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PUBG: WTF Moments Ep. 39

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► Submit Clips Here: https://goo.gl/xYCFra ◄ Clip 1: xXKalimero Clip 2: shroud (https://twitch.tv/shroud) Clip 3: Bloodemi (https://twitch.tv/bloodemi) Clip 4: MAN_B3AR_PIG (https://youtube.com/channel/UC0QiPzt_zJe-DL-8TIDMEjQ) Clip 5: Master Noodles (https://youtube.com/channel/UCkFOSSYDzety2Zs07N6Ft1Q/) Clip 6: Doctor Plague (https://youtube.com/watch?v=fEa7W-cRJkI) Clip 7: Massachusettz (https://twitch.tv/massachusettz) Clip 8: kwACEy (https://twitch.tv/kwacey) Clip 9: ParadoxMovies1 (https;//twitch.tv/paradoxmovies1) Clip 10: 0li Verkahn (https://youtube.com/channel/UCmzbo4gngTVRoelFfNuh-gA) Clip 11: TheSmokingBro (https://twitch.tv/TheSmokingBro) Clip 12: Polar Ace Esports (https://youtube.com/channel/UC2b7kFHPAib-ZlpXNPRocDA) Clip 13: Barberforce (https://youtube.com/channel/UCuvoRMgiHLHTqYjC-Pvfx7A) Clip 14: 4Earth (https://twitch.tv/4earth) Clip 15: PrestigiousK (https://.youtube.com/channel/UCIKldbgOFjFL9uLoHsYPU_A) Clip 16: xAnubis_Legionx Clip 17: mehyaMgL (https://twitch.tv/mehyamgl) Clip 18: Shisu Clip 19: Hiso_O (https://twitch.tv/hiso_o) Clip 20: hauis2 (https://twitch.tv/hauis2) Clip 21: racmus210 (https://twitch.tv/racmus210) Clip 22: dwchief (https://twitch.tv/dwchief) Clip 23: WhiteOni Clip 24: shroud (https://twitch.tv/shroud) Clip 25: Duthieboy Clip 26: Koloth_CH Clip 27: Mondaze (https://twitter.com/MondazeOfficial) Clip 28: Philipeh702 (https://youtu.be/z1m2URlhBgM) Clip 29: Chad (https://twitch.tv/Chad) Clip 30: Abdullah9i Clip 31: BlastBomber (https://youtube.com/channel/UC4CqBuORfMwL-Y35HGCiUDw) Clip 32: BrownIstBraun Clip 33: CptYakuza (https://.youtube.com/channel/UCT3G3i2trhJd578HNx5tRnw) Clip 34: younghov06 (https:/youtu.be/tOekAW2DTrs) Clip 35: Civilian Kiwi Editing by Dream & HoHoJoe Twitter: https://goo.gl/nj3oh6 Youtube: https://goo.gl/9syvwY
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Text Comments (324)
Shreshth Saxena (7 days ago)
9:13 insane gameplay
Sagar G (9 days ago)
Did you notice that donkey smile in intro? 😂 😂 😂
vince eusebio (10 days ago)
0:33 real lol😂😂😂
لما فجرت قنبله عحلصت معا هواء كانلسه نيركب بيت ضربت يفه
شكلو كان هينزل راح طقين مارح استحمل راح طخ
محمد الحلاق (1 month ago)
shawn vermilion (1 month ago)
1:35 were do I get that car
unkleskratch (2 months ago)
love the frying pan
767 (2 months ago)
So many neckbeards WTF ! ROFLMAO !
Unik Hajdari (2 months ago)
I play PUBG so i know the struggle
Johnny t (3 months ago)
Everyone has the same laugh.
Tri Handoko (3 months ago)
Black to the Pink (3 months ago)
Add me on pubg mobile my name is Magickarpused
perigosu (3 months ago)
Is there a limit of clips that can be submitted by the same user within any given time frame?
