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Text Comments (16541)
Dust Sans (7 hours ago)
Dan is this ps4?? And where did you buy this??
DogGamer 10 (11 hours ago)
I'm a massive Incredibles fan
Olivia Pugliese (1 day ago)
You should make yourself a super hero
Robotic Jam (1 day ago)
17:07 “I thought they just fell in and died then!” *wow dan🤣*
Carlitas (1 day ago)
Your hair is blue!? Your house looks different I’ve been gone for a while, haven’t I?
Ilse De (1 day ago)
Jude M (1 day ago)
I love your videos make more videos
Jude M (1 day ago)
Dan I love your videos but my cousin said you're stupid
Emelia Yeboah (1 day ago)
My name is jacqline/jackie/jac-jac
Emelia Yeboah (1 day ago)
Justin Gil (2 days ago)
Happy birthday evil dan
Marwa Abdelrahman (2 days ago)
happy birthday darko
Alessandra Palermo (2 days ago)
At least put the bad guys in prison
donald fabella (3 days ago)
My favorite is all im mark
Funtime Frenzy (3 days ago)
*Im walking down my memory lane......*
Chloe Loves you (3 days ago)
Do you not now how to drive
GinnyWeasley fan (3 days ago)
Frozone's powers are the COOLEST! Get it? 🤣🤤🤣🤣😂
YOLANDI VISSER (3 days ago)
YOLANDI VISSER (3 days ago)
Unspeakable is better than the stupidest youtuber that is DanTdm
YOLANDI VISSER (3 days ago)
DanTdm will never be an incredible
YOLANDI VISSER (3 days ago)
Nancy Davis (3 days ago)
That's there real voice
Benjamin Sepinwall (3 days ago)
I hate Evelyn
analisa joseph (4 days ago)
3:58 did you just call elasta GIRL a him
Skelly Bones (4 days ago)
John Doe (4 days ago)
Welcome to baldi a basics and learning that’s me THATS ME THATS ME
Gaby (4 days ago)
With what console was he playing? The Switch?
Winry Hughes (4 days ago)
my friend's name is wynn
Samantha Wilkinson (4 days ago)
Jack Glover (4 days ago)
Did anyone notice that he made a dig pun by accident after frozoms super he said I can DIG it🤣😏😂
Jerry Nwofor (5 days ago)
Hey Dan I am your biggest fan please play walking dead season 3
Evolusynth Mudkipz (5 days ago)
Dantdm when u see a triangle on the couloir u hold triangle and u can get pink arms or whatever
Crazy Otter (5 days ago)
always DIY unless your about to di die
Nothing Nothing (5 days ago)
Dan, can we play multiplayer together again on the 28th Aug
NataCat 101 (6 days ago)
It is there real voices
Tety Hendarty (6 days ago)
Dan my fav super hero in incredible is jack-jack and violet
Wanda Mayfield (6 days ago)
hello dan my name is i cant tell you haha i love your vids you are so cool
kashtin and Isaiah (6 days ago)
Who has seen Incredibles 2
Connor Darbyshire (6 days ago)
What other super powers does t.a.b have
MooseMovies !! (6 days ago)
Lego was only my entire childhood
Really...so what are you cold?
Katrina Taylor (6 days ago)
Me in had it a month ago
Connor Christensen (6 days ago)
Frozone my favorite.
Paula Webster (6 days ago)
My favourite is dash
Paula Webster (6 days ago)
I love this game
Marie Weinert (6 days ago)
Biff... Baff... Get in the bath -Dan 2018
Georgia Robinson (6 days ago)
Shes not mrs incredible her hero name is elastagirl
ZipZae Zaveon (7 days ago)
"Toooonnyyy Rrryydiiinnggeer!"
Kioh Yi (7 days ago)
Dash’s special is a sonic boom
Marshall Coffey (7 days ago)
Where's my supersuit
Minnimus (7 days ago)
dans not the same anymore
Jennifer Foster (7 days ago)
I love both films
Do 2 player with thinknoodles and race with the cars
Glenn St Jean (7 days ago)
Dan play the lego movie video game
Euan Normington (7 days ago)
Continue Miitopia
Kino (7 days ago)
Custom characters are in all LEGO games. And in he new upcoming dc villains game you will creat a villain to play as I. The story, you can change the color by pressing triangle
Rothangpuii Hmar (7 days ago)
Dan do a video with presonplayz
Entity 303 gaming (8 days ago)
FROZEONE iced ❄️
Ninjaman !!! (8 days ago)
I know why dantdm loves frozone cause he has blue hair
luis alejandro comics (8 days ago)
Ninjaman !!! (8 days ago)
Ninjaman !!! (8 days ago)
I just stated watching the vid I wonder what dantdms power is lol
Rachel Wagner (8 days ago)
Sorry dan
SunBurn 50Degrees (8 days ago)
16:59 Chazz?
50puft :D (8 days ago)
Dan: That's an incredible hulk move! Me: :|
Hyper Dwayne (8 days ago)
Dan make yourself plus you can color by pressing triangle
Ashaaz Shaikh (8 days ago)
My favorite charictar is jack jack
Dash is my faveourte
Oleg Molochkovetsky (8 days ago)
Dan: A minikit I don't know what those are
B X (9 days ago)
Boris Dah Wolf (9 days ago)
14:30 Dan dash did a dab
ItsCrystal Plays (9 days ago)
nghe lost dmsh eclop et dgg bm 300
Homie Pokeball (9 days ago)
DanTDM play running Fred
Teo Allen (9 days ago)
dan add this code for a mystery reward! 895GX4
Br0 Urcool (9 days ago)
i'm on tonight my hips don't lie
Scott Miller (9 days ago)
Hey dan I love your vids
R4pt0R_G4m3R 0211 (9 days ago)
Also, I think the main characters have the same voices (emphasis on think) but the granny you saved (that dash saves in the movie) definitely has a different voice.
R4pt0R_G4m3R 0211 (9 days ago)
Jack Jack is adorable XD
Savage Pokemon 24/7 (9 days ago)
Ur name should be crystal chrusher
kah sin leng (9 days ago)
Turn on subtitles
kah sin leng (9 days ago)
Turn on subtitles
Baylee Lomas (9 days ago)
Eveyone in my school wochs you
Haleigh Littlejohn (10 days ago)
*Anime-Chan* (10 days ago)
evelyn looks drunk all the time
Roger McGowan (10 days ago)
Best ever
Vicky Brewis (10 days ago)
Noah Scriven (10 days ago)
Burny:don’t burny me
mergy101 Dalmatians (11 days ago)
My reation to this was WHAT THE HECK THEY TALK
mergy101 Dalmatians (11 days ago)
2:52 "this looks incredible" I wonder y
Amelia Senora (11 days ago)
Hey dan play bioshock
Blueboy930 (11 days ago)
Did anyone see that the UK version of this game spelt colors colours
Blueboy930 (11 days ago)
I was thinking the almighty bites for the rabbit heroes name
William Li (11 days ago)
Blueboy930 (11 days ago)
This looks INCREDIBLE 😉😉 get it?
William Li (11 days ago)
Alex Harden (11 days ago)
I am British
Unicorngirl123 (11 days ago)
"Thats Mental'' :D LOL
Nico Lira (11 days ago)
My brother's name is dash
Minecraft gamer 201 (11 days ago)
Sooooooooooo dantdm was a really nice YouTubeer
Virgilio Badua Jr (11 days ago)
Please make more videos of the lego incredibles
Roddy Martin (11 days ago)
The truck worker is the person from toy story

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