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PUBG Survivor and Wanderer Crate Drop Rate Estimates

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After a lot of data collection, I have come up with what I believe to be good estimates of what the % drop rates are for the various rarity categories for the Wanderer and Survivor Crates in PUBG. I do not think this is a perfect analysis, but I believe it is a good starting point until PLAYERUNKNOWN himself releases the actual drop rates. PUBG Item Survey https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfYZrbRNF5je4U8RaCFG3SqTvQAG-NM9yTClXefFDvTLnezQw/viewform?fbzx=8319201880233089000 Read the full explanation here: http://wikigameguides.com/1739-pubg-survivor-and-wanderer-crate-drop-rate-estimates Subscribe to WikiGameGuides ► http://wgg.mobi/subscribe WGG on Twitch ► http://www.twitch.tv/wikigameguides Support WGG with our Amazon link! ► http://amzn.to/2fdSfSM Video By http://wikigameguides.com/
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Text Comments (43)
Nathan Ragland (3 months ago)
You quick question, does the more expensive crates have higher chances of dropping rare things?
Max Gaming (6 months ago)
I just got a miniskirt on mobile
Napster Channel (9 months ago)
What is "AVERAGE" section
Phi6er (10 months ago)
3:03 That assumption is ridiculous. Your numbers are all over the place.
Thomas Leduc (11 months ago)
after 170 hours, I opened a blue mini skirt today from the wanderer crate I feel pretty lucky lmao!
MeatSlayer (11 months ago)
NO way dog. I’ve opened 37 crates and haven’t gotten a single, A SINGLE thing above gray
Lance Boydy (11 months ago)
Bulltshit, 250 hours and Ive only received grey items
Sam Walker (8 months ago)
Lance Boydy I have over 500 hours and I have only received grey’s
Taekinyo (10 months ago)
370 hours. Only things non-grey, I've bought. Fuck this game and it's drop systems
Lance Boydy (11 months ago)
Wowzers, let me know if you want to trade it for a few pairs of working boots
Thomas Leduc (11 months ago)
170hrs and I jsut opened blue mini skirt today *shrugs*
Quinten Saija (11 months ago)
better of selling them cases
Benjamin Melanson (1 year ago)
All of these crates are a cash grab and they have the shittiest rng even compared to WoW. I opened over 1k of these crates, recieved 3 greens, the rest greys. This is not only a waste of time but a waste of fucking money. I just wanted the supremo emo trench coat ffs.
Ortistic (1 year ago)
Unboxed 120+ crates... ahaha best thing i got was worth 2 fucking dollars. I unboxed like every fucking crate
Rayner Wong (1 year ago)
Come out with guides to tell us if opening crate or selling them gives the highest expected return .
TrulyTrippin (1 year ago)
@Wikigameguides looking at the market about 2 months later on the 2 skins you said to invest in back in Aug you were dead on.
Jeff Asper (1 year ago)
i love white people they are so smart
packlesswolf1 (8 months ago)
Jeff Asper nah I'm pretty dumb lol
Meme Man (1 year ago)
It's not true. The percentage of grey items compared to the percentage of green items is much MUCH higher. People recycle grey items more often.
Benjamin Melanson (1 year ago)
how do you recycle grey items??
ETERNAL FART (1 year ago)
These odds are way off. I opened at least 200 of these shit crates and got 1 blue and 1 green. Rest were grey. Open gamescom crates. I got 3 black skirts out of 50 crates plus a ton of blues and purples.
himanshu modak (10 months ago)
I opened 9 Wanderer Case I got School Shirt(Open) Rest were grey.
Shawn Gannaway (10 months ago)
i got 3 trenchcoats out of the survivor crate and i got that one mask out of the wanderer
Aidas Adomaitis (1 year ago)
I opened about 10 weekly chests and got a blue skirt worth 150eur
Ozone (1 year ago)
I opened 26 crates and got 2 greens :)
ETERNAL FART (1 year ago)
fongfongy yes you can make insane money but only on gamescom. Dont buy the others.
Evo Beasty (1 year ago)
so i was thinking of putting £24 onto my steam because i want to get a Coat (any colour) would it be best to just buy one for £24 or open like 20+ cases?
alchemist (1 year ago)
100% would be better to buy the coat. According to this video, the coat (either one) has roughly a .5% drop rate. You could purchase about 30 or so cases, but the odds aren't very good that you will get it. Just buy it if you want it.
MN Schlatz (1 year ago)
depends on if you play the game enough to open 20+ cases without getting annoyed at getting pretty much nothing
Patzino (1 year ago)
So, can you get these valuable items from wanderer/survivor crates? If you are very, very, very lucky?
alchemist (1 year ago)
Yes. The rarest ones with an insanely low drop rate (skirt) are worth about $180.
Chris Pope (1 year ago)
Awesome share, thanks for doing this! One small comment, there are actually 2 shades (rarities) of grey, but your analysis combines them into 1 category. Check the image a little closer and you'll see 2 shades of grey. I think we see this reflected in your data. In the Wanderer Crate's pants vs. shirts for example; the pants are in the more rare "light grey" rarity while the shirts are all in the "dark grey" rarity and their occurrence are very different in your data. I'm guessing its something closer to 75% chance for dark grey and 15% chance for light grey. Unsure why the pants are so rare, possibly has to do with people not wanting to sell them.
WikiGameGuides (1 year ago)
Interesting observation, those two shades of gray are so damn similar.
sloop (1 year ago)
Man, listening to this was a treat. I thought about deducing the drop rates using the same method, but decided to youtube it first and stumbled across this. Liked/Subbed. Good catch on the shirts and masks, but damn you for telling the public.. those are really the only ones that look worth investing in at this point though, and the price is *already* getting high.
RandomFinn (1 year ago)
The data from the survey will not be very useful since you can fill in just one box opening at a time. It would be better if you could chose multiple choices and give the amount of items as a number. The amount of boxes opened should also be given. Then you could take the file as an excel and easily calculate the totals and averages for each item category.
LionHeart Games (1 year ago)
I created my channel because of you WikiGameGuides. I LOVE your channel cause you help me a lot in the Surge. So, thanks bro! And here's my like.

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