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you guys requested soooo here u go! here are some period friendly outfits for when ur just not dealing with life but still wanna look good (outfit deets down here) outfit 1 sweater: soaestheticshop (discount code down below) pants: shein shoes: vans x opening ceremony hoops: forever 21 outfit 2 mesh shirt: boohoo tube top: omighty earrings: romwe belt: depop jeans: tommy hilfiger shoes: vans outfit 3 shirt: supreme sweats: grateful apparel shoes: nike earrings: idk outfit 4 sweater: zaful sweats: sorella earrings: forever 21 chain: american apparel shoes: nike socks: topshop SEND ME STUFF HERE: PO Box 570068 Whitestone NY 11357 Business email: [email protected] SHOP MY CLOSET AND MERCH ON DEPOP my username is: emilytheunic0rn Instagram: emilytheunic0rn Snapchat: emilytheunic0rn Twitter: emilytheunic0rn if u wanna hear some heat take a look at my bfs soundcloud here: soundcloud.com/reso_nate if you wanted to try out therapy but didnt have the coin or time check out online therapy here: https://tryonlinetherapy.com/emilylee affordable cute clothing and accessories: http://soaestheticshop.com?rfsn=526808.32fae and use "emilylee" to get 10% off Thanks so much for watching and supporting me :)
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Text Comments (112)
Yamilet Jay (1 month ago)
What about for us girls who get bloated!? My stomach grows twice it’s size 😖
CurlyyHeadxo (5 months ago)
watched this while taking a period shit at 2 am
Julia Salavarria (9 months ago)
i just started my period again to day thanks emily!!
Mimi Hopper (9 months ago)
emily i LOVE all the fits u are a style icon queen of looking cute on ur period BUT my only criticism is all of these fits were with crop tops and sis? i am SO BLOATED when i have my period!!!!!!
Aa Da (9 months ago)
okay high wasted pants prolly hide that but still i think it’s not cutee
Aa Da (9 months ago)
cute but i can’t wear cropped shirts cz my lower belly swallows a lot while having period
PRINCESS RAMEN (9 months ago)
i can't find the 4th outfit sweater 😭😭😭 i've fallen in love with it
Zerimarlily (9 months ago)
Is it me or emily has got thickerrr? 😍👌
Espi Vazquez (9 months ago)
bree c (9 months ago)
You should start writing where everything is from
bree c (9 months ago)
ani t. Oh ok thanks I didn’t see that
ani t (9 months ago)
she put it in the description (no links though lol)
Molly Post (9 months ago)
Yo thanks for makeing this bc bleeding is a real thang
// K A I L E I G H // (9 months ago)
Sis you look so good omg
Spotlessmind (9 months ago)
Girrl I'm like dying when I'm on period and I'm in bed for like 2 days I don't even go anywhere I sleep as much as possible I just wear a oversized shirt and shorts
Evelyn guzmann (9 months ago)
Gi anna (9 months ago)
did you cut your hair since having it like a vew millimeter?
Bailey Sims (9 months ago)
this video is stunning i love you bye
salome salas (9 months ago)
Alice He (9 months ago)
Alice He (9 months ago)
Kimmy Nelson (9 months ago)
I look so crazy on my period my fits are weak for like 5 days I SO need this
Emily Lee (9 months ago)
Kimmy Nelson same here! It took me so long to realize having ur period doesnt equal weak ass fits
Riah M. (9 months ago)
Funny how this was in my recommendations and I'm on my period 😂🙌🏼
Julia ! (9 months ago)
serving looks😍
Leslie Torres (9 months ago)
hey ari (9 months ago)
I fw these lookbooks
bri baires (9 months ago)
Madison M (9 months ago)
Love the concept, cool video 👍
MARCELINA (9 months ago)
jewelzofthasea (9 months ago)
Great video girl and right on time
zion b (9 months ago)
Style Queen
moreannysia (9 months ago)
Lovin these videos ma
lilchickun (9 months ago)
love these style vids!!
cami l. (9 months ago)
kira s (9 months ago)
ok but whats the song remix odsfnjhdsdj
Isobella Austin (9 months ago)
kira s I think it might be something that Nathan did?? Not sure though lmao
Rachel bourassa (9 months ago)
The editing tho👌
Antoinette (9 months ago)
youtubee love (9 months ago)
Yes slay
Anime Wife (9 months ago)
so happy you've been doing more lookbooks🐸
Mina Savage (9 months ago)
You must have knew everybody was on the lady today 😭😂😂
Kate Gemmell (9 months ago)
you make the most unique and USEFUL videos i love u (im bleeding rn so this is perfect)
Cween Courtney (9 months ago)
The timing for this 🙌🏾
die (9 months ago)
Thanks literally just woke up on my period and saw this.
