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Game of Thrones Full Episode 4 Telltale "Sons of Winter" Gameplay Walkthrough

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SUBSCRIBE ► https://youtu.be/l9VJNHU9lu4 Telltale Game of Thrones Episode 4 Sons of Winter full walkthrough, Episode 4 picks up right were Episode 3 left off. Asher Forrester is seeking help from Daenerys Targaryen in the form of some of her sellswords, but as we learn, everything must come at a price. We also learn a lot more about Asher’s friend Beshka, who was easily my favorite new character from Episode 3. Beshka hates Meereen and its Great Masters—as you help Daenerys’ army liberate the great slave city and take on the unenviable task of reigning in your friend, you’ll learn why. Subscribe now for the Latest & Hottest Games News, Game Trailers, Teaser & Games Walkthroughs.
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Text Comments (345)
lzuniy (3 years ago)
Watch Episode 5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9VJNHU9lu4
JAMES COBURN (4 days ago)
pet him you should of pet him, he's cute come on
sir john (10 days ago)
When did this happen in the wars of the roses?
Kailey Mac (1 month ago)
So Lyman is a drug addict? 😂
Pabsi Dersi (6 months ago)
Gryff getting the shit kicked out of him is satisfying as fuck
My Soup Too cold (7 months ago)
Is that ygritte
Mech Droid (11 months ago)
Ramsay is the worst character until now! Wait till Asher and the others kick his ass!
synne aao (1 year ago)
- You're not comming with us Finn. - What are you on about? Frostfinger already thinks I'm helping you. What do you think he's gonna do when he hears you've run off with potato fucker over here? Hahaha :P
ChewingTinFoil (1 year ago)
;-; the ravens were innocent They did nothin' wrong....
Juan Urrutia (1 year ago)
ludd in that painting looks like Donald Trump
NightWing (1 year ago)
The moment those soldiers came in and ambushed Gryff and his men I was like " YES!"
Sir Gildo (1 year ago)
Okay wtf? I thought the entire point of securing the marriage is because Elaena's family has enough men to go against the Whitehills head on and win. Why the fuck would her father so readily concede to Ludd after disrespecting them AT THEIR HOME. This is just stupid. Telltale at it again.
AkitaMixx (9 months ago)
but not the boltons
Noah Tillman (1 year ago)
1:21:19 wow blood lags? AMAZING GRAPHICS 11/10 GRAPHICS
Christopher Lovett (1 year ago)
Dany is a bitch in this.
Mista LP (1 year ago)
1:38:10 Teleportng Duncan!
Ammar Butt (1 year ago)
YES you got the KISS
Allen Milo Pumford (1 year ago)
Those archers are fucking strong. Do you know how hard it is to draw a bow that's worth two shits? And how long to hold it for what? 3 minutes? Holy Hell.
Osama Almalki (1 year ago)
ramzy fucking snow!
Apple Cinnamon Co (1 year ago)
Lol i'm watching this in 2017, but anyway's, I think that Telltale did a really good job on this one, I mean I don't even watch Game of Thrones and i'm in love with it already!
Swords of Luck (1 year ago)
1:21:02 You made the right Violent choice
XxShadow_gamerxX (1 year ago)
i sabscribe
Michael Kelley (1 year ago)
you pick everything that I would pick. Better than gamers little playground! nice job on the last episode killing the man who killed your father.!!!! vengeance is served!
Ayman Fahim (1 year ago)
Asher look like Aj Styles :')
Survey Corps Member (1 year ago)
You beat the shit out of Gryff! do it to Ramsey and Ludd
GamingHQ 800 (1 year ago)
Randy Crawford (1 year ago)
Now you get nothing, never let her kill him
I'm glad I found this channel instead of the other one I was watching. you know what decisions to press where as the other person just wanted to kill everything that walked.
even though they change things each season, I'm glad they kept the action that Rodrick made at the end of season 3 where he continued to stand. best scene of the whole game so far if you ask me.
DinosaurVenom (2 years ago)
Kitty (2 years ago)
Elaena the calculating bitch. Using Rodryk's love to her advantage to not have to marry Gryff. She didn't want to plunge her family in a war by marrying Rodryk, but had no scruples to ask him to help her plunging her family in that same war if it suits her.
nileyfan1998 (2 years ago)
Why does dany not look like Emilia but jon show looks like kit 😂😂
Frazier The_SummerMan (1 year ago)
nileyfan1998 frost finger is ser alister thorne right?? is jon snow lord commander he seem to be acting like one
Tanatswa Marere (2 years ago)
Nice game play
KerfuffleCookies (2 years ago)
19:56 "OH MERRY MEN!"
Golden Kitai (2 years ago)
Be honest now, if people play this shit is only because "game of thrones" is in the title, no other reason.
