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Fortnite Battle Royale Christmas Update DLC. In today's video, I purchase all of the Christmas Items. You buy the Battle pass which allows you to then unlock loads of Update DLC. Check out the Giveaway here: GIVEAWAY - http://bit.ly/2kxrHnJ Use my link to start earning from your YouTube videos! http://bit.ly/2ywWtlb Get Fortnite Battle Royale for free: Link: http://pixly.go2cloud.org/SHCd Thanks to Epic Games for supporting my channel Twitter: http://bit.ly/2sDvwaw Instagram: http://bit.ly/2sSOwBq Twitch: http://bit.ly/2tUjwVM Facebook: http://bit.ly/2r5te1W Become a Sponsor: http://bit.ly/2xxvlm3 Discord: http://bit.ly/2jQpkMa Vlog Channel: http://bit.ly/2jVgBnL PATCH NOTES: https://www.epicgames.com/fortnite/en-US/news/v1-11-patch-notes Hip Hop Christmas by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/...) Artist: http://www.twinmusicom.org/ Instrumental by Chuki beats - https://www.youtube.com/user/CHUKImusic Marcus Neely: Inspirational - http://bit.ly/2lY09Et Thank you for watching. (83,776). More about Fortnite Battle Royale: Fortnite Battle Royale is the FREE 100-player PvP mode in Fortnite. One giant map. A battle bus. Fortnite building skills and destructible environments combined with intense PvP combat. The last one standing wins. Available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One & Mac.
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Text Comments (581)
SXVXN (6 months ago)
CHRISTMAS UPDATE!!!! We are also creeping towards 100k, thank you all!
Not Redicule v3 (9 days ago)
SXVXN love this days
Olie Poo (1 month ago)
Free v bucks
Andrea Komarek (1 month ago)
Creeping towards 300k atm... 😎
Claudia Odisho (5 months ago)
Kwint (6 months ago)
SXVXN you are the best
Aiden W (13 hours ago)
The good ole days
SXVXN (7 hours ago)
Old memories
Kandymageddon (1 day ago)
Not again. People calling unlockable items Downloadable Content
kristy (1 day ago)
Ur account is worth about £3,000
SXVXN (1 day ago)
UnStOpAbLe KOG (2 days ago)
Little did he know...
lj dealer (4 days ago)
I have crackshot and merry marauder
lj dealer (4 days ago)
SXVXN (4 days ago)
Noice. Which one is your favourite?
Elio Valdez (5 days ago)
this guy literally has all the rarest skins in fortnite
W&m Tv (5 days ago)
lol I’m watching in season 4 this is so weird
Rallerz (7 days ago)
I wish I played in season 2 I knew about it but I never played just watched
cod vids and more (7 days ago)
2018 omegas?? watching
SeanToontown (8 days ago)
wow we just level to level seventeen
TheYoloVoice (8 days ago)
by any chance are you selling your account? i wasnt playing enough to get black knight i was tier 50 or 45
kleiner Maan (2 days ago)
i got the black knight and 260+ wins you want to trade the acc
TheYoloVoice (8 days ago)
SXVXN alright sorry for wasting your time
SXVXN (8 days ago)
Lol. I don't think so
PeakYOYO (8 days ago)
Wish we can turn back time to the good old days and buy the season 2 battlepass
EhTeam BOT (8 days ago)
2018 anyone?
CountMyWins (12 days ago)
Little did he know now that they were gonna be called og.
Ryan Sarkar (12 days ago)
If this was for sale I’d pay 500
EnderaPickLit// Team 6 (12 days ago)
I can do the worm yes
Red Drizzle (13 days ago)
It’s black knight, sparkle specialist,and marry marauder
Toxic Aura (15 days ago)
I want your acc
Poptart Comando (15 days ago)
Brings back so many memories...
SXVXN (15 days ago)
I love looking back at Fortnite
Unknown Fatty (15 days ago)
I can do the worm
SXVXN (15 days ago)
Gay if mans (16 days ago)
I can do the worm everyday I practice on my bed
XxTentasoxX Stange (16 days ago)
Danggggg... i miss season 2:(
Kai Davis (16 days ago)
And now he has got the sweatiest skins in the game
UnusedTVGAming (17 days ago)
Dlc, LUL
darknes gaming (17 days ago)
I kan make the worm
17sAiLe (18 days ago)
I miss the old days
R8- Tim (18 days ago)
Lucky buy
Rhys Johnson (20 days ago)
I want an account like you ... I could’ve got the ghoul and skull trooper and renegades raider but I decided not to ... I deeply regret it now
visionarys (20 days ago)
looking back at this, i had enough for the merry marauder and i didn’t buy it and i bought the candy cane axe, someone fucking neck the fuck out of me
SoDoneWithMySelf H (21 days ago)
I can do the worm
mr. skinnypenis (21 days ago)
me watchting this realizing i was tier 67 when season 2 ended
Char (22 days ago)
wow your account must be worth so much, all halloween skins, some christmas ones, and the renegade raider plus the scythe
SXVXN (22 days ago)
Yeah. Quite a lot of people ask for my account haha
Harley (22 days ago)
I never noticed how trash the graphics were back then 😂😂
SXVXN (22 days ago)
Hahaha, I know right
KretZiemny (22 days ago)
How u got that colors?
Eric C. (22 days ago)
Bro this was my favorite season! What do you think?
SXVXN (22 days ago)
It was one of my favourites as well. I really love the gingerbread skins
JungSoo HD (22 days ago)
ur lucky ur acc(now) is so expensive i want all the skins in ur locker and the scythe
Alpha VO (15 days ago)
Zipp God l Entertainment fr
Yeroc (23 days ago)
How does he make his graphics look like that
Yeroc (23 days ago)
SXVXN thanks for replying 👍
SXVXN (23 days ago)
It took me a while in Photoshop :)
Rocthity (23 days ago)
Hello to the past
SXVXN (23 days ago)
Hello to the future!
