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Playerunknown's Battlegrounds with a twist! It's been a while since my last solo PUBG endeavor so I hope you're happy to see more solo gameplay on the channel. I've also been experimenting with the new replay feature and have included some sweet cinematic shots which I'm hoping will add an interesting dynamic to my gameplay. Let me know if you want to see more of this sort of thing in the future! Don't forget to like and share if you enjoy the video! :D ▶ Subscribe here! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOt5hVyS2-nbcJ3_FP41Ajg?sub_confirmation=1 ▼ Connect with me: Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/tomographic Twitter https://twitter.com/itstomographic ▶ NEW Steam Group! http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Tomographic ­__________________________________________________ ★ My PC Specs: https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/Tomographic/saved/pJHQzy ♫ Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com https://www.youtube.com/WeAreEpidemicSound
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Text Comments (490)
PoopyMcbutt (3 months ago)
Dude these are soooo goood! They remind me of the old FrankieOnPc Dayz videos that I would watch on end.
scubapsa (4 months ago)
Yeah the editing was pretty good👍
LoneWolf (5 months ago)
Philip Öhrman (6 months ago)
Oh man! Your videos are great fun to watch! Really enjoy your editing, it makes the whole watching thing a nice experience and I’d like to see more of this. Keep going strong Tomographic!
Nick Aroutsidis (7 months ago)
lol you're not good at this game? You are God at this game!
Ryuu en forma de Ryuu (7 months ago)
u don't like the m4 stock or what?
Volbeat686 (7 months ago)
Never thought doing some animal documentory commenting? :)
M Hc (7 months ago)
what a sick edit man, just subscribed because of it, much love
UberManlyPirate (7 months ago)
editing is epic ahaha
MoonMan22 (7 months ago)
That second to last kill tho! Love the cinematic!
ToastyCornFlakes (7 months ago)
You've definitely earned a sub from me. Awesome editing and attitude. Not to mention good aim too :)
Ricardo Pimenta (7 months ago)
spectacular video edition! super, hyper, ultra, mega amazing
jojo mendoza (7 months ago)
Great content tom, subscribing now after watching 2 videos you did. it was awesome, i like the editing, you provide us with more of a story than gameplay.
Brandon (7 months ago)
Great job. Nice editing too
Everythingred (7 months ago)
More content!!!!!!
ReviewTube (7 months ago)
Wow, how did you do the effect at 11:05? It's so cool
Unholy Makeup (7 months ago)
Great vid, but take lvl 3 helm no matter what. Great editing!
Joe Murray (7 months ago)
Nice video, your editing showing the other players POV while you take a shot is excellent!
BenSeawalker (7 months ago)
It's official, you are the most interesting Youtuber on the platform. My cat heard your sultry voice and hopped up onto my lap to watch attentively the whole video. He's never done that before haha Then when I switched to a jackfrags vid he fell asleep...
Tomographic (7 months ago)
BenSeawalker Well that's a first for me too! xD
Metalicrock (7 months ago)
Wow you were right, you really took the cinematic stuff to the next level with this one. I dont think anyone else is pushing it this far. Great video.
Benjamin Smith (7 months ago)
Love the editing. Has to be lots of work, subbed. YouTube should further promote this quality of content. Great job man.
Devin Carros (7 months ago)
Nice editing
Animus Miles-Militis (7 months ago)
You have improved at this game so much mate. Well done.
lajos ka (7 months ago)
nice editing dude!
tonizuka ka (7 months ago)
best gameplay I’ve ever seen on PUBG! I love how you edited the video, two thumbs up
Rastanana (7 months ago)
That last kar kill cam was sick!
Wesley_TG (7 months ago)
Nice gameplay, Nice edit, Good game dude Like :)
William Askett (7 months ago)
GG! Really nice editing
The Bambi (7 months ago)
Tom really nice editing, good one man!
Lewis Fitzjohn (7 months ago)
I love the edit. Keep up the good work.
The18x18x (7 months ago)
Great game, dude
BenjaminBergqvist (7 months ago)
Keep up with the awesome work m8!
DamienDarksideBlog (7 months ago)
That Sniper Elite shot is what made me subscribe to you, fantastic editing
Kyle Branson (7 months ago)
Love the cinematic flair. Keep doing this
ii NoxiioUs ii (7 months ago)
The cinematic editing is awesome!! never seen such effort put into a video, new sub!
Gus J. (7 months ago)
Hello Tom. Nice video! Loved the editing! Greetings from Buenos Aires.
tom stian Hansen (7 months ago)
This is so laggy to watch my eyes hurt.
Stephen Bender (7 months ago)
Beautiful job with the story telling and the editing!
mr wiggles (7 months ago)
reminds me of aculite
daemn42 (7 months ago)
Great edit (love that Kar shot at the end), great playing! One observation. Need to keep your head moving.. *all the time*. What percentage of your headshots on others have occurred only because they were holding still? How many times have you been "shot in the back" with a headshot, because you were holding still?
brudla (7 months ago)
Im wondering how much time did you spent on editing this video.
Alexander Deschenes (7 months ago)
winni over the mini? bold
saeshd (7 months ago)
i love this story driven gameplay
How do you see that cinamatic shots
aji jatnika (7 months ago)
viewers keep going up. good job tom
Konstah (7 months ago)
Beautiful video bud
Nessevi (7 months ago)
Always pick up a lvl 3 for the end game in solos... You don't want to lose a chicken dinner to a sniper headshot,like the third guy left lol.
