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Text Comments (24253)
Kettle La Corn (3 hours ago)
Ok, you know the procedure. Baseball bat ✔ Blanket ✔ Fullscreen........ *sigh* ✔
LunarTheDarkElement (3 hours ago)
insane subliminals (8 hours ago)
Jong Kim (14 hours ago)
I'm always a big fan
Lovee Loki (14 hours ago)
Red Assassin (17 hours ago)
um there is a phone at 12:20 as Dan is saying "I need a phone"
Abul Hasnat (20 hours ago)
I loved that ALOT! 😊 so realistic and all! 💖 I enjoyed it Dantdm! 💕 💎
Ohmwrecker Lover (22 hours ago)
Your George Washington
Heart (1 day ago)
Wow this is AMAZING.. omg.
Calvin Zhou (1 day ago)
Right now I just Peed on my iPad and my screen is full of urine
Jacklyn Bonczalski (1 day ago)
i subscried
Jacklyn Bonczalski (1 day ago)
plz shout out me
Jacklyn Bonczalski (1 day ago)
oh im new
Jacklyn Bonczalski (1 day ago)
Gamer and Friends (1 day ago)
22:14 classical Dan face
Jeanette McCabe (2 days ago)
Omg Irish squad were u attttt??? 💚☘️
MarshmallowGirl (2 days ago)
Look at this! THEYVE GOT HAND DRYERS!!!!! Omg I laughed so hard when he said that
bart lace (2 days ago)
at the scary lady when i saw her my head shake off and i hit my chair awwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!
sabrina nana (2 days ago)
16:14 can you spot the little girl?👀
Joshua Dragon (2 days ago)
That was epic 😀😀😀😀😀
Camelia Rosioru (2 days ago)
hey dan, you posted this videos on my birthday! nov 1st! happy day after halloween!
Kaychu Gacha (2 days ago)
Can you do another scary vid?
Kaychu Gacha (2 days ago)
*Nostalgia intensifies*
Michael Berks (2 days ago)
Yorgo Greece (3 days ago)
Chase Dunaway (3 days ago)
I love you Dan I think you my bestest and fav yt
Frankie Doll (3 days ago)
Why do you eny time you get skard you hold your hedefones !!!!! You skard me with
Frankie Doll (3 days ago)
I sao I GOT SLIMED ON LIVE TV...... next to the coments!hahhahahahahah
Frankie Doll (3 days ago)
H=hach Hahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahah
cheryl griffin (3 days ago)
Ff. S by
dam that reeader (3 days ago)
There's 2 endings
Izzy Belle (3 days ago)
Me: hay dan his name is freddy Kruger: dan: ....... RUN DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUN: me: ha I lied hehe hahahaha:freddy Kruger: no you did not hehehe: me: run DUN DUN DUUUUUUUN:dan: ha good costume:
jackie betterley (4 days ago)
It so creepy
K ANJANEYULU (4 days ago)
I,m jumping on the next video (OF Dan's)
K ANJANEYULU (4 days ago)
When I was seeing this I guess I'm not going to have sweet dreams
K ANJANEYULU (4 days ago)
anybody's reading????!!!
K ANJANEYULU (4 days ago)
Lol he so scared I mean just look at him
K ANJANEYULU (4 days ago)
I literally skiped the horror part (because I am scared lol)
My Hoe (4 days ago)
I freaked out
dragon warrior fan (4 days ago)
Going full screen , pray for me
ViexxBeats (4 days ago)
Haylie Moon (4 days ago)
Dan: OH MY GOODNESS!!! DID HE JUST COMB HIS HAIR!!! ME: umm... yeah...😐
Habib Nasser (4 days ago)
I love your vidsss
Jaden Alexander (4 days ago)
Try the game case:animitonics
Storibears channel S (5 days ago)
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Storibears channel S (5 days ago)
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Duong Sahra (5 days ago)
Who else got a Fortnite commercial?.???
