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Pubg Mobile : Hidden Loot Spot To Get Pro Guns Like Kar98k & 8x | Miramar Best looting spot!

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Hey guyzz today i have bought this video about a hidden place in pubg Miramar desert map where you can get pro guns to win the game so watch the video till end and enjoy! _____________________________ Follow PUBG MOBILE Official: ☆Twitter: https://twitter.com/pubgmobile ☆ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PUBGMOBILE __________________________________________________________ ****MUSIC CREDITS**** ☆ Main Music : 1. Warrio - Mortals (feat. Laura Brehm) [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Video Link: https://youtu.be/yJg-Y5byMMw 2. Elektronomia - Sky High ☆ OUTRO MUSIC : NCS release aero chord shootin stars ______________________________________________________________ ☆ Follow me on my instagram here : @Subham_Gamer ☆ Also like my facebook : https://www.facebook.com/subhamgamer/ _____________________________________________________________________ Thank-you
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Text Comments (917)
Subham Gamer (3 months ago)
Bhai log yeh jagah meh jarur jana or fir sabko thokna😂
Aiza Aleem (1 day ago)
ANIRBAN CLASHER (15 days ago)
Subham thok dia sabko
Hitesh gamer King (19 days ago)
Subham Gamer
Faseeh nasir (22 days ago)
I found awm and akm thanks..
S.S gameplayz (8 hours ago)
Bhai is jagah mujhe 3 lvl.3 ke bag mile the or 2 8x
Aarush Kumar (9 hours ago)
Subham Bhai thanks bahut badhia loot mili aur 20 kill Kate
Girija Sharma (15 hours ago)
Very good
Aiza Aleem (1 day ago)
flare gunThen what is
Anirban Mukherje (2 days ago)
bhi sniping ka lia ak video rady koro!!!!
Gaurav Kumar (3 days ago)
Bhai PUB G ki settings kya karni chahiye
vasu sharma (3 days ago)
Download pubg in 2 gb ram mobile par video banao 1million views pakka
Deepak Dangat (5 days ago)
subham gamer pizz clash of clans ki vidio karo
STECH (6 days ago)
Watch this video to fix pubg lag :- https://youtu.be/FaDnGAHjnI0
Nepali Hacker (6 days ago)
Which is best akm or m416
Jangila Basumatary (7 days ago)
Live kelo
Rajendra Patil (7 days ago)
you are the best commetator.
Rajendra Patil (7 days ago)
miramar ka pura match post kar na.plz aur muje tere clan me aana he
kisan gimekar (7 days ago)
Sujan Kc (8 days ago)
I didn't faint
Shabana Kalsekar (9 days ago)
Nice place to hide
Adarsh Mourya (9 days ago)
Bhai tu coc kyu chor diya yaar bro come on bana na coc ke video
Bhai teri avaj😚😍😍😘 waaaaoooo
Romy12344 9877376266 (9 days ago)
have you left coc
Ayan Bhat (10 days ago)
Fan of ur voice
MD ALFURQUAN IMAM (10 days ago)
99% logo Ka ye favourite spot hai but only 3% log Yaha jate hai....
Sangeeta Varma (11 days ago)
bhak sale
Rajesh Aggarwal (12 days ago)
Bhai kitna bolta h tu
Vibhor Vedant (12 days ago)
Can i play with you
RSK Gamers (12 days ago)
Bhai ap script banate ho Kya games ke liye because I am also starting gaming channel playing Pls plz.... help me
Remo Disuza (13 days ago)
Deep Sohal (13 days ago)
Teri awaj bhut achi hai bro
Meeta Tiwari (13 days ago)
Please make full gameplay
Rani Jain (14 days ago)
Yes I am trying this and it is real but I am killing
Dr.Sukesh Tretiya (14 days ago)
I will sent you friend request on pubg my name is sohamtretiya
sudhir chaudhari (14 days ago)
in pubg name sudhirchaud
sudhir chaudhari (14 days ago)
plz give uc i by royal pass plz😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
sudhir chaudhari (14 days ago)
Subham bhai plz add frind in pubg
coc with jayu (14 days ago)
Bro what is your age
TECH MASTER PRO (15 days ago)
🔥🔥DOWNLOAD PUBG MOBILE 0.10.0 VERSION 🔥🔥http://shorttoearn.com/ssuJ3Wdl 🔥🔥
Madhumita Jhampri (15 days ago)
doraemon tv (15 days ago)
Bahi ab tak jitni ni bhi bar waha gaya ho mere ko hamesa kar98k mila ha
Nilofar Shaikh (16 days ago)
Thanks a lot shubam bhai I like the place I got so much lot there
Paarth Singh (16 days ago)
What recorder do u use
Technical Gamer (17 days ago)
Give me your whatsapp no please shubham
fan Best boy shub fen (17 days ago)
Niec bro
pranjal tripathi (18 days ago)
ham log aahsa karte hi ki app ka 1 million scricrber.... ho jaye
pranjal tripathi (18 days ago)
bhai app ke video me Jo background music hi yo bhaut pyra hi
Rohan tech (18 days ago)
Play game
Mixtry Ali (18 days ago)
It's not hidden
GAMING ZONE (18 days ago)
Masti group (18 days ago)
Thanks bit please bro classic game me vi koi aachi place batado except school
Suresh Sethiya (18 days ago)
I like your voice
Suresh Sethiya (18 days ago)
I like your pubg videos very much👍👍👍👌👌👌👌😘😘😘
Altaaf Shaikh (18 days ago)
Me to sabko thokta hop air chicken dinner karta hop😎😎😎😎😎😎😂😂😂😂😂😂
Keshubhai Patel (19 days ago)
Mera name SUJALPATEL HE plz friend req bhejna
Keshubhai Patel (19 days ago)
Plz muze friend req Bhejna Diamond 3 me hu Plz friend req bhejna Muze tumse bate karni he pubg ke bare me plz Muze kuch tips chahiye plz friend req bhejna plz
Keshubhai Patel (19 days ago)
Hello shubham muze game record karna he Par muze pata nahi ki Kaise record karte he? PlZ muze batana ki record kaise karte he ?
