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Run Windows on Android Phone- NO ROOT 2017

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Welcome to TechNow Review.. Today we are back here with our new video on Run Windows on Android Phone . Enjoy!! Links: https://goo.gl/YxhwfY Mirror Link: https://goo.gl/gDtE55 More Mirrors: https://goo.gl/jyH4As https://goo.gl/gTQ5wb New Updated Mirrors(April 25th 2017) https://goo.gl/YIIWud New Updated Windows 10 Link x64 (Download Gandalf file) https://goo.gl/1cD90W Windows 10 Link x86(Use Gandalf file) https://goo.gl/MqJ6pa If the above links arent working for you then you can try downloading your favourite image files and try it on the application. For settings check out the updated video: https://youtu.be/s6p8aIAxcH0 You still need to play around with the settings as settings differs from every device. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BE SOCIAL WITH US ON FACEBOOK -https://www.facebook.com/ad.williams.714 FACEBOOK GROUP- https://www.facebook.com/groups/550999371707133/ FACEBOOK PAGE- https://www.facebook.com/pages/Technow-review/1421241518136402 TWITTER-https://twitter.com/TechnowReview GOOGLE+ https://plus.google.com/101111134793533803198/posts ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ALSO DO FOLLOW US ON OUR ANOTHER GOOGLE+ ACCOUNT LINK-- https://plus.google.com/+iPadHelpguide ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Do not forget to check out our other videos Make FREE Unlimited Voice Calls- Any Number- Any Country 100% https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HjdkqwsQr8w New BEST Jailbreak Tweaks! iOS 10- 10.2 iPhone iPad iPod Touch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKGG0xBCeyc Fix ALL Cydia Error Messages & Crashes: Buffer, Fetch, Var/dpkg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6RsYXEXyhWc Top iPhone Hacks 2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQjCsVpkEOc The Perfect Jailbroken iPhone IOS 10 (2K17) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9TU5S1lVT48 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hit the like button if you like this video & Subscribe to our Channel.
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Text Comments (5474)
DRUNK GAMERZ (5 days ago)
how can i go back to my andriod version from xp?
Not working
Cannot work to run windows xp in limbo
I used in virtual machine in pc windows 10 8.1 8 7 iso file
Dimitris mpogkatour (12 days ago)
How to go bak on android
Marlon Arancibia (9 days ago)
Go to the bootloader of the phone, access the storage on a PC and delete the limbo folder. It'll default to the Android system.
Thanks for video. I got a black screen during install windows 10 My device is Oppo F7, could it install?
GenericOpinions (13 days ago)
Can I do it on my Nokia 3310
TECHNOLOGY WORLD (14 days ago)
How I get back to My android
puneeth reddy (15 days ago)
Best high graph pubg game supporter under 15k
Shadow Master (19 days ago)
Can we again change to android after changing to windows
Arrya (21 days ago)
Did this work on xp
How to unzip file to get xp img
Sahil Farooq (25 days ago)
frend idont have xp img and limbo file plz send me sloushon
Christian Immanuel (28 days ago)
Siapa kalian itu
Deserted User (30 days ago)
thanks dude, now i can play red alert 2 on my android devices :)
ankit bhatnagar (30 days ago)
How much bits
RED Anime (30 days ago)
from what anime is that wallpaper?
Fahad Dampas (30 days ago)
Not working to 6.0 marsmallow
(1 month ago)
(1 month ago)
Zeeshan Khan (1 month ago)
Urdu bolny me dikkat hori he ??
Can we install games
Rifat Uzzaman (1 month ago)
But how to get android back
anirudh bishnoi (1 month ago)
Is limbo app an open source file....if yes then it is unsafe to download...😟😟😟
Mark Scooby (1 month ago)
You're the best.
tamier king (1 month ago)
Can you play Roblox on it
The Cow Brother's Mcpe (1 month ago)
Can we play games ?
Adam Smith (1 month ago)
So how do I reverce this?
Coast to Coast videos (1 month ago)
Good info 😇
Don Brown (1 month ago)
Your links don't tell what they are.
Matt J Depression (1 month ago)
krazy - kuldeep (1 month ago)
Sir it is booting .....than stop booting and shows that no boot device
Singing Guy (1 month ago)
Help it's showing boot failed
Eglatius (1 month ago)
Limbo Prime
HACKING With FAIZ (1 month ago)
How to back from windows to android
Douglas Kwdofi (1 month ago)
Just close it as if it was an app.
Vladimir Putin (1 month ago)
does it have to be img or can it be iso?
