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The Division 2 Learned A LOT From The Original ​

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The Division 2 is the next open-world, third person shooter game in the Tom Clancy series from Ubisoft Massive. It’s set in Washington DC and broadly speaking, follows closely to the first game’s gameplay loop. But what has Ubisoft learnt from The Division 1? ​ Hosts: Mike Williams and Gareth Evans Script by Mike Williams Edited by Liam McKelvey ​ Sources AusGamers - https://www.ausgamers.com/features/read/3597459 Reddit - https://www.reddit.com/r/thedivision/comments/8rn4n7/the_division_2_summary/?st=jjfr0d5y&sh=accb9b81 Gamespot - https://www.gamespot.com/articles/ubisoft-on-how-the-division-2-will-be-better-than-/1100-6459041/ More Videos Podcast 70 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0tPHCXlQr8 Study says Loot-boxes are ‘predatory’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xaqQE2eymw Fallout 76 won’t change Bethesda https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tHpZiMCn8BE What’s Destiny 2 Forsaken all about? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=saT2YV1c2hs Changing the https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXryw7I5FNs ​ SUPPORT US on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/prettygoodgaming SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCodK-9eXEm_hWSDDfLr4QzA?sub_confirmation=1 Follow Pretty Good Gaming TWITCH: https://www.twitch.tv/prettygoodgamingyt FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/PrettyGoodGamingPage/ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/PrettyBadTweets WEBSITE: http://www.prettygoodgaming.com Follow us Gareth - https://twitter.com/prettygoodgaz Mike - https://twitter.com/MikendrickW Jake - https://twitter.com/Theonlyjakeever Liam - https://twitter.com/Liam_Says_Hi
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Text Comments (422)
D 416 (25 days ago)
Raid mode is Definitely needed. After you finish missions from the first game you have to purchase every other mode which I won't do...
edhinor76 (1 month ago)
I was originally hyped for the Division 1, but waited for the reviews. When it launched I decided to wait. Got it finally after one of those free weekends and I really enjoyed it. What I liked was that Ubisoft kept working on it. Other companies might have abandoned it but they kept improving it, were very receptive to feedback and overall they have done a great job with it. I will be buying the Division 2, I am sure that even if it is not perfect, they will support it and work on it the same way, so I am sure I will get my money's worth out of it.
Cid Highwind (1 month ago)
Just no frickin' lootboxes and I'm good to go, I liked the first game and will give this a shot, but only if they won't fuck it up like everyone else that were in for a quick cash grab via lootboxes or such bullshit, hey lookin at you EA and Bungie.
Zekastian Snowball (2 months ago)
I've got so many games to play already and I haven't even got my PC yet... (I can't wait to be playing RTS games again) and so I have to prioritize. I don't have loads of friends to play online with. So I won't be buying it at launch that's for sure.
Oskar Kosznicki (2 months ago)
Was very disappointed at launch. Was very satisfied after all those DLCs and updates Very enthusiastic about Div2
Nic S Rozario (2 months ago)
Wanna bet in division 3 will have rocket launcher
Simon Machin (2 months ago)
Nah, The Division is ridiculously broken atm what with the new support station glitch. And I'm still having issues with dropping my support box, and alao getting kicked out of my menu when I enter it after respawning. These things have been issues for a long, long time and Massive have done sweet FA about them. Just because it's a new game means shit, it's still Redstorm and Massive developing, by far the worst worst laziest developers on this planet. Expect deltas, op gear, glitches and game breaking faults from the sequel pretty much from the getgo. I'll play it but I'll be damned if I'll spend anymore than £20 on the game. If you got money to burn then fair enough 👍 Oh and you gotta be really naive to believe any of the shit these fraudsters say, after all they're sales people and they're gonna big their new title up.
Travis Reilly (2 months ago)
Albert Wilson (2 months ago)
I bet that they’re going to do worse than Destiny 2. I see no new weapons, bullet sponge enemies, repetitive missions, lame clothing designs, No tactical gear, but it has raids!! Nah I’ll pass. Fuck Ubisoft!
