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PUBG: WTF Moments Ep. 18

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Text Comments (310)
strong122 (3 months ago)
PUBG isnt perfect. But its glitches made it better and fun
panda man (3 months ago)
Even in pubg mobile you go fliying in biks it hapend to me
satyam nigam (4 months ago)
I want to play pubg in PC but I didn't find it in the play store of PC can someone suggest me to how to install this game in pc
Marlenka 677 (5 months ago)
PhantomACE intro
VICKY TANDON (5 months ago)
Reinhard Celis (7 months ago)
The first one though Damn his lucky
Mag Añora (8 months ago)
The perfect landing
林子祁 (8 months ago)
Mike1557 (8 months ago)
That last clip gave me AIDS
AN Relax (8 months ago)
dm cc j vừa bấm zo quảng cáo r. dkm
love yeoul (8 months ago)
Thats ride like ghost rider
crispy frise (8 months ago)
im famous
Prohawk gaming (8 months ago)
The very first in the video made my fingers hit the like,subscribe and the notification icons.
sabatonsky (9 months ago)
That Niklaus face though XD
Leonardo Carrer (9 months ago)
Best game ever made for pc
SS Gaming (9 months ago)
Roberts Murauskis (9 months ago)
Tā ir mana miļaka spele
Brian Wild (9 months ago)
BEWARE: drinking soda and watching this is dangerous
Gaming with Taebro (9 months ago)
what was the song called, tjhe one that played in the sponsor
ItsRik (9 months ago)
zegende (9 months ago)
my montage is better :FAgmoag (!))))
Eric Kim (9 months ago)
Vio (9 months ago)
that first clip lmao
devin noyes (9 months ago)
I can’t believe there is people out there that actually give these people 100 dollars or more wtf
devin noyes (9 months ago)
john doe like I understand like maybe a couple of bucks here and there but i don’t think watching someone play a gay is worth more than a 5 dollar tip. Personally I wouldn’t give them money at all. People are stupid with their money
john doe (9 months ago)
devin noyes dude that's nothing....people donate thousands and tens of thousands to the big streamers....I don't understand it at all
ẞlack DragonXD (9 months ago)
BURGAOfps save it name
Damakos (9 months ago)
Fortnites better
Arun Prasath (9 months ago)
Sub to my channel which is about my pubg gameplay and comment Done and I will sub you back
Vianca J. (9 months ago)
Nick Cool Records (9 months ago)
Lets go ahaha
Purdy Gaming (10 months ago)
fuck this Dr.disrespect wanna be paying for a youtube add to go watch him immitate dr.dis
Bally46 (10 months ago)
"i flew!" ahahahaha
TurboPlays (10 months ago)
check out my gaming channel. mostly livestreams!
Alexander Lee (10 months ago)
The second one
Mr. Supreme (10 months ago)
this is cool
Elnathan Wong (10 months ago)
I thought the thumbnail was fake 😂
Mikaela Takahashi (10 months ago)
Lol nailed it!! 😂😂👍👍👏👏
CrypticSynergy (10 months ago)
Should I get this game?
Demon50 (10 months ago)
The biggest trolls in this game are unoccupied vehicles.
Demon50 (10 months ago)
The funniest kills always happen on the bridge.
Katten Poes (10 months ago)
A PUBG video with CS:GO sponsor? Rlly?
John Kent (10 months ago)
David Hayashi (10 months ago)
This game is so broken... I enjoy it though
TIJOLINHO ti (10 months ago)
Não tem brasileiro nesse video ?
Joshua Larsen-Bradford (10 months ago)
What was the intro music
Hieu Tan Nguyen (10 months ago)
i play this but never do anything xD
TempestFaggot (10 months ago)
unskippable 10 minute fucking ad
Max-RDJ (10 months ago)
What was weird about the second one?
m1ksu (10 months ago)
What was special about the second clip?
Anthony_ XO (10 months ago)
❤️❤️❤️PUBG not Fornite
Mint Monkey (10 months ago)
Mint Monkey (10 months ago)
Iiv had pubg for about a week and its epic
Calvin simpson (10 months ago)
my goal is to have one go my clips featured i think there pretty good!
