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Text Comments (23626)
Channel Manning (5 hours ago)
There is nothing else to read. *Read more*
tnt vlogs XD (9 hours ago)
Oh no the graphics r good
tnt vlogs XD (9 hours ago)
I always watch cat videos after a horror map. It helps me not think about it lol
ItsGirlCraft (1 day ago)
I watched a different Youtuber play this map, so it's going to be interesting..
2018 anyone?
Kil l3r (1 day ago)
was that the Darko voice?
James E. Gold (1 day ago)
Freddy Krueger the janitor :D
TJ's World (1 day ago)
00:00 scared the life out of me
that was a hand
Janice Yee (1 day ago)
I now know your secret you made a book
Janice Yee (1 day ago)
Dan do you still make videos for your old channel Pokemon dan is it95
Dakayla Duewel (2 days ago)
I watched this at 3 am while it was dark and alone
Forever_ Hailey (2 days ago)
Omg a horror map
Anna_GamingGirl E. (2 days ago)
16:16 Who else saw the girl doll on his desk?
Pick Up The Phone (2 days ago)
Mr. Dogedude (3 days ago)
Joey Evans (3 days ago)
Boy behide you in your office
Sarah Barnes (3 days ago)
Pretty soon I got used to the clown jumps scaring so then I just started laughing
Sarah Barnes (3 days ago)
I was gonna throw my phone so many times
Sarah Barnes (2 days ago)
LOL I was so scared
x HCKTRXx (3 days ago)
Sarah Barnes hahaha I can relate
GRANNY GANSTER (3 days ago)
Holy crap this is scary
Oh man this scerry
rajani tuladhar (4 days ago)
Play some eyes of horror game
Animal Lover (4 days ago)
Is it bad that I think that it is hilarious when dan gasps or freaks out? Cause I think it’s great! 😂😄👍🏻
LunaSkies 0170 (4 days ago)
this map was so cool
Ayep Dadan (5 days ago)
ahhhhhhhhhhh so secary
9 months late.....Happy August 2018....
Poppy CHITTY (5 days ago)
Dan: Boo Me: .......*silence* you didn't scare me
Ryan Abraham (5 days ago)
“Oh my goodness he combed his hair!!!” ~ DanTDM 2017
Omg that snooker me
RBLX Ace Lenix (5 days ago)
I skipped everything >:3 I was too scared ;-; I am a kid ;-;
kenjie L (5 days ago)
16:14 she is there
Eric Jordan (6 days ago)
Who wanna hear a sad story that includes Minecraft sheep blue color Comment if want to
Alivia W (6 days ago)
I never knew Minecraft can be that scary omg
Katelyn Opal (6 days ago)
17:10 It was the boss behind it all!
Faith Sudol (6 days ago)
Dan! The little girl was in your office when you turned on the lights
kate kate (6 days ago)
Warning headphone users
Nichole Wyatt (6 days ago)
More horror maps
Pop rock Sosa (6 days ago)
Also at 14:50 hard lag
Pop rock Sosa (6 days ago)
Who is in 2018
Avery Burton (6 days ago)
The doll is Annabelle
Unspeakable. Plays. That. Map. Watch it
Abbiebragg (7 days ago)
I saw the popularMmo's Played a minecraft map called : Granny and was scary, Do you think you could play it :D
Dilia Amasya (7 days ago)
R.I.P tulie 😢😢😢😢😢😢
Spring Trap (7 days ago)
This was great you wanna know what I got to say to that? Read more
Zaria Collins (7 days ago)
Spring Trap Fhh
ninja Bam (8 days ago)
If u want v-buck's Read More
Daph TGP (8 days ago)
My kindergarten teacher was named Mr. Krueger
Daph TGP (8 days ago)
Yes it's in french
Daph TGP (8 days ago)
I'm trilingual I guess, I'm fluent in 3 languages
Ava Bennett (8 days ago)
Is this saposed to be the thing for the Winchester or somthing
Cody Cox (8 days ago)
hello DanTDM please reply ANYONE
Mario Plata (8 days ago)
Play Zoolax
Ashley Ashley (8 days ago)
I pooped my my pants and then i pooped in the loo
Hayden Harlan (8 days ago)
Katie Stanton (9 days ago)
24:30 the purple writing says; PUG. He missed it.
