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Most annoying teammates - Battlefield 1

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Battlefield 1 is almost one year old and in celebration of this milestone, I have put together a list of my top 10 n00bish teammate behaviours that are still seen in the game today. Not everyone has hours of spare time to spend practising their BF1 skills each day. Some people may only have joined the community recently. To all of you I say: Welcome, great to have you with us! Now please make sure that you don't do the things listed in this video! Thanks ❤ Do you agree with the behaviours I have listed? What is your personal number one? Let me know in the comments section! Join me on Discord! https://discord.gg/GFbWWhC More Battlefield 1: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLP2MwDk1r3q3F7Oj-hF0EFFma-l2hy5UD Or maybe some Rainbow Six? https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLP2MwDk1r3q2uAFwAZrqddJZK-4joHNYj
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Text Comments (4807)
Tyler McCarthy (17 hours ago)
I couldn’t agree more, I can play medic and be the only one and people still spawn skip! I am tempted to delete the game because of all the “rambos” that have taken over the game and made it into a “Call of Duty” type feel to it. 🤬
Joe Horjales (2 days ago)
#4 those f*ckers 🤬🤬🤬😩😩😩
PyroCircuit (3 days ago)
1:28 how did you know?
TRISTAN ALLEYNE (3 days ago)
Wow u r a a hole number 10 is not that bad. Except for the airplane. Their a noob dont u get it they just started they dont know i gurantee u did all of these things
MLG RACCOON (3 days ago)
I play with both ammo boxes on support😎
Top Dog (7 days ago)
Battlefield is not BF anymore, riddled with fucking retarded kids and fortnite players
David Diaz (7 days ago)
"Strait up your a- backside" XD
American Pride (7 days ago)
How do u spot on xb1
Ryan McDonnell (7 days ago)
How about the operations player that doesn't go for the objective and just those random scouts and medics not paying attention on that hill 300 meters away so he could get some kills
Le Pepp (8 days ago)
I agree with you about ammo pouches but frankly med crates heal so quick that I can't agree with only every using pouches
Evil EU Agent (9 days ago)
Number 11: Artillery Truck Players who camp in the back of the map sniping other players with the mortar modification.
SK Home Made Videos (11 days ago)
"being a silly a pilot"
Overworld Slayer (11 days ago)
So, are we noobs if we use, as a support, an ammo box for fellow supports (suppressive fire with the box to keep them supplied) and for assault players so that they can continue using AT grenades, normal grenades, and dynamite, pouches for the others, and on occasion scouts for spot flares? That is what I do when I play as support and I am rank 20, it would be nice to have the approval of a high-ranking soldier for when I am a support. Thanks for reading my comment! 😁
Morten Fransrud (12 days ago)
I am number 1, sorry.. I have been battlefield player since 2012... But i get bored very fast 😶
Diego Tr (12 days ago)
7:08 that’s the only reason why I never resupply support players, they don’t deserve it
MrSniperdude01 (12 days ago)
Unless you're being paid to play, like clearly this motherfucker is...nobody really should be bitching. Its a fucking game bruh. There's always the option of just playing single player too !
Buddy Kane (13 days ago)
Placing two crates one in each building can be the difference between winning and losing.
Nicktrains thompson (13 days ago)
to defend against the first one, most people are firing to get the driver to realise that he has positioned the tank wrong, and that only he can fire
David Powder (14 days ago)
What are the best way to play support I am new to the game and in the short time I have played I like support
magazem magzkda (14 days ago)
1:15 top that what she said
Steven (14 days ago)
Brah I love the big ammo boxes!
Sadninja Animating (14 days ago)
I think, and I sounds stupid but I think more discipline in shooters would help, even things like a spotter with a sniper.
Jayson Hill (14 days ago)
When snipers camp.... In pointless spots
Zolly99 (14 days ago)
The No.1 is good if you have 2 Supporter / Medic. One with the box one with the small ones
Daniel Pelletier (14 days ago)
The medic who revives you with enemies so around you so you get killed twice
Jay Outdoors (14 days ago)
It's a game. If someone wants to shoot everything it is their right to shoot everything. Get over it dick. Your just a cry baby it's a fucking game. Get a life. More I watch this the more I see your a baby bitch. I gotta stop watching this your just a huge baby.