Solo Lolo (2 months ago)
Ubisoft.. there is still no ability to jump, or hop, or crouch in this game.. It makes you feel like you're glued to the ground basically. If you don't put in a simple jump command in this game then I'm out.. Also, why the fuck can I do shoulder rolls in the game but not the aforementioned.
A.G.M (2 months ago)
March 2019. *Immediately close video*
Travelling Gamer (2 months ago)
Is the surprise zombies? I surely hope not....
Josh K (2 months ago)
It's NOT A SHOOTER! It's an RPG!
Societyne (2 months ago)
Love the original. Hope this delivers.
Veris (2 months ago)
Can't fool myself I'm still playing The Division and have since day 1. I'm def getting this
HCUhardcoreUnited (2 months ago)
Yeah... more then likely going to pass.
steverl22 (2 months ago)
I've learned a lesson when dealing with UBISOFT......don't buy any of their games with in the 1st year of launch!! They always release unfinished games and it takes them 12-18 months to 'figure it out'
Colton Nash (2 months ago)
Division 1 right now in 2018 is really good. Worth every penny of my Game pass
mwright443 (2 months ago)
I learned a lot from the original.....like how to take a good game when it came out and then watch the developers fuck it all up! Great lesson!
Michael M (2 months ago)
80 % of the things promised will be absent. That was the problem with the first Division, no more pre-ordering for me that's for sure.
GamingS1000RR !! (2 months ago)
I enjoyed division and put alot of hours into it. Loved the PvP and PvP Survival dlc. But the more they tried to "balance" the gear the worse the game got.
Mojo Jojo (2 months ago)
Division, Destiny, Anthem all are and will stay shit games for shit players
Terence Bradshaw (2 months ago)
Does the whole game take place downtown?
Tidus13666 (2 months ago)
The tihg that you can do endgame alone is very good. Especially after destiny 2 and their mandatory lfg outside of the game for raid.
zhen176 (2 months ago)
Fuck that. I take splinter cell instead of this.
aspektx (2 months ago)
The bullet sponge effect just really broke the immersion for me.
John Garcia (2 months ago)
......can you crouch without going into cover and doing so?🤔🤨 that was annoying the first day I got the game.
Spinning Teabag (2 months ago)
Da iawn boys. Would love another survival mode but rogue-like this time. Heard the big twist is it was all a dream ;)
Ion Tudor Bernaz (2 months ago)
This will be destiny 2 all over again. Mark my words!
Eric Worthing (2 months ago)
So maybe they might actually give us the game that was promised at the start?
Salty Hater (2 months ago)
If they dont focus on server optimization , and anti cheat system , then the game will be the same shit like the first . But because its developed by ubisoft ofcourse they wont care for anticheat and servers ... personaly i wont buy until i see what the game its gona look like at release
Ed Josef (2 months ago)
Lost brain cells reading some the comments.
Beatle1283 (2 months ago)
"Hey guys, don't worry we as developers are listening to your feedback. The game will be much better than the previous one! So you can pre-order now!" - Now where have i heard that before * cough * Destiny 2 * cough *. Yeah I'm sure going to believe them. Right after i give my money to Star Citizen a totally not a scam game.
Noobius (2 months ago)
1. You cant pre order yet adn 2. Its not made by bungie or activision
Chris Cusick (2 months ago)
Even my own opinion on Division 1 is divisive: Loved at times, hated it every time I was killed by a dude with a baseball bat who'd already been shot in the head so many times I had to reload... :| (doesn't seem like much has changed with the sponging judging by what I've seen of the game so far).
Niveus (2 months ago)
Boring game full of bullet sponging enemies. What a drag.