banana palace (9 months ago)
my queen 💖
LecieLollipop (9 months ago)
Wow this is the cutest shit I have ever seen
Alexia (9 months ago)
i love those videos and i hate them at the same time because they remind me the fact that i have no money to buy new clothes love you queen
eliza korzilius (9 months ago)
i love the last outfit
Lusss - (9 months ago)
You lowkey look like Kehlani!!
grace lay (9 months ago)
love you so much emily
gutsoda (9 months ago)
Lucy (9 months ago)
woah this is a video i never realised i needed
Daniela Ramos (9 months ago)
I love your videos so much emily
Tuuli Nieminen (9 months ago)
200k !!!
leighann m (9 months ago)
I’m literally on my period right now lmao how did you KNOW EM
Emily Lee (9 months ago)
leighann m were in sync
Lovelessgirl (9 months ago)
The most helpful video ever
Chanice Alexis (9 months ago)
Love the second one ✨✨
Alma Gonzalez (9 months ago)
YASS bitch! Bring these kind of videos back please 😭
Tiffany Dewitt (9 months ago)
2 bloated on my period for crop tops lol
Julia Gamble (9 months ago)
nat x (9 months ago)
Tiffany Dewitt i feel you girl
ashia (9 months ago)
the ending omg you’re such a cutie
Sarahi A.V (9 months ago)
Love the edit!!❤️❤️
anna gerlach (9 months ago)
shit emily im not tryna look like an 8 yr old in the 90’s. your style and videos have changed so much 😷
Diana G. (9 months ago)
girlygerlach well this is a public video and your comment is public so expect a reply. Whether you like it or not
gutsoda (9 months ago)
girlygerlach based on that logic your attitude needs to get the fuck out her comment section
anna gerlach (9 months ago)
Steph M your attitude needs to get the fuck off my comment
steph m (9 months ago)
shit girlygerlach i’m not tryna listen to your 8 yr sounding complaining your attitude should change so much
alexa soro (9 months ago)
god forbid a world where people don't change lmao
I Love jun (9 months ago)
Yo this girl said I was dressing ugly when I tried to wear baggy pants on my period ahaha she know I got better style than her ass lol bitch can’t even match
Sammy P (9 months ago)
and I JUST got off of my period .... 😂
Emily Bryant (9 months ago)
Yes bitch thanks
Alyssa Mad (9 months ago)
Emily such a cutie I love your bangs
Linda Rodriguez (9 months ago)
Okay queen yes 😍
gabby chin (9 months ago)
ur so cute fuk i have a crush
Carson Reeves (9 months ago)
ur so pretty
Emily Letizia (9 months ago)
Perfect timing lmao🚨🆘
melanie (9 months ago)
fuck me up with your bangs
Joebillion (9 months ago)
Love this ✨✨
Yasmin (9 months ago)
Such a genius idea ❤️
Denelis Ferreira (9 months ago)
such a great idea for a lookbook. you’re literally an icon.💕
oceanna_ Alien (9 months ago)
I just think about wearing sweatpants or a dress on mine 😂
Toriann Smith (9 months ago)
Tee Bellamy (9 months ago)
*Perfect clothes for when you want to look cute, be cozy and still not get a stain* 🙌🏼🔥
Daniela Lopes (9 months ago)
Omg im loving the bangs comeback 😍😍
Jacky Reyes (9 months ago)
you're so pretty!! love ya and these outfits
Fernanda Valentina (9 months ago)
I forgot how much I missed these type of videos
Skylar White (9 months ago)
Great video❤❤❤❤❤
Zainab (9 months ago)
a great idea for a lookbook :) you out here giving us quality content as per usual xx
Tee Bellamy (9 months ago)
Zainab word she’s so creative 🙌🏼
Ryn N (9 months ago)
i love love love the style of these videos
sara (9 months ago)
wig flew to walmart and got tampons and baggy pants
130 x (9 months ago)
Wow this is perfect timing, thanks !!
Emily Letizia (9 months ago)
130 x sameee
rachels sanity (9 months ago)
50 views and 47 likes thats all LOVEE!!
Sage Ethel (9 months ago)
Early <33 love you so much! you inspire me everyday
Naomi (9 months ago)
The ending was so cute
cairah tesfaye (9 months ago)
rosariojimin (9 months ago)
just in time
Corsie Corsie (9 months ago)
i needed this in my lige
Ty Harris-Pitt (9 months ago)
this is such a concept wow
Mariah Maldonado (9 months ago)
Make a styling Gucci belt vid
Lucia B (9 months ago)
laurentaj (9 months ago)
daughter me ❤️
Mariah Maldonado (9 months ago)
Luv u
Paulina Cornejo (9 months ago)

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