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CRISPY PLAYS - Rainbow Six: Siege

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The sequel to the spicy plays. All recorded in ranked. You can connect with me here: (I only use Twitter. Facebook is for upload notifications.) ►Twitter - https://twitter.com/AculiteGaming ►Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Aculitegaming ►Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/Aculite (don't stream much) Who I'm playing with: ►Tom - http://bit.ly/tomographic ►Soberdash - http://bit.ly/Soberdash ►GameofDomes - http://bit.ly/GameofDomes Music used is courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com https://www.youtube.com/WeAreEpidemicSound Song: We Can (Instrumental Version) - Christoffer Nilsson Looking for a YouTube partnership? (referral link) http://bit.ly/2mEacP0 Intro/outro is a template from RavenProDesign that I've edited. http://www.RavenProDesign.com Settings and Equipment: http://bit.ly/2nHTspq Please report any hate speech/rude comments.
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Text Comments (164)
Louis Bowels (10 months ago)
You can't name yourself Spicy Plays because it has the word Spic in it probabaly
Adam Minor (1 year ago)
nice vid
Adam Minor (1 year ago)
Adam Minor (1 year ago)
Adam Minor (1 year ago)
Adam Minor (1 year ago)
Mannix (1 year ago)
Wow! Tom is a bullet magnet no matter what game he's playing!
Diamond (1 year ago)
Its easier to count the shots that he didn't get headshot than actually counting how many headshots he got. Aculite I call aimbot and wallhack xD
Leo Kravtchin (1 year ago)
guys when i play on 600 dpi what is a good ingame sensetivity?
TheGhostlyDragon (1 year ago)
Very crisp!
DoubleU (1 year ago)
Hello Aculite, Just a simple question, dropshot is the new hot trend in RainbowSix Siege. Do you have some ideas on how to counter this (my opinion) stupid COD tactic. Thank you
Sammy TH (1 year ago)
Mmmmmm so crispy...
Dan (1 year ago)
You call them Pingers. In Australia a Pinga is a drug.
Tlynch Gaming (1 year ago)
Did anyone notice he got 420 renown when he got to diamond
Dagge (1 year ago)
Yo Aculite! what graphic card are you using?
Shame Plays (1 year ago)
Hey I'm a new youtuber, I've posted some Rainbow Six Siege on my channel and it would be greatly appreciated if some of you check it out!
Spicy_Playz (1 year ago)
Aculite you should start playing destiny or team fortress 2 or play some more overwatch
xSniperGodd (1 year ago)
Why am I getting 15-18points average every match and you're gettin 39
Tommy Quach (1 year ago)
I just started a rainbow six siege channel and I really want it to grow! Please help me out by checking out my latest vid, thanks!
Mario 13 (1 year ago)
You guys are making me cry
Marco Almeida (1 year ago)
wtf are all of these pre-fire kills damn!
Ryan Jenkins (1 year ago)
the lighting bug must be a pc thing never happened to me on console
Dick Long (1 year ago)
He got 420 renown when he got diamond. Noice.
Hvssoun (1 year ago)
Aculite's next video will be called Toasted Plays. Mark my words ....
Dashonte Lamarcus (8 months ago)
Hvssoun you were wrong
Blackheart 010 (1 year ago)
Spicy call outs at the end brought to you by yours truly 😏
Max Jackson (1 year ago)
420 points and they say 420 isn't everywhere
James M (1 year ago)
I noticed you always seem to use the suppressor with Mute. I remember you mentioning use it for Doc and Rook because they're fat and slow so you hold tight angles; the suppressor giving you the element of secrecy. But why do you do it with Mute? He's a bit faster but that being said you don't roam with him.
Only Legendary (1 year ago)
James Murphy he probably doesn't roam because mutes gun can't have an acog scope it makes his gun kind of crappy because it's not a strong gun in the first place
Aashir Anwar (1 year ago)
nice try
Matthew Jones (1 year ago)
U should have went and planted in the forst clip woth twitch and made him come to u free kill
Matthew Jones (1 year ago)
Rob Vine (1 year ago)
Love your work bro, so many people copy you though.
Paul van den Berg (1 year ago)
Is it that you name change alot or has ALOT of smurfs ? good vid doh
Qritik (1 year ago)
Did Tom get a new mic?
Tomographic (1 year ago)
Nope :)
hydra 737 (1 year ago)
what does ping abusers mean?