Purple Scrub (10 months ago)
Lmaoo, I have a vid on my channel of how cancer Hacienda is if any daddys wanna check it out ;)
aixy. (10 months ago)
Haoagsja jaiavaha (10 months ago)
The 3rd clip doe ultra instinct
Gummy Bear (10 months ago)
One of the best haha!
Vaux (10 months ago)
This is me in every goddamn game
Hank Hill (10 months ago)
Summit is blind AF
Lithus17 (10 months ago)
This is how bored PC players are. I guess you gotta do something until you get Red Dead Redemption, HL3 and Star Citizen. Master race? More like endangered species.
john doe (9 months ago)
Lithus17 lmao can't tell if troll or actually retarded
Keegan Trivett (10 months ago)
I died when the guy got ran over by the uaz, then the other guy hopped out and killed himself with the uaz again 😂
ardvarkslayr (10 months ago)
Y’all mind if I praise the lord
Cryllix (10 months ago)
200th comment
Jack Hua (10 months ago)
Godly Nations (10 months ago)
Pan is the best
kdogg99 (10 months ago)
who's worse in the last clip
The Ghosty One (10 months ago)
kdogg99 the guy with the win.
Riquin (10 months ago)
Last clip wtf Hahaah how can u be so bad
savke (10 months ago)
That last clip had me triggered
Vinyllian (10 months ago)
Wow, these are some epic moments
Rene Addicott (10 months ago)
XBOX garbage !!!
J Something (10 months ago)
This vid needs to add more meme like dota wtf :D
Takahashi Renaldi (10 months ago)
hahahaa 😂😂
Eytravix (10 months ago)
When your life is so dam pointless that u clickbait so u can get money because you can’t make your own
Edgar K (10 months ago)
Lover PUBG ❤
jake92eg (10 months ago)
Spectator mode looks so unfair
xclik II (10 months ago)
Cày Thuê Liên Quân (10 months ago)
việt nam zô ka
Ryan Bacchus (10 months ago)
Cqc is so broken
Jeremy S (10 months ago)
The last clip is exactly the reason I don’t ever use shotguns in pubg
BenJaMin (10 months ago)
Rules of PUBG 1. Never doubt anything 2. Never trash talk anyone 3. Never say that you will win aloud Otherwise the Player Unknown will Karma launch your ass
Foxy (10 months ago)
*P O L I S H E D*
Harrison Goudappel (10 months ago)
Not gonna lie, i'm upset that i'm not seeing any Dr Disrespect clips. Wish he'd come back.
Lockinshockin M (9 months ago)
Harrison Goudappel he's got other shit to deal with
John Borchardt (10 months ago)
Anyone who speaks English and wants to pair up for duos or squads add me on steam. User jdborchardt
Random Ice lol (10 months ago)
I love this game so Mach ahahahahhah lol
Antru (10 months ago)
mmm shaunna mx en kali i mana s?
滋ShigeHITo人 (10 months ago)
i dikia sou mana
Shaunna (10 months ago)
Antru ekali diki sx?
DelaryHap (10 months ago)
That last one was painful to watch >.<
boom shnizel (10 months ago)
fuck pubg
john doe (9 months ago)
12 year old kid who plays fornite or has no friends to play pubg with, probably
Jamega (10 months ago)
Liam Azran why
Savage Gamer _ (10 months ago)
Plz do Xbox one pubg wtf moment's
OTGs - Old Time Gamers (10 months ago)
The last one was hilarious :))
KLT. (10 months ago)
Please whats the music in the sponsor sequence?
Raging_Quest (10 months ago)
Old version Fortnite
Number 8 (10 months ago)
Outro music?
Jorge Robledo (10 months ago)
He stole phantoms face song
Markku Asmu (10 months ago)
i laughed when i saw clip 27 my lucky noob moment :D
SagaYT (10 months ago)
Gunshots, screams, explosions: I sleep. JAMESKII WAS ON THE LIST REAL SHIT?!?!
JoshGhee (10 months ago)
No audio?
GameStump (10 months ago)
One time my friend went into the air, then when he came back down I died but he got off at the right moment and somehow he went into the ground! He could swim around but could still die! We where both very confused so I just stayed with him and got KILLED.
Exos Discover (10 months ago)
What’s the song after the first clip??? I heard it about a year ago and I must know it’s origin feller!😂
Sam Warning (10 months ago)
Console retards go away

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