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CD Projekt Red Responds to Cyberpunk 2077 First Person Backlash

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Text Comments (9725)
Balta Bueno (11 days ago)
I always personally prefer 3rd person game but don't mind if the game is 1st person if it's good.
A Reese (17 days ago)
I'll pass. I don't like first person shooters. They all look and play like call of duty
get a life (1 month ago)
If you dont care about me I mean about third person ...Then ill go for pirate/torrent versions..Sorry If you want my money put the fucking camera. Even if you dont let me fight in third camera you could let me walk around and see my character its not fucking so hard right? Why the fuck I need my character if I cant see him..lol Just give me big camera with some weapons on it xd
Blighthorn Steelmace (1 month ago)
I bet that in first weeks after shipping, there will be mod that will enable TPP. Thats because it is not about what they can afford or not. It's design decision about giving proper experience to all.
troubleshoot (1 month ago)
Well customize for style is a big part of some RPGs. Most of all the good ones anyway. Still gonna buy the game but not gonna act like this doesn't bother me a little.
get a life (1 month ago)
Dont buy it..Go for pirate .Cause they dont care about 3person then why would you give them money? They dont care about you clearly.
NECPS007 (1 month ago)
I'll just pass.. No way they would chance it from now on and I don't have nough time to play games that I partially like nowdays True be told, it really is much harder to make a 3rd person game considering the fluidity of movements like, say, gta v or tlou or zelda, or even ffxv. Or esle you will just end with something.. almost good, which they can't rely on to call it their Next Success of a game Plus I have to constantly remine myself about How lame it is to headshot two hundred times a doll until it dies just because developers decided to HP him up to call it RPG, out of FPS style..
Title Pending (1 month ago)
Mods... let there be mods!
This is some of the most worthless criticism I've ever heard
Hanzo Hattori (2 months ago)
Whelp, photo mode just debunked all FPP defenders' claims that the world is designed for FPP and 3PP won't be possible. Apparently the world is desihned for both. CDPR is just afraid of making the game less of a COD clone.
Z Mark (2 months ago)
3rd person view is a must for anyone with motion sickness and still want to play shooter games...
m Cave (2 months ago)
Thank God Red Dead 2 is coming out SAVED!!
Rob Capewell (2 months ago)
By not making it 3rd person they are leaving the door open for rockstar/ubisoft/EA to bring us something similar but better so good luck 🙄✌
This makes no sense considering 1st person is better.
deadmanslastwish (2 months ago)
I don't have a problem with FPP as a design choice. I simply can't physically handle it. When my eyes tell my brain my head is turning and my neck don't my brain tells my stomach to puke all over my keyboards. it sucks and its real :/
BluryFilms (2 months ago)
there is no point in letting us decorate and customize your character if you don't get to see what they look like except for cutscenes, it is like borderlands, "OOOH! cool! i unlocked a new skin??" yup....but since 99.99% of the time you are only going to be seeing your hands and gun, you might as well be playing with the standard skin, not like you'll be able to tell the difference anyway, i'm sure it is going to be fun, but don't give us customization options if we can't really enjoy them
N GUY (2 months ago)
CDPR can give any excuse they want but when the sales number hit, they will be disappointed. Already won't be buying this game. I'll wait till it hit the bargain bins.
aghe vanzepar (2 months ago)
What is the point of customization if yoy cannot look at them.. seen the gameplay and it looks good.. it bring pains to an open wound.. sorry cdpr cannot play it.. immersive to me is i can see my own chara.
NK (2 months ago)
not gonna buy this then , idc how good it looks , its an fps game.i hate fps view.
Shinya Wong (2 months ago)
Stupid Designer, I believe no one will hire him, not because I like third person because his not a business person and also his not a gamer, how in the world can cd projekt red let this person decide should it be in third or first person and answer a backlash question that had no meaning to the rest of us but in his own fucking world? Creative is good when universal accept but creative is stupid if only you accept your own self. As a gamer and person who holds a few industrial businesses, I will fired this designer for such creative and stupid idea... if it is only for creating awareness, just so everyone can talk about it, I'm okay with that but if it is the final game answer, seriously my calculation would be the worst sales in history for cd projekt red. They are leaving money on the table...
