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LEGENDARY AXE MASTER! - Realm Royale Gameplay

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This game is actually a hell of a lot of fun! The warrior class is easily my favorite right now. I just love the throwing axe! :D ▶ Subscribe to my channel! https://bit.ly/2nJgtxS Merchandise is now available! Visit my store here: https://bit.ly/2ybdvXQ ▼ Connect with me: Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/tomographic Twitter https://twitter.com/itstomographic Playing with: Aculite - http://bit.ly/2Ab0sWV ★ My PC Specs: https://bit.ly/2LMryoV ♫ Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com https://www.youtube.com/WeAreEpidemicSound Looking for a YouTube partnership? Join Union for Gamers! Click for more info: https://bit.ly/2HZnUpP (Referral Link) ⯅ THROWING AXE MASTER! - REALM ROYALE GAMEPLAY
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Bradley Akulov (4 months ago)
That will be the day when Connor's a chicken in the intro.
Adrian Brzostek (4 months ago)
Hey, just came over from aculite’s channel coz u 2 are an awesome duo... but i do like your guys’ fortnite vids, can learn a lot from the teamwork u guys present. Surprised you haven’t got more subscribers though tbh. Great editing, peace! ✌️
Tomographic (4 months ago)
Thanks Adrian. Welcome to the channel! :D
Drew Duncan (5 months ago)
OsidiustheEmphatic (5 months ago)
I humbly axe that you upload more gameplay soon.
Tyler Van Kirk (5 months ago)
Spyros Psyllas (5 months ago)
I love your content and your voice man!
Tōjō Misogi (5 months ago)
you should go to NBA Tom xD
Bjorn To Murk (5 months ago)
Tomographic....? More like... TOMAHAWK!.... I'll show myself out...
jordi gavira (5 months ago)
It was only matter of time to see Tom play this game😂😂 keep it up Tom
Rome Arnold (5 months ago)
I love you Tom, but the number of times you left behind superior armour hurt my soul 😔
lisbth kys (5 months ago)
Much more enjoyable than pubg please do more Tom :)
Yunt (5 months ago)
I seen this on aculites channel already :/ post a different match next tine Tom
Tomographic (5 months ago)
Yunt some people wanted to see my POV of the first game. The second match in this video is different to anything Aculite posted if you're interested.
Chris Woolley (5 months ago)
Fortnite meets WoW
kamaangirthearcher (5 months ago)
Get back here you mother plucker hahaha
Flankeinstein Mr. (5 months ago)
I love how genuinely giggles whenever he hears the chickens :'D
Tylan Wheeler (5 months ago)
All that time and you never used your shield ability while fighting. haha. beast mode?
guardian1102 (5 months ago)
"I can snipe...with my AXE".
Aaron Klein (5 months ago)
Why arent you using your abilitys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aaron Klein (5 months ago)
yeah i understand that you dont use it in the fight but when you are healing yourself with the health potions instead of the throwing flask well maybe if you play more anyway it was a fun video to watch
Tomographic (5 months ago)
Aaron Klein this was my first time playing.
Hey Johnson (5 months ago)
Hey Tomographic nice video glad someone else plays other games than pubg and Fortnite
aircrash tupolov (5 months ago)
Who says this is not fun,go on axe me!!!!
Chris Lopez (5 months ago)
Loved watching you guys play this. So hilarious when they turn into chickens😂🤣
Daniel Parisi (5 months ago)
Buk-buk-buk-buk.... BUKOOO
rifi anggriawan (5 months ago)
The numbers of skills that you didn't use and armor upgrade that you didn't pick makes me screaming at my handphone. The ending was good tho. My doubt has been repaid
rifi anggriawan (5 months ago)
Tomographic yet you won the game. I've played like 50 games and only won twice Shame shame
Tomographic (5 months ago)
Yeah, this was one of my first ever games so I had no idea what I was doing xD
Arnolf Mendoza (5 months ago)
damn tom is now aculite with this game!
uncletigger (5 months ago)
craftyman (5 months ago)
Tom, you AX too many questions... right at people's heads
craftyman (5 months ago)
Don't forget to tip your waiters! *exit stage-left*
KHR 202 (5 months ago)
See yourself out
Jens Robot (5 months ago)
ba dum tsss
Alex Woodroffe (5 months ago)
Are you a Master of the Legendary Axe, or are you an Axe Master who is Legendary?!
Adrian Brzostek (4 months ago)
Or is he a legendary master of the axe? Dun dun duuuun!
Alex Woodroffe (5 months ago)
I guess that's probably fair!
Tomographic (5 months ago)
all of the above? :P
Ryan Borchers (5 months ago)
Quality gameplay mate. Keep it up.
Kavish Allopi (5 months ago)
And here I was wishing that another good YouTuber would cover this game... My wish has been granted :D Edit: Those axe throws are nutty, holy hell...
Anjana Dey (5 months ago)
Hey Mr.Tomographic... Please consider doing a solo vs. squads video on Miramar if you can. Have a great day !
Th3o (5 months ago)
Love this content keep it up can u do some sort of challenge with Aculite??
Arnolf Mendoza (5 months ago)
yes! a tom video!
John Doe (5 months ago)
Tom the Axeman, Well Played!
K D (5 months ago)
Great video Tom!
Anders Swendsrud (5 months ago)
Get the CLUCK out of here, Tom. Another awesome video!
MeLoveTrollin (5 months ago)
This game is entertaining
GamingVoiceOfHarlem (5 months ago)
This is your game 💯 nice gameplay
Raynedog00 (5 months ago)
Seeing that first game from your view was so nice. I watched connors video on it but seeing those disgusting axe throws from your pov was straight nasty
The Jackfruit Seed (5 months ago)
Tommy gunnnnnn😍❤ keep em coming
yamyam gamer (5 months ago)
Saw this on Aculites channel funny to see it from your great video.
Anglo Saxon (5 months ago)
Anglo Saxon (5 months ago)
Defo your sort of game Tommy Axe!

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