Deepa Patel (19 days ago)
Game me mera name SUJALPATEL he Me diamond 3 me hu Plz friend req accept karna plz Aur game record muze batana plz
Deepa Patel (19 days ago)
Bhai me sujal hu. Game ko record kaise karte he? Plz batana muze plz
Technical Game Point (19 days ago)
Sir your voice is so lovely and please add me on your WhatsApp group my number is 7984352884
Expert Gamer 232 (19 days ago)
Bhai coc ka video Lao Na
Aryan Choudhary Jaat (20 days ago)
reply kar yaar subham
Aryan Choudhary Jaat (20 days ago)
is place ka kya nam h
Kasif Zisan (20 days ago)
I really like your voice and your commentary bro
Fragmanlar Burada (20 days ago)
Youre phone ?
Aryan Gaming (21 days ago)
Can you tell any place without risk
Aryan Gaming (21 days ago)
But here is risk for killing
Tushar Jaswsal (21 days ago)
Nice bhai
Asit Biswas (21 days ago)
Which device you used to play pubg?
king of the world (22 days ago)
Bhai pata he
ShrutikaR Dayma (22 days ago)
U play so good...I like ur videos....can I know ur age ...are you a skool kid 😂
Sainu Ahmed (24 days ago)
Clasic me accha jaga batao
Rushaan Agarwal (24 days ago)
Aldreadii markk
Abhishek Mahato (24 days ago)
Bhai app ek full game play ka video bno na bhai
Futbol Vids (24 days ago)
anyone play with me pubg
$pectre Gamer (25 days ago)
What's your GFX preset Dude? HDR isn't so realstic like that
Girdhar Sharma (25 days ago)
coc is the best
Pranjal DEV (25 days ago)
Tum kaha sai ho mere sath khelo gai ek barr
Laxmishanker Mishra (25 days ago)
Mast ho aap
Wave boi/ (25 days ago)
Satish Kumar (26 days ago)
technical gourav (26 days ago)
Collab with me
Ankit Srivastava (27 days ago)
I see Lot of people land hre... Ive got stil bettr hiddn loot places wid almost no 1 landing... Loot also nt dat great
Nimitt jain (27 days ago)
Bhai mera I'd name Danishkutta hai
J Shekhar (28 days ago)
Shubham ek video banana his me uc kese milega
fakhar altaf (28 days ago)
good job
fakhar altaf (28 days ago)
XTreme Gamer (29 days ago)
Bro how to get graphics like u in pubg mobile
abid ali (30 days ago)
Komal Gaba (30 days ago)
but aap na bhi mara sath jump mari to ma to mar jaungana aur mari basti ho jay gi aur log khana vo takho pubg ma100/100 rank lana vala a rha hai aur ma mu thekhane layak bhi nahi rahunga
Ashish Boruah (30 days ago)
u are great subham i am a great fan of you😘😘
rajeev gupta (1 month ago)
bro I go to this place whenever I play in miramar and loot is not always same but we find SCARL-L each time
Sagar Khatri (1 month ago)
thank you bhai
Absolute clasher (1 month ago)
Pubg lite kab release hoga
Rohan Patil (1 month ago)
Chutiye jyda faltu baat karta hai
Rachit Jariwala (1 month ago)
Be ese video erangel mai banan
Suraj Meena (1 month ago)
I love yo baby
Alvin Jagle (1 month ago)
Coc ka video
Nabil Iqbal (1 month ago)
👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌 zoha
Meenu kumari (1 month ago)
Sanhok map is in pubg mobile or not

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