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AIRDROP CHALLENGE - PUBG Mobile | Lightspeed Version

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In this video, I attempted the airdrop challenge. The rules of this challenge is to only use guns from airdrop to kill enemies. I hope you enjoy watching! P.S. which challenge would you like to see me attempt next? Device: iPhone 8plus OUTRO: Drake ft. Jay-z - Pound Cake (Instrumental) Feel Free To Donate: PayPal.me/WregaleWright FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA: https://www.twitter.com/yanriquewright https://www.instagram.com/yanriquewright# https://www.snapchat.com/add/yanrique Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! Thanks for watching!
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Text Comments (517)
ShadowSpear (5 hours ago)
Who else miss this kind of realistic graphics? It's not that realistic anymore unlike on this video
chase is bad (14 hours ago)
Do yall not see he is playing against bots he is not good
Mira Mondal (17 hours ago)
I love airdrops! The battle to get them is amazing and loot is guaranteed , some people are ready to die to enter and loot a building in PUBG where loot is never guaranteed
I challange you You can't won If you use Crossbows Crossbow challenge Make next video on it.✌
Sumit Productions (1 day ago)
Please give me a M416 Gun Skin, I m Comment on your all videos,And I am Your Biggest fan my Tag is = 534259015
Karthik Dhoni (1 day ago)
wealthy hades (2 days ago)
25%real players and 75%bots
Courage Ngaima (2 days ago)
SHAIK TAHIR (2 days ago)
ZAF world (2 days ago)
Bhai tera level kitna hai mera 34 hai mere ko req bech dio my name is (Alenkiller)
Mustafa Öztürk (3 days ago)
My phone very bad j7 prime pubg not play because 3gb ram
Mohammad Yunus (3 days ago)
Aakash Ghadi (3 days ago)
ϟ ᴅᴏᴢᴇ镇 (4 days ago)
Gentle U Too Pro
Sneh Rambo (4 days ago)
I'm not be able to do that any game Very well played😎😍 But How did u change control style? 🤔 I mean when driving a vehicle your steering wheel is so big compared to the global version
surendra pattanaik (4 days ago)
Great bro
CroesBros Musically (4 days ago)
U r playing bronze sorry dont feel bad bcz i am bro in pubg i won 155 matches in 450 games
bobchanel HD (4 days ago)
Mr Go Pro (5 days ago)
3:18 when it's the last slice of your pizza and brother wants to eat that LoL
Lovely 0001 PUBG (6 days ago)
U r awesome play with me
technical gaming spot (6 days ago)
What the graphic
Unknown Hassan (6 days ago)
Love uh bro! 💕💕 well, My average kills are 12 to 16 how to improve kills to 20+ ?
Ivis Mejia (6 days ago)
Puro boots
STAR MOON (7 days ago)
I am a pro player u will love to play with me. Give me a chance. Moon7160
Joylyn khowira (7 days ago)
I challenge u to win a chicken dinner by only using grenades n pistols
Arthur Vergara (7 days ago)
You,me, best duo
Syahid Coegraphy (7 days ago)
You steal a thumbnail from the PUBG Airdrop Challenge on the other channel I knew it...
Viery Lau (8 days ago)
You play to north america server . i hate you
Viery Lau (8 days ago)
Ni orang bego nya ke tulang
Lov u 😍😍 Challenge 🤗 You play With only 1 gun kark98😘 Done 😍 Classic mode😁
Itz_Legend Jxlinx (8 days ago)
Kaushal Vaghela (8 days ago)
HMMMM.....Can't beat IZZO...
PHENOMENAL Tech (8 days ago)
Can you make a challenge of akm and P92 pls pls pls pls pls
M7MD XD (8 days ago)
Can you give me a Photography program please
Clash Royale Glitches (9 days ago)
Do only a pan challenge
Mesba Islam (9 days ago)
Well play 😯😯
Mesba Islam (9 days ago)
Te cuelgas de la fama de vanessa
The young Traveller (9 days ago)
Hats off to u...
technical y (9 days ago)
I love ur channel..... Can i get a heart
technical y (9 days ago)
Unique ho bhai
PUBG RAGE (9 days ago)
i kill 30-40 people per game
The GOAT (10 days ago)
What device do you use and what graphics settings and screen recorder?
sasha constant (10 days ago)
How are u always winning?
