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VIDCON 2014 - LAN Party

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Like every year, this year we went to VIDCON! Tweet us if you guys took pics with us (especially if they are scrunchies) You can get your own professionally built custom gaming PC at, http://www.originpc.com/ What game should we play next? Let us know! Don't forget to like/follow us on Facebook & Twitter! http://facebook.com/node http://twitter.com/nodestudios http://twitter.com/cerberusarms http://twitter.com/corridordigital http://facebook.com/corridordigital http://twitter.com/fwong http://twitter.com/brandonjla http://facebook.com/freddiewspage
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Text Comments (387)
Some thing (2 years ago)
Linkzy Link (2 years ago)
what kind of cards are those?
wackyt123 (2 years ago)
I just realized your channel name is one letter away from nude
GHOST Owen123 (2 years ago)
what did you say about node
RobinUI (2 years ago)
you guys should invite the jaboody crew to come over. those guys are 2 cool :D
Jesse Clark (3 years ago)
That was CLINT in Cardboard Warfare 2?! WHAT.
NovaShen4 (3 years ago)
ugh zac king =_=
Burke Rhodes (3 years ago)
Niko: Sweg begs
Jd tillinghast (3 years ago)
6:06 Best DW shirt
Tyler Evans (3 years ago)
its looks like LAN party are living the dream, im so jelly :(
Ocean (3 years ago)
6:05 HOLY SHIT THAT KID GOES TO MY SCHOOL his name is william and he was also on kids react
OfficialMarlow2000 (4 years ago)
lol jimmy
Davis (4 years ago)
I see you D with that Weyland Yutani shirt
Tappo jnr (4 years ago)
I notice tobygames
Alessandro Borrega (4 years ago)
i fuking love you guys.
Bringer OD (4 years ago)
you guys should make a magic the gathering influensed video over at corridor digital
XxkaitrongxX (4 years ago)
The kid on 6:02 was on kids react minecraft
Not Liam B (4 years ago)
At 5:39 I realized that that's the guy from video game rap battles
Bam Bhole (4 years ago)
you should do something with smosh games!
magnusberge (4 years ago)
awww.. i wanted to se the mini figureens
Obi Wan Kenobi (4 years ago)
peanutbutter_ 29 (4 years ago)
Magic!!!! One of the best card games EVER!!!!
Adam West (4 years ago)
Those weren't chocolates...
RaidenBurr (4 years ago)
What the heck how do they do the scruched up face thing i have been trying
NAPPYKID _ (4 years ago)
Nice weyland Shirt
EASTBOMB92 (4 years ago)
A magic video would be awesome to watch ++
Jay Kingrey (4 years ago)
listen to 3:26 XD
Tyler Nguyen (4 years ago)
Hey you guy should play magic
Sold Gineer (4 years ago)
No comments yet? The hell? Well, First, I guess.
Mari Haizaki (4 years ago)
Matt Robertson (4 years ago)
Smosh Cameo. Awesome
Jack Lek (4 years ago)
Jimmy can sing
Ajay Ghale (4 years ago)
Oh u guys playing MTG? 
ChiefJim (4 years ago)
awh, D plays blue
Mark Oliver (4 years ago)
They got so much sweg at the end of the video they were almost as sweggolcious as El Sweggo
Ziethen (4 years ago)
who is that at 4:30? idk know him :(
HunterX57 (4 years ago)
Nightmare sucks, Mortivore is more badass cause he uses corpses to be powerful.
SirGamerThe3rd (4 years ago)
900000 SUBS
mattmopar440 (4 years ago)
Its no Dashcon LOL 
Surge Snarf (4 years ago)
Where was Brandon?
Tiz (4 years ago)
231ian1 (4 years ago)
where is vidcon?
h (4 years ago)
Do any of you actually play MTG?
DatGuyWithNoName (4 years ago)
Press 4 for how Sam kisses
JapanEyedPinoy (4 years ago)
Friggin' Jimmy and Pokemon.  Ha ha ha ha!  Nice. Duuuude!  Didn't know you could play drums Clint.  :O
Harrison Hasenpusch (4 years ago)
That kid with the nyan cat tee shirt looked like that kid from kids react by the fine bros.
Primož Doberšek (4 years ago)
Omg dat was antony!!! Lol just to make him feel better
Divad Mlap (4 years ago)
play mtg 2015
GruntN7 (4 years ago)
You have to play Magic and call the video Mana Party.
HoukouUkage (4 years ago)
Bet you they played Magick after they were done with all that stuff. I could imagine them just going at it in a hotel room. XD
LacledesLAN (4 years ago)
Good stuff - need more BYOPC!
Debarshee Dasgupta (4 years ago)
THIS is the side of Vidcon I'd love to see. I always see stuff with parties and finally there's a video where the party is only like 2 seconds long! Great video guys. I hope to go to Vidcon one day and meet the reasons why i love making shorts!
