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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds PC Game Review

2662 ratings | 88444 views
Join the Sonny Jim Army on Discord: https://discord.gg/w2JhHv6 Support me on Patreon: http://tinyurl.com/zd48qvf Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ggdograa Join the Gggmanlives Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/gggmanlives Reddit Fanpage: http://www.reddit.com/r/Gggmanlives/ PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS is a last-man-standing shooter being developed with community feedback. Players must fight to locate weapons and supplies in a massive 8x8 km island to be the lone survivor. This is BATTLE ROYALE.
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Text Comments (735)
Jessie Huynh (7 days ago)
This game and genre is only good in mobile. As the business model bests suits casual mobile gamers.
Khaled Daoud (26 days ago)
Long story short : play team fortress 2
Cloud Duster (1 month ago)
I can’t stand battle royale games as a whole. I only tried them twice and I hated it.
Bigg Brad (2 months ago)
After an hour of playing I was doing awesome. Because this game is really horrible.
tumate45 (2 months ago)
Didn't know you did a rewiev on this game. Let's see what's your opinion
Disagreeable (3 months ago)
I'm from the future where they sue fortnite but the game has improved but there are Chinese hackers and shit now so who knows enjoy the game while it lasts
Thertane stajia (3 months ago)
I tried this game. got to the top 4 in my first round and all I did was drop in, find a gun and spend the rest of the game sprinting to keep up with the circle. When i ended up in the circle near the end the only kill i got was on a guy who tried to run me over in a vehicle but ran into a rock instead. he got out of the vehicle and i was able to kill him. Then i was killed by a guy with a sniper rifle. The luck of the draw really is a turnoff for the series to me. I didn't get to that position because of anything i did. i got there because everyone else got better gear and ran into eachother while i was just trying to play catch up. Just didn't end up enthusing me much.
arsnakeheart (3 months ago)
The only device I have that can handle its own version of the game is my cell phone, but I really enjoyed what little I've played of it.
50 % i play this i didnt got the chance to loot anything and have to fight people at the start and die
magnusm4 (5 months ago)
If Dark Souls is the cinnamon challenge, TF2 and Overwatch is OP Anderson then playerunknown and fortnite is beer. Yes many people like beer but it's so bland and simple. The game's visuals and look is like Unity assets. It's like if homicide studios knew how to use their bought assets. The gameplay is repetitive and dull and as you said you're not sure if your gun hit or not and that is stupid compared to other shooters like Blood where you know exactly if an enemy is gonna die or not before you even pull the trigger and it's a satisfying punch from the sound to the force and the damage to the entire body flying to kingdom cove. It's the same problem I have with any modern shooter, remove the assault rifles. I hate those guns without a satisfying kick like when you backstab someone in TF2 or land consecutive headshots as mercy in Overwatch. You really feel it hit right on the money and I love that so I hate playerunknown for looking and playing so blandly and having nothing unique to offer in any way that can't be replicated with mods in Just Cause 3 or GTA 5 and be much funnier
Mack Sarnie (5 months ago)
Tempted to try this game but feels too expensive even though I could easily afford it
Dumpster DiverRel (5 months ago)
Now with the newly released mobile version and ported to Xbox 1 what has changed since?? Well the mobile version is pretty damn good but my issue with the mobile version and idk if I was the only who noticed but it seems like there r players who don't kno shit when playing it, I got 3-1 in squad matches. That 1 loss came from me not killing that 1 asshole I forgot about and was camping behind a tree. Anyways the many idiots who play it just fucking irritates me, if u know the controls and if ur good at it then that's well and good but if ur a retard then u shouldn't be playing.. like at all. My first play through of pubg mobile ended with myself and a teammate getting the win and that was my first match on the same day I downloaded it, I got the controls down with no hassle yeah it's a bit tricky but not a complete mess to figure out. Bring a tutorial so new comers can learn the controls, I like to be in these games against ppl who know how to play.
coolio2654 (5 months ago)
But ggman, you know people who like vodka but not Scotch are wrong.
Nikola Jokić (5 months ago)
4:32 wtf it says you died outside playzone?
Serpico's Beard (6 months ago)
The game has improved a lot since release. In the Early access version i was getting 20-30fps max and at the start of rounds the buildings wouldn't even load in a lot of the time. Now i get 50-60fps all the time and it runs just fine and i don't even have a high end PC. The devs have done a really good job in my opinion. The game is still annoying though but at the same time tense as hell and every kill is memorable.
