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Text Comments (1062)
NoobPlays (1 month ago)
I wouldn’t so best I’ll say he’s good
GamingWithAarnav (1 month ago)
Messi of pubg
Mukhammad Asanov (1 month ago)
Boy i m better than you bro what is that boy hahahahahhahahahah im just joking
Alexandrhea Jimenez (1 month ago)
I played in pubg mobile
Flash Gaming (2 months ago)
Ant man (2 months ago)
No.....I'm the best player of pubg your a fucking poser
Amanda Shymenes (3 months ago)
RaF D2 (4 months ago)
Actually, you are the king of this game
Rafael Rivas (5 months ago)
Shroud V Ninja
Join D Vinci borneo (5 months ago)
Supernayr from indo best player in asia
Join D Vinci borneo (5 months ago)
Please i am big fans you from indonesia.. You and supernayr my idol
Join D Vinci borneo (5 months ago)
I want you play with supernayr.
Faze Unbeatable (6 months ago)
Nothin to ninja
jacob kuhne (6 months ago)
its me
Твист (7 months ago)
Триии полосы, трипа трипа полосы ;D
Smile (7 months ago)
c'mon mannn (7 months ago)
Why does his m16 seem full auto? Mouse mode or something?
NO END'S (7 months ago)
No tecnosh is the best
Edson Carlos (7 months ago)
The best player Tenosh okk
Yojilik (7 months ago)
How can u move that fast and see the enemies woooooww and i thought this is clickbait 🤯
Tyler Terry (7 months ago)
GouKen (7 months ago)
Maybe it's just pc players are trash in general cause on Xbox on god he would've been died already in that fist clip 😹
Nameless Gaming (7 months ago)
Must be hard to play on PC
Sp1ta (7 months ago)
HOW THE FUCK do you make most of these kills... its insane...
Mike Tsaou (7 months ago)
Shroud do you a driving lisence in pubg?
Marcos Santtos (7 months ago)
Tecnosh 》》》》》》》》
Abhishek Sathe (8 months ago)
1:32. Did he clicked that fast ?
Player 1 (8 months ago)
All the dislikes are salty stream snipers
JD (8 months ago)
Shrouds vid titles are soo modest, i luv em
Finjor (8 months ago)
Judging from your thumbnails and titles, you seems to be pretty arrogant clickbaiter.
Whats up (8 months ago)
Title should be > The best no recoil macro user in pubg without getting caught.
S_Morris (8 months ago)
His videos titles are kind of weird because he refers to himself in third person
Mircea Sava (8 months ago)
иαняαf (8 months ago)
When your in a middle of war and other players interupt u with a song can make some peace 😂 (sorry my english im not american , english)
Toxic (8 months ago)
Jose Rendon (8 months ago)
This kid sucks. He only has a gf because of his sponsorships and YouTube money besides that he's a waste of a human life
Sias Finny (8 months ago)
I miss shroud playing cs go
Ant1Fun (8 months ago)
Larissa Perdomo (8 months ago)
my boyfriend has literally got me hooked on watching your videos, much love for ya shroud.
Ricks DJ (8 months ago)
7:54 Oh my god.... oh my .xD
Sendija Vītola (8 months ago)
Looking for girl players to play girl squads with. Find me on twitch /SENDIJAV
E. ML (8 months ago)
you can forget about you the best player in pubg
Jeremy Masson (8 months ago)
really only a facking cheater ... look after 50 second ... look the camera how move and lock .... facking aim assist lock ... for your facking money with twitch ... ther is a lot of proof ! i have report all of your chanel, and i hoppe a lot of player will doing the same thing all vidéos ... look at 2 minutes 55 second with 0.25 speed, aim lock head, kill and aimlock stay in the head..... stupid cheater
Butt3rkeksa (8 months ago)
Shroud is the messi of pubg
Ian Salvador (8 months ago)
pro player
JEG Coupe (8 months ago)
how much fucking bp do u have
Vitor Silva (8 months ago)
Tecnosh sent a hug :)
Ace of Spades (8 months ago)
6:57 guy in the donation RIP
Kall (8 months ago)
Tecnosh is better, sorry
Nathan Roberts (8 months ago)
“Kayne watches video” HOW SHROUD
Jaime Henneman (8 months ago)
This Guy has one big ass ego
matheus carvalho (8 months ago)
# e Tecnosh melhor!👍
O SYNDYKATOR (8 months ago)
of course If you play 24/7 the same game🐵
SaSu13 (8 months ago)
Sin duda es el mejor! ^^,
ODB FE4R (8 months ago)
The thumbnail gave me blue balls
Glorfindel Iron Foot (8 months ago)
All your videos needs that title because you are the best.