Mark Fine (2 years ago)
PLEASE HELP!!! I am stuck at 30.05, can not move at all. What should I do?
Veri Angri Boi (2 years ago)
You Tube (2 years ago)
call the police
Mark Fine (2 years ago)
PLEASE HELP!!! I am stuck at 30.05, can not move at all. What should I do?
Enclave Soldier (2 years ago)
Arthur would be a great awper.
Darth Vitiate (2 years ago)
if it had been me I would have taken a page out of Kansas khans book with Gryff by pouring molten silver into his eyes and ears in front of ludd
Batuhan Ak (2 years ago)
Maaaan your gameplay is so aggressive i mean you always taking the mean ones Chill bro
clifton moore (2 years ago)
i love game of thrones i could watch this shit all day
I get you, it's 4 am and I gotta work tomorrow, but I need my fix of GOT after the end of season 6.
Fareeda Ghouse (2 years ago)
Moshe Leychik (2 years ago)
+clifton moore Totaly agree XD
Cletus Vandamme (2 years ago)
cutter:i need waterhe's fucking surrounded by snow lol
Malak Amir (2 years ago)
1:38:12 Duncan wasn't there a wild Duncan was spotted
Malak Amir (2 years ago)
y kill the ravens they r so cute 2 die
Crucifixcio The hero (2 years ago)
To the Forresters!!!!!!
Valarok (2 years ago)
So this can be called "The War Of Sons & Land"
pucho ram (2 years ago)
the best parts are asher and beska
Valtr The Beastmaster (1 year ago)
pucho ram Yeah I love them
Dakota Wallace (3 years ago)
daenerys seems needlessly bitchy in this
Tyler the Wizard (3 years ago)
Khaleesi makes me want to just pimp hand her sometimes in this series. I liked her much more in the TV show.
Ajani Reign (3 years ago)
Mira snatched my edges in this episode on god
Wen Zhang (3 years ago)
Stop hating on Duncan because if u pick Duncan as sentinel then ser Rowland betrayes u
Finlay (3 years ago)
1:50:44 best moment xD
little goblet (3 years ago)
I will celebrate when I see Ramsey's head on a pike. (In the tv series I mean) but in the game would be awesome too.
dogluck777 (3 years ago)
I told lord Tarwick that Sera was a bastard. I felt that he would find out eventually. But I feel that with the choices I made with her, I think I've doomed her lol
Keith Buckson (3 years ago)
Ok, that is so fucked up!!!! Ramsey just comes in again, and you know your choices don't mean SHIT! Dude has plot amor, plot shield, plot sword, plot spear, plot bow, and may as well have a fucking CANNON trained on you at all times! He's the McGuffin of bad events! Game of Thrones should offer a PSA about that fucker, "Warning there may be a chance rain of magical plot devices called Ramsey Snow in your area. All beloved characters are assumed dead, maimed, both, and worse. GTFO, MUTHAFUCKAS!!!!!"
Nayr Tnartsipac (1 year ago)
Keith Buckson ramsey is kefka
Brenna Bug (2 years ago)
Trust me I do not like how invincible Ramsay is either
Brenna Bug (2 years ago)
+Keith Buckson yes...it's a stupid plot device. That's commonly known. I was using it as an insult of telltale's writing.
Keith Buckson (2 years ago)
+Brenna Bug Yeah, but it is a contrived, unimaginative, and uninspired plot device when used as it is with Ramsey Snow. I'm just trying to add some pizazz and less derived ideas(which says a LOT when I'm using a terminator plot idea, ;). ).
Brenna Bug (2 years ago)
+Keith Buckson well that's the literal translation of course, but it is usually meant as the plot device.
UNSC P Williams (3 years ago)
"20 men" The same 20 good men that fucked over Stannis?
Alanna Lancaster (3 years ago)
Daenerys is as annoying as the tv shows (and the books)
najeehouse78 (3 years ago)
When will the next two episodes drop
It's very interesting !
The1AndOnlyDannyBro (3 years ago)
Raider2017 (3 years ago)
Well I guess Ramsey and his 20 good men managed to break into Ironwrath without any troubles
Alex Shin (3 years ago)
welp..i'd rather back out..even he's a jerk with some bluffs all over him..that's enough for beating defenceless man
AquaLlama Turtle (3 years ago)
Mira`s story is probably the most interesting out of them all
AquaLlama Turtle (3 years ago)
Rafael Rodrigues (3 years ago)
Ohh yess ,that felt so good when he got what he deserved,Gryff needs to die.
Guillermo Sanchez (3 years ago)
What the fuck was that ending
milkyway (3 years ago)
I got bad Red Wedding vibes when they were meeting with the Whitehills. Robb Stark was under the guest protection too and it didn't work out so well.
Sariko chan (3 years ago)
+no one there was even a "i remember RED WEDDING" option.