Dk Soulstice (6 months ago)
@1:37 you got killed by a K-Pop star haha
FreeBird0964 (6 months ago)
Anyone notice that tripoloski at his parachute?
DunedainRanger (6 months ago)
This is already a game mode in Arma 3, a much better game.
Bryzo (6 months ago)
Fornite and pubg, both battle royal games with different concepts in style. They are the same in the mode department. Minus Fortnite getting another gamemode. Atleast the game isn't biased as you can only buy cosmetics I think.
ZMan1471 (6 months ago)
This is a giant 8km version of search and destroy with 3x the cancer no thank you
Robert (6 months ago)
Been binge watching your reviews.
Michael Westen (7 months ago)
rancid no content tripe for 30 smackers. this one is free. go ahead and slap that on your box
LinkieLinkGameing (7 months ago)
I hate PubG. Its unoptomized, its using stock items that anyone can use freely getvoff the Unreal assests store. I love the style of gameplay. But so meny people just hide in buildings or in tall grass. And OH GOD the people that play it. Dont get me started. =_= PubG is shit. It may look like a great game, but its just a polished shit.
CyberRonin (7 months ago)
The lobby would be less cancer if you could see who is talking. Leaving everyone anonymous encourages trolling.
Robert Schäffer (7 months ago)
My friends convinced me to buy this game because it so fun according to them. But buying this p.o.s. game was my 2nd biggest game investment fail after Sacred3. It's already released....but why? Not because the game is finished and polished. They released it so they can also put in on the console market. The game is constantly crashing, lagging, full with server side and local issues. 9 out of 10 deaths I get stuck in something, or get disconnected or just die by a random person or even sometimes a team mate shooting me in the back while they are strictly saying, I was never in their line of sight. But I can see that they shot me. Can't understand how people are still playing this trash.
=32 Download PC Games http://tiny.cc/hmyvqy
Is this memes?
anon y-moose (7 months ago)
Pick up PUBG here! https://www.g2a.com/r/codevaultpubgpc
Warren (7 months ago)
this game is everything that is missing from modern games... older games used to be more like this!!! I can't put it down!!! I don't want to win, if winning is handed to me - WHAT KIND OF GAME IS THAT!?!?!?!? even if I win 1 out of 100 rounds, when I win - I actually win!!! (oh and as far as toxic community - try league of legends, that's toxic)
Retro Hub (8 months ago)
I can't understand the appeal to this game either, tried 4 rounds or so then just threw it and didn't come back for more, maybe It's just not made to be played solo.
Kyano (8 months ago)
4:31 "You died outside Playzone" wat
CODE REZ (8 months ago)
most gaming communities are toxic. nothing new there
Michael Smith (8 months ago)
Csgo is much better. Fast paced fun all the time. This game is slow as fuck.
Wajahat Khan (8 months ago)
to buy pubg : https://www.g2a.com/r/user-5a4e3504e5f14
wyldeman7 (8 months ago)
this is how good PUBG is. I can just watch shroud play and that's good enough.
Ky Anderson (8 months ago)
That game may be good, but lemme tell ya Sonny Jim, it's not $30 good.
Calm that DOWN (8 months ago)
fuck this game
Juzimaster (8 months ago)
Update review for 1.0 finished game, if something new was added and fixed?
Drone Danny (8 months ago)
I don't understand this game it looks shit and very boring
General Hunter (8 months ago)
CHARLIE NO7 (8 months ago)
Mmmhhh chicken dinner taste so good
Adamfreeksack 03 (8 months ago)
4:31 “YOU died outside Playzone” nigga what?
Crispykrisp channel (9 months ago)
I hope the death cam will show who killed you and its position (similar to tf2).
Goran Ginoski (9 months ago)
how to join and play ???
lazarus30001 (9 months ago)
I was living under a rock, I just found out about this on Thanksgiving. In my defense, I don't play online with others too often.
Guata 08 (9 months ago)
Such a sadomasochistic game. I love it.
Eiad Tarabulsi (9 months ago)
Unfortunately, I'm getting a DayZ vibe when it comes to PUBG. The game is buggy and glitchy, much like DayZ. Its very laggy as well. Also, I don't understand why companies charge money for an early access title to begin with. Allow gamers to download a demo so they can try it out first and then they can pay full price when the game finally releases. The game has already won numerous awards even though its not finished yet, which I don't understand. How can awards be given to a game that's still in early access? Saying that the game is unfinished is an understatement. PUBG definitely has the potential to be a great game. However, a lot of its wrinkles need to be ironed out first and foremost. Thanks for the great video!