Edgekiller3 (3 months ago)
4 ads in a 10 min vid? Damn
cristiankarl ofalsa (3 months ago)
1 thing I want to added in pubg is get in the car animation Like gta get in the car
Ggร Fvร (3 months ago)
DMND KBG (3 months ago)
Dude sees planes fly in. "Its like a constellation"
BHN Gaming (3 months ago)
Valiant Radius (3 months ago)
Watching this video but only plays on mobile
BigFloppyPandas (4 months ago)
Pubg Sofie (4 months ago)
How do they play with more than 4 people?
FlyingMonkies325 (4 months ago)
Oh man... that car trick at the end was hilarious! you got in their teams jeep in order to shoot their team mates and they didn't even notice you got in till you got out xD genius!
kiritogameplay (4 months ago)
Sign up for my channel, leave a like and leave a comment on my latest video. I follow you back !!! If this comment has 50 likes and your name below, you win 3 likes and 10 views If this comment has 100 likes and your name below, you win 10 likes and 30 views If this comment has 200 likes and your name below, you win 20 likes and 50 views
Kairos (4 months ago)
That last clip is the stuff of legends.. Who would even think to attempt that xD
M Khanif Abu Ja'far (4 months ago)
please give me pubg, I really want to play but no money, i hope, my steam id : 352851370
Yadvendra Meena (4 months ago)
Last two clip..pure skills
Exiting Erin (4 months ago)
Love Some of the Marco usage in this. Cheating mugs streaming. Death to you all. Most blatant Marco usage by guy who shoots rolled over car. Cheat
Boxxer Gameplay (4 months ago)
Pubg is love pubg is life...
Waman Sahu (4 months ago)
Kürti Roland (4 months ago)
The last clip insage
SAVAGE GAMING (4 months ago)
pls make this game support for all devices pls
Denny Nugraha (4 months ago)
TulanOff (4 months ago)
Song in outro plz
Fuck 12 (4 months ago)
bro i was in class today and everyone was talking about fotnite and the teacher started playing fortnite im just slowly dying inside. then started to say pubg was better bad idea...
TEO (4 months ago)
Fuck 12 ikr
Harith Nordin (4 months ago)
whats the name of the ending song
Dewberry_ (4 months ago)
why do Germans insist on literally saying "LOL" instead of just laughing?
Mace 1 (4 months ago)
This video sucks
Jedd Tam (4 months ago)
"I didn't see anything I saw a motorcycle go by"
Noel Shaji (4 months ago)
Could I know which game is this and to play this on pc, it would be great if some one could provide me the link to the direct dame download.
Pee 1234 (4 months ago)
Horse Man YT (4 months ago)
What I thought pubg was dead maybe not i guess...com
KAREEM el abkary (4 months ago)
Please anybody can give me the license key I can't play it 😭
Kwonkyu Park (4 months ago)
Wtf is happening in this game lolol
ian lumaghan (4 months ago)
and there is Road rage hahahahaha
two number 9 (4 months ago)
More pubg funny voice please
Abel Ramirez (4 months ago)
Your vids are great!
Distractor PUBG (4 months ago)
Mikail K (4 months ago)
Can i send you my vids ?
Spiderwick Gaming (4 months ago)
Why do people keep saying lol its not a actual word is it
João Manoel (4 months ago)
Brazilian you?
cucu (4 months ago)
Mute to avoid all the little girly screaming. yw
Gelu Repede (4 months ago)
No is fake,NO?(* b *)
MATEII (4 months ago)
videos are epic from 1st clip
SamaguS_MadBoY (4 months ago)
Song name in the end ???
ERREON 999 (4 months ago)
PUBG is the Best open world-Battle Royale game after GTA, me to
aka Riese (4 months ago)
That last one was insane!
Kaneki Ken (4 months ago)
Last one was LIT.. 🔥🔥
Saga (4 months ago)
That last clip was nuts
Zac Davies (4 months ago)
It looks so easy on the pc good job i play on mobile
Adrian H (4 months ago)
10:3 best clip😂
Flaming Arrow Gaming (4 months ago)
What the heck was that ending though
Plasma -blob 更多 (4 months ago)
I hate when people do something funny and they say LOL,it just makes me say STFU YOU RETARD lol is something to text STOP SAYING LOL PLSSS
Carlos Capitán (4 months ago)
Last clip awesome!