Just Barbarian (1 year ago)
Hibana I have a big question, do you even like working with Echo?
that Jewish fat kid (1 year ago)
Hibana thanks for introducing someone to cancer
Hibana (1 year ago)
My pleasure
Hibana (1 year ago)
Unlike Rainbow6Siege ,Low ping guys get the ADVANTAGE in Battlefield.
hydra 737 (1 year ago)
Hibana ok thanks alot :)
John Doe (1 year ago)
Been following you for a long time, I also watch Jack Frags, Xfactor, Darkness_429 and other "famous" streamers and youtubers, But you Aculite is my current favorit, i dont miss a video you post! Keep up the good work!
luke kin (1 year ago)
Hey dude what barrel attachment did you use for Buck's assault rifle in the video? You've earned yourself another subscriber. Great RB6 content. I'm looking forward to more :)
Pradeep Jyani (1 year ago)
Man you are AWESOME....
Hibana (1 year ago)
xZeX00 (1 year ago)
What is the name of your camo on black beard
Stez (1 year ago)
Az3rTy_ZenDay it's a camo u have to buy on store I think it's at the top of store
qsrxo (1 year ago)
You've blown up so much recently and definitely deserve it. Congrats on 80k even though you're a little off! Keep up the great videos bud
I think I have a man crush on you
Will Pascoe (1 year ago)
I've been watching for for months and still don't know how to pronounce your name
Daddy Bleach (1 year ago)
When you're older will we see you in the Pro League?
Humble Cat (1 year ago)
@Aculite Can you tell me what kind of mouse dpi and in game sensitivity do you use? Did you change the multiplier in the config file as well? I am having a lot of trouble aiming in this game and would appreciate if you could make a video, can be a short one, about this issues. Thanks and cheers from Australia. Btw did you hear about the barb wire nerf they are testing in the PTE?
Mario 13 (1 year ago)
Did you said "is this console" what are you trying to assume here?
Seong Calibur (1 year ago)
And by the way, I've also been plat on PC, so don't start all that console hate shit.
Seong Calibur (1 year ago)
I've been plat for three seasons. Let me guess, you're another pretentious gold?
Get Gud (1 year ago)
Papa Hola Let me guess your rank? Silver?
Seong Calibur (1 year ago)
Well, I prefer FPS games on console, so...
João Barros (1 year ago)
Its not really an assumption at this point. Its just that console is shit for FPS. This one doesn't break the rules.
NikoRebel (1 year ago)
Why are you so afraid of using dropshots?
NikoRebel (1 year ago)
I know what people think, but why not shove a dick up their opinion and do what works?
Fack you drop shooter son of bitch you noob ass play black ops everyday
zezima (1 year ago)
i think its considered scummy in higher ranks just like spawn camping but idk
Joseph Rowell (1 year ago)
hey aculite its been nice watching one of your vids keep up the good work you really know how to put a smile on someones face
Thunder (1 year ago)
Does anyone know if I can run pubg with gtx970 i5 4460(3.2 ghz) and 16 Gb of ram. Thanks!
Thunder (1 year ago)
OmegaADC thank you so much for the response! I can run other games like h1z1 on ultra with 80 fps so let's hope with this patch I can play this on ultra!
zezima (1 year ago)
Rn the game is really unoptimised but they are realesing a patch sometime this week that will improve a ton. Alomst everyone rns the game on low rn but to asnwer your question yes you can run it :)
Baby Sturridge (1 year ago)
SomeRandomGuy (1 year ago)
One for the moneyyyy
GuyHero1234 (1 year ago)
Play with jonezzy
Fusa Coyn (1 year ago)
Does anybody know how many points it is to get diamond in ranked
auriano julsain (1 year ago)
Fusa Knite 4500 i think
jab12jab (1 year ago)
Fusa Knite too many
cameron jules (1 year ago)
Can someone tell me what keys I should use for crouch and leaning thanks
Hunter (1 year ago)
how do you deal with enemy's with high ping, cause i played a game with my friends today and they all had a ping over 200, and they knew they had the advatahe and they abused it all game
Weque Official (1 year ago)
420 renown on that Diamond, Blaze it
dmjdmj (1 year ago)
Weed smokers are the new vegans. Won't shut up about it.
Looks like someone is broke as fack
What Went Wrong? (1 year ago)
Would've creamed my pants if you got a 5 man clutch. It stopped right at the tip.
Vox (1 year ago)
Plz don't throw shade on console players​
Joggub (1 year ago)
Everyone turn your shaders on, and start throwin
that Jewish fat kid (1 year ago)
+Retrysky [random clips] lmao I feel the same, I play on pc along with Xbox and it's fucking cancer
+Just Barbarian​ Maybe you play on xbox one? On ps4 since you can switch around your buttons with custom button assignment people like to swap circle and R3 and drop shot... it's cancer
will dodd (1 year ago)
Only Legendary but u have time to make youtube comments on siege videos who u foolin dag ?
riz ryde (1 year ago)
loving these callouts! helps you so much on da spicy.crispy.plays!