Co Manykham (9 days ago)
U see your self in the mirror!
Ekaterina Kurashova (10 days ago)
Tara Zack (10 days ago)
Puppy Gaming (10 days ago)
Woder gimme some woder
Yakisoba (10 days ago)
Hi dan my dog really enjoys watching you
jordan lewis (10 days ago)
Such a title pic i want a poster
Maya Ives (10 days ago)
I love your vids dan
蔡欣恩 (10 days ago)
if that boo keep repeat is pretty funny
PidgeThePidgeon 666 (11 days ago)
Akshat Goswami (11 days ago)
Hii Read more
Griffin in Treble (11 days ago)
I'm your #1 fan
BBJewell (11 days ago)
You're so nice to leave links to download the maps in the description most youtubers don't. Thank you so much!
Eli Everett (11 days ago)
I am watching this at night
Roxie Graham (11 days ago)
Tequnically if it was mike he would be doing stuff EARLY in the morning, beacause its 3 am remember.
Emily Xxx (11 days ago)
I see you looking at the comments to see when the jumpscares are
Jewel Macaw (11 days ago)
Jewel Macaw (11 days ago)
Jewel Macaw (11 days ago)
0:00 *BOO*
Heidi Winnen (12 days ago)
DONT GO IN THERE, I’m a lady >:( I am sad now
Heidi Winnen (12 days ago)
Gimme some wawta I wants some wawtas
Cre8ive Imag3z (12 days ago)
Cre8ive Imag3z (12 days ago)
Tyler Joshi (12 days ago)
This isn’ That bad I ran over a 5 ft bull snake with my bike
Katherine Weber (12 days ago)
that boo did not scare me plus i love minecraft
Mara Folkers (12 days ago)
madis worlds (12 days ago)
Make a scary movei
LastBreath 101 (12 days ago)
Loni Moore (12 days ago)
I never get scarred i always laugh 😂😂😂😂😂
fcontreras66 (12 days ago)
so amazing
Brenda Lett (12 days ago)
Thanks for making me this video.
Andrew Harrison (13 days ago)
In my opinion The orphanage is better
Alex Edwards (13 days ago)
Definitely the best Minecraft horror map, EVER!!!! 😱😱😱So Many JUMPSCARES!!!!
The Crypted Channel (13 days ago)
theonly fi (13 days ago)
i have headphones on and wich me goodluck bc im going fullscreen😕😱😤😥😕
Ferenc Olajos (13 days ago)
There is a hingarian horror map pls try it the name is örökség and created by 2 youtuber csabusa and icebluebird
theonly fi (13 days ago)
pause at 17:10
theonly fi (13 days ago)
pause at 14:49
Harrieyah Scott (13 days ago)
1:04 or maybe its MARIO its-a-me
xMooMaxEmx (13 days ago)
Cosier Thought (13 days ago)
Man I wish Dan does some more Minecraft
Kayla Haas (13 days ago)
I love you so much dan
Ozzy Bits (13 days ago)
At 1:07 Mozart
Belle Macasaet (14 days ago)
Going to full screen wish ne luck
MAECHE冷やす (14 days ago)
but BUT I TOUGHT THAT "THE GRIEF" WAS THE SCARIEST!! also u no do any replays/warnings anymore?? aww :C
The Chicken Lord (14 days ago)
Rip me headphones
Jolynn Neal (14 days ago)
8—— 0 Ohhh ohhh ohhhhhh ahh oooohhh eerrrr oooohhh uuuuhhh uhhh uhh oh uhh

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