Anumowt (2 months ago)
I really like this game it looks good but i dont know i just feel like this game should be a 3rd person game
Mouache Vue (2 months ago)
I dont mind first person.. but If not 3rd person also Whats the whole point of the deep customization? Btw they always make magic happens.
Serenity _ (2 months ago)
That's really disappointing.....I love the look of the game and would have loved a 3rd person role play/ 1st person shooter combined.....I loved Destiny but the 1st person was too much....if there was a balance that would be perfect but I don't want too play a 1st person dominated game
kosmique (2 months ago)
it feels like the teenage fortnite community discovered CP2077 and are therefor the "high demand" of 3rd person. i am so glad its gonna be first person. in a cyberpunk setting FP obviously makes more room for potential upgrades/tech-advantages, while 3rd person takes away potential ... i would rather have a fucking sweet eye-implant allow me to 'look around corners' in a FP setting , than exploiting tardy 3rd person LOS-ing and taking away potential. 3rd person is corny in a serious cyberpunk environment. On the other hand a twist of both or a sort of zoom-out into 3rd person could nicely be tied into being some sort of upgrade/shoulder cam live feed gadget whatever... but if forced to choose A or B , its a definite go for first person. its just way more immersive, fits way better into the potential of exactly cyberpunk'ish shit, given the fact you're supposed to BE the character V ...imagine boosted legs letting you jump 3 x as high, or run 2x as fast - this is gonna feel waaaay more powerful in first person, and would feel corny as hell in third person ... admit it already. sure in a char-developing game where YOU customize your gear and all , its very satisfying (whoa ...amazingly Yong just said the very same thing as I typed this - WTF!) but come on , even in Real Life you gotta look in the mirror or some reflection/video to actually see yourself (or face/backside at least). I'm sure its a positive we will be seeing our chars by some kind of method, even if by some gear-menu / skill-menu. its been a looong time since the birth of Firstperson RPGs or even RPShooters, its nothing new or uncommon
NORFSIDA (2 months ago)
1st person rules 4eva
Zord Rage (2 months ago)
third person coming in a DLC i bet XDDD
J. J. (2 months ago)
I LOVE CD Projekt Red but I HATE the first person perspective because it just doesn't look like a first person perspective. It's like putting a camera on your forehead, smh. I should ALWAYS see a part of my body in first person view, at least from the shoulders down, and that's exactly why it doesn't work. The view isn't ever wide enough, and since that's the case, it NEVER feels real.
Dennis Veatch (3 months ago)
I dislike third person and don't really enjoy games in that view.
Adrian Balboa (3 months ago)
no 3rd person no buy sry
Sam Gardom (3 months ago)
Super disappointed as all my favourite RPGs of this and last gen are 3rd or 1st & 3rd person. I find FPS only claustrophobic and especially in such rich worlds it is a shame to cut down your periferal vision so much. Having said that I will still give this game a go as everything else about it looks epic.
Patrick Padilla (3 months ago)
A scifi game that couldve been epic in my gaming category including thousands of other gamers like myself! "THAN CAME FIRST PERSON". The anticipation & excitement i had for this game has totally derailed into a $#!+y franchise that has spectacular display but $#!+ when it comes down to gameplay actions!!! Games like this should be in 3rd person to get that real feel of customization quality look and feel, including actions, map overlook and style! Not those first person boring games that you find yourself running around investing time doing the same ol' shhh...it over and over again!
Ron Moes (3 months ago)
This destroys my fucking day!! I was imagining it would be like the Witcher just a goood rpg.. First person view is NOT for a rpg imho. This was a very very very poooor choice of CDPR! Damn it
Csatádi Z (3 months ago)
In Mount and Blade there is first person, third person and even more you can hit a button and see your character on the field from any angle. Edit: Anyway pronounce the name Gelencser as Gelencher.
