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TOP 20 New STRATEGY Games 2017 / 2018 Civilization Management, Village Building & RTS War Games

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These are 20 strategy games upcoming later these months or next year 2018. GamesList: 00:05 Tropico 6 01:57 Aven Colony 03:12 Surviving Mars 04:30 XCom 2 06:17 They are Billions 07:33 BattleTech 08:26 SubSiege 09:07 DropZone 10:00 Gates of Hell 11:47 Soldiers Arena 12:25 Sudden Strike 4 13:35 Total War: Warhammer 2 14:30 MediEval Kingdom Wars 16:01 Tribal Siege 17:12 Northgard 18:30 0 A.D 19:49 Spellforce 3 21:06 Ancient Cities 22:21 Veil of Crows 23:34 Age of Empires Difinitive Edition
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Text Comments (623)
AntiochEthereal (1 month ago)
I never saw the point in WW1+2 games. We all know what happened... and they just keep on pushing out already done crap over and over. Sorry for the necro!
Blacksea Sura (3 months ago)
Tropico 6 I want you
Jason E (3 months ago)
what if they made a civ7?
Cody Arnold (3 months ago)
Its all boring unless a new AOE ever comes out
MartinLoLXD (7 months ago)
Subsiege is like starcraft and Dropzone is like League of Legends
Gamer Arjoban (8 months ago)
where is Civilization 6 ? Best game in this category so far.
No gameplay in the video about games?
Golden Eye (9 months ago)
Stronghold 😍😍😍
Bogodo (9 months ago)
tropical 6
SERVIS TV (10 months ago)
I love games about strategy! I myself play and tell.
jaskaran singh dhindsa (10 months ago)
any site for download games
H N K (11 months ago)
Dam ads
ABLVCK (11 months ago)
I wish me a MechCommander3 or a remasterd :c
Ossie Dunstan (11 months ago)
putting our best of the best on an uninhabitable planet with out first Terra forming it is a waste our best of the best
James Deal (1 year ago)
Don't waste your money on Northguard. It's fun for about an hour until you realize there's only about 6 buildings and 3 types of units. And all you do the whole game is destroy other teams arrow towers. Seriously, it's extremely monotonous. It looks pretty, but that's it.
Foxy Gamer (1 year ago)
hey uhh.... can you make top 20 games like red alert???? plz make it plz plz!!!
Crash Headroom (1 year ago)
BAH! Still no Beasts and Bumpkins remake on the horizon XD...
4173 (1 year ago)
dont look like theese games are made in 2017 or 2018 maybe spell force 3 and xcom 2
Alex Valin (1 year ago)
command and conquer 5??
prosps78 (1 year ago)
TOP MMORPG TO NEXT 10 YEARS http://ashesofcreation.com/ref/J4y https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=xMlOqAj9kXE
Happy Hedonist (1 year ago)
Wow, there is so much cheese here, mice would grow fat. There are some exceptions such as XCOM2 and Battletech, but most of these games are bargain bin "play for a day" games. Ancient Cities looks interesting, but I would have to see more. As for WW2 tactical games, none of the ones here come close to besting the Combat Mission series for its realism. And if you really want some strategy mixed into the fray, try a Paradox game!
4:25 Ikea=))
Daniel (1 year ago)
when I grew up I genuinely thought the gaming industry would make more strategy games purely because of how addictive and successful they were.... I was SO wrong
Andrew Li (1 year ago)
These all look like garbage compared to SC2 which is already several years old.
Лайк за Берлин
Feyd01 (1 year ago)
When is someone going to make something as good as Supreme Commander 1? Nothing has come close before or since!
Modar Akayleh (1 year ago)
ancient cities seems nice
Prodan Marin (1 year ago)
Command & Conquer is the best, need some like zero hours
Robert (1 year ago)
We need to crowd found the next generals game !!!
