each other to spread the infestous greed even more, and when the authorities want to touch the bad guys, those greedy players WILL defend the company.
OpinionatedContent (1 month ago)
PUBG will never stop, before the most popular game. Que the Alia Intro
BlossomOfThorns (1 month ago)
Implying in 80 years, PUBG isn't reviled for killing the industry by making content-less games ok.
jpkjnn (1 month ago)
Dude, you're doing god's work. You're one of the few people worth supporting on patreon because you are one of the few forces in the industry which are working to save gaming with incisive, honest reporting and unbiased, frank assessment. Thanks for doing what you're doing. As far as government regulation - it makes me nervous too, but let's be honest: there is zero chance that the industry does the right thing on their own here, because doing the right thing means giving up hundreds of millions of dollars, ultimately billions of dollars, in ill gotten revenue from gambling style gains. They simply won't give up that potential for anything, because they have a taste for it now, and they will fight almost to their death to sustain this trend that has been strangling the industry and inciting gamers to unhealthy ends. The gaming industry has few people with morals, and virtually nobody with maturity. They all see dollar signs and every single one of them, even the ones that would otherwise have been well intentioned, are scrambling to capitalize on the lawless environment the industry currently enjoys. The fact is that government regulation is necessary. Who else is going to check industry behavior? The fucking ESRB? Lol. Their a wholly owned puppet group by the industry that would NEVER do or say ANYTHING that industry heads weren't completely on board with. They're worse than nothing: they're a pupper group that is meant to confuse people into thinking someone is legitimately looking out for gamers. The only people doing that are people like you, and decidedly not the piece of shit cowards that staff the fucking ESRB. They are a trash group doing bad things, it's as simple as that. At some point it becomes hard to look away people who work there and think anything other than that they are trash people who knowingly fuck over gamers. So unfortunately, government regulation it is. anyways, keep it up brother. Thanks for all you do. You're a God Damn saint you are. ;)
shawn boyce (1 month ago)
3:50 wow Pubg trying to kill themselves already
Apollo (1 month ago)
80 yrs? I just get the Purple Skirt yesterday :)
Parker (1 month ago)
To be honest, I only hate loot boxes when they have a chance to give the buyer an unfair advantage.
Ethan Edwards (1 month ago)
...80 years, huh? ...Well, better start making a code to give Androids free will.
Dr. Jonas Venture (1 month ago)
Teetering? It's 100% gambling because the items are easily liquidated into cash just like tokens at a casino. The only difference is other players buy the tokens instead of the developers cashing you out but that's fueled by people flexing/steaming/making videos. No doubt someone has bought all the most expensive stuff and has that whole getup as their outfit on Twitch.
Lightspeed Retro (1 month ago)
When were downloaded into the matrix these companies will block off our memories behind a paywall. Fucking scumbags.
Manak Mishra (1 month ago)
I unlocked that on my first try idk how wtf
PsychoAztecs (1 month ago)
TBH, i don't give a flying fuck about these loot boxes in which does absolutely nothing other than cosmetic shit. Core gameplay is intact i have no right to complain
MrRinoHunter (2 months ago)
It's cosmetic, also value on this stuff dropped hard as there is more on the marketplace. This is fair.
Feels (2 months ago)
Well that's why they're rare items. You're talking about this as if everyone should have one. If that were the case, they wouldn't be rare and it wouldn't be cool to see it in game because you and everyone else have one. Kind of a dumb topic imo, seems like a really obvious flaw with this argument. Still love your channel
I know people who have spent more money on fortnite so....
Daniel Braga (2 months ago)
Thank God Fortnite has a item shop and not a loot box system
DaVeganZombie (2 months ago)
Who's to say the devs can't just give themselves these items and then sell them on dummy accounts? All it takes is 1 person to buy it, after all...
D Sim (2 months ago)
Did I really just see $1,535 for a DIGITAL LEATHER HOODIE!!!!!😵😨
TheBanana Man (2 months ago)
Why do people even get upset over cosmetic micro transactions though?
Maphack (2 months ago)
it's true, i play better with certain csgo skins than others (no sarcasm)
Meme liquid (2 months ago)
*fortnite joins the game.* pubg: oh shit *Pubg left the game.*
casual crisis (2 months ago)
i just keep hearing despacito crates
bravepirates16 (2 months ago)
4.6 billion $. These people should be burried in pyramids with all their stacks of money. Maybe then they'd be satisfied.
Argon (2 months ago)
Blue hole are some of the dumbest developers around
Bitelaserkhalif 555 (3 months ago)
80 yrs? At that time, I speculate the pubg server has been closed.
