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PUBG Hits PS Store Servers! - PUBG on PS4 Officially in Coming December 2018?

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LakerSquad_Mo ; (8 days ago)
Idk why ps4 user are hype this game is ass
Wolfeschreit (8 days ago)
i'm an xbox owner, and i promise you if you get this game you'll wish you would have wiped your ass with that 30$ instead. it'd be more worth it. (btw i play pubg, but i won't tell you bullshit that it's a perfect game it's probably one of the worst games in the past three years)
hatake k (9 days ago)
blackout and pubg are two completely different games. pubg is slower pace and more tactical game and there definitely is market for those games. pubg reminds me of the old socom games but with the BR mode. if pubg runs well on ps4, then it will do just fine. it will not have sales of fortnite or cod, but who cares.
Jason Patterson (9 days ago)
I'll play it I blackout now on ps4 and pubg on my pc blackout is a smoother game like fortcrap but that feel of really shooting a real gun has to go to pubg all the way feel so real hopefully ps4 can capture the pc feel somehow..
abbas 《ICTS》 (10 days ago)
واحد عربي يترجم النة 😂
AGENT 47 (10 days ago)
Do I have to buy this game or it's going to be free to play like h1z or fortnite ??
Junior Theking (7 days ago)
Gamecross know everything about free to play games for ps4
Junior Theking (7 days ago)
Even gamecross saying its free
Junior Theking (7 days ago)
Even gamecross saying its free
Junior Theking (7 days ago)
Maybe u will see
Ally Montana (7 days ago)
SparrowMP (10 days ago)
I need to find that profile name so I can see pubg in his games
Hacks for everything (10 days ago)
I don't care if the game is paid but it should not require ps plus.
Terry Euman (11 days ago)
I was waiting for this so long then h1z1 came and made me want pubg on PS4 even more, but now blackout is out and it runs pretty well I don’t play cod no more but I play blackout, I think it’s going to struggle on PS4 I’ll be buying it either way Edit: new sub
Wolfeschreit (8 days ago)
don't support this game... it's bad. we've had it for a year, and they still can't make the game run properly. save your money, and get bf5 for it's br which will run properly.
Tnadz Rex (11 days ago)
Did these greedy cunts port a broken game again? Unless it was rebuilt from the ground up it's a glitchy mess.
XxManny7PacYeeOwx X (11 days ago)
Bold move if it transitions over on Sony platform. I've been waiting since early March., 9 month's 🤔😱 hope! It becomes successful on the pro console!
PSVR 777 (11 days ago)
ONLY game that makes me miss my xbox one x. It ran like shit back in the day and still had a lot of fun. I hope it runs better but i cant wait!!!
Sigmatic (11 days ago)
HYPED, Can't wait to play this on the ps4!
Junior Theking (8 days ago)
If pubg coming for ps4 u need psn plus to play it maybe
DertyDonCerty (12 days ago)
Could've sworn this video was uploaded yesterday not 42 minutes ago
DertyDonCerty (11 days ago)
+Playstation Source oh no problem you just had me trippin out for a second haha
Playstation Source (11 days ago)
Got taken down worldwide for a trailer we used on it, apologies! - Kevin
RonGarcia 21 (12 days ago)
Been waiting for this for how long , honestly can't wait
Wolfeschreit (8 days ago)
eww you're going to be disappointed. xD we've had it for a year, and it still runs horribly. i wouldn't buy this game even if it was 1$ tbh. save your money, and get another br game that is technically better. you'll thank me later.
Playstation Source (11 days ago)
Nice man! Glad you're hyped! Hope you enjoyed the video - Kevin
Christian Houston (12 days ago)
Hope it runs better on the Pro then It did on the X
Wolfeschreit (8 days ago)
are you serious? xD the x is WAY stronger than for pro bud. don't be ignorant. it barely runs well over here on xbox, and i promise you it'll run like shit over on ps4 also. save your money, and get something better. it's an unfinished game, and it will always be that way. it's been out for a year on xbox, and bluehole STILL can't fix the problems that it began with for the most part.
Playstation Source (11 days ago)
Honestly kind of tough to tell, It runs pretty poorly on the X and the Pro is weaker than the X by the numbers. Hopefully they make improvements across the board by the time it lands on the Pro. - Kevin

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