PandaLeaper (24 days ago)
I love the black night
S R (25 days ago)
Why does everything look so different on his screen like the sparkle specialist has white bottoms.
More Doomsday Gamers (25 days ago)
Who is watching in 2018 season 4!
Dem Brown (10 days ago)
I really wanted season 2 :[
KretZiemny (15 days ago)
SXVXN how u got colors like these?
retarded muffin (22 days ago)
More Doomsday Gamers (25 days ago)
Ya I'm doing fine thanks
SXVXN (25 days ago)
Hey! I hope you're doing well
Baha K (26 days ago)
Boi u got all og skins
SXVXN (25 days ago)
Do I? I thought I was missing some
Sonnygaming YT (1 month ago)
I can do worm
F Gronowicz (1 month ago)
I can do the worm from fortnite
SXVXN (1 month ago)
MichX MichaelX (1 month ago)
Why is that different than the John Wick one?
d21cizz -Fortnite (26 days ago)
Michael 666 its a different season there has been 4 seasons so that was just one tier 100 skin ect
MElezi417 (1 month ago)
Your reaction is class
SXVXN (1 month ago)
haah just loving it!
Limeio (1 month ago)
the nostaliga
Andrea Komarek (1 month ago)
When you like him so much that your bush lights up! Must be Christmas...
NickORarely (1 month ago)
Is it possible to get the skins in store after season 2
Julian Ortiz (2 months ago)
5 tiers away from black knight then season ended.
SXVXN (2 months ago)
GreenPigKing (2 months ago)
I feel like the seasonal skins are the only ones worth buying.
Enzo Williams (2 months ago)
AlEX (13 days ago)
Enzo Williams ikr
Left Shark (3 months ago)
Sparkle specialist is so bomb
Birdmaan1979 (3 months ago)
I can do the worm
Deana Callaham (3 months ago)
Free Vbuck
Fortcards (3 months ago)
When there is already season 3 and you watching this
FabZL (3 months ago)
how much vbux was it to get all of battle pass? I'm gonna buy some so I wanna know how much?
Thinking of you (3 months ago)
Why does the pic look all clay like
Bryce Peeples (3 months ago)
I can do the worm
Zeadox (3 months ago)
I can do the worm
karaolis g1 (3 months ago)
Wait...How you got the umbrella and you are level 1 with 0 XP?
lemon king (4 months ago)
I can do the worm
xxkingxx xfornitexx (4 months ago)
Can I have v-bucks
Dark Anty (4 months ago)
My favorite dance is fresh
Reggie 158 (4 months ago)
Da'Von Townsend (4 months ago)
I can
Gustavo Moreno Enriquez (4 months ago)
i can do the worm
Verneri Kyötilä (4 months ago)
If I almost finished the normal battle pass so would the premium come to same spot
ZOMIBO (4 months ago)
Do levels reset every season
SXVXN (4 months ago)
Sure do :)
CYPRESS LOPEZ (4 months ago)
i can do the worm
H20 delirious Over (4 months ago)
I kan
Warriors gaming channel (4 months ago)
yes i can do the worm
Galaxy_Gamer _ (4 months ago)
I can worm
Jaiden Plays (4 months ago)
Lucky ;(
FloppY (4 months ago)
This video Was amazing tyyyy
SXVXN (4 months ago)
Thank you! There will be another video coming out when the battle pass comes out :))
Dthacker D (4 months ago)
I can
1v1 Me (4 months ago)
What's wrong with your grafics
fortnite hi (4 months ago)
Wish I could buy all that
Good job
Mr. SaveTheWorld (4 months ago)
What is your graphics💀
Parker Bell (5 months ago)
I can
Fortnite South Africa (5 months ago)
If you are on tier 33 without battle pass and buy the battle pass will u still start at 0
Oliver Barbosa (5 months ago)
I con do the worm
H20 delirious Over (5 months ago)
I can do the worm 👍 and👊
Bobjeffdog 1 (5 months ago)
Your so cool I'm buying it today mabye
Ballin Out (5 months ago)
The potato stands for “Potato Aim”
Scorchie 7 (5 months ago)
I can do the worm
Abdul Rinaldi (5 months ago)
can you use gift card to buy fornite save the world?
Abdul Rinaldi (5 months ago)
pls give me a save the world hahhahah add me lets play ign:silverkiller09
SXVXN (5 months ago)
I think so
legend gamers (5 months ago)
so can u play for the tier instead of purchasing it so If u buy battle pass and u just play and unlock tiers will u get the items or no
Agus Olivero (5 months ago)
Low graphicd lok
MrRik4rd0HD (5 months ago)
we can buy with paysafecard?
SXVXN (5 months ago)
I think so
JohnTas 13 (5 months ago)
If I pay 950 Vbucks to buy the battle pass I can get all the items by grinding? Please answer. And merry Xmas to all
Lilgboat Gio (5 months ago)
JohnTas 13 yeeee
Mega Rayquaza 111 (5 months ago)
i can do the worm
SXVXN (5 months ago)
Same here :)
XxTrollxX (5 months ago)
I need vbuuuucks
XxTrollxX (5 months ago)
Myyyy goodness u r a great example I would love to buy vbucks and clear all that store
SXVXN (5 months ago)
+JokerFace hahaha class
XxTrollxX (5 months ago)
Electro shuffle for life
MyRaging Stiffy1 (5 months ago)
9:19 “we’ve got lights in our bush” ok... now that sounded wrong in many many ways
Steve Brannick (5 months ago)
Black knight

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