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Bypass 150 MB Download Limit in App Store over Cellular Data iOS 11.2 | iOS 10 | iPhone, iPad | 2018

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Hello Friends, As we all want to download apps & games of size more than 150 MB. But App Store didnt allow us. So i come up with trick to Bypass 150 MB limit on App Store over LTE or 3G Without Jailbreak. No Wifi Required. ******HIT THE LIKE BUTTON IF IT WORK FOR YOU***** IF MY VIDEOS HELP PLZ DONATE ME 🔽🔽 http://paypal.me/dhanoabally for Sponsorship & Business Enquiry Email Only 🔽🔽 [email protected] Follow me on INSTAGRAM 🔽 http://instagram.com/er.ballydhanoa Follow me on Twitter 🔽 http://twitter.com/ballydhanoa Follow me on Facebook 🔽 http://facebook.com/ballydhanoa.official
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Text Comments (118)
Randell _2k (6 months ago)
Wow!it works thanks D
Jemo Siz (1 month ago)
Randell _2k fuck ur mum
Naimul Islam (1 day ago)
It’s not working 😡
d[- -]b (5 days ago)
But to download for 1GB++ Games need to wait much time to see downloading in progress TT
xMoz TR (7 days ago)
It was already downloading xD
Shahbaz Maan (8 days ago)
Thanks man, it work for me
Vs Singh (9 days ago)
Teri maa te khota chadiya saleya meriya teri maa download te hoyi ni
sophie proudy (9 days ago)
Fuck you its not working
Akhlaq Hussain (13 days ago)
Yar Ye ksi kam ka nhn
Tay Zar (16 days ago)
Why now it not happen???😭😭😭
Jakeinntheboxx Moreno (16 days ago)
Thank you !!!
TECH ZX4 GAMING MASTER (16 days ago)
Fake video mat bana aisa video
Faizan Khan (18 days ago)
Thanx bor its working
Kaiden Bond (20 days ago)
Same intro template and music
DaLaaNi Bombina (21 days ago)
That song is bitchin’! 🕺🏽
Sahil Mara (22 days ago)
chal be bosdike madrchod kuch kam mhi karta laode ye sb trick
Abbi khan (24 days ago)
this is not working
Tay Zar (26 days ago)
Thanks. It's worksp
Lâm Pluto (26 days ago)
Omg it worked =)))) thanks alottttt
magicman1433 (28 days ago)
Thanks for posting! I tried all the other tricks out there with no success...yours finally did it!
muhammad zulhaziq (1 month ago)
Wow it work!!!!tq i love u man😘
Harry Wibawa (1 month ago)
Thx.. work 👌
King Nothing (1 month ago)
Lol just go find a place with free WiFi
Ghost α7 (1 month ago)
Does it work on updates?
DAVID ANTONY (1 month ago)
There r better ways to bypass.dude
Lovelley Doll (1 month ago)
Not sure if people know but once a month you can get a free complimentary pass for WiFi for 1 hr through xfinity . maybe go that route ?
Kucing Hito (1 month ago)
It work...thanks
Aman Chaurasia (1 month ago)
Thnx for this video
Ridzsha Ridzsha (1 month ago)
Komen aja kalo ada pmain free fire
Ridzsha Ridzsha (1 month ago)
Siapa pemain mobile legend
Rick Cotter (1 month ago)
This is a pretty old trick and it won’t work on iOS 11! Try to find a new one
Akash Raj (1 month ago)
The same thing which was happening for me to download facebook
Aman Gill (2 months ago)
guys just change the month to 6months later and it will start downloading👍🏻👍🏻
Mario Toma (2 months ago)
If is dont Work is because your not have a good iPhone or iPad
Prince Kumar (2 months ago)
It’s not work bro plz tell me why
rgt the dangerous world (2 months ago)
rgt the dangerous world (2 months ago)
Necessary Talks (2 months ago)
Chit iya lie videos dalta hain
Daniel Norton (2 months ago)
You deserve a high five!
ROYAL L (2 months ago)
He clearly showed us it wasn’t downloading 😂😂😂
-Ghostly- C-Ops (1 month ago)
retarded dog
FUN PROP (2 months ago)
It didn’t work
يا عيال بالله الي فهم يترجملنا
Clan Program (2 months ago)
It’s not work
Aman Choudhary (2 months ago)
Aashu Jain (2 months ago)
It works !!!!
hanan km (2 months ago)
Dont do this guys. After downloading 150 mb it will offer us to connect wifi.