Mohit Dhadwal (10 days ago)
Nice man!
Izzyazam Azam (10 days ago)
I like Aug and m249
Izzyazam Azam (10 days ago)
your are best channel
Izzyazam Azam (10 days ago)
m24 vs mk14
Izzyazam Azam (10 days ago)
groza vs Aug 43
Izzyazam Azam (10 days ago)
groza damage 48
Sahil Sam (10 days ago)
Win a solo chicken dinner only by punching, strictly no weapons should be used neither you can use a vehicle... Do it in only an underwear.... If you win, I'll be your subscriber forever
Rafique Alam (10 days ago)
muhammad mirza (11 days ago)
i want AWM in air drop
Zahi Banday (11 days ago)
Can you please show me some trick to survive and get winner winner chicken dinner please respnd this commnet
Zahi Banday (11 days ago)
your graphics are good. My tab has less than this .I have samsung s2 tab realilstic and all full graphic
Zahi Banday (11 days ago)
Please can you do only dobble barrel shot if you know what I meant please with no armor. if you want to.
Mk 14 is best
Server Error (12 days ago)
What the fuuckkk!!!😱
Vijay Vinayak (13 days ago)
Bagas Putra (15 days ago)
Granate and gilie swit chalenge
Greg Heffley (15 days ago)
0:55 when you bust a nut
Josh Robinho 11 (15 days ago)
Nice 👍 unlucky I wasn’t in the mood
Robi Mager (15 days ago)
wtf how to give a 200 fps in ultra graphics
Abbas Raza (17 days ago)
awesome gameplay bruh 👍👍💗
crictical gamer (17 days ago)
Bro how ur graphics like timi version please tell?
RÎÃD ÃT (17 days ago)
Wooow you play like pro .. i love u
beginning legend (17 days ago)
Thank god you found one
Justin Reyes (17 days ago)
Omf graphics
Justin Reyes (17 days ago)
Oh Emulator.
fatz pangcoga (18 days ago)
Yanrique i wish we could duo
Driver MP Player (18 days ago)
Saurabh Vishwakarma (18 days ago)
Which mobile r u using
Zanjeer Zameer (19 days ago)
Guys Check here How to to play PUBG MOBILE on *PC* : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jh7CqyhVyzU
Sachin bhai (19 days ago)
You are not Good . You are great.
Prasang Kumar (19 days ago)
Kartik Sindura (19 days ago)
3:16 that kill tho
8 ball pool (20 days ago)
The first drop tho enemy I'mma take da loot Yanrique:*hits with a car* XD
Pangga Fernandez (20 days ago)
How to be teammates with you???? I really want to play PUBG WITH YOU!!! You are a master....Your name should be MASTERLEAD
Sun Sharma (21 days ago)
Car challenge
Rafael Pakaya (21 days ago)
Chiken dinner with only vehicle No weapon
Sujit Kumar (21 days ago)
which grapich you have in game plzzz tell me plzzz brother
Ayush Sahare (21 days ago)
Video quality is not good
BASS TESTER 2004 (22 days ago)
*Who wants to play with me ?*
TECHNICAL GAMING (22 days ago)
Yaar itni achi graphics tho kisi ke fhone Mai nhi aati tere Mai kaise
Huy Vũ Biker (22 days ago)
Love it I hope my PUBG MOBILE can be like urs mine is lagging af
Smitali Hasabe (22 days ago)
you have missed the ghilli suit
ALOK KING (18 days ago)
Smitali Hasabe where
Igor Borges (22 days ago)
Como vc deixo os gráficos asim
#_IJHAR_ SHEIKH_# (22 days ago)
Please do only #pan challeng...please.....BTW love your channel
play for fun (23 days ago)
We'll play
Divyam Kumar (23 days ago)
Playing with bots only ..lol..evn a new player can do tht
Ujju Ujju (23 days ago)
Bhai how to play war mode in pubg
Ritwik Sinha (23 days ago)
Nice yr
Mobile name
Aditya Karnwal (24 days ago)
Name in pubg
sexy. person (24 days ago)
This is skill
Kurdish Animations (24 days ago)
you are noob cuz you playing with Bots
Ryan siNOOBi (24 days ago)
But u use vehicle ? Wkwk

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