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Minecraft - Hunger Games Servers! (24/7)

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Server IPS: a.minecraft-hg.com b.minecraft-hg.com c.minecraft-hg.com Visit the website find out everything you need to know about the sevrer: www.minecraft-hg.com Things you might wanna know: When you join, choose a kit by typing /kit (kit name) If the game is in progress, you wont be able to join, you must wait for the game to restart/join the other servers. If you donate, you will become VIP on EVERY server we have. (VIPs get all kits and can join even when the server is full) If we need, we will add/remove servers (depending on how it goes) SERVER IS OWNED BY BOTH GAMPLAYERHD AND EXPLODINGTNT Music by www.machinimasound.com and is royal free. Credits to www.youtube.com/justinthelaw for the amazing ending effect Thanks to GameplayerHD for the video layout. Thanks to: SnazzyHD, superalexis12, killerducks and NotebooktheCat
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Text Comments (470)
Nathan W (1 year ago)
Does this server even still work?
Eunjun Ocampo (2 years ago)
join bosscraftmc.us..... BEST SERVER
Kezia K04C (2 years ago)
as soon as I get PC I will see if I can get that server
NanoGamingPro HD (2 years ago)
im watching on 2015 oct!!
Adrienne Berry (4 years ago)
AlphaGamingVideos (4 years ago)
That not hunger games thats just survival.. with pvp
Lava Fixer (2 months ago)
thats the original type
Kezia K04C (2 years ago)
well it's kinda like the real hg cuz in the real hg u have to survive
Yauyau123 (5 years ago)
Serveur kill
CorgiZzz (5 years ago)
Mc.mcorgins.com IP
Brenda Goetz (5 years ago)
Thanks, crossing my fingers to get on:)
Kaloyan Mihaylov (5 years ago)
i will too
Alex Berg (5 years ago)
Check desc
Darkmatter5657 (5 years ago)
jven krause (5 years ago)
i don't know what is IP
Trevor Green (5 years ago)
I can't because the stupid servers don't like me for some reason :(((((
Den The Bic (5 years ago)
Just go to PVP.SC for hungergames like this :P
ethan ruska (5 years ago)
i will
Rei165 (5 years ago)
COME JOIN the BEST SERVER in MINECRAFT HISTORY! *NO REGISTRATION REQUIRED* (new ip) ONLY RULES: No bitching, no begging, no hacking *Respectful & Chill Admins *No faction protected regions- Protect land forever w/ a golden shovel - The MORE you PLAY, the MORE LAND you CAN CLAIM *Griefing is ALLOWED *Survival *PVP *MINIGAMES *Bad language is ALLOWED *PREMIUM & CRACKED Minecraft Accounts CAN JOIN ANYONE can JOIN! Say 2demonic sent you for 1 golden shovel & 2 FREE DIAMONDS!
spaceperson741 (5 years ago)
Sadly, B, D, and E don't work anymore. They will be forever in our memories.
Rei165 (5 years ago)
COME JOIN the BEST SERVER in MINECRAFT HISTORY! *NO REGISTRATION REQUIRED* *Respectful & Chill Admins! *No faction protected regions! Protect land forever! - The MORE you PLAY, the MORE LAND you CAN CLAIM! *ANYONE CAN PLAY *Survival! *PVP! *MINIGAMES! *GRIEFING & RAIDING is ALLOWED! *Bad language is ALLOWED! *PREMIUM & CRACKED Minecraft Accounts ARE ABLE to JOIN and CAN JOIN! *Anyone is welcome! JOIN NOW! Say 2demonic sent you for 2 FREE DIAMONDS & 1 FREE DIAMOND SWORD!
this one is better
Someone (5 years ago)
Douglas Lee (5 years ago)
Can i be sponser on the servers plz Lolz
Felipe Leal (5 years ago)
no you don't
6ixPharaoh (5 years ago)
i cant go in it said it was a bad login!! OMG!!!
OfficalMrToxicBear (5 years ago)
Umm question I bought Poseidon a coin kit and I used it for one game and I lost it the next game is this so pose to happen plz reply
Kàeda (5 years ago)
Jmnasa3 (5 years ago)
what server can i join because yours are not letting me join :(
Daniel Kurt (5 years ago)
What version is the server?
winnermarcelosc (5 years ago)
and the tnt servers??
Leoxy (5 years ago)
Is it 1.4.4? I hope it's 1.4.2 :/
czperl (5 years ago)
anyone other than me been playing since this video came out? lol
Jermaine Jackson (5 years ago)
I just whached your video and I don't know what to do do I ru do I get chest or do I kill
Monkeytown45 (5 years ago)
Can you do something so the soectators can place block
MuskoxGaming (5 years ago)
music name please?
Sonicfan3841 (5 years ago)
Sonicfan3841 (5 years ago)
I updated minecraft and can't play this anymore. :/
CQG Shea (5 years ago)
*it thinks your flying if your not touching a block and are high up*
CQG Shea (5 years ago)
Actually minecraft servers detect if your flying if you are touching a block that isn't an entity and it does sometimes have things to do with height.
norman betty (6 years ago)
i loved it its callsic not the ones you got to find chest to get stuff you can just mine it
Ellenier (6 years ago)
Paysafe card :P
Enkhbold Ganbaatar (6 years ago)
PSC? idk what that is
Ellenier (6 years ago)
i think i just buy a paysafe card :D , u can buy Minecraft with PSC, or?