Ed Josef (2 months ago)
Niveus lol
Richard Ortiz (2 months ago)
I will definitely get this, but do you think ubisoft will make a Ghost Recon wildlands 2 game? Hated it at first, but to be honest it got much better later on with added content.
sagand (2 months ago)
the character running/sprinting animation looks awfull, some half-squatting nonsense like the running character has just soiled his pants. Why do they take something that was absolutely perfect in the first game (the entire movement system was really great) and decide to make it so much worse for the D2?
ToxicFume (2 months ago)
If the division 2 can deliver the thiccc... I’ll be there.
Asuka Shinobi (2 months ago)
All this but what small thing that infects Division 1 and Destiny is that your character never speaks
Aki Aventador (2 months ago)
Incursions were absolute garbage, hope the same matchmaking issues and being matched with trashcans won’t be an issue with these raids. If there’s matchmaking for raids and not an app to set up groups with likeminded people then I’ll keep my money
Aki Aventador (2 months ago)
Destiny 2 world environment is on another level, Division still okay though
Softnumnums (2 months ago)
its destiny 2 all over. fucking thing sucks. get real.
blackcat7k (2 months ago)
I'll be waiting 6 months after initial launch. By then the game will be what they're advertising it to be. I'm not paying 60+ to beta test.
JAGGEDCAN9NE (2 months ago)
Bullet sponges and badly balanced weapons (cries in SA-58), gear sets that are overpowered one moment but garbage the next, and bullshit reasons to keep it an "RPG" without taking into consideration that this isn't no Borderlands. Making Bethesda's mistake and not having decent gunplay until Fallout 4 when they got programmers who knew what they were doing. I mean, really, trying to fire any other weapon with my agent besides the full auto ones have very wonky trigger issues when firing it as semi. I think I'll keep my money this time around.
Path to Math (2 months ago)
If it comes out with the playability of current Division 1, then I believe it will be a great game
Pedrito Aki (2 months ago)
Raid sucks, PvP rules.
DragonBane (2 months ago)
Stop comparing Division 2 to Destiny, It will turn a lot of people off because Destiny sucks ass. I stopped playing Division 1 because of the Dark Zone, as long as they fix the Dark Zone so it isn't PVP only I will play 2. I am signed up for the Beta as I also played the first one's Beta, so will see for myself.
Bobby Benoir (2 months ago)
But can you crouch this time? not just when in cover..
Feylann (2 months ago)
T o rebut your 'the division is a shared world' comment, it isn't. The person whose game is joined is the team leader, you join his world. The map will show the team leader's progress. Therefor your world is the one you explore solo, and changes will be affected to that world when you are team leader or solo.
und3rek (2 months ago)
To me it was a problem with: we get 4 man group .. we spend 10-15 mins shooting one guy - that is a human ! - to get him down ... I mean really? How many bullets normal person can soak? 3-4-5? It was breaking my immersion with an idea
Mad Maxim (2 months ago)
I want to raid
RavenRecoil (2 months ago)
I'm excited for this!
XxSLaYerZzxX (2 months ago)
War has changed.
Chadwick S (2 months ago)
Fake news
Brandon Yerby (2 months ago)
I wonder if they are going to cut down on the bullet spunge on the division 2 because it didn't make me like the first division that much but everything else was good i was still playing it but i had to get use to the bullet spunges that were hitting the person which took me like 100 bullets or more just kill one person.
Chris Romani (2 months ago)
the comeback of a boss that takes 400 rounds from a LMG without flinching lol.
M Giebus (2 months ago)
I personally will never buy a Division game, such a waste for a beautiful game. Also how has Ubi not figured out bigger isn't always better?
searchengine27 (2 months ago)
looks like an identical game to me. waste of money i guarantee it.
L R (2 months ago)
Sounds good. I remember getting bored, but I also remember more un-fondly why I quit the game. It was because the game drove you into the PVP zone after enough story progress. In that PVP zone it was not un-common to see a 40+ person group running about looking for ungrouped people to gank and crouch spam over. They would force you to hide in a safe house entry and refuse to move from the safe house entry for hours at a time. Then they added cord cutting to air lifts to make the experience even worse.