THESLICKking- MAjuRA (3 months ago)
Guess i wont buy this game just doesn't make sense for me to not see my character in free roam and above all what's the point of customization if i wont get to see any of it
THESLICKking- MAjuRA (3 months ago)
Guess i wont be buying this game just doesn't make sense for me to not see my character in free roam
Ming Yen Wu (3 months ago)
no first person please
Naoyu C. Mi (4 months ago)
Very late reply.. but what I don't get is that this mainly FPS game will have extensive customizing in the character creation, which sounds like a complete waste of time and resources iMO.
Hagi Bastian (4 months ago)
people complain about first person POV and yet have like 2000+ hours on Borderlands.. -_-
Black Fragments (4 months ago)
Maybe they're hoping to make it VR eventually
MHW (4 months ago)
Well that's a bummer
jay sullivan (4 months ago)
First-person is best, and you can still see your clothes and weapons if it's done nicely- where you can look down and see your body. Plus, there can be mirrors for you superficial twats.
GhostCell47 (4 months ago)
At first when I heard about Cyberpunk 2077 is only going to be on 1st person only, I was getting disappointed that we won't get a 3rd person game to see how our character interacts, see our character kicks ass in combat, and dressing our character with clothes. I was at least hoping for that they could provide options to have players to switch between 2 cameras, instead of sticking to one camera for us to experience both perspectives like Fallout and Elder Scrolls series. I'm sure they have their reasons why they didn't but hopefully they'll eventually decide to provide both cameras, and we'll get the chance to play either or. I'm still excited and still wanting to play the game, but it's just a bit disappointing that it's only first person.
Keal Sunstrider (4 months ago)
Aother NoManSky incoming
JV (4 months ago)
"Third person works well in games like the Witcher when you have a lot of motion and movement around you" But that's not what made witcher 3 great for a lot of people like me. It's not the combat or the movement...It's the story telling, it's seeing geralt's emotion and interactions to the world, to the monsters, to the npcs and his love ones. A lot of people hated witcher 3's combat but it was saved by how good the story and by how good the sidequests and geralt's character was..
Not Jesus (4 months ago)
Have an option For 3rd Person like what Bethesda did, Problem Fucking Closed.
Naser Kish (4 months ago)
Com'n make it 3rd person
Lucas Klinsmann (4 months ago)
No 3rd person = no buy
CMDR Boom (4 months ago)
If anyone remembers that other cyberpunk game, you know, the one whose color scheme is black and gold... They did a wonderful hybrid in my eyes of 1st primary and 3rd for doing cover moves and whatnot. For Cp 2077's world though, after giving it a good think, First Person make more sense. It's going to be a tight, crowded world, and a hover cam-type perspective, you'll literally lose your character in the crowd or a tight hallway. Would you rather have a fleshed out world or one built around a 3rd person camera?
ScrmblesThDethDealer (4 months ago)
if it isn't an FPS i don't want to see FPS. if its an RPG, i want 3rd person, like mass effect/DA style. With cover. These guys are missing a golden opportunity. Cover is the shit. i love cover..
Dr. Halayqeh (4 months ago)
Waiting 3rdPS patch.
Playervid ZeroZeroFour (4 months ago)
First person does add more depth to the world. Third person if fine for combat but for immersion, can't beat FP.
Robert Morris (4 months ago)
They could also add in the third person perspective later on though,
LazärheaD (4 months ago)
I never liked The Witcher 3 s TPS movement, so this will probably be my favorite CDPRed game. The Witcher and Beth Fallout are very different games, you could not make it work both ways with this.
VirusRonsen82 (4 months ago)
I will get it used so i can play the game and be sure that CDPR dont get my hard earned money since im not a big fan of Tpp. Its a win win. People who want to boycotting, dont, just buy the game used. That way you can play the game and you can be sure that CDPR dont get a penny^^
Jason Dawson (4 months ago)
Cyberpunk 2077 is the game i will be playing lots of!
Ryan Lorenzo (4 months ago)
For those who are complaining about Cyberpunk being FPS I say: Everyone has guns, you want this to look like Andromeda? And for those who are demanding it be changed to third-person: As if you are a leading authority to be making these decision, you don't even know what the game is going to be, or are part of the development process. Fucken 'ell peeps, CD Projekt hasn't failed us yet but ONE attempt to get out of their type-cast of "Witcher/3rd-Person" and you think it's an insult.