VEX (1 year ago)
Ancient Cities looks like the game i wanted from ever since i played Age of Empires first few campaign missions with only stone age technology! Without dumb gimmicks like adding dinosaurs to the game, or games only in appearance being primal. Hope this game is close to an accurate representation of primal and ancient civilizations with only simple but still fun warfare! edit: ...and at the end the show AoE:R...amazing. 2018 gonna be a good year!
bj ja (1 year ago)
How come that there is any RTS like World in Conflict or C&C Generals? why there is no modern era in any recent rts? most of them are fantasay, future or medieval setting..
joi76 (1 year ago)
missing Legends of Ellaria
LiverpoolFC (1 year ago)
If you liked Empire Earth play Cossacks 3!!!
i wish they would release a game like aoe3 with as good a macro and micro just set in the middle ages or the antiquity
Ripcurl6 (1 year ago)
Fuck me - they are really milking AoE II ?!
DDoubleTap (1 year ago)
Never known a game crash as much as Tropico 5.......
Johan sigurdson (1 year ago)
Why even call a lot of these games strategy games? There is no strategy anymore in most of these games have not seen a good RTS in awhile.
DonGonTheOne (1 year ago)
I miss the TOP Games in this Video. Looks pretty boring to me xD
Empire Earth 2 is the best RTS game all time :-)
General Mustafa (1 year ago)
19:43 Marmara TURKEY!
Ace M (1 year ago)
the non actual gameplay shit was pointless, that wont help me decide i want to look at how it actually plays 0 AD was cool reminds me of AEO but with 4k graphics and its free
Monti Lee (1 year ago)
Where is Warcraft 4?
Lengo67 (1 year ago)
Tropico WROCKS! This strategy game is about building a country from scratch. You have to deal with a religous faction, a military faction, environmentalists and more, and keep them all happy. THen there's natural disasters including hurricanes and earthquakes. Then you have to have good diplomatic relations with the US and the USSR. One game takes about 4 hours. I give this game a solid 9.7 out of 10
Hound (1 year ago)
Revive the Red Alert Series, or I will lose my shit like a crazed chimp
ghjcnjerhjg (1 year ago)
Одно гавнище.... остается лишь в старкрафт резаться
HiopX (1 year ago)
I wonder how they will fuck up the AoE campaigns...
Frankiee (1 year ago)
why do those faggits keep remaking the same game @medievla kingdom
Maltheal (1 year ago)
Nicholas Claridge (1 year ago)
Most of these games look fucking stupid
Review (1 year ago)
Age of Empires No.1 I got that game from a cereal box and it's better than 90% of games I buy from Game stores....
Chancellor Merkelisms (1 year ago)
At least they tried...
Faskimy3344 (1 year ago)
Why 80% of all this is freaking battle, destruction or dual combat?? Can't we just have a RTS????
Malignant Osis (1 year ago)
Same old games with different colors lol......
Terry Bogard (1 year ago)
Broodwar Remaster comes out next week, so fuck all these boring ass games.
Rafael Juck (1 year ago)
just a suggestion. keep a headline with the name of the game during all the video. It's easier than having to go back and find the name at the beginning of each scene
Adam (1 year ago)
guys, type me some games like age of empires on windows 10, i wanted to play empire earth 3 but it doesnt work on win 10 :-( or help me with it pls
Abdulwahed AbuAbed (1 year ago)
Age of empires I + II + III best strategy games
Shileka Gamer (1 year ago)
tropico needs a trump skin
mrlagx (1 year ago)
wish World in Conflict was still alive :(
Lou Singer (1 year ago)
Crap List!
iamthejk (1 year ago)
dhuha Ali (1 year ago)
Any of these free?
alina sitdikova (1 year ago)
Northgard приглянулась. Хорошая задумка. Теперь желаю поиграть а дудки таких средств (((
Winnie Puh (1 year ago)
it would be nice to see RTS games like Starcraft, C&C, AoE, Settlers, Anno etc. just in a new setting. inspired by those games in a new setting with a good stary and easy to learn hard to master gameplay.