Enkhbold Ganbaatar (6 years ago)
no really. i litteraly deleted all their work files (gave them a backup when they agrred to buying it for me )
Ellenier (6 years ago)
haha :DD
Enkhbold Ganbaatar (6 years ago)
sorry just piss your parents to no end until they buy u the game. thats what i did
Ellenier (6 years ago)
Enkhbold Ganbaatar (6 years ago)
One Winged Ice Angel (6 years ago)
I trolled in one of those servers
Gatorang ed (6 years ago)
I spent about an hour underground, and ended up with s full set of iron armor and weapons. As soon as I resurfaced, someone in full diamond armor killed me.
Nick Khutsishvili (6 years ago)
i cant=((( i dont have money for this
noah perman (6 years ago)
just buy the damn game dude
Lestrange (6 years ago)
Lol are you kidding? The Hunger Games is the first of 3 books written by suzanne Collins, and adapted as a movie this year, seriously, in what planet you live?
Nick Khutsishvili (6 years ago)
it sad USER NOT PREMIUM do free server pls
evalee331 (6 years ago)
I want to join
subthischiz (6 years ago)
lol... woman kit is a bunch of food and a furnace
danevilmonkey (6 years ago)
its a film
l3abyHaxor (6 years ago)
Someone Help Pls: I Am Usin Old Vip... Then I Cant Use The New Vip Kits D:
Lugnet97 (6 years ago)
sorry if i sound like a noob, but i just wonder: what is hunger games?
jjfajen (6 years ago)
I never die :D I jsut get kicked by anticheat when I jump :D
Ellenier (6 years ago)
do you need Minecraft premium to join? D:
MrDracokight (6 years ago)
I would like to suggest that you have a giveaway every 2 months for A chance on winning VIP for 10 days :D
zCamerons (6 years ago)
No they didn't, hunger games is a thing a lot of servers have you dumb fuck
WolfyTheSpook (6 years ago)
Yo Dude im so good at building but u broble got lots of people now
gamefan388 (6 years ago)
works now :)
gamefan388 (6 years ago)
Ckilolo44 (6 years ago)
How to donate?
gamefan388 (6 years ago)
it says cant resolve hostname -_-
zBooHD (6 years ago)
it stays at logging in... on the A server
Thrall132 (6 years ago)
DO NOT GO ON SERVER C its laggy and lots of people get disconnected B and A work just fine though
obese999 (6 years ago)
it was me v 2 and i killed 1 and got disconect by server about to kill second
Jaec (6 years ago)
what's the texture pack you're using, it looks clean
BalanceJackFireblade (6 years ago)
I just got tricked by two people. They led me to the spawn to have a final battle and they killed me even when I said wait.
Ginga Snaps (6 years ago)
vip only? why? D:
Eduardo Sousa (6 years ago)
Geez... do you have to be such a dick about people not having premium? perhaps they have better ways to spend their money or they are saving some to get a premium copy!
MasterBoss221 (6 years ago)
you must be premium?
Give's you boobie's :3
Dominus Vox (6 years ago)
Damn. Are people really so cheap that they wouldn't even spend about 25 dollars just for a real up-to-date copy of minecraft and access to non-cracked servers?
Zek (6 years ago)
i can't join the server :´(
nightfall2318 (6 years ago)
and end of stream :(
nightfall2318 (6 years ago)
I keep getting communication error :(
jetscookie (6 years ago)
Choose your kit! -BARBARIAN! -BOMBER! -ARCHER! -woman -MANY MORE! XD
17kensethrules (6 years ago)
im dv! :D
Julppu (6 years ago)
Andrew Sliwka (6 years ago)
swiftcashew (6 years ago)
Should've kept a spare 1.2.5 jar. you should know that modded servers don't update for a while because the plugins have to update in addition to Bukkit.
sen (6 years ago)
need 2 buy it. its onyl 20 pounds and its worth it
alex turner (6 years ago)
do i need to buy minecraft oir does this work with the cracked version?
KiddoEpic (6 years ago)
:D <3
Matthijs Random Videos (6 years ago)
gabriel hebert (6 years ago)
update the server i wanna play on it
2BADmarganreyesPsN (6 years ago)
TNT PLZZ update your minecraft hunger games servers to 1.3.1 i want to play
Julppu (6 years ago)
NotSoFamous (6 years ago)
well if i had the fucking money i would buy it but not everyone has a job you know
O PATATAS (6 years ago)
If it writes Outdated client you need to have minecraft 1.25
NotSoFamous (6 years ago)
make it cracked plzz
17kensethrules (6 years ago)
simbas awesome :D
17kensethrules (6 years ago)
you need to upgrade the server
Capt.JackDaniël (6 years ago)
ther is standing that its a outdated server but ther are 9 people in it? help
Julppu (6 years ago)
Nice i buy vip at 3 days ago and i dont have it can you give vip form me??

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