Sanjeet Reviewer (9 months ago)
can you tell how you get these game and then revied it......if i am not able to buy these every game then how can i start to revied all the new games
Hexagonal (9 months ago)
This game just is really only fun if you have friends. The worst thing in this is that its impossible to win without airdrops and everyone has a kar98k.
Logan and Annika (9 months ago)
A steam game with a toxic community that throws out conservative slurs? Never...
DETS (9 months ago)
If you play with others you know and work as a team it is allot more fun
Xyphoe (9 months ago)
You need to review H1Z1 too dude! :)
Taha Doğangönül (9 months ago)
666 st comments. Huh
Raigo-Robin (10 months ago)
I got pubg for free with my pc
Fuck You You (10 months ago)
I love rocks it's fun fuck you
d10sk0ur01 (10 months ago)
Wrong. U can always learn this is not pew pew cod etc... U don't know what. Is operation flash point 2001 nor Americas army in 2002... Ignoring curator...
Gggmanlives (10 months ago)
Wow. Okay.
*b l y a t*
Tyler Durden (10 months ago)
To stressful. Every time I play this game I feel like a blood vessel is going to pop
Spooky' (10 months ago)
This is Hunger Games the video game.
Oliver Muirs (11 months ago)
PUBG can actually be quite scary.
Evil Ash (11 months ago)
it looks like it plays like WarZ, DayZ, etc except with the zombies removed
Casshern Sin (11 months ago)
How do you spot the noob in a shooter? They use ultra quality settings lol.
CalasTyphon (8 months ago)
It's a review , he has to show off the presentation
Mr Crow (11 months ago)
President Evil (11 months ago)
most played game on steam, for a reason
intense_pickle (11 months ago)
all online games have toxic communities...gamers are cancer nowadays
Bartek Bierbasz (11 months ago)
You play it wrong dude.
godslim (11 months ago)
Tbh the gear argument at the start only really applies to bad players. You need to fight for your loot its that simple or make good choices to gain the advantage or loot you need.
Cyberdemon1542 (11 months ago)
So...what's the big deal exactly?
GENOCIDE2099 (11 months ago)
i tried it and it was just too random for me. i can see the appeal but just running around and occasionally getting into firefights is boring for me. it's just not my type of game.
Airun Austrev (11 months ago)
Where is bloodrayne review?
Noddles (11 months ago)
konami should have made a battle royale instead of metal gear survive
Crocmaster McGeezax (11 months ago)
>toxic community It's really brave of you to come out like this.
Lezuum (11 months ago)
PUBG, DAY-Z and H1Z1 are the epiphany of low-standard gaming. It takes the dev absolutely no skill to create these games, since they just litter an empty world with random drops and don't have to pay attention to scripting, storytelling or leveldesign.
Will Sartin (11 months ago)
So basically they just took what Day Z became and took out the zombies?
DUSKIE STUDIOS (11 months ago)
Hella overhyped game.
TheSuperQuail (11 months ago)
Do people not know that battleground is one word?
John Wenzel (11 months ago)
Just become a streamer and you get a chicken dinner everytime!
Doomreb (11 months ago)
Good review man, I hate the whole concept of this game. A lot of these newer 'shooters' always use smoke and mirrors in hopes of distracting you from the fact that it's a BS game that they hope new gamers can join and feel powerful. You never see equal games anymore. Getting better at a game is now an old concept.
Grim Piñata (11 months ago)
Hey gggmanlives, you think you could review the GMDX mod for Deus Ex? It really improves what was already a great game and I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.
Great Singaporean (11 months ago)
Are we waiting for Home Sweet Home, next?
Garviel Loken (11 months ago)
Hey, GGG. Since you reviewed this popular game. Can you by any chance review CS:GO? I know that it has a very high learning curve and that you want to provide good gameplay footage, which makes it a little bit tricky, but since you are the #1 when it comes to FPS reviews I say you have to review CS:GO! It is by far the most popular and relevant FPS for years. Greetings from Germany.
Mateoski (11 months ago)
This game's community is just like CS:GO's.
