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Summoners War - LIGHT + FIRE KFG

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Testing the Double KFGs at 2am. https://www.twitch.tv/YDCB Twitter - https://twitter.com/YDCBgames
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Text Comments (133)
Sarah Wrynn (2 months ago)
Shan‘s the prettiest monster in the whole game imo ❤️
Wpe CH FWA YDCF INFINITY (3 months ago)
Are you still dating waifu
A 1 (3 months ago)
Sam PLEASE realise and show us how does it works! NEW SUPER UNSTOPPABLE TEAM ==> Dark Crystal Agent + Boomerang + Chakram <==
RestlessClam (3 months ago)
六妹, sixth sister is what i thought it was
Grobert OAC (3 months ago)
Light and Fire kfg can be used for raids? Please answer and argue, and also : which one is the best for raids? (Between those 2)
Thaaana (3 months ago)
25:05 i ran out of time - fucking idiot
Skyzace (3 months ago)
@ydcb try garo perna rica gw attack its fun
Joshua Keltz (3 months ago)
Voice activation for YD: "Theomars" *goes into fight* "Why do I have a Theomars? I meant Perna!"
Marc Andre van Breeden (3 months ago)
Summoners war meta has gone to shit, i used to love crowd control but now a days despair isn't even worth it anymore
MultiSmokinTrees (3 months ago)
I force you to play Identity V.
Omar Alwan HOLALA (3 months ago)
Haallooo 👋
slacksijie (3 months ago)
nuker basalt!!
Just got vanessa, now i have juno vanessa and theo
Kenzo (3 months ago)
use fire KFG to detonate bomb 2nd call :))
Nahiel Lopez (3 months ago)
How tall is ydcb?
Dener Domingues (3 months ago)
Please, go play Might & Magic..
Lennox Bachmann (3 months ago)
I luv u bro, your vids are the best #ydsquad
Yajuu Omoi (3 months ago)
Kona takes 9 turns...before Halphas takes 1...LOL
Azzedine Usman (3 months ago)
I have no probem that violent rune exists but change its mechanics like can't proc out of inability effects and only proc once per turn (mon has maximum 2 consecutive moves)
Ivan Cahya (3 months ago)
Make a new rune video you lazy ass!!
SerenitysCall (3 months ago)
Capture Opportunity - > suck Dick xD
あかし (3 months ago)
35:48 *DUPE*
Max Speedy (3 months ago)
*why not work Shan with Chandra and maybe a healer like anavel* Basically SHANDRAVEL.... 😂😂😂😂😂 U like da name?
Sample Text (3 months ago)
I love how you let her die in a clearly lost fight and then complain about not having kfg in the next fight... OK
Ice cold :p (2 months ago)
Sample Text mm
Muhamed Dindić (3 months ago)
Because he is a dumbass
Sample Text (3 months ago)
haha no hate but it was a kinda weak kfg Review ... still enjoyed the Video tho ofc^^
NN (3 months ago)
Sample Text basically every ydc3 video
Alki Sesh (3 months ago)
Sad since i already have light kfg fully skilled but oh well :(
ilymeatpie (3 months ago)
Play Dauntless. Co-op Monster hunter clone
Dee S (3 months ago)
Croatia will beat the ass of the French team! :D
Kelfa blob (3 months ago)
"always no lightning from random review" -> got ethna from random review
Pevui (3 months ago)
23:16 😂 IM DONEEE ~ "Shes probably ruined better than your lushen"
Sunkyu Yoon (3 months ago)
YDCB: "Voice activation! Theomars!!" Perna pops out
Kevin S (3 months ago)
YD, invest in making a Triana. She's really OP right now and she'll definitely help you reach G1 in next season. Make sure you max skill her first skill too
NN (3 months ago)
Kevin S he said he didn't want a triana coz she is boring to play with
Diabolitio Barbossa (3 months ago)
rip guy asking for icares runes
Vin Dj (3 months ago)
i think that shan double balls comp can actually be pretty good if yd put non-filler runes on orion and gemini
Vixen Rana (3 months ago)
Feng Yan on Vamp!