Blood for Mercy (16 days ago)
I’m the first guy
Levi Langdon (16 days ago)
7 should really be 1...
Freindly planes ramming into you when you in a dog fight or just flying :)
William Lohmeyer (16 days ago)
I alwase yell out for a medic and they end up leaving me to die they need to play their role
Memes_Are_ King (17 days ago)
Once I had a landship on passendale for about half a match, when I got out to repair a random dumbass decides to steal my tank and ram it into a objective with half of the enemy team in it thus destroying a juggernaut tank that got me 32 kills
Memes_Are_ King (17 days ago)
When I beyonet charge into someone and I manage to morph through him and die from enemy fire
Memes_Are_ King (17 days ago)
Me following a support class: I NEED AMMO NEED AMMO AMMO? I NEED AMMO (Dies because I couldn’t use my secondary and primary without ammo)
Mason F (17 days ago)
or how about the guy who orders your squad to go around and doesn't even give you a chance to attack the objective
Ion Dina (17 days ago)
#9 is 18372617x more annoying in 4. Fuckers take one of the only two air vehicles around just to eject over an objextive they have no hope of capping, and letting this valuable. Ita fighter, not an air jeep.
Brandon Palmer (18 days ago)
and knowing is half the battle!
Keegan Smetanko (18 days ago)
I usually find games where as a medic I also do the job of assault and scout because no one else is doing it so I have anti tank Grenada and I am sniping with a goddamn iron sight because the 3 snipers next to me can't hit a target the size of a mountain
Keegan Smetanko (18 days ago)
I only kamikaze when I'm alone in the plane and I have very low health and no chance for survival even then I go for snipers in the open on a hill
Acxel Loya Ontiveros (19 days ago)
when being a medic I try to revive every one but when I'm waiting for a medic to relic they will normally just walk over my body and not notice me
Mikkel Ringsing (19 days ago)
You must be fun at parties
Matt Weir (20 days ago)
4:30 I did once get two kills with a kamikaze attack on Sinai
Someguy (21 days ago)
If you don’t take health packs/syringe as medic, ammo as support, or spot flares as scout you are playing your class wrong. There I said it.
Soviet weeb (21 days ago)
If your defending on operations or frontlines the crates are extremely effective
Oren (21 days ago)
When your pilot get hit once and ejects with no warning, leaving you plummeting into the ground helplessly
Brian Worden (21 days ago)
Nope, I will keep using the big ammo and health boxes.. far more useful the way I play.. you know push up or defend with the majority group of players. Pouches would have less of an effect in that situation because you will no longer be able to help the group in an efficient way.
MartyCon Productions (21 days ago)
I have always used the small health and ammo packs. Health in particular is brilliant ever since they made it so you don't gain health when suppressed on the boxes.
FireKeeper Amari (21 days ago)
wait a second I don't play battlefield :-D
Joe Crusco (22 days ago)
Using the box doesn't make you a noob you fucking idiot. That's coming from someone in the 0.3% in the healing per minute section. Plus top 3% as Medic. I've been using large packs since I started. You're honestly just retarded if you think that makes you a noob dude. I'd rather heal a large group then one fucking person. Get your head checked.
Joe Crusco (22 days ago)
Using the box doesn't make you a noob you fucking idiot. That's coming from someone in the 0.3% in the healing per minute section. Plus top 3% as Medic. I've been using large packs since I started. You're honestly just retarded if you think that makes you a noob dude. I'd rather heal a large group then one fucking person. Get your head checked.
Dave initiv (22 days ago)
Bullshit advice on the classes. I skipped bf1 but the class system is basically the same as in bf4 when it comes to medic or support. If i have to play with shitty bullcrap blueberry crapnoobs ill simply take a noob tube and say fuck off to all of them. I have way more than 60% winrate in total and a kd over 4. So im playing the game wrong yea ?