Ignat Yalovskiy (8 months ago)
1:49- BIG LOOL
DeepZ (8 months ago)
Senrinha9 (8 months ago)
Tecnosh is better
Angga Festiyan (8 months ago)
i dont know how they called this guy was using aimbot , first one look at how shroud change sight for all of the time , anyone streamers doing this for a whole of the time ? No iam never watching streamers doing like that .. second he's never camping for a whole time , he just using nice mouse , keyboard , headphone and had good internet + Experience with Skill
Mr.Keksikovckiy (8 months ago)
Nice 100,000,000 Millions Subs
Aseiloth Gaming (8 months ago)
Best Thumbnail!
Val (8 months ago)
6:12 Summit's influences come through...
guilherme Nascimento (8 months ago)
Tecnosh >>>>>
owo忒忒 (8 months ago)
0:52 Song outside the window plz ~
LSKERJ (8 months ago)
LSKERJ (8 months ago)
the best
Lucas Jacques (8 months ago)
Shroud you should play bf1 you have such amazing aim you would destroy
NoH8 (8 months ago)
Would love to see how a PUBG player does on Rules of survival
NightZeus ZA (8 months ago)
Shroud you are a Legend!!!
wwwPro9CoUk (8 months ago)
Anyone else prefer unedited full games?
nhpftw (8 months ago)
Old highlights but never gets old watching him slay xD
Hoschimitsu (8 months ago)
2 days no video.... c´mon shrood :(
Minh Lê (8 months ago)
H. (8 months ago)
unsubbed, you've turned into a fuckwit
Lithus17 (8 months ago)
This is exactly why I’m glad there’s no proximity chat on consoles. Too many toxic players abusing their mic’s. And you PC fools look like retards strafing (the dance) left and right.
konrad. (8 months ago)
is your Headset in stereo or surround sound. the g533 ,anyone know?
nothink special, just cheater
Charlie Miller (8 months ago)
I’m sad that alot of people thinks he’s hacking. His new fan, of course.
You are a Beast in this Game ! Highlight Video incoming on my Channel soon :D love you
smite less (8 months ago)
Does the crouch jump bind still work? Or do I need to setup a macro?
Jose Manio (8 months ago)
y i luv shrood?
Melon Patrol (8 months ago)
I just "won" a solo but after I killed the last guy it said 2 remaining still. I just stood in a tiny patch of field until the play zone eventually closed completely and killed me and it said I finished 2nd. It was just me and absolutely no one else left lol, anyone else have this happen? Anything I can do about it?
Aresjustice tv (8 months ago)
The God ! ;)
Tarotot XD (8 months ago)
Look at this guy. Playing PUBG and winning every game. Look at me. I dont even have PUBG </3
Lars Grams (8 months ago)
really want to see your skillzs in Gunz the Duel, available server is at Universe Gunz
Drdead Dimaporo (8 months ago)
I want to play this game, but i don't have any credit card. Huhu who want to help me?!
Azzyjoow (8 months ago)
back to CSGO my lord
BlueCynder (8 months ago)
Wadu hek
Daniel Gultom (8 months ago)
Trysten (8 months ago)
Keep it up buddy. You definitely have the best aim I’ve ever seen
Nishath Tarannum (8 months ago)
Hey a complete game maybe?
KINGWISAM (8 months ago)
You should try fortnite
Feared vMotivez (8 months ago)
The hardest thing to get in pubg is a good squad that has your similar play style
LowezT_ ¿ (8 months ago)
The best player in pubg is Tecnosh 💚💛
Stranger Seeker (8 months ago)
How are this guy even not banned?
Henry Jiang (8 months ago)
Brendan Frutis (8 months ago)
Shipwreck78 (8 months ago)
I have a feeling one of Shroud’s kids will be controlling a robot drone around Afghanistan in the near future
??? ??? (8 months ago)
keep fooling your faggot ass kids anyone with a brain sees your jsut another fuckin kid with an aimbot. u think this is gaming? your such a faggot mate keep lying to yourself. keep telling yourself that you got skills
??? ??? (8 months ago)

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