Bilguun Byambadorj (3 months ago)
If your lushen is weaker than yd's Isabelle, go uninstall
rocky salonga (3 months ago)
wants voice activated unit picker *says the guy who calls perna a theomars
rocky salonga (3 months ago)
yd going strong !
King Saint (3 months ago)
Raoq compilation pls YD :)
gotaplanstan (3 months ago)
YD do you like marvel movies and games? If you do you should look at Marvel Strike Force
"she's probably better rune than your lushen" hit me like a truck 😂 it hurts more than enemy vio procs 😂😂
warren nichloas (3 months ago)
YD please make more dota 2 video's, enjoy watching you play dota 2
Microsoft Edge (3 months ago)
Honestly...i love this channel because of YD but this game is so dead.
Microsoft Edge (3 months ago)
NSBvalentin RNG is terrible in this game + rates makes it boring to play and most comps are the same.
NSBvalentin (3 months ago)
Microsoft Edge why?
soul player (3 months ago)
she is probably better runed than your lushen me: triggered
Thinh Tran (3 months ago)
i mean you cant be to surprised about the succubus sleeps it is like 50 percent
Jager (3 months ago)
Thinh Tran it's more like 80% if I remember correctly , and he had a despair set too
Eder Lemos (3 months ago)
YD said England would win... So, England LOSE kkkkkk
Arnval Arn (3 months ago)
YD play monster hunter world, its already released in PC
Jason Lim (3 months ago)
asking why a buffed gemini didn't strip... FailFish
Jason Lim (3 months ago)
Jager yup
Jager (3 months ago)
Jason Lim You probably forgot about that because it is kinda rare seeing a gemini with a buff
Jason Lim (3 months ago)
Jager right.. My bad.
Jager (3 months ago)
Jason Lim he had one buff and tried to strip a mons w/ two , Gemini can do that .... He just stripped the wrong buff
Slavko Stefanac (3 months ago)
YD make a video proving Rakan on offense is only 10% collapse
daniel aditya (3 months ago)
SHAN vampire ill be OP like yd OP!
Sfox13 Gamer (3 months ago)
"everybody was kung fu fighting those kicks were fast as lightning" I like my Kung Fu Girls!!!!
Omar Alwan HOLALA (3 months ago)
Darararan darararan darararan
Joe Reyes (3 months ago)
Sfox13 Gamer i thought of you when they announced hoh
18:20 Should've used the third skill. You have a Mo Long!
Ryuken Ishida (3 months ago)
fuck england ;)
KianHan Liauw (3 months ago)
Following yd on worldcup prediction... and everything just go wrong :’(
Quentin Vernay (3 months ago)
I summoned that bitch 2 days ago, I'm so mad haha
Gabe Termaat (3 months ago)
Do a guild war where the amount of letters in your monsters names is less than 12.
Red (3 months ago)
I turn off ad block for you YD. :3
Jonah Fiske (3 months ago)
Says reads comments but won’t build wind frank :(
DANIEL MARIN (3 months ago)
min 34:43 wisdom time;)
boricuak1d90 (3 months ago)
YD - "Ehh, he didn't Violent," Perna -" I gotchu fam." lol
kooker100 (3 months ago)
23:15 feelsbadman
Papa Stalin (3 months ago)
2:00 A.M. for you is 12:00 pm for me lol
Zhuge Liang (3 months ago)
Lol KFG. Replace g with c and you have KFC
Afzan Anuar (3 months ago)
Yo yd, find new cap, tiana cap maybe
Rence DC (3 months ago)
is it just me or hes really whispering and i have to wear earphones just to hear him ?