Optimal Supreme (1 year ago)
number 1 shouldn't have been on here .its so bad I wont even mention the name.
Omar Omax (1 year ago)
age of empires 2 strong hold crusader empire earth 1 command & conquer 3 tottal war(some) they still rule.
Peizxcv (1 year ago)
AOE and expansion and Rise of Nations
Tharion Wind (1 year ago)
No M&B Bannerlords on the list?
Tom Hoylaerts (1 year ago)
Loving the Northgard music
Bowzy Minnesoldier (1 year ago)
I want command and conquer back
Южный Урал (1 year ago)
скажите стоит эту цивилизацию болтать болтать
Marcos V L Ragnini (1 year ago)
Company of Heroes!
Zakeraka (1 year ago)
Northgard copied Banished's music
eero snellman (1 year ago)
Why do all these games look like utter crap. Cant feel anything in any of these trailers. Games suck nowadays, nothing like the good old days.
Matias 96 (1 year ago)
I need a new strategy game like Age of Empires or Empire Earth.(good rts) Sorry for my bad english :v
urban gradisek (1 year ago)
is Nothgarth free to play browser game?
Capitán Ginyu (1 year ago)
Age of Empires still alive!!!
Pseudo sanct (1 year ago)
but tropico 6 tho
northggard a mixture of civilization and age of empires
Tomek (1 year ago)
I wished sim city 2000 remake.
alexetr fomilv8 (1 year ago)
what about the guild 3?
rRobert Smith (1 year ago)
Mars has no air! Mars has very bad radiation because it has nothing to block it. Yet we still see silly domes on mars in mars sims.
Baian Al Shourbaji (1 year ago)
spellforce 3 ? SPELLFORCE 3 !!!!!
Hamza Munir (1 year ago)
I want Command and Conquer generals Zero Hour 2019
Assono (1 year ago)
0 A.D. isn't dead? Woah.
Shadow Scythe (1 year ago)
I heard Veil of Crows needs AAAAALOT of fixing.
Sebastian Posada (1 year ago)
Still waiting for company of heroes 3
Anti Fun (1 year ago)
CoH 2 was a good game. However Relic did not learn at all from their mistakes from CoH 1. Brits are a good example of this. Relic ruined the game over time. Ill put out a couple of quick examples; Brit's and their sim city go against how the game is designed and are extremely cheesy. Their emplacements get put up and if you don't have a proper counter ready for it, Most of the time it's a instant loss. They are easy to put up, Come out early and cover a huge portion of the map, And on top of this are very resistant to most indirect fire sources save a couple of options. on top of that they have a commander that can self repair them. Allies tend to have much better off maps, And much better infantry, While axis used to have a premium on armor this has been chipped away over about 3 years. It used to be allies were early game dominate and axis late game. Now it has turned into allies are dominate until 50+ minutes. Brits added a massive late game punch vs axis, With one of the best tank destroyers in the game that out preforms Panther's for 50 fuel less. Artillery in the game has gotten out of control, With USF having the best artillery options in the game along with the best infantry in the game and competent TD's. Axis has access to stuka, lefh and panzerwerfer. With panzerwerfer being the best one of the bunch. Stuka is expensive has terrible RNG and takes forever to recharge. Lefh just comes out too late and is extremely manpower intensive. OKW Got chipped away to the point were they are very weak now, Their trucks are too easy to destroy and are extremely expensive now. Most of their off map callin units are now mutually exclusive with their base army KT. (This is the only army that has to deal with that) Wehr does okay because of their complete army roster. USF and Brits are great were Soviet suffers as well, Save for their typical cheese strats early game. Typically in high ranked play allies win tournaments pretty often, Last time i checked their win % in tournament play was over 70%. The game has a real problem were everyone that is not top 100 axis has a advantage in their armor. And in the top 50 allies are straight better due to how many extremely effective weapons they have access to. 3 allied factions vs 2 axis has really hurt the balance to the point were it can't be fixed now. This is not counting all the ridiculously overpowered commanders allies and axis had during the game's DLC cycle. With all that said catering to fanboys on both sides on Coh2.org and just generally having no clue on how the game is played i have little faith that Relic will learn anything from this, They made the same mistake twice in two games and now have made the meme that is DoW3 that has most likely killed the series. Iron Harvest is looking very promising though so there is that. At least some studio is attempting a proper RTS still.