Prince YT (4 days ago)
hanan km n
Filip Hojnor (2 months ago)
Dont working
Greselda Escareno (2 months ago)
Thank you so much
Karan Sandha (2 months ago)
Sir it’s not work
Nexity DM (3 months ago)
Regis (3 months ago)
Is there not a janky way of doing it
John Balde (3 months ago)
Oohh 😲😲😲amazing it works thanks broh👊👊👊👊you are a champion🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
Aka_Brian562 M (3 months ago)
John Balde does it really?
nur hanisah mohammad (3 months ago)
omg it soo working mann..thank u soo muchhh
Star Love (3 months ago)
Please watch my video on this mines 100% easy and will work 🤞🏼
Yash Raj (3 months ago)
It’s not work
Kristoffer Duplito (2 months ago)
Yash Raj nc grammar friend
zaq surany (3 months ago)
its shit fuck you and i shit on ur shit music
T-Series Production (3 months ago)
its really really really greeaaaaattttt and awesome ✌️️🤘😃😃😁👍✌️️
Kenneth Harris (3 months ago)
Doesn’t work for 8plus this sucks midget dick through a grapefruit hole!!! Fok 🤯🤯😂
Jeremiah Roux (3 months ago)
Its not working for me
Lakshit Batta (3 months ago)
Hi there ,sir it works but I have one problem this reduces my internet speed and gave speed of a 2G network. Can u help me in this
Lakshit Batta (2 months ago)
sharemylight777 best of luck
Lakshit Batta (2 months ago)
sharemylight777 thanks sir Feedback : try to find hacks with 4g speed
sharemylight777 (2 months ago)
Lakshit Batta it is simply because the download of the game had used up your monthly data package. It starts as 4g up to however much you pay a month. Once you use all your 4g it will bring you to slower speeds of 2g sometimes 3G.
Priyanshu RP 1122 (3 months ago)
Does it works on iPhone 5
chandu swain (3 months ago)
Thanks yar its really working
chandu swain (3 months ago)
Priyanshu Khurana (3 months ago)
Good work bro it works
Rash ipad Gamer (3 months ago)
Those this work for iOS it says App Store and your using on a tablet
Rash ipad Gamer (3 months ago)
Oh wait this is ios
Neha Kakkar (3 months ago)
But how much time aur day it takes
Ayush Raj (3 months ago)
nope not work on mine iphone
Ramneek Dhiman (3 months ago)
wr3d wwe mod in iphone download krne ka tarika
Captain Peace (3 months ago)
Good video but switching off your phone is not necessary It works without switching off your iphone
ToXic_FlazeYT (3 months ago)
Doesn’t work
world of confusion (3 months ago)
let the users choose if they want to download unlimted or not with celluar data
Ahmed Al basha (22 days ago)
It’s like No don’t download this app using cellular data The heck it’s my data
Derpie GameZ (3 months ago)
Can you do one for iPhone 5s ...
Veer ji sim nu airtel ch convert karlo
Nishant Yadav (3 months ago)
It is not working Help me
Amarah R (4 months ago)
It works! Thanks.
kahlon kulvir (4 months ago)
kahlon kulvir (4 months ago)
kahlon kulvir (4 months ago)
teri bhainka losa
Crashu Tarr (4 months ago)
Bro I'm from India 🇮🇳 I will definitely subscribe and like u if it work
Rakesh Magar (4 months ago)
It works on my phone Thank u bro
Kayla Hollis (4 months ago)
Just bought an iPhone 6 through Straight Talk this morning and tried this method as I did with my old iPhone 6 Plus through Boost Mobile(worked with 6 Plus). But it’s not working now. I don’t have WiFi and have unlimited data, I’d like to use my data to download the Facebook app without having to leave my house.
A Karthikeyan (2 months ago)
Kayla Hollis sis use your sim in some other phone and turn on hotspot.thats how i use same problem😕
sachin sigroha (4 months ago)
Not working it's fake
TheWeird Trio (4 months ago)
I don't have that app😰
Andrew Garcia (4 months ago)
TheWeird Trio u don’t need any app lmao just do the method
Palwinder Singh (4 months ago)
Thnkxx sir ..... it's working on iphone 5 I just downloaded Facebook by this method cuz my wifi is not working... when ever i try to connect its says incorrect password
tong darathip (5 months ago)
Lol nooob why not so it to finish app
KikVid (4 months ago)
Clutchx lmao
crying laughing emojie M (4 months ago)
forgot to say wait?
Jose Martinez (5 months ago)
agus sulaiman (5 months ago)
Not working, hoax
Gurinder Garry (5 months ago)
It's working. Thankx u.
Chenna Keshav (5 months ago)
Not working y
Harmanpreet singh (5 months ago)
is it really works
Desmond Vincent (5 months ago)
thanks man,its work😍👌
Master MJSZZ (6 months ago)
doesn't work
prabhat tiwari (6 months ago)
Thanks a lot worked with me
Connor James (6 months ago)
can i get id bbrec plz
Arjento Does Gaming (6 months ago)
Bally could u give us another account with luma fusion plz the older one is locked man
raxeio (6 months ago)
plss do 2k18
Arshi 67 (6 months ago)
XxKingkong_GamerXx 360 (6 months ago)
4th but no one cares BUT I CARE :D
Christian Salazar (3 months ago)
Your right we don't
Black Oblivion (3 months ago)
Jason Henriquez no you dont
Jason Henriquez (5 months ago)
XxKingkong_GamerXx 360 I also care 😁
tiffany nguyen (6 months ago)
Bonrucut Channel (6 months ago)

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