21Kiloton (2 months ago)
I love your channel. No shit I consider it a psychic anchor. This is a spectacular low point. PGG says "massive really learned from its yaaaaaawn....." Enjoy your 10k ...
Uma (2 months ago)
I just hope they change the ridiculous running animation...
MrGIBURROWS (2 months ago)
The division 3: North Wales.... Someone just take my mutha fucking money!!!!!!!
SpontaneousWeasel (2 months ago)
Picked up div for pc around a year after release so ran really well with patches/updates... may get am tempted to wait again for extra smooth patchness
AlphaNapalmBravo22 (2 months ago)
SpontaneousWeasel I played the Div on ps4 and I’m considering picking it up on pc is it on steam?
MBag (2 months ago)
Man borderlands explored this genre way before destiny and division.
Wanicki 357 (2 months ago)
You guys look like shills here
guywithknife (2 months ago)
I like the idea of the environment changing in response to your actions. Nothing makes a game world feel more empty than your hard work having zero impact on the world around you.
Gamer Addy 99 (2 months ago)
Hopefully Division 2 comes to Switch! It's possible because it's on the SnowDrop engine like Mario+Rabids Kingdom Battle.
Ezra (2 months ago)
Just another bland rpg designed to have no real meat but still keep you stuck in it doing nothing but grinding for bs progression for no reason (because pvp sucks)
Evan M (2 months ago)
I just started the Division last week when it was on sale, and have to say I'm impressed. After all the negativity, i didn't know what to expect, but so far I'm pleasantly surprised. I'm looking forward to trying the survival mode when i finally hit lvl 30. The real reason i got the division though is because the sequel looked great at E3
Mark Wheeler (2 months ago)
I just get into any multiplayer focused live service games, I'm old I still prefer my single player games I buy and I'm done, I can accept dlc if it's worth it and don't feel it's cut content especially held back for more cash.
Sirus Vader (2 months ago)
Every enemy is still a bullet sponge for no reason other than to force a loot grind, and for that reason, I'm out.
Tj Coley (2 months ago)
Outside the dark zone. I loved the division. Im a 3rd per shooter fan and rpgs are my kind of genre
Døde Brø (2 months ago)
great how they addressed the flaws of the first part except THE MOST GLARING, MOST IMPORTANT PART: the fucking combat was atrocious. still looks like holding your reticle over something while watching numbers pop up for what feels like ages without anything else to do. they'd have to pay me to play this.
cod isdead (2 months ago)
Division 2 rip off new location wtf bs game
rjmercer042 (2 months ago)
I enjoyed the first game, for the most part--I found Survival the most entertaining. It LOOKS like they understand the shortcomings of the first game--hope they manage to improve on it.
ScotDamn (2 months ago)
Im calling it now.. the twist/surprise they speak of will be.... base management...
boomslangCA (2 months ago)
patches will be charged for?... that's a good idea. Tell Ubisoft to go fuck themselves.
David Simmons (2 months ago)
I'm willing to give Ubisoft some credit and some trust. Assassin's creed is back on track. Siege and For Honor have been improved. The Divison improved over time as well. Free Dlc is another plus. I'm willing to give it a try and alternate this and Anthem to satisfy my co-op, shared world needs
terry mcginnis (2 months ago)
this wont even match the final product
boomslangCA (2 months ago)
What is it with these CRTV ads? Can't they go fuck themselves for a while and get out of my face.
Ohknockulous 75 (2 months ago)
Unfortunately there is no trust left with EA/Ubisoft-period. I’ll have to wait for positive word of mouth and great reviews from people who tell it like it is! AND NO MICROTRANSACTIONS🤬
Jack Lindsay (2 months ago)
The current game is in such a good place the devs have done a good job even though it did take them 2 years, The Division 2 looks savage.