Bran Tse Mallory (4 months ago)
Combat should be peoples real concern as CDPR have shown with the whitcher games they don't have a clue about good combat mechanics.
John t (4 months ago)
I always thought 3rd person made a game seem like it was more for children... First Person is just better and makes you feel like your in it instead of just watching a character do spins and shit...
AlexTheGreatMC (4 months ago)
Better than EA's response to Battlefields women: "don't like it don't buy it, I don't care."
Twisted with Sarcasm (4 months ago)
AlexTheGreatMC EA's response is accurate though. They make the product. If you want that product, you'll buy it. If you don't, you won't.
Fighter_Builder (4 months ago)
Same thing happened before Metroid Prime came out. People found out it'd be first-person, got pissed, eventually tried it for themselves, then loved it. I feel like a similar thing is happening here.
KintamaHD (4 months ago)
I never play third person games. I'm glad it's fps
Izzy Boi Draws (4 months ago)
I just wanna see my character. I'll still play it in first person but I wanna navigate the world in 3rd person and see my character do crazy stuff.
James TwentySeven (4 months ago)
I dont care about this game being in FP as long as we can see our protagonist in cutscenes and in some gameplay aspects, much like in Deus EX Human Revolution.
Tyrone Tyrone (4 months ago)
One of the skyrim games you had the option of playing 1st or 3rd person all games should give you this option.
Lyrrok (4 months ago)
From a practical point of view, a third person camera (not right behind the head) in a cramped environment will be feel clumsy as it will jump around. Especially in quick fighting scenes i can imagine its best to have a first person view on the whole thing and if the rest is great and we actually get to see ourselves in a mirror or something its gonna be okay
wasio12 (4 months ago)
Listening to this commentary after your reaction after jurnalists presentation is so funny :D
Arnav Behari (4 months ago)
Put a field of view slider for people so that they don’t suffer from motion sickness.
Arnav Behari (4 months ago)
3rd person is shit!! I want to be immersed give me first person.
Gambit77 (4 months ago)
@CDPR don't cut corners on this, make the 3rd person animations too and let us choose which camera perspective to play with. Having both is the action/rpg gold standard, and if you only have one you choose 3rd. 1st person is unimmersive and generic. In 1st person games you yourself are playing it instead of immersing yourself in the player character. Because of that 1st person games are not as fun. I can count on my thumbs the amount of 1st person games that were fun enough to finish and I've never replayed one. Whereas the immersion of 3rd person action/rpgs has given me thousands of hours of fun. Do the right thing.
Grimsikk (4 months ago)
1st person > 3rd person when it comes to an immersive cyberpunk game, imo
Mr. Sotack (4 months ago)
Put that big microphone in your mouth
tom dean (4 months ago)
you know people are going to mod this game and make it 3rd person.
Cassiel Aralim (4 months ago)
People need to SHUT THE FUCK UP. They haven't seen a second of gameplay.
Kawaki (4 months ago)
Personally I usually always find it more entertaining when im able to see my character do things in the games. It gives me something more to appreciate than the moving hands or gun on an FPS. I can see how they'd choose FPS for immersive perposes though. One thing I've always appreciated is the detail on animations of a character. Which is why TLOU2 gameplay was so awesome. The movements are so life-like. Some games that go first person tend to neglect animations (Dying Light). I always found free running to be so entertaining to watch (especially if they're doing flips and such) but when playing with friends, even the climbing looks awkward. Well yeah, I personally like to appreciate the animation and looks of a character as much as I'm able, and if it's in third person, then that's awesome. I know they're different games, but animations are part of both, so if a game like ghost of tsushima were to go fpp, the combat aesthetics would go out the window. I wonder what forms of combat they have in this game. :o the cyber punk world looks really neat though! All and all, it personally keeps my preference because of the detail the devs can add to character models with graphics, animation and allowing for customization gives us the ability to change our character and appreciate it all over again... Especially when sinking hours into a character creator Lol.