MR Moon (3 months ago)
fuck pubg
YouthEnergy (3 months ago)
If you pay over 1000 bucks for something that does absolutely nothing for you in a game, *kill yourself.*
PiPArtemis (3 months ago)
BUT BUT!! iTs cOsMeTiC oNlY!!! Kiss my ass, loot boxes are cancer full stop. F2P, paid, whatever. If it's not a trading card game get it the fuck outta here
Passonthestar (3 months ago)
Tbh the mobile version fits this game perfectly
Tacky Toe (3 months ago)
At least it's still enjoyable than EA I can win some game without put my credit card on loot boxes 😂😂
Lustin lis (3 months ago)
Is PUBG dead already ?
DaBigNiggaa (3 months ago)
80 years huh? Nice statistic must have made it up on the spot lol come on guys tell me you dont believe this
So were saying that Pokémon Duel should be rated A? (and yes Pokémon Duel does have Loot crates)
Matt Petty (3 months ago)
How does someone have 6 leather hoodies to sell?
Pt S (4 months ago)
Wow you're whiny about everything. If some moron is willing to pay exorbitant amounts of money for an in-game cloth, that's their own moronic life choice, nobody's making them. Your argument is so stupid that cosmetic matters because people get enjoyment. Then wouldn't rarity give enjoyment, too? Let morons spend money on what they want to spend, as long as it doesn't effect sensible people's enjoyment of the game. I never spend shit on cosmetics, and I don't care about them either. You sound like someone who's into that shallow crap but doesn't want to admit it or spend money on it so you're bitching. Or for the sake of making a YouTube video.
Spy C (4 months ago)
Bl *EA* hole
Spy C (4 months ago)
PUBG is complaining that Fortnite most their playerbase, I wonder why? (Not including streamers)
Ultimate Recoil (4 months ago)
Those prices are nothing on the rarest tf2 items.
QueenofSilence101 (4 months ago)
I've said it before, and I'll say it again. They should just set up a little e-shop to sell items individually, or as bundles. At a _fair price,_ that being only a dollar or so for individual items, and maybe $10-$15 for packs of 10+ items. It would be so much better for everyone. This applies to pretty much every game that does things like this, not just PUBG exclusively. If they're that dead set on selling this shit, they should at least be fair about it. Or, better yet, turn this stuff into things you can unlock in-game, w/o spending any money.
Rei Li (4 months ago)
I have to disagree with you on this one. Cosmetic are cosmetic and if someone want to waste close to 2k for some pixelated clothing. Then be my guess.
Jeremy Al'Good (4 months ago)
boycott all games with loot boxes, this is how we get them to listen. I'll you have to do is spread the word, and simply don't spend the money on even the base game. The best way to get big companies to listen is to strangle their wallets, they see us as ATMs that they feel like they can overdraw at anytime the wish. Stand up gamers!
ronan estoque (4 months ago)
Pubg Is becoming EA
Pikachu (4 months ago)
Can I get a girlfriend from lootboxes?
Meme Collector (3 months ago)
Activision and Ea - Yes the girlfriend lootbox is $100! But every time you open a supply drop you have a 000000.1 chance to get anything !
Dingus Bung (4 months ago)
EA sports it’s in the money They’re becoming EA
Raven (4 months ago)
I'm just gonna say it, FORTNITE'S better
William Jonathan (4 months ago)
Nope fortnight forever #PUBGSUCKS
effe'n aey man (4 months ago)
The cosmetics can also act as camouflage making it harder for people to see you, so there's that which also effects gameplay
MrAssault (4 months ago)
No matter what happens to PUBG. I will still love it.
John D (4 months ago)
I don't agree with you regarding cosmetics and I think you are asking all games to create a socialist gaming environment. WoW was met with this prior to the addition of the "Looking for Raid" (LFR) feature which was their response to gamers who justly complained that they had bought the game but without membership in a high end raid guild, could never see the end game content. The boss fights in LFR were laughably easier and while the gear was aesthetically the same it had significantly lower stats on it. If they had made the gear equal there would have been no motivation for high-end raiding guilds to push forward into the content on the a higher degree of difficulty. There has to be a separation for gamers who are of the hardcore mentality and who wish to have something to set them apart or show off their hard work. I play Guild Wars , which does have microtransactions dealing with items that are limited to convenience or cosmetics. The game has been rather successful for five years despite being several notches below some of the big Games like World of Warcraft. Cosmetics do not affect gameplay..period end of story. While the may affect "feelings" of players, I don't think that they should be removed because you think it detracts from the gaming experience due to jealousy. Looking at your character model is only a small facet of the game and is a subset of its goal as a form of entertainment. If someone was interested in the Cosmetic features of their character model, there are probably better games suited to that which relates more to modeling, fashion design, or other focuses on the aesthetic properties of character development. My interpretation of your comment is that you want everyone to either get everything for free or no one gets anything at all and I'm not sure that I agree with that.