Rogue-9 (21 days ago)
The first thing you say is that you skipped bf1... so no. You're not playing it wrong... You're just not playing it
Sean Fisher (22 days ago)
Also, vehicle people that STAY in the full vehicle for too long. VEHICLES ARE PORTABLE SPAWN POINTS. Imagine if an army poured out if this tank, because everyone knew to get out to let the next guy in to get out to let the next guy in....
Asmoday White Rape (22 days ago)
Everytime when I play a different game, I spot enemy players and I'm always suprised it doesn't work xd btw another thing that bugs me are medics using grenade launchers.. every medic should heal and revive
whitevoid43 (22 days ago)
ok makes sense now i will no use the boxes, i learned the error of my ways. thank you, good sir.
Osiris Virus (22 days ago)
All I do is run over the ammo crates and I have no issues with re supplies fucking crybaby
Osiris Virus (22 days ago)
Chris O. (22 days ago)
Medics dont fucking even waste three seconds, or there lives to revive teammates
TCG Lou (23 days ago)
As a support and medic I carry both box and pouch. or on medic I carry pouch and syringe. Personally i think dice should force players to have either crate or pouches in combo with another gadget. there is nothing more aggregating than running to a support asking for ammo and they cannot drop one.
Frosted Flakes (23 days ago)
XD he thinks we'll listen XD
Nicolas Lacroix (23 days ago)
What about friendly medic who tea-bags your lifeless body?
Kyle Daydreams (24 days ago)
5:27 read the chat haha
Disappearingboy1039 (24 days ago)
Lol I’m that support player
campaspe810 (25 days ago)
Am i the only person who doesn't take games seriously anymore? Things used to be lighthearted fun
Funny Bone (26 days ago)
Skip the revive when it is a deathtrap for the Medici!
Timtett (26 days ago)
1:16 "Straight up your a... backside"
Juan X Naranjo (26 days ago)
Or the dumbfucks who spawn a landship in an urban setting. Because the mortar truck can't hang behind a building and consistently lay down rounds and smoke/gas. It's like...ih great you got a landship, the team will probably get one or two kills before it's destroyed. Thanks.
Juan X Naranjo (26 days ago)
I love it when during a firefight, I'll have teammates begging and asking for ammo. Bro...i have a mortar and the wrench, no ammo here. I literally have had to cycle through my weapons so the guy would leave.
Smofo (27 days ago)
Man It's almost a year later and people still don't spot for shit
is it ok if i get a pack & a crate???
The Gaming Brony (28 days ago)
i had a medic, where i was down they marked me for revive so i was like ALLLRIGHHTT lets do this! They dropped a fuckign MED BOX on me and ran off TF XD
Affi30TubeHD (29 days ago)
Does nobody know that u can move boats with ur melee??
Bacon Gamer (29 days ago)
Straight up your a... *thinks about ad revenue *Backside*
sempiternal 012 (30 days ago)
The ammo crate actually works out more useful in close combat areas, like in the fortress where there's normally 20 people all stood trying to get lucky with granades and random shots
PloppyJR (30 days ago)
I don’t think you’re right at the last one when i am playing operations and there are many people in one spot then it is usefull
random mcr fan (30 days ago)
When i played support i use the big packs because i stay in one area supressing the enemy and throwing smoke grenades to cover my teams approch on an objective but i am now going to replace the fucking crossbow and give up on that challange as its been a week and i have only gotten 2 kills.
Yoshey MC (30 days ago)
For number 10 the only time randomly shot something it was a mill and there were literrary 7 people inside.