Sebastian Posada (1 year ago)
Anti Fun I agree with you, Coh2 is a game full of crashes and unfinished details, but it is not a bad game after all. I really enjoy the game from time to time. I do bealive relic can turn this around because of the huge feedback they had from the community, they know they fuck up in many levels. Now, it all depends on how they choose to transform that feedback into a new game. Honestly, I hope they achieve a great game because I just loved coh1 and somethings about Coh2. Idk, for me this frachise means so much, I expect them to save it
Anti Fun (1 year ago)
After the clusterfuck of CoH2 and DoW3 you really think relic can do it without it being a huge fucking mess? CoH2 had a good original idea, However this game was held down by a lot of factors including DLC whoring (That was very pay to win by the way, Just look at Elite troops and Soviet industry at release) and highly biased balance teams to name a couple. As well as running like shit for the whole life of the game including to this day, The game still has a vram memory leak that was there since beta and will crash after x amount of games. (Note that my experience with the game is 2000+ hrs of playtime and was top10 on leader boards for over 2 years) I would say i got my money's worth with CoH2 but what the game has become is just a joke over the years. DoW3.. I don't know what the hell they were thinking when they made that. Id rather relic just let their franchises die and another more competent studio take them up. At least another studio can't fuck it up as hard as relic has. For me at least Relic would have a really hard sell for CoH3 for me.
Ander Strat (1 year ago)
Total War: Warhammer 2 NAGASH OR RIOT
Stein (1 year ago)
A new Star Wars Empire at War would be nice. And a new Command and Conquer. Sadly EA killed the latter by trying to cash in on that sweet sweet e-sport market.
István Sipos (1 year ago)
I love how they remastered AoE. loox better. so sad the combat is still a crap. the cavalry runs to the enemy then stops politely and they hit each other until 1 of them loses all his HP. a cavalry which willingly loses its momentum because why not. robotic ballista, soldiers never routing, attacking even the largest enemy if I say so, fighting to the very last man... etc... etc... etc... I hope swordsmen still can destroy buildings with their blades
Deniz Cem Kaya (1 year ago)
Northgard is a pretty relaxing game. But it can be an intense experience if you wish so. Simple mechanics,but there's a lot of min/maxing involved. I recommend it.
jeffdoro (1 year ago)
After playing Age of Mythologies Extended Edition (aka age of mythologies definitive edition) and its chinese DLC, i really cant see how anyone gets hyped for a Microsoft 'age of' game. The multiplayer and balance was shat on so hard the game died in a couple months post launch, never got trully patched and remains dead to this day.
generals zero hour rome ii total war men of war napoleon total war empire total war
Amph (1 year ago)
you missed the best one Starcraft Remastered
V 7 (1 year ago)
What a heck ? Where's Cossacks ?
Wildboy789789 (1 year ago)
warhammer total war 2 won best of E3, it's the game of the year easily
Fen1kz (1 year ago)
Please show what is it in the end of a trailer too, because we see the trailer and then decide if we interested enough to check the date.
justin javier (1 year ago)
RTS games this days are full of WW2 genres I mean like there are 15 RTS games based on that! There are a lot of Starcraft rip-offs too and they all suck! The only RTS games I ever care about this day are Age of Empires Definitive Edition, Medieval Kingdom Wars, and Total War: Warhammer 2
Mick (1 year ago)
How did the plane in the opening sequence take off?
Trollz EN Time (1 year ago)
that zombie one with the colonies looks cool i kinda want it now XP

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