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How to MAX OUT YOUR INVENTORY in No Man's Sky - Exo Suit Max Slots

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NO MAN'S SKY Exo Suit Tutorial on Maxing out your Inventory ➜ Watch my NO MAN'S SKY video to get the Alpha Pass v1,v2,v3 https://youtu.be/rPh25p6zmqI ➜ Would you kindly click here to subscribe http://bit.ly/1Q27TgM ➜ Follow me on Twitch! http://www.twitch.tv/5tat/profile ➜ Sponsor 5tat! https://gaming.youtube.com/c/5tat#action=sponsor ➜ Buy 5tat Tshirts! https://teespring.com/stores/5tat ➜ Join 5tat's Discord server! https://discord.gg/0hgh4qhXA1sOBHq7 ➜ Social Media Links! Twitter: https://twitter.com/sterlingtoth Facebook: http://facebook.com/sterlingtoth Instagram: https://instagram.com/sterlingtoth Snapchat: http://snapchat.com/add/sterlingtoth ➜ Steam Group! http://steamcommunity.com/groups/5tat# Outro Song - Buoy Ballet http://itsnavied.bandcamp.com/ -- No Man's Sky's gameplay is built on four pillars—exploration, survival, combat and trading—in which players are free to perform within the entirety of a procedurally generated deterministic open universe, which includes over 18 quintillion (1.8×1019) planets,[a] many with their own set of flora and fauna. By exploring, players gain information about the planets that they can submit to the Atlas, a universal database that can be shared with other players of the game. Players get compensated in in-game currency every time new information is uploaded to The Atlas. Players also gain materials and blueprints to upgrade their character's equipment and purchase a variety of starships, allowing them to travel deeper into the center of the galaxy, survive on planets with hostile environments, interact in friendly or hostile manners to computer-controlled space-faring factions, or trade with other ships. Some activities, such as killing too many lifeforms or draining too many resources from planets, will draw the attention of patrolling robotic Sentinels that will attempt to kill the player-character.
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Text Comments (28)
Daniel Borge (2 months ago)
Old... Now it does not work like that. Useful, but 2 years ago
All three catorgories have a max of 48. All it takes is searching, good eyes and lots of money. LOL
Oops, my bad, your right.
Stephen McCluskey (2 years ago)
false, multi tool maxes at 24
Lennon Henderson (2 years ago)
6.3 mill how
XxKool_Kid_99xX x (8 months ago)
Lennon Henderson no just get lithium from a planet that is how I got millions of money without a problem
Platinum Pineapple (2 years ago)
ive made around 20 mill so far, just mine gravitons or pearls when u come to a planet with one
Johannes (2 years ago)
How tall is stat? :)
Johannes (2 years ago)
You're one tall fella
5tat (2 years ago)
RanDoMiZeR (2 years ago)
B Ob Bob (2 years ago)
Awful streamer
Dan L (2 years ago)
MetalWonderWombat (2 years ago)
Awful viewer
Also something you did'nt mention is that you can get the exo suit upgrade machine at every space station, and all you need is the atlas v1 pass
So Fripp (2 years ago)
He did mention that, watch it again.
CL1 (2 years ago)
Ain't nobody got money fo dat.
XxKool_Kid_99xX x (8 months ago)
CL1 yes they do maybe your just lazy to take the time to get
trombonist gentleman (2 years ago)
Go live 5tat!!
Celso Luiz (2 years ago)
The SOLS are the measure of time you expend in a planet. every time you go to your ship it is reset...
Daniel Del Pino (2 years ago)
Makes a video showing how to get a good ship
Fariko Eclipze (2 years ago)
hey 5tat good work on this game ur super far ahead
kcazseeley (2 years ago)
Nice vid
God (2 years ago)
Legand says that if you are this early, 5tat, the berdo himself will respond
The Lagging Rooster (2 years ago)
first like boi!
Affiliation (2 years ago)
I thought this was a livestream since it was a youtube gaming notification oh well worth it
Dom (2 years ago)
UM OTAKU DELICIOSO (2 years ago)
ja tenho meu inventario com 48 faz muito tempo

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