Saint Boot (4 months ago)
Sorry, but I can't get interested in something and feel like I am truly a part of the world if I am just a floating hand and a weapon, augments or no augments. My hype is now at an extreme low.
CJTheBeast (4 months ago)
If I can look down and see my body and I'm not body less with arms I think it will be pretty good
Jackson Teller (4 months ago)
I am that kind of guy who thinks any fps would be better in 3rd person
Leonardo Onetto (4 months ago)
i would suck at driving and shooting in this game
Ivan Mirescu (4 months ago)
I can't play first person games. They give me vertigo/nausea issues that make the games very unpleasant to play. If this is mainly a first person game, then its off my list to play.
X makenarya (4 months ago)
The only FPS game that i used to is halflife and the other games was like OKEY and alot of them was MEEEHH. When i heard this its kinda dissapointing but well see its CDproject they are great developers..
X makenarya (4 months ago)
Edward Tigersoul yeap and i dont mind. XD i just want to xpress/share my own opinion about the game Thats all. if u dont like my grammar its okey.
Edward Tigersoul (4 months ago)
Oh my god, your grammar is so bad xD
X makenarya (4 months ago)
Edward Tigersoul read again i said "the other FPS is OKEY and the lot of them is MEHHHH." its like 30% of them is okey and the other 70% is not good.
Edward Tigersoul (4 months ago)
No, you never said some of them were okay. You basically said that Half Life was good, and the rest were either okay or meh.
X makenarya (4 months ago)
Edward Tigersoul tbats why i said some of them was okey TES and fallout can be third person so i dont have problem of those games they are my favorites.
Marks Madmarktigan (4 months ago)
Sorry but first person only is fuking retarded: A) The inmersion point if WORTHLESS BULLSHIT FAKE: In third person you can make your camera come CLOSER, to the fisr person, if you want to see face details B) It makes hand to hand combat ABSOLUTE WORTHLESS BULLSHIT, cause you cant see yourself C) It makes character customization silly bullshit stupid, cause you cant see yourself D) It makes movement ackward as fuck cause you CANT SEE how you move or interact with the world. E) It SCREWS INMERSION cause you CANT SEE your surroundings, cause of tunnel vision. In resume, first person only works for the most simple shooters, with no close combat, no customization, and no cool supermovement/jumping/running. This is bullshit.
Marks Madmarktigan (4 months ago)
b) MOSTLY? HAHAHAH!!!! Sorry but thats so....bullshit. Im a Cyberpunk PnP fan, layed since 1992.... And you have Monokatanas, you have cryberclaws, you have Rippers, you have EVERY FUKING MARTIAL ART. Sooo, no. It doesnt make fuking sense to QUIT one GAMEPLAY OPTION, it doesnt makes sense to CRIPPLE hand to hand combat when YOU CAN HAVE BOTH. In fact, you are EXACTLY AS GOOD with a third person shooter with a reticle that you are with a first person. It does NOT add a SHIT. As proven by ANYONE that has played Gunz:The duel. C) And that worthless bullshit. I CANT CONTROL my character during a cutscene, neither can I INSPECT HIM and his clothing. I CANT SEE how cool he looks fighting, or killing someone, neither can i see how cool he jumps or moves around DnE)What, what??You dont understand??Are you dumb or someting??? You are telling me that you move as good, that you DODGE as good, that you JUMP as good, that you can face MULTIPLE OPPONENTS in melee as good WITHOUT beign able to notice your surroundings?? Have you fuking playedMount ad Blade??? Have you played Morrowind??? Have you played ANYTHING???? Can you give me ONE, just ONE example of a game that is controlled better, that allow you to defend yourself better againts multiple nemies, to parry their attacks with a fuking first person??? Are you telling me that NOT beign able to NOTICE SHIT around you is "inmersive"?? Are you telling me that NOT having peripherial vision is "inmersive"?? WHAT A LOAD OF FUKING RETARDED CRAP!!!! Yeh, my whole comment is so baffling that you cant fuking adress anything I say on it. dumbass XDDDDDDDDDDD
Edward Tigersoul (4 months ago)
B) But Cyberpunk is mostly guns. It makes sense to have something like Witcher 3 3rd person since it only has swords. But Cyberpunk has guns, maybe some melee weapons. C) You see yourself during cutscenes. D) ...What? E) ...What? Your whole comment is just baffling.