McCaroni Sup (4 months ago)
Actually cosmetics matter in PUBG because some clothes make it easier to hide.
KiTT (4 months ago)
These bullshit calculations are getting realy old
Oiy! (4 months ago)
gamer without skill (4 months ago)
this is why fortnite is better.
Anonymous (4 months ago)
It's been 84 years...
Chara (4 months ago)
Loot boxes is kinda like the Gacha system in many Japanese games. Trust me I know the frustration of getting nothing but shit from them.
BlankManTM (4 months ago)
Once again, FORTNITE probes itself to be superior
Shiloh the Nomad (4 months ago)
I'll stick with Fortnite
Fake CNN Bomb (4 months ago)
That's easy i can get I'm going to have alot of free time once Game of Thrones ends.
Aisar87 (4 months ago)
It won't stop until people receive massive fines and penalties via court cases. Money is too strong a motivator.
Jen Lucille (4 months ago)
Get on Warhawk or better yet battlefield 4, no bullshit loot boxes. Play that and ignore battlefield 1 and V and EA might get the hint. I just want more players tbh...
Dingus Bung (4 months ago)
What about Xbox
Sylvia Falls (4 months ago)
I got the black hoodie first try. Guess im lucky huh
CumberCube (4 months ago)
Who cares about cosmetics in pubg? Utterly meaningless and the flashier the gear you have the easier it is to spot you
ronshii4 (5 months ago)
Another thing about cosmetics is camouflage. I do it all the time in unturned, and pubg
iamthesolitude _ (5 months ago)
Gonna have to pay for that lawsuit somehow amirite
Ricky Spanish (5 months ago)
Daniel M (5 months ago)
Lootception? A lootbox in a lootbox, and in that lootbox there's another lootbox.
manniefaces (5 months ago)
Why would you pay money for this trash game when Fornite is free?
Toast Brains (5 months ago)
PUBG doesnt deserve the popularity and success it has right now. There are better games.
DerpFace92 (5 months ago)
"There are no signs of this freight train slowing down anytime soon" *Fortnite: Battle Royale*
Allykins17 (5 months ago)
A thousand bucks for some polygons. What. The. Hell.
Allykins17 (5 months ago)
Xiedhal Kreiyutz Oh, believe me. I know about that. AND I AIN'T TOO HAPPY.
Aung Un'Rama (5 months ago)
Allykins17 Star citizen has you pay 28,000 for stuff
Nemesis 5150s (5 months ago)
0:27 no sign of pubg slowing down *cough cough fortnite*
Sweetlemonade97 (5 months ago)
I’d be totally fine playing a game let’s say a halo game that isn’t a bunch of power rangers but maybe more something like halo reach and paying money for idk armor modifications or skins for weapons or whatever. Something that doesn’t affect gameplay. Nothing crazy like 1800$ for a Masterchief helmet with fire around it but more something like a chest piece you already are able to unlock from gameplay just with a pouch on it or a funky paint option... Idk that’s just me as long as there is no loot option I’m cool. Not trying to spend hundred dollars and get the same helmet that’s shitty over and over and over again.
The Berserk Spoogz (5 months ago)
10:31 FBI, open up
Shadow People (5 months ago)
the irony nowadays
Spyro (5 months ago)
Do you think anyone actually spent that $1.8k
Aung Un'Rama (5 months ago)
Spyro folks with addictive tendencies
Monmonstar (5 months ago)
But the intent is to provide a sense of pride and accomplishment for unlocking new skins!
Ordosan (5 months ago)
loot boxes that requre a key are the WORST kind of loot boxes. I hated them in payday2 (before they removed the drill) I hate them in killingfloor 2. they are just stupid. not only do you ahve a TINY FRIGGEN CHANCE of GETTING A LOOTBOX. you also have to drop real money just to friggen open it. instead of RNG hidden behind a paywall. Its RNG thats hidden behind a paywall thats hidden behind RNG.
donado xie (5 months ago)
This is longer than the 58 years it takes of upgrading a building in that scam of war profit age!!
BoostedDoge (5 months ago)
Csgo has been doing the pay for key shit forever
ConceitedCynic (5 months ago)
I wonder if the early access status comes with benefits/restrictions for developers. Maybe early access means less royalty payments, but restricts the ability to add certain money-making features. It’d be interesting if some of the games that have been I early access for years are only doing it to earn more money from something like tax breaks.
Dr Inchinati (5 months ago)
Who the fuck is so retarded to actually spend money on skins?
blind tree man (5 months ago)
Lol, got an ROS ad. Ironic aint it
WorldsWorstBoy (5 months ago)
Pubg is for retarded people
Thien Le (5 months ago)
I swear to god when Desperado Crates were released a bunch of players got leapard cloth mask on their first try 😤🤨
Bryan K. (5 months ago)
playunknown's global offensive

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