Boyd Daisley (3 months ago)
Rence DC it's just you
Undaunting Jirachi (3 months ago)
@YDCB im challenging you to gw using HOH units only
fbxdfjkv (3 months ago)
@YDCB put isabell's or dark asasin's runes onto pung
abdelrahman shams (3 months ago)
Well at least your team wasn't the piggy bank of the world cup
Ryan Bennett (3 months ago)
Finally a Hong Hua video, glad I built her now I can try triple KFG raid
LsuGamer123 (3 months ago)
pretty fast stream upload
RADZIO895 (3 months ago)
31:30 helphas solo
IchiqoKurosaki (3 months ago)
Clearly misplayed by the opponent tbh.
Digão (3 months ago)
Another blé hoh, keep the good work com2boringus
S R (3 months ago)
Gabriel Pasqualini dumbass just quit the game then
Joe Reyes (3 months ago)
Gabriel Pasqualini you might be the most fucking retarded kid on the planet
Simurgh (3 months ago)
Digão and what monster is it? Can t see
Gabriel Pasqualini (3 months ago)
Why? The game is dead and they don't release a HoH at the level of Mihyang at the very least? Fuck this bullshit
Chance Drake (3 months ago)
Well this i can work with. Thanks YD.
Dammit I got light kfg from lightning :( rip hoh
Matias Oittinen (3 months ago)
i have got 5 ld lightnings: Mimirr and 4 hoh's i feel your pain bro
jaycutejay (3 months ago)
At least you get skill ups ^_^
Linton Cornwall (3 months ago)
Help me get 1,000 subscribers with no videos _ too bad it wasnt dark kfg
RADZIO895 (3 months ago)
What's the point of having 250 gally when u don't have atb increase and opponent cuts in?
He had his luer go next to decrease atb at a pretty close speed but his nukers still got outsped
Guy Scott (3 months ago)
Reclusion Nah, 250 nukes with slower Base spd follows up
Reclusion (3 months ago)
249 nuker follows up
Leeyang Vaj (3 months ago)
@Jager this is why they said rich kids don't know the trouble of poor kids
Jager (3 months ago)
RADZIO895 It's called only having a single galleon ,runed for dragons/giants
Alex (3 months ago)
google translator says Liumei means "stay in the united states" lol.
Christopher Mauro-Barias (3 months ago)
sound is alil low.. my itunes is normal but for this vid i have to crank my speakers way up
Fartzom (3 months ago)
1t7 not coming home
Donald Gay (3 months ago)
Hey yd
Marcus Jackson (3 months ago)
do su
yao wen fuk (3 months ago)
Croatia win and now I can go and buy packs
jaybee Villaverde (3 months ago)
Mickael d (3 months ago)
Light kfg hoh thanks come2us
Alejandro Chaguan (3 months ago)
Yo Sam! You're awesome! Thanks for the entertainment and hello from Venezuela :D (also pls do keep throwing people in for honor, it's awesome xp)
Bosanac 2607 (3 months ago)
Como is esta
Etale G (3 months ago)
lucius05 (3 months ago)
Janko hu (3 months ago)
Hi YD❤️
Mohamed Abdelaziz (3 months ago)
Notification squad ❤️
Khameron Henriquez (3 months ago)
Fuck that bell icon! I get here early cuz I can sense when YDsenpai uploads
Daniel Hernandez (3 months ago)
hi yb i kinda wana see yyou build the wind drunken master
zachary blackman (3 months ago)
almost first
Fartzom (3 months ago)
Fuck com2us
Jager (3 months ago)
7:20 gw 19:55 rta Have a nice video guys
あかし (3 months ago)
Jager ragdoll is better
AhmadAradii (3 months ago)
no lightning right ? lame game
Grenadeslash (3 months ago)
34:05 random review (ld scroll)
Jager (3 months ago)
And YD is actually playing with jager , but he doesn't shine in every comp
Jager (3 months ago)
I pulled myself recently , kinda happy even though jager is not as good as ragdoll
Tien Sama (3 months ago)
7:25 GW
Zuplax (3 months ago)
THE First
Jowy Blight (3 months ago)
Basilut (3 months ago)
first notice me senpaiii
Nutthawut Thumnittayakul (3 months ago)

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