Marvel Fan (1 month ago)
What I do after downloading windows 10 x86
Hamza khan (1 month ago)
Not showing xp image
Hamza khan (1 month ago)
The image was not showing
Keelan (1 month ago)
Doesnt Work
Max 123 (1 month ago)
Hey bro GTA 5 work ya no working this windows mobile please tell me GTA 5 working
usman abdul khaliq (1 month ago)
Not working for me. After setting when I run the emulator it just gives me a blank screen. Suggestion?
Hrishabh Brijesh (1 month ago)
I tried win 10 on my note 2 but it takes a lot of time. Pls help
Mbi Appelgryn (1 month ago)
where can i fine the description like pls to download win xp
tessa louisa (1 month ago)
Can I install this on my android tablet device? This video is really cool though. Thanks!
Sonic Sony (1 month ago)
why isn't my computer reading my sd card 😒
Saeed Sultan (1 month ago)
Clash With Nidhish (1 month ago)
How to come back to android
Shubham Sharma (1 month ago)
Please giveWindow 8 link
Kiril Dimitrov (1 month ago)
Please link for Download you Smartphone Wallpaper 😎😉😝? 😊
Riajul sk (1 month ago)
Hindi talk you plizz
Ravi Shukla (1 month ago)
Can we download ms office and is working or not please reply quickly
ابو ريان m16 (1 month ago)
موفق هي احلى اشتراك ممكن تردها بقناتي
Ashish Bairagya (1 month ago)
xp image files are not showing in this limbo files please give me a tips shortly
Manoj Kumar (1 month ago)
How to uninstall it
ontaher (1 month ago)
After have win os on Android, can we install any win apps ?
sivaneethan empire (1 month ago)
Green David (1 month ago)
Can you play fortnite
Morty Smith (1 month ago)
So I have a samsung galaxy 8 and I've made sure to follow the video to the letter but it still wont run the darn thing, it will like show the startup sequence for a few secs then just go blank and I've waited 10 mins but it still wont load, anybody know why?
Fred Yeboah (1 month ago)
ive done it million times is still not working damn
Akilesh tamil channel (1 month ago)
d k p
Connor Army (1 month ago)
Can you play games on it?
PHARMACY BOYS (1 month ago)
I am indian your video useful for me
Samyak Das (1 month ago)
How we can xp.img download
黃色史萊姆 (1 month ago)
does it use the same stroage space as andriod?
Antonella Dentice (1 month ago)
No working 😠😠😠😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠😠
IM MINECRAFTER SO NiCE (1 month ago)
We apa we
Khmer1jivit Gaming (1 month ago)
Can it download gta 5
Riyaz Khan (1 month ago)
Bro i am using MotoG5 plus , try to download app it's apear your phone dose not support .
Louis Angelo Salvador (1 month ago)
how to fix flickering screen 😭
KHUBAIB IRFAN (1 month ago)
pleace translte in to urdu
Mohd Talib (1 month ago)
James Tiozon (1 month ago)
Wait whaaaat? Im speechless wtf
Breeze z (1 month ago)
MI Phone
Breeze z (1 month ago)
Sebastian Gruber (1 month ago)
Catherine Thompson98 (1 month ago)
Would this work with jellybean or kitkat?
Pgmark Constancio (1 month ago)
hi shotout naman
MR. diamond 721 (1 month ago)
md mobarok (1 month ago)
5 mintes tips (1 month ago)
আমি পারছি না
Goyd The Gamer (1 month ago)
Is it like a virtual machine?
Rajashekar kummari (1 month ago)
I love my mother
bruno alves (1 month ago)
So... An external GPU would work with the phone then ? This might sound stupid, but I actually think this is a pretty interesting idea.
MD.SOBUJ Khan Dj music (1 month ago)
Xp.img কিভাবে ডাউনলোড করা নিয়ে ভিডিও বানান
super gamer 979 (8 days ago)
i dont speak scammer's language
Doterte Buster (1 month ago)
why tho???
facebook fake account (1 month ago)
does it require rooted android phone?
Anant Sharma (1 month ago)
if I can go back to Android after installing Windhoes??
Logi jeyalohithen (1 month ago)
Hi, Limbo doesn't show the iso copied in the Limbo folder in storage. But I can see the file via file explorer.Any suggestion please
How u get internet in it tho
DarkChoow (1 month ago)
Don't work on my device
Fernando Ramos (1 month ago)
This app isnt not work it!
Diella The Gacha (2 months ago)
How to uninstal
sk rock (2 months ago)
Talk to Hindi bro
NIKHIL GUPTA (2 months ago)
How to back on android.
August_Forster (2 months ago)
I havent got the orginal version ._.
Can it run exe programs like Android Studio???
Rahul Shinde (2 months ago)
But i get zip file not img file then what should i do
MCPE [Hungary] (2 months ago)
PLS Tutorial how to install win 10 on limbo. And Google DRIVE or mega link.

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