Officer CopCar (11 months ago)
Not a bad review, but some of what you said is a little inaccurate; at least inaccurate in the sense that some of your complaints aren't going to be the same for everyone and you kind of made it seem like everyone will have these same issues. Part of the experience are the choices you make, and it just sounds like you made some choices that lead to a lot of downtime or you dying from people you didn't see. When it comes to the "lots of downtime/no combat" scenario, that all really depends on where you land. That's a choice you make. Sure, when you first start out you aren't necessarily going to know that certain places will most likely be more populated at the beginning, but it's something you can learn pretty quickly. If you want the combat experience, then jump right into those areas. However, you're right, they do need some kind of shooting range or custom server option for everyone to go in and mess around with the weapons and mechanics. As for the complaint of "getting shot because you didn't see someone", well that one is partially part of the game but also largely your own fault. Every time you showed yourself being killed by someone you didn't see, you were just running and not looking around, you weren't being patient or cautious. Or you were just crawling prone, but out in the open. This is something you'll need to learn, but you should learn pretty darn quickly, that if you're crawling where their isn't any kind of grass or other foliage to conceal you, well, then you're going to be pretty easy to spot. Those deaths were just from poor choices. This isn't a COD style of game where you're going to die just because someone saw you first, unless you're just trying to run-and-gun and not be cautious. And as for the toxic community, yeah, but sadly that's most online games. You can just mute all non-team members though, and that helps a lot. It's not really worth having it on. Sure, you'll sometimes hear someone talking from another team, but it's rare and not really that helpful.
Pyroteq (11 months ago)
Seriously. Totally RNG dependant, slow game play that LITERALLY REWARDS CAMPING, yet millions of people play it while skilful arena shooters like Quake have almost no one playing... Fuck this generation of gamers.
Mestefor (11 months ago)
Great vid, as always! Objective, right to point, smart and humorous. Hey, since you are into shooters of the old blood, why don't you try Lawbreakers out? Having similar tastes to yours, I can say you might very enjoy the game. Also, it's an underdog and needs a miracle to keep on going, unfortunately
Suu Ree (11 months ago)
Yeah, I actually love this game. At the time of writing this I have almost 750 hours. The toxicity of the community actually encourages me to play more. I love killing these fucks. The game certainly has issues but I have faith that the developers will improve or fix most of these in the near future. I've seen countless people say things like "blah blah blah I killed a streamer, blah blah blah, I got banned, blah blah blah, negative review". (I really doubt the authenticity of most of these reports.) If reviews like this are turning you off the game, you should really try to ignore that and look at the ACTUAL GAME. Maybe even try playing it! (GASP!) I think the last time I had this much fun playing a game with friends would have to have been either Halo 3 or Gears of War 2. It's a game that can be taken somewhat seriously while still having a laugh. Mod support and new game modes are coming to the game in the future as well; so even if Battle Royale doesn't sound appealing to you, you will probably find something down the line that does. TL;DR You will like this game if you like shooting players in the face.
GuyOnAChair ​​ (11 months ago)
About damn time a real review was made for this unfinished game that has sold fucking millions.
Jip Jackson (11 months ago)
Looks like RNG shitfest. Tired of MP games that are same thing over and over. Its just same spawn-kill-die-spawn-repeat bore-fest. To each his own but no idea what people see in them. We need some major innovation.
WesleyB Crowen (11 months ago)
I like this game, but the optimization and netcode really needs polishing fast.
Kai Evans (11 months ago)
theres 1st person only servers now
Josh Kree (11 months ago)
Why do you prone in the open grass in the third person mode. You are a sitting duck and everyone can see you. Play first person...
viljami k (11 months ago)
"Pubg" is sadly for me too mainstream.
woke rising (11 months ago)
Of the 5 or so matches I played before refunding this piece of shit I made it to the top 20 in 3 of them without a single engagement with enemy players. Literally waiting simulator 2017.
wolverine (11 months ago)
Fair review but you didn't show any footage of First Person Only Game Mode, maybe when the game fully releases you can review the game again :)
Neon Knight (11 months ago)
Did u do Project Reality
nanana batman (11 months ago)
would you consider to review extermination on ps2 someday?
rakawa (11 months ago)
damn dude you sure do go prone a lot in this game
Paul Sde (11 months ago)
I only like this game.. for its funny glitches shown in YT videos. XD
Rectus Rectumius (11 months ago)
Piece of shit game with pieces of shit servers for people not from Europe or the US.
AQWBlaZer91 (11 months ago)
A solid well thought out review. I never really try these large open area multiplayer games all that much, but this one doesn't seem too bad once issues are resolved.

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