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Opening A $450 Case 4 Times... here is what I got

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Open cases here: https://hellcase.com/ffatnoob Flip knife doppler giveaway: https://twitter.com/FatNoobTM/status/961057370611822592 Opening A $450 Case 4 Times... here is what I got Hope you guys enjoyed this video! Get free skins: http://fatnoobcs.com/ Use my code for FREE skins! Code "fatnoob" http://hellcase.org/ffatnoob Code "fatnoob" http://csgopolygon.com/ Code "fatnoob" http://www.csgoroll.com/ Code "fatnoobtm" https://society.gg/ Code "fatnoob" https://www.csgolive.com/ Steam trade link! http://bit.ly/1J8GF8u Connect with me▼ • Subscribe to me! http://bit.ly/12pixdc • Follow me on Twitter: http://www.Twitter.com/FatNoobTM • Follow me on Twitch: http://bit.ly/1pED2I3 • Join my steam group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/FatNoob54 • Google+: http://bit.ly/1ygYkE2 • Music by Not The King https://soundcloud.com/coreygagne & Tobu http://www.youtube.com/tobuofficial - FatNoob
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Text Comments (75)
Sprxchfxhler (23 days ago)
why the code doesnt work?
L'μSmiSte FLàMi (6 months ago)
SMASH SWORD (6 months ago)
So risky!
zeno de beer (7 months ago)
Angelo Zanutelli (7 months ago)
Nice video bro.
TheWolders TV (7 months ago)
hellcase upgrade is scam
OfficialStixS (7 months ago)
The whole site is such a loss and a scam lol
The OG (7 months ago)
This physically hurt me to watch you upgrading. You lost that many under and then flip it to over after losing that many when it's clearly gonna go over dude the fact you can just throw it away annoys me
Endrit Lutfiu (7 months ago)
Seems ez profit
Yasin koçer (7 months ago)
OG BlaZeplayyS (7 months ago)
I love your video and i drop a likes
Munkeh (7 months ago)
Fatnoob i am a co-owner to a new gambling site and we need advertisement we can make a deal, email: [email protected]
Akshat Kalra (7 months ago)
Master Vn (7 months ago)
Omg your luck is fking insane !
Tsiabalis (7 months ago)
giveaway gl
GO COM (7 months ago)
they have a nice rape mode on that site
itz Micky (7 months ago)
your so bad at upgrading LMAO
sebastian markvardsen (7 months ago)
scam site
Moneyman moneymoneyman (7 months ago)
Do you hold your nose when you talk ?
Marek Masnica (7 months ago)
Your math is .................
Igor Milovanovic (7 months ago)
Cool video!
ricardo mendoza (7 months ago)
that upgrade sucks :/
Reano Mv (7 months ago)
Everyone good luck witht the giveaway! I would like to win the knife because I have never won a giveaway before.. LOVE YOU! ♥
DhabeK (7 months ago)
Hey ! ^^
J Pril (7 months ago)
Fat is the new sexy
Martin Kmet (7 months ago)
not bad serpent man :D you give me a lot of energy with this videos your voice is so positive :) thanks for that
WaiitWhoo (7 months ago)
Fatnoob I know you see this noti add me I'm on wtfskins I lost $102 ;ccc
_Bence Kálu (7 months ago)
I need that knife Nice vid btw
junrules (7 months ago)
So you lost everything on the site...definitely not trying that one
Largion80 (7 months ago)
case sites where you cant even see the odds sucks..
Ticto (7 months ago)
this site is fishy af Fatnoob, im just saying u dont wanna have to do anything with them
Wijkagent Wim Rietveldt (2 months ago)
i got 5 times back to back the same stattrack weapon in millspec its fishy af
Lil Marcel (7 months ago)
Why is it fishy?
Frozyx_1505 (7 months ago)
Ticto yes you’re Right datdrop or Csgolive are better
Imthe King (7 months ago)
I love hellcase
florensm (7 months ago)
Hellcase upgrade is so cancer tbh
penpen dikdik (7 months ago)
Yeah man
Munkeh (7 months ago)
Lavender D (7 months ago)
You opened 3 times?
NoXuu (7 months ago)
no he didn't he opened 4 times
Lavender D (7 months ago)
I luv hellcase 💘 yesterday I won a random covert code from hellcase .....on sep 2017 I won a ak bloodsport ww from a ga😘
Kevin Buchner (7 months ago)
Eyo really cool Videos
PabloCabelloPY (7 months ago)
Eaaaaasy profit. Best video :)
RapperFeri (7 months ago)
Awesome skins *.* (example glock fade, karambit lore, ak47 - fire serpent, bayonet - ch and more).. Little short video but very nice! GG for profit! :) And thanks for giveaway! <3
NiXs (7 months ago)
PabciOOO (7 months ago)
Upgrader is scam on hellcase
Ganesh Bhatt (7 months ago)
Nice Video...easy profit XD
Dolfi Lukmansyah (7 months ago)
owesome profit
Apollo M1K3 (7 months ago)
Will Reedus (7 months ago)
Garrett B (7 months ago)
Fat daaaadddyyy
denis kashpersky (7 months ago)
Nice one
Nandox* (7 months ago)
ez video xdxd !
Twist 捻 (7 months ago)
hellcase is shit , you lost a lot
Hampus Persaud Arnsbjer (7 months ago)
Nice video
ryaN1g (7 months ago)
i like the upgrade sipnner
Megalosson The Exposer (7 months ago)
Sick vid, I would love a knife! But I just started playing so its normal !
very hentai pony (7 months ago)
I've never had a knife lol this is like making me jiz
Ethan Zhong (7 months ago)
gl @supa_ethan
Panfil Alex (7 months ago)
I hope to win the knife.. Gl all
Zaika Alis&More (7 months ago)
jinky (7 months ago)
so lucky hope i like you
Damien Tack Shin (7 months ago)
hellcase's upgrader sucks ass:/
Connor (7 months ago)
Sucks that your promoting a KNOWN scam site. You just lost a subscriber.
Ryan Parampil (7 months ago)
Gimme knife plis :(
Anderson Diego Ferreira (7 months ago)
KappaFlow 92 (7 months ago)
Arizonagohard (7 months ago)
Gl to everyone in the giveaway
EleGiggle NoNameToMake (7 months ago)
TatoPlayer250 , (7 months ago)
lucky opening!
Maki (7 months ago)
commentsquad xd
FatNoob (7 months ago)
Aye :D
CS:GO Channel (7 months ago)
Cyco Himself (7 months ago)
iRezzy (7 months ago)

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