Infinity (4 years ago)
☁hey look its edward snowden Kappa
GoonerEvanM97 (4 years ago)
I miss Chad Neidt and history of gaming... Bring it back!!!!!
John Cassidy (4 years ago)
Josh (4 years ago)
Didn't know you guys play magic, now you guys are even better
brandon Hu (4 years ago)
Dont c Freddie anymore y?
branimir CLASSIFIED (4 years ago)
is chad neidt that guy from vat19???
Penguinverse (4 years ago)
6:02 is that William from kids react?
Eldar yngvar (4 years ago)
6:00 thay want the D
CrackJokeProductions (4 years ago)
Was that jimmy singing? Haha
Giuseppu (4 years ago)
6:39 lol
Toshimahalaketa (4 years ago)
lol I pulled nightmare from a booster right as you said "oh, nightmare" xD
OBSaxman (4 years ago)
there should be a vid con yearbook, to highlight who's who and also for autographs, though that might make it more crazed fans diving for autographs, just a though
Eric Bosma (4 years ago)
i also miss History of Gaming! :(
h2 (4 years ago)
Oh man I forgot about Tagged. Thanks for getting that garbage off the channel, you guys did good!
Takeshi (4 years ago)
I don't get it :) When people see Sam, D, or Niko, they just awkwardly shake their hand. If I saw either of them, I would freak out and have security pry me off them, but that's just me :)
reece haley (4 years ago)
I know someone in the vid :D
Jakeishness (4 years ago)
i really miss history of gaming! it was one of my favorite things on node back in the day! 
AirsoftPhreex (4 years ago)
i am a new youtuber looking for support but I've been doing airsoft for four and a half years
StormKX (4 years ago)
Hello node it's would be really cool if you would do a gameplay of skyrim online.
Strife (4 years ago)
+StormSX Tebbcotion Skyrim Online...? Sky... Online? You call The Elder Scrolls Online... Rim...No...
StormKX (4 years ago)
Really oh lol I have never played it
Jacob Preston (4 years ago)
Elder Scrolls online is such garbage
StormKX (4 years ago)
I can't type lol
StormKX (4 years ago)
Meng to say it
savannah Wheeler (4 years ago)
Smosh is awesome
savannah Wheeler (4 years ago)
Shut up
savannah Wheeler (4 years ago)
Eric Chung (4 years ago)
You guys should play some magic on Node maybe?
Tyler (4 years ago)
Wow...Jimmy...why sing a song to a terrible show?
kalps (4 years ago)
whats the song
Smarti Kathi (4 years ago)
Sometimes I feel sad that I don`t live in the US. This is one of those times. :( I wouldn`t even have any "professional" questions. :D I`d only ask wether Sam has a girlfriend or not. :D
Toxin (4 years ago)
5:36 thats the guy from video game rap battles next to sam
Raff el D (4 years ago)
MAGIC CARDS!!!!!!111!!!!1111!!one!!!eleven!!111!!
JOSHSNIPER118 (4 years ago)
need to know how to that picture thing xD
Peter Schipper (4 years ago)
Oh my gosh, old school Node guys.......
Benjy Davis (4 years ago)
Amazing video
Emiliano Hernandez (4 years ago)
AMPaoTV (4 years ago)
Come on more minecraft, they have the wither boss. Like so they can see it
Francisco (4 years ago)
5:30 that kid used to be on Kids react
Dave Snakenborg (4 years ago)
I hate smoshgames so mutch -_-
Clayton Forrest (4 years ago)
So #swagbag is like, a thing now.
is it good to do (4 years ago)
at 6:07 wasent that guy in kids react
TruthAsasin (4 years ago)
Yes play magic! That would be fun to watch :)
Jason Long (4 years ago)
You should definitely have Justin on for a Lan Party sometime  :)
Salt Mage (4 years ago)
Swag, Stuff We All Get. I love the office.
ChaoticLaw (4 years ago)
Hey that's Sohinki
BackStabbath (4 years ago)
Lan Party should do Magic the Gathering or at least Duels of the Planeswalkers.
SuprA 44 (4 years ago)
Hey Node, If you're going to play Chivalry again I highly recommend the Black Knight mod (You can continue fighting with the loss of one or multiple limbs) Which makes for some interesting gameplay and fun times!
Dalen T (4 years ago)
Jimmy wong was really bad at the concert honestly
In 2 We Believe (4 years ago)
"What are you playin right now?" "Watch do-" "Alright lets play Chivalry " I luled pretty hard
Matt Musky (4 years ago)
ill eventually go to vidcon
Archway Cinema (4 years ago)
Can somebody tell me how to do the 'scrunchie' effect??
Connor Griffis (4 years ago)
You guys should play space engineers
Melkor Realmz (4 years ago)
I miss history of Gaming!!! And I thought chad was cool :P

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