TheOswinOswald (3 years ago)
in the book danaerys is still a kid so u can see how she would be naive and dumb can't u?
Jorgidan 92 (3 years ago)
come on pewdiepie play it already
jigsawking5 (3 years ago)
While the Whitehills have had the Boltons seemingly on their side since the start, the fact is that THEY disobeyed their orders first when they took all of the Ironwood for themselves when the whole point of Ramsay splitting it between the two houses was to see which could provide them with better weapons. I am optimistically hoping that we may be able to use this when speaking to Ramsay next episode. Then again maybe he will just chop Rodrick's dick off. Looking forward to finding out :).
MrBaranygabor (3 years ago)
at 1:37:56 the guy is leaving, but at 1:38:10 he's here again in a flash. WTF
Julie Clancy (1 year ago)
MrBaranygabor it's called transportation
MC Roy (3 years ago)
playing as rodrik is always fucking depressing, his part of story always ended up bad
Shesasmilin :3 (3 years ago)
Nobody died at the end of my episode :p I chose to take Royland with me although he wasn't my sentinel. I had also convinced lady Glenmore to marry me, so  I told the Glenmore troops to stay behind.  I also submitted to Gryff at the beginning to make it so I could catch him off guard had Gryff imprisoned after showing him mercy  and spitting in his face, which also allowed me to convince his father lord Whitehill to show mercy on Ryon, and we've scheduled a day to  trade sons.  For Mira I showed kindness to Lyman he decided to no longer work Andros which helped me  out with a Andros and the  Whitehills army and I avoided getting caught, I also let the lord choose Sera as a bride I lied for  her after she saved me from Margery. I also took finn with me, and saved  coddle I also chose to tell the tree that I needed to do this for family. When I arrived back at Ironrath Ramsey was there with Talia though I had told her if things went bad to hide in the woods, it looks like me and Ramsey are going to duel in the next episode. I also kept Beska from killing her master.
An unimpressed Rooster (3 years ago)
Daenerys is more fucking annoying than she is in the series
Millennium (3 years ago)
Ramsey is an arrogant cunt.
Gavin Wang (3 years ago)
Words alone cannot describe the feeling of satisfaction I felt when Whitehill got what he deserved
Noel Negele (3 years ago)
I am almost amused by the ammount of hatred I feel towards that fucking Ramsay scum.
Pksoze (3 years ago)
Anybody else think even after this game is over GRRM will troll all of us by writing one line saying...and the Whitewalkers invaded and among the casualties was house Forrester.
[D]arth (3 years ago)
Can someone make video game like Assassin's Creed in where Jon fights agains White Walkers and Wights, because that's what fans want. Not this shit.
tony anthony (3 years ago)
you really hate gryff dont you?
Mario (3 years ago)
Mira is such a badass! :D
Frostii Bytes (3 years ago)
An innocent youtube commenter : I don't like the game very much Youtube community : fuck you and your mom K
2009 Year of change (3 years ago)
How does everyone fuck up the glenmore part.
jokerhalo1 (3 years ago)
Asher reminds me of Star Lord maybe its the sarcasm
Mark Lazarus (1 year ago)
And beksha is gamora
MR NOT A HERO (3 years ago)
The hair as well IMO
miqdad mahmood (3 years ago)
Lets vote: Gryff or Lannissters
Malak Amir (2 years ago)
The Hound (3 years ago)
+miqdad mahmood Lannisters.
Mario (3 years ago)
+miqdad mahmood I hate Gryff but the Lannisters are some big motherfuckers (except Tyrion). Twyin is fucked up, Cersei... oh god... Cersei and Jaime... I don't blame Tyrion for shooting his own father. I think Gryff is better.
Lautaro ferrer (3 years ago)
Am I the only one that thinks that Tom is going to get killed?
zack mike (3 years ago)
did anyone notice that finn has an extra sword at 1:05:31 and how did gared get his sword back at 1:05:38 so fast? O.O
441509marianne (3 years ago)
Hey is it me or does someone get blocked when garett has to crawl under, I can move once at the start then he refused to move forward and get noticed by the man and get's killed I'm frustrated I do exactly the same as the video, such a shame if I didn't pass that I can't go on with the rest of the episode I tried several ways please can someone help me ?
441509marianne (3 years ago)
+ZoneDymo : Actually the tip of Edward is the right one you have to press the right key instead of the forward ^^ (dummy me). But thank you for taking the time to answer and try helping me ;)
441509marianne (3 years ago)
+Edward Hoffman : Thank YOU I have been so obsessed with the moving forward thing that's I didn't try that you're a life saviour :p and thanks for taking the time to answer my comment I appreciate it ;)
ZoneDymo (3 years ago)
+441509marianne keep pressing forward multiple times, not only just hold forward button! hope this help
Edward Hoffman (3 years ago)
When you do that part you can not do the traditional up key, your moving under the cart at an angle so it's as if you are going in a sideways direction going up would mean you would hit your head against the wheel
kasper andersen (3 years ago)
1:38:12 A wild Duncan appeared.