Dread Reed (4 months ago)
If we are gonna create a character then it shouldn't be in first person
Kyle Orzech (4 months ago)
You guys will be able to see your character in the mirrors of all that reflective surface, including lenses and mirrored visors. So stoked.
Edward Tigersoul (4 months ago)
And you can see yourself in cutscenes.
Kyle Orzech (4 months ago)
Yo, you guys aren't thinking fourth dimensionally. CDPR is going to have insane tricks up their sleeve. Imagine being in those close, crowded environments they showed in the trailer. This is NOT going to be COD. Imagining just eating pho at some bar and getting surrounded by goons up in your face. For some reason I'm imagining a very slow and paced out game when it comes to that gameplay. Imagine waiting on the subway and being up close with the AIs. If you stare at them too long will they react? Can we choose to pickpocket? Imagine having such a streamlined experience that you have to literally change subway stations to get to certain places, without loading times or transitions. This is going to be a slow, cramped game, full of amazing stuff. And I am a full on third-person perspective dude. And yet, judging by what they showed us, I can really picture a hardcore immersive experience.
AndrzejKucyg (4 months ago)
Tbh I'm fine with that, if they use similar model to deus ex (first person, but third person while using covers etc) this can work really well
Sokioku (4 months ago)
I like FPS but I don't like FPRPG so I'm happy at least that it's a shooter and not a sword swinging game. I think this was a good route to take. Not every game has to be like uncharted.
The 8th Outer God (4 months ago)
Its their game they can do it how they want they dont need to justify
Muzi Tshabalala (4 months ago)
Geralt was always in the way of the action. FPS all the way baby.
Dylan Flannery (4 months ago)
First person + VR
Jet Black Onyx (4 months ago)
Seriously the perspective of a game is seen as a controversy now?
desert gainz (4 months ago)
I dont really care if its mainly FPS, but I do hope when conversations happen between characters in game, it shows a third person perspective, like in Fallout 4. But if not no biggie honestly.
Damian Chiliński (4 months ago)
everyone cries about FPP. <2 weeks after release> there's mod adding TPP... let's face it we all know it's gonna be like this. https://youtu.be/3KgaBJDOEqg
Vall (4 months ago)
A few people bitching about fpp and it's called a backlash?? All the drama around it makes it seem worse than it is
rawr (4 months ago)
The reason for first person is almist entirely because of the augmentation feature.
Magni (4 months ago)
I feel that they are frustrated as that was devs defensive response. They messed it up and as someone who really left a mark on the world with The Witcher 3 this is shame. Yes I WANT TO SEE MY CHARACTED FROM 3rd PERSON BECAUSE OF AUGMENTATIONS. It's smaller? No problem. If its a city like game as GTA they can still give us 3rd person. When I saw tech demo from E3 I EXPECTED it to be 3rd person. Game will literally look like Deus Ex. You see Deus Ex protagonist at some point from 3rd person and it was good but I didn't expected that from CD Red.
HeyGuy4321 (4 months ago)
I want them to make the game they want to make. If i like it I'll play it. Chances are ill love it either way
Aaro Kauppinen (4 months ago)
third person do not work that well with interior spaces and low height spaces like a city. Just saying :DD
Olle Henriksson (4 months ago)
Emotions can rarely be interpreted through first person mode. Imagine Metal Gear through first person and the feels would simply not be there.
Ainrehtea Dal'nalirtu (4 months ago)
An fps rpg is fine, You at least get to do char creation unlike in any witcher games. There is no reason to hate on this as long as we get *GOOD* FoV options.
Sixty 9er (4 months ago)
Lmao ffp is the way to go! Drama queen gamers do not belong!
Strontium Mutt (4 months ago)
TPS is good in some games (The Division, GoW, ME) but some games I'd hate to play in TPS. But why are people bitching about it??

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