TheDeleted117 (4 months ago)
These streamers all screaming like some fucking grandma
AstudyLeg (4 months ago)
Someone knows why i cant see the parachute backpack? It is a bug?
Muhd Saiful (4 months ago)
Follow Us instagram : @pubg.dinner for More moment PUBG MOBILE and PUBG PC
ThomasTuesday (4 months ago)
I cringe so fucking badly when people say LOL instead of just laughing.
Doto the best (4 months ago)
if this game still lag bug and more problem i still love playing this game 4ever <3
Tyler M (4 months ago)
“PUBG is so realistic and ready for esports...” dude jumps off the top of the tallest building and lands on a guys head, takes no damage. Lolololol.
A Wild Alpaca (4 months ago)
but that doesn't happen?
Uncle_ Daymond (4 months ago)
It'll be cool to play as Captain America on pubg
Ci_Garrito (4 months ago)
last clip is amazing lol
maatila mies (4 months ago)
fortnite is shit
FrighteningSpoon (4 months ago)
Why are all these PUBG channels out there always JUST at the 10 minute mark? It’s really sad to see :(
RaGeQuiT (4 months ago)
Addblocker 4live
Berosar (4 months ago)
The last clip was insane
fesskerl (4 months ago)
Please stop insert clips from XBOX ONE. That's just laggish aim version of PC's god version.
Gendut goblok (4 months ago)
Many bug the this game pubg game bug
alvin ko (4 months ago)
Clorox Bleach (4 months ago)
Clorox Bleach nothin
DevergsEffects (4 months ago)
ocan jerome Wtf was that grammar?
Clorox Bleach (4 months ago)
Clorox Bleach sup
Clorox Bleach (4 months ago)
Clorox Bleach Hello my brother
Eestebann (4 months ago)
the last clip Wow
What is it with the people shooting planes? Does that mean anything?
Swoozle (4 months ago)
The thumbnail is so not photoshop
DM TECHNICAL POINT (4 months ago)
Bro can u tell me how to install pubg official emulator on 2 gb ram pc
Becker289 (4 months ago)
I don’t think that’s enough detotated wam
RockBronzeman YT (4 months ago)
GAMING WITH DEVANSH install it on steam
tespheR (4 months ago)
shivam morya (4 months ago)
last is so insane
Ahmed SaMy (4 months ago)
What are your opinions about pubg ? I will buy it
Becker289 (4 months ago)
Very fun, don’t listen to people on steam complain about FPS issues and cheaters. I haven’t ran into a cheater since 1.0. just lower your settings if it starts to buffer.
Yahav Nitzan (4 months ago)
first thought it was bad.. great game!
Mart Dee (4 months ago)
Esports ready
lloyd shepherd (4 months ago)
What game is this pls
Ex Dee Gaming (4 months ago)
lloyd shepherd playerunkown battlegrounds
kartonbaba (4 months ago)
wow that xbox lag
Xamor 101st (4 months ago)
Really wish they wouldn't include those who cheat in these, but it is what it is.
Shroom (4 months ago)
the last clip lmao
video: gunshots, a lot of gunshots YouTube caption:[Applause] Me: what the hell the gunshots' sound is the sound of applause?! My brain: gunshots' sound is the sound of banging the table
MAMYKAH (4 months ago)
Гиены ебаные визжат будто раненые тёлочки
Trevor Garrett (4 months ago)
Finish him
hardXninja (4 months ago)
I can't play pubg any more ),:
Mexican Bean (4 months ago)
Why is pubg so amazing
Official DESTRION (4 months ago)
Outro song?
GuerrillaFPS (4 months ago)
Roses are red, violets are blue, I make pubgay vids, check my channel outside how bow dah
Jhonny Tarmiji (4 months ago)
the last clip would make a great action movie scene

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