Bomber152 (1 year ago)
cucked 2017 by rooky pooky
Francesco Mancini (1 year ago)
I love your video dude!☺️
Justin Tyburczy (1 year ago)
Ur rainbow skills are to MLG!!!
IAmNotToxic. RD (1 year ago)
I don't Get it, what's wrong with dropshooting
IlluminatedMonke (1 year ago)
sander stavne dropshotting is horrible because when u drop shot (vice versa), it is hard to shoot a moving enemy going up and down
NotoriousDan (1 year ago)
sander stavne some people think it ruins the game because it's not realistic
xBaD Dreams R6 (1 year ago)
can i sub u ?
EvolvedGamers (1 year ago)
When your renown gain says 420 lmfao
Jogatina Casual (1 year ago)
hi man, im a big fan of you. im from Brazil, i luv you style, super crispy. i like add you in uplay? sorry my poor english
Brandon (1 year ago)
5:24 = Taken Blackbeard King
John Nelson (1 year ago)
Tbh the lighting glitch probably helps because the lighting is ass any way
Lakeysha Franklin (1 year ago)
I love your vids
chubby walruss (1 year ago)
i saw some spicy and some crispy plays today. i prefer spicy ones
Dual Real Wheel (1 year ago)
I only want from you Battlegrounds, nothing more plus truth be told I'm pretty bored out with R6.. Perhaps the new season bring my joy back...
Corey muhammad (1 year ago)
No point in complaining
James M (1 year ago)
Dual Real Wheel He said in one of his update videos that he's aiming to broaden the videos he uploads. However despite his best efforts his R6 videos are what people gravitate to. He has been consistently uploading Battlegrounds videos tho.
Qritik (1 year ago)
Dual Real Wheel too bad he doesn't have to listen to you lmao. Why come here and complain instead of just not watching the video?
Long T. (1 year ago)
Crisp starts at the back of the mouth and moves forward ;D
YRN xcvi (1 year ago)
Liked the vid while watching the ad before it even started because I know it'll be good already.
Mag_R6 (1 year ago)
You cant have the name Spicy.Plays but yet Nigloid is acceptable according to Uplay lol
TheMuffinMan (1 year ago)
I can't have TheMuffinMan540 so I had to settle with TheMoofinMan540 instead D:
Mag_R6 (1 year ago)
Top Kek
Furious_Penguin (1 year ago)
Magnamara Jr. kek
Tyler Davis (1 year ago)
Skyte (1 year ago)
watching your vids make me happy😁😁😁
Neo Mason (1 year ago)
Y is it that I only ever get 25to30 points when ever I win a game
Ethan Redsky (1 year ago)
Neo Mason b 17-20 here at gold one to plat
WhaddupImJohn (1 year ago)
Neo Mason i get like 10
smurfay69 - fortnite (1 year ago)
Neo Mason same here i would be plat if i got 7-10 more points per game
annie lee (1 year ago)
if ryan was here then the whole squad would be playing together 👀👀
DreamZ (1 year ago)
Im early and I'm pretty new to the channel. If you see this i will be so happy. If u like it i will be so happy! I love the channel too! I love how your so calm! Thanks! A console pleb. Btw that clutch... 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 A for Effort
Amy Arnold (1 year ago)
Jax Carey (1 year ago)
Great vid... this encourages me to play more rainbow
Kevin Thomas (1 year ago)
Greatness didn't happen :(
Jamie Strong (1 year ago)
I ly fist me daddy
Hibana (1 year ago)
Like it for no reason.
Sean da bomb (1 year ago)
coming through
Hibana (1 year ago)
"I'm not OK with that."
Robbo (1 year ago)
Hibana re-host
Tyler Alcover (1 year ago)
Hibana knock knock
Tyler Davis (1 year ago)
Ethan Lee (1 year ago)
Hi Aculite
Qritik (1 year ago)
I didn't get the "Crispy" memo 😒 Rip "Spicy" 2017-2017
David den Boer (1 year ago)
Aculite (1 year ago)
I should start a petition to get the name "Spicy Plays" unlocked for me. :P
Mannix (1 year ago)
Actually, anything with "spic" in it is somehow red flagged. They need better filters. Try "Spy-C Plays." That might work.
Mohammed Mujahid (1 year ago)
Aculite when r u gonna play tom Clancy again and how do u get so good at the game I can't even aim to get headshot
Marco Almeida (1 year ago)
when did this become offensive?
Salty Pretzel (1 year ago)
its because it has spic in it. just use a 1 or an l and it should work
lil weeb (1 year ago)
sag nix that how i feel gold 4 to copper 4
Hernan Garcia (1 year ago)
Thomas Hayes (1 year ago)
Love your vids. 👌

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