Charles S (2 months ago)
I'm surprised how often a game company exec is surprised about how quickly players get through the content. Do they not pay attention to their own industry's news? New WoW expansion? Someone will be at max level in a day. STO Online had people at max level before the three day head-start was over. Heck, look all the way back at Dark Age of Camelot; Mythic thought they would have plenty of time to put endgame content in, but players reached max-level far faster than the devs thought possible. If MMOs have this issue, with their diverse types of content they usually have, something like The Division or Destiny have no excuse for being surprised. They need to do some basic research, or just Google it, ffs! Changing the world around you in an online game sounds like what the dev team for a cancelled MMO called Lost Continents wanted to do; areas would be broken up into instances, and you would see your instance appear according to what actions you took there earlier. It was a 1920ish pulp action styled setting, but it was cancelled because they didn't think it would be popular enough to be profitable. Not long after they cancelled it, the movie The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen released in theaters, so I feel they missed an opportunity there. As far as I can tell, they were the first game company to actively talk about using instancing, and some other things that have since become common staples in gaming.
Peter Fox (2 months ago)
Sounds like TD1 but with more Destiny grinding endgame. >>> So they want to prey on the Destiny crowd - Fu** me!
FhargaZ (2 months ago)
Sponge bullet enemies = crap.
Dmitry Kirhmeyer (2 months ago)
Division has raids. They are called "Incursions"
JustAnotherGuy (2 months ago)
900 bullet sponge loool
Ed Josef (2 months ago)
For science. I logged into the division. Red bar enemies 1 shot from my urban mdr. Bosses and elites using the same rifle after the shields gone 2-4 shots depending if I crit. 900 lol.
mike love (2 months ago)
yeah i doubt that. fell for it once
Link The Ripper (2 months ago)
Gimme splinter cell again ubisoft needs some linearity in their lives. So many sandbox games now
Skoopsro (2 months ago)
I like the division 1 more than any other game i own or have played in recent years. I love how conplex and how difficult it can be sometimes. I hope it isnt dumbed down and casualized for the next installment. Its difficultly and complexity are its strongest assets IMO
SzTArtur (2 months ago)
I wish someone would do a similar game in the STALKER universe. So many gear options, more interesting environment and NPC/MOB possibilities...
Ninjachickenfingers (2 months ago)
The way he said “Martinez”... lmao
unnero1 (2 months ago)
Cool, but will it have bulletsponging and retaraded dark zone? No -> Maybe buy, Yes -> fuck it.
Clayton Stretch (2 months ago)
Also if they DIDNT use the exact same gameplay (lieing) team they used to show off the first division and rainbow six seige.....then pull a 180 on us and give us a COMPLETLEY differant game i might be more inclined to consider this purchase
Clayton Stretch (2 months ago)
So i DONT have to deal with dieing multiple times on the hardest difficulty with my buddies to get the best loot......its gonna be easy enough going solo to vet the best pvp gear......wasnt that the reward for slogging through multiple deaths with friends/randoms.
Ubong Enyiema (2 months ago)
i dont care what bullshit they decide to tell people all i want to know is if the enemies are bullet sponges. ubifuckingwanksoft dont know how to do non bullet sponge in a shooter and if it persists in division 2 im out.
Mi Ke (2 months ago)
Nah, I don't fall twice for the crap. The Division was the most mediocre game I ever played in decades of gaming. With bullet sponge enemies from hell. I pass on this one.
th3absurdhero (2 months ago)
wasn't the incursion the raid replacement?
MrJblazini (2 months ago)
I'm down for raids but who are we going to fight Bob the disgruntled insurance salesman turned flame throwing henchmen???
Chey H - Kaduako (2 months ago)
"Divisive", I thought Gaz was the pun man. I like it Mike
Broken Games (2 months ago)
mafiAAA is all about division. they are not even hiding it anymore... e.g. turning players into payers, E3 & shareholders conference.

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