Pollob Dores (5 days ago)
the jumpscare part didn't scare me at but............. the reflection of mirror scariest one :0
Wyatt Mcbee (5 days ago)
Fathimath Shahidha (5 days ago)
that thing creeps me out
Ethan Shoemaker (5 days ago)
2018 anybody it’s Halloween too so... *2018*
lali French fries (5 days ago)
{\__/} (°^° ) >🍟< Hi I stole fries andddd... DANTDM
"I'm one with the bins" -DanTDM
Kennedy Marion (5 days ago)
Cristal 326 Carcaci (6 days ago)
We’re was the guy in the camera
Cristal 326 Carcaci (6 days ago)
Love the beta in this
supernatural wierodo (6 days ago)
respect the tulle🌷
Kennedy Marion (6 days ago)
Benzema (6 days ago)
Whose in 2018 let me know
afton luck (6 days ago)
16:16 did anyone else see the doll/girl on the desk? I'm supprised he didn't notice it, especially since he's super good at noticing all the other little details on the map.
afro hair (6 days ago)
Antwan is my friend XD
Potato_Jackle_Nacho (6 days ago)
Looks in comments 👀 oh right it’s scared it’s gonna scare me hehehehheehhehe waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 😭 😭
Crystal Travis (7 days ago)
Patrick Kennedy (7 days ago)
That bartender sounded Irish Also as soon as she said kruger I decided it was a rip off of the nightmare on elm Street series
AGT Minecraft (7 days ago)
Who’s watching in 2018
AGT Minecraft (7 days ago)
Me oh I wrote it lol
LA fresh cake (7 days ago)
This game is amazing
Cham Freeman (7 days ago)
I koe were ur hom is
Satisfying food vids (8 days ago)
You get jumpscared is a clue
Kellie Benham (8 days ago)
Dantdm my brother thinks you stink
Aishwarya Upendra (8 days ago)
Spitfire LPS (8 days ago)
I love the faces he makes😂😂❤
gta gta (9 days ago)
Wow looks good a horror map(: d:
Uzair Khan (10 days ago)
14:48 I fell of my bed crying
Victoria Kaszula (10 days ago)
Where's tulie when you need her...😞😳 But super funny video!!!!😛😄😛😝😂😂
T J (10 days ago)
My name is Thomas
lali French fries (10 days ago)
He called us punks😂😅
Toasty Yt (10 days ago)
Anyone else see at 16:49 when he goes into the room theres no thingys(idk how to spell them) and when he exits there are
Angel Pietri (10 days ago)
that was very cool but freaked me out
Roblox Girl (10 days ago)
21:24 that spider scared my pants off And allmost GAVE MEH A HEARTATTACK
Shine Rocket (11 days ago)
October 2018?
Michael Gibson (1 day ago)
Shine Rocket yepp
Vegito Blue (5 days ago)
Shine Rocket ^
MetaKiko (11 days ago)
dantdm > ninja > pedwepie > tfue
Leah Mcpartland (11 days ago)
Dan : boo Me:ahhhhhhhhhhh help me
Nancy Baldauff (11 days ago)
Im at the beach and there will be a hericane plzcomment prayer
Nancy Baldauff (11 days ago)
The brightness
Lily Timblin (11 days ago)
Mr. Krueger is my math teachers name
Cyprin Esti (11 days ago)
fusionzgamer rise (12 days ago)
Hi DANTDM I'm your biggest fan. I'm not a grownup. I'm a kid OK.I'm short. Please don't fudge me.
fusionzgamer rise (12 days ago)
I ment gudge
tgrofficial (12 days ago)
Osei Rolston (12 days ago)
Please do more mincraft horror maps dan I love you
Donna Mitchell (12 days ago)
Jeannette Gleissner (12 days ago)
me:I think your scared!!! dan:NO,I'm not 😤 me:yay,right, prove it dan:aaaaaaaaaah😦😦😦 me:haha🤣 dan:hay,don't laugh 🙁🙁🙁 me:sorry,did I scare you 😆 dan:ha-ha,very funny
I'm creeped out but I'm going full screen
Ricablanca Bro Bro (13 days ago)
Jump scare : raoooooooooooo Me : aaaaazaaàaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase
AbbyPlays 1 (13 days ago)
....that was George Washington........ 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kenyata Tyler (13 days ago)
I wasnt scared hahahahahaha
Crystal Ford (13 days ago)
At 3:05 When he said Water that is so so funny. BTW I AM BRITISH. LOL
UraniumE (13 days ago)
10:47 Dan: Let's hope the "trusty" fire escape works! Dan: No? What kind of a fire exit are you? Me: it's a rare species of a broken fire exit lol
Happy Emily (13 days ago)
Oh no I am watching this on my tv
Ammarha Mahmood (14 days ago)
Mine craft or fortnite
fusionzgamer rise (12 days ago)
Galen Moore (14 days ago)
When you disappeared from the mirror you had blood on your hand in Minecraft

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