Malak Amir (2 years ago)
Bindair Dundat (3 years ago)
How could Gared escape Castle Black to the north? The only way north is through the huge tunnel, and considering the huge gates don't open very often, it should immediately alert any guards. Either that, or climbing down the Wall from the top. And when Finn saw Gared kill Britt, where was he actually running to? The only way down from the Wall is the elevator, opposite to where he was running to. Gared could have gone after him to talk, or waited for him at the elevator. I have a feeling Telltale doesn't quite understand how Castle Black works.
Bindair Dundat (3 years ago)
+Aaron Young If you don't kick Britt he simply collapses before your feet, dead. By the way, if Finn betrayed you, then did he not show up later after you escaped? For me, he found us and wanted to come with us. I had the choice to let him come or send him away. I did both. If I let him come he fights with us against the wildlings and he and Cotter are bickering along the way, if I send him away he gives us enough time to escape before alerting the guards.
VOHA Media (3 years ago)
+Bindair Dundat I was kind of even between siding with cotter and Finn before the fight, I didn't tell him about the knife but other than that I was relatively nice to him After he saw me kick Britt over the wall, I said that he saw the entire fight but he just lied and told the commander I killed him in cold blood when I did everything I could not to get into a fight with britt. so im killing that bitch the next chance I get If I may ask what happens if you donk kick Britt over the edge of the wall?
Bindair Dundat (3 years ago)
+Aaron Young That is interesting. I did a playthrough where I told him Cotter took his knife, didn't hit Finn at all and didn't kick Britt off the Wall, and Finn sided with me. On my other playthrough I was an ass to him, didn't betray Cotter, brawled with Finn and kicked Britt off the Wall, and Finn still sided with me. I had no idea there was an option where he rats you out. And considering I did both the full-Cotter and full-Finn paths and he sided with me both times, I have no idea what is needed for him to betray Gared.
VOHA Media (3 years ago)
+Bindair Dundat  how do you get finn to take sides with you at the start, he ratted me out
GhostRpg (3 years ago)
Why is Lord Whitehill Ludd?
GhostRpg (3 years ago)
Gwyn is gf
thunderdraco (3 years ago)
"i have to avenge my brother's murder" - How does Asher know that Ethan died...? How does that choice go?
MaleficusMonoceros89 (3 years ago)
Handmaidens are Badass! Go Mira!
Sandro Swen (3 years ago)
Jesus Christ, Daenerys is even more annoying in the game than in the show!
Aboubacar Amine (3 years ago)
anybody noticed the words "infection" and "bluff" ? In GoT, really ? Other than that the story is pretty well done
chemistrycounts (2 years ago)
+IIsuckitnerdsII "You fucking retard". Lol. You're one stupid kid. Read the fucking books, you pleb. Hell, even watching the show would tell you that they call it "fester".
Khamprasong Thammavong (3 years ago)
+Aboubacar Amine you = autistic
Aboubacar Amine (3 years ago)
+awreyheve efefef Well I'm sorry for sharing my opinion you fucking dipshit. If you could clean out all the fecal in your head, maybe it would get less big and you would be able to hear other people's point of view. The word 'infection' doesn't feel to me like it belongs in a medieval fantasy. And "bluff"?! Fucking seriously?! It just doesn't work for me. And if it bothers you that it doesn't work for me well come suck my fucking dick so that I calm down. Otherwise *shut the fuck up* !!
Wheel3232 (3 years ago)
+IIsuckitnerdsII Actually, I re-watched it and in S4 Arya tells Clegane that she needs to burn out the bite because the "infection will fester". Sorry for being wrong :P
PEEAL (3 years ago)
+Aboubacar Amine because your comment was stupid, this is from a fucking made up place, not a long time ago. Dont get mad because their vocabulary is larger than yours
Aphantom47 (3 years ago)
I accidentally press attack in whitehill chambers and shit happened a big one lol
Super Mastodon (3 years ago)
So those guards are useless afterall? Can anyone tell me what happens if you didn't take Ludd's bluff? Will Ryon die or someone else? Also Mira's story is slowly being interesting. I really hope Asher comes back home soon too, if only that white haired bitch isn't annoying.
AL Elder (3 years ago)
1:29:08 anyone notice Lord Rodrik smirk after what Gwyn told them and when Lord Whitehill look at his daughter 1:36:54 for what ever reason Gwyn made a terrible mistake and I can imagine she in big trouble with her father!
Dratini (3 years ago)
At least now we know the mother isn't the traitor .. I think its either Duncan or the maester .
mrtyty2001 (3 years ago)
Very good episode indeed

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