Evan Burton (1 month ago)
Medics that don’t bring a seringe
khoriey Hinton (1 month ago)
-Shooting 1. fly straight! 2. Can't shoot other tanks With the side MG of the tank! -Pilots Ok u have a point. -Medic People who revive me when the enemy player is still there is dumb - infantry U got a point - support player U got a point - Mines Learn to do it yourself, no one is gonna shoot their ammo to destroy a mine when u a tank driver has.... UNLIMITED AMMO 😑 Spot it and shoot before u drive, lazy taco sails rep. - spotting Got a point - ammo/health crate I give up.... dude if ur next to a support player and he's running around killing people don't expect him to drop something pathetic like a pouch the crate is best for the support player because he can stay in one spot and give support and hold the line everyone knows that if a support player gives me a pouch I'm gonna run out of ammo after he dies at least with the crate if he's dead it will still be there. I'm done now have a good day.
Steve Luth (1 month ago)
10 reasons why "friendly fire on" make for better games!!!
Ethan Anderson (1 month ago)
I play on ps4 and literally I have my finger on R1 the whole time. Spotting enemies is so necessary in this game
The_Savage_Dragon (1 month ago)
When noobs through gas bombs on captured objectives.
I us bouf pouchs and Crates, crates wean we defend and pouches whan we are on the move. Is my support play style, same with my medic play style.
Trogee (1 month ago)
thedillon25100 (1 month ago)
i mean as a support player that usually dosnt run ammo i see no problem... A mortar and a crossbow is a great combo for operations.
Feels Guy (1 month ago)
This has nothing to do with the video but the type of player I fall into is the one guy who uses only historically accurate guns or guns used by the faction. *Its a guilty pleasure of mine*
Z0MBI3GAM3R (1 month ago)
Spawning in a plane that is 100 health then the pilot crashes a second after you spawned in and where there is no enemy chasing them
death rider (1 month ago)
The guy that capps the first flag is usually at the top of the leaderboard
lightwarrior13 (1 month ago)
Number one should’ve been Medics who revive first then kill instead of kill first than revive. It pisses me off when someone revives me and then I die in a split second
Ryan McDonnell (1 month ago)
How about the guy who uses a tank to take and hold a point for the whole game
l l (1 month ago)
you forgot about: not playing your class - planes. some noobs attacking ground units when there is a plane killing the team.
cmiller8492 (1 month ago)
What about those servers where theres 32 players an I'm the only mother flaying medic.
Suri Ions (1 month ago)
These are the fcukwits im talking abt..bloody drag queens..the kind that get bullied at school
Mateo Hall (1 month ago)
i feel like he likes this game to much
Brutal Ghost (1 month ago)
If there's a lot near a door I would throw ammo or med box near them. As well when someone calls for it. I love the support and anti tank units. Blowing things up or putting a lot of holes in something is fun 😎
Cristan Mayhugh (1 month ago)
How about the elite kits and tanks that sit in the back and have infantry go in first instead of taking the damage themselves
Diego Tr (1 month ago)
Thanks for letting me know these points, I currently don’t have PS Plus to play this game online, but when I do, I will really help my teammates in any possible way, even if I die trying (lmao that came off edgy)
KɪdWɪthMemes (1 month ago)
3:33 Number 8: Being a silly a pilot Lmao typos
fallingjustice 29 (1 month ago)
When you were dominating in assault and run out of ammo but all the 3 supports around you don't know how to place anything
fallingjustice 29 (1 month ago)
Or when you are tryna kill a bomber in a fighter but they slow down when you are 2 meters away and also trying to slow down just to have the bombers pilot to say "stop ramming noob"
Mr. Cat (1 month ago)
The last one is opinion like i don't think there annoying
your mother (1 month ago)
ok you bitch about support class not using refilling your ammo but yet you bitch when they drop an ammo crate?!? relax maybe you just bitch alot. the majority of the time in bf1 a 3rd of the fuckin team is in one spot trying to get through one fuckin door now are you going to want an ammo pack for everyone one by one? fuck no just toss a ammo crate next to everyone and continue to cover you team with the machine gun cause chances are that someone will be bitching about you not supplying while someone else bitches about you not providing cover fire cause you are too damn busy throwing stupid little ammo packs to one person at a time
your mother (1 month ago)
commiekazi attack
Andrew Markson (1 month ago)
But if your in the boat, you could get the naval cutlery

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