Eleah Beton (7 months ago)
Very nice!
Barrabas (7 months ago)
Awesome editing! *Subbed* .. Check 💪 💥 👍( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ✌
Celoli Tan (7 months ago)
i found you cuz aculite and god that Kar clean shot was amazing...
Hgk 90 (7 months ago)
GG, first time i watch one of your gameplay on your channel (know you from Aculite's channel), and its nice. Def gonna check the rest of it.
Brendan W (7 months ago)
GG dude well won
TheNickos66 (7 months ago)
Great cinematic...Sniper Elite..esque!!
BippityboppityBOO (7 months ago)
I hate my Life and I want To Die
JudgeRicand (7 months ago)
Really good editing man, Connor could learn a thing or two :^)
roflex2 (7 months ago)
Tom great video but it appears to be lagging a bit at times.
Bengt Johansson (7 months ago)
Hi Tom. My name is Bengt "Wolf" Johansson, 63 year and from Sweden. I saw you playing Playerunknown's Battlegrounds together with Aculite and Fugglet as I really enjoy it very much to watch. I purchased the game yesterday so I'm looking forward to come in and play, hopefully with you mates. Question: Are you using TeamSpeak when you play Playerunknown's Battlegrounds or do you communicate through the game? By the way, I subscribed to your channel as well. Take good care of you and have fun on the battlefield.
Sean Flood (7 months ago)
First video of yours and shit. So much effort put in I hope you get the audience you deserve mate loved this
RiokartHD Ender (7 months ago)
The Clip at 05:22 is just amazing
Gordon Gekko (7 months ago)
Great edit and loved the sound effects before headshot P3!
wetnapkin69 (7 months ago)
11:03 that was so sick
Jameziam (7 months ago)
That sniper shot editing was 👌
Jake Hobbs (7 months ago)
Edits are spot on dude
Ben Evans (7 months ago)
Just subscribed! Loved the cinematic parts, especially the Kar98 headshot! Nice work!
Arlo (7 months ago)
Came here through aculites channel, wasn't really sure what to expect when i first clicked on this video but the style of your play and editing was so awesome ill be sure to come back for more, thanks for the really great content.
Fede de Ugarriza (7 months ago)
Man, that editing!
kognitiva (7 months ago)
Sound effects at 4:09! Priceless ^^D love Tom <3
CH0C0LAT3eaterR0X (7 months ago)
I found your channel via Aculite and I gotta say I'm impressed Tom! I feel like Aculite's videos never really let me get a feel for how good you really are, and well, you're really fricken good! Keep it up, and take my sub! p.s. loved the editing!
sid kadam (7 months ago)
Emmanuel Reed (8 months ago)
well done mate keep it up
최정한 (8 months ago)
Quality video!
zhonghe zheng (8 months ago)
stop playing with axulite, hes drawing ur luck away
Zombie (8 months ago)
Amazing editing Tom! Definitely worth a sub.
Nathan Sample (8 months ago)
Such a cool use of the replay system for the sniper shot!
jarhead636 (8 months ago)
loved the kar98 head shot cam XD
Floris Buis (8 months ago)
That sniper shot edit was sick
FoxyKingOfFoxes (8 months ago)
That kar98k kill was epic editing
harveybirdman74 (8 months ago)
G'day Tom, that vid was tops. How long did it take you to edit?
PlayUltrawide (8 months ago)
Hell yeah Tom! Love the edit. I need to do the same, more solos and think about what I need to do before executing it. Haha GJ man
Simfc (8 months ago)
1,25 speed makes smoother to watch
Teih (8 months ago)
Replay editing done right :)
B.R.D (8 months ago)
hallo tom. am from indonesia
Cheggmen (8 months ago)
Sniper elite shot 👌👌👌😫😫😫
Austin Pearce (8 months ago)
That Kar98 Cinematic on the second last kill was god damn spectacular Tom
Omar Chekiri (8 months ago)
Good content man I can see the progress, keep it coming!
Jason Dockery (8 months ago)
Dat editing! Tom. Absolutely amazing. Also, never trade out a level 3 helmet for a level 2 :)
David McNally (8 months ago)
Great work Tom!
Akshat Rajan (8 months ago)
top quality stuff - the effort is definitely appreciated!
Ben Glassco (8 months ago)
The edit on that second to last kill was fuckin gorgeous along with the rest of the video. Loved it.
MrDementedbaboon (8 months ago)
That kar98 headshot.....
Fuzely (8 months ago)
I just love your calm voice (just like Aculite xD), but you sound like you could actually be a badass in a movie! 11:02 was clean AF btw ^^
Benjamin Galvin (8 months ago)
Loved the sniper elite shot 👌
chrp90 (8 months ago)
Pablo Rodríguez (8 months ago)
Absolutely amazing... That editing is incredible and the last Kar98k kill was perfectly edited! Keep this Tomo, we love you!
Quân Đỗ Trần Minh (8 months ago)
the editing is like an action movie. Great Job
SynChronic SC (8 months ago)
11:03 he just made a movie
Nick Zhou (8 months ago)
The editing is so great. And Sniper-Elite style HS scene is amazing. Keep it up mate! Love from China.
Joshua Lovett (8 months ago)
Man! That camera move at 11:03 is EPIC! Loving this format!!!
Fernando Calles. (8 months ago)
Really appreciate how mild mannered and relaxed you are during your games. The editing is really cool and entertaining as well. Definitely getting a sub from me.
Kyle (8 months ago)
That voice though.

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