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DUOS Get Destroyed! 21 Kill Solo vs Duos RoE (Ring of Elysium)

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Text Comments (133)
Calvin I (6 days ago)
this game could kill pubg
Kane Zacchaeus (1 month ago)
You a pro when it comes to sniping and close combat aiming well done sir PS : I miss ROE
John Lloyd Tugano (2 months ago)
The best game that i Play ever!So..COOL
LiL Biscuit (3 months ago)
Honestly a god kill 11 was crazy
Gamesturbator (3 months ago)
OMG Most I've gotten is 6 kills. I did win a squad match by myself. Only had 3 kills that round. I'm sad.
Lawrence Valencia (3 months ago)
DarkKnight64 (3 months ago)
Awesome gameplay!
Soonerman75 75 (3 months ago)
Is it out?
Myrrah (3 months ago)
at 1:46 you should already be dead if you didn't meet bots
nanda amin (4 months ago)
Gg gameplay dude ,, the next level aim god ,, why are you so crazy ?!
Adonis Pascual (4 months ago)
Play More your Good Bro. Subscribe because of this and your nice play
Sureall (4 months ago)
noob vs bots ))
f bashir (4 months ago)
Eye_ Scream (4 months ago)
My pc crashed while im playing this game at the first time, I want to play it again so badly without having any problems
bob saggot (5 months ago)
its a less skilled variant of pub g love both games but in my opinion its much easier to get kills on this and win
Heinz (5 months ago)
You play with boots?
W B (5 months ago)
There are a lot of bots in this game, same as pubg mobile.
Ferdinand Aguirre (5 months ago)
More ROE vids.. Awesome game play!
mouadamri Blackend00o (5 months ago)
how do u keep the aim steady ? good game :D , maybe someday we play together
Paul Gesite (5 months ago)
More r.o.e vids bro i will support you.LOVE YOUR VIDS.
J S (5 months ago)
once this game goes 1st Person Only its going to be fire!
pastuh (5 months ago)
04:15 compensator.. tactical stock.. ? Strange you won..
The Average Sniper (5 months ago)
Honestly I feel like people give too much attention to little details like attachments. When you're in the middle of gun fight after gun fight you just loot fast and move on. Who cares if you miss something little. Especially in this case. 21 kill win. One time a guy commented on one of my PUBG videos about how I miss things and gave me three paragraphs of crap about how much of a difference the attachments make. I checked his stats and this dude only had 10 chicken dinners. I think at this point in time I had over 100 (it was a while ago). Point is if you are good then you're going to get wins regardless of how much loot you may or may not miss. If you suck then all the attachments in the world aren't going to magically make you a beast.
J S (5 months ago)
lol alot of people dont know how to loot like a pro, some of the best streamers dont loot propa too. :S
Some Juan (5 months ago)
I like pubg from beta to now after playing this game I call it the pubg killer.
dennis delos santos (5 months ago)
W O W is all I can say keep uploading dude love watching it 🤘🤘🤘👍👍👍
DNnoitra (5 months ago)
Woooahhhh... GGWP (°ロ°)
Irrelevant Vengeance (5 months ago)
This guy's an average sniper...
Aaron SLASH (5 months ago)
You won a new sub , keep uploading roe !!
garytiffin306 (5 months ago)
1'st ;)
Jingle Baza (5 months ago)
Is there bullet drop?
Jingle Baza (5 months ago)
The mosin nagant makes more sense since it actually fires 7.62 whereas the kar98k fires 7.92 mauser instead. Pubg devs are retarded.
JT S (5 months ago)
Technically it’s not a rip off cause ten cent games is making is and blue hole is supporting them
Stephen dela Cruz (5 months ago)
Smiley (5 months ago)
Just eanred a sub gg!
Viscmad Singh (5 months ago)
I was gonna click off coz of non-commentary, but I am glad I didn't. Freaking Awsm gameplay... :D
Renkoh (5 months ago)
Just got the game earlier, only played 1 game and got 3 kills but it was super fun.
Age Solo (5 months ago)
Enjoying this game so far even tho my ping is HIGH AF LOL
F1 NN (5 months ago)
Something is really unappealing about his game. I’m gonna stick with pubg and fortnite. Also Island of Nyne looks really good
HAVAS (5 months ago)
How people say its easy to run I have GTX 1050, and i3 2120, and I struggle with 30 fps on low...
HAVAS (5 months ago)
Gtarista 2001 Lol I killed process of windows which took 20% of my CPU now it goes 30 fps on high 1920x1080 haha fucking win 10, thank you proces hacker 2 XD
Gtarista 2001 (5 months ago)
HAVAS nah bruh buy i5 and ur problem is solved or even i7
HAVAS (5 months ago)
Gtarista 2001 Yeah truly speaking i am bottlenecked, when I check my task manager I see 67% Cpu ROE, and some fucking windows process 20% , I hate win 10...
Gtarista 2001 (5 months ago)
Urs is probably bottlenecked, go buy i5 since ur cpu couldnt handle ur gpu
Gtarista 2001 (5 months ago)
HAVAS lol tf, probably server issues since its only thai server, i have i3 and gtx 650 and i run 30fps on medium. and im a bit near to thailand so its alright
joe mace (5 months ago)
i haven't played it but man it looks great.
Ring Of Elysium Daily (5 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBj0rDLHb1I&t=53s *HOW TO DOWNLOAD IN ENGLISH*
Nicholas Chial (5 months ago)
Cool video, you can add some value to these by explaining some of your decision and strategy.
De chou (5 months ago)
I haven't played pubg in almost a week since I played this game. Too many cheater in pubg.
Legna (5 months ago)
I started playing this game cause of your videos and omg do I love it!
Greasyphil420 (5 months ago)
Ive been playing this game a few weeks now. It runs ok on my shitty lenovo ideapad and i honestly think if this comes to xbox and pc fully. PUBG is screwed.
Johnny johns (5 months ago)
No recoil looks cheesy. Pubg has somewhat more realism
Ponczek (5 months ago)
Man help me! How to change character from man to girl?
Eliazar ArzateJr (5 months ago)
Nice shots too this waz good game play.. wanna try this game.... saving for a PC
Eliazar ArzateJr (5 months ago)
Starts with a ton of action and it end with action
BBOY JAD (5 months ago)
The thing that I like the most about this game is the unpredictable weather change every match
King Plays (5 months ago)
Dope game dude
DoJo Starfox (5 months ago)
Damn son gg
Pablo Freigeist (5 months ago)
Hey you know whats better in this game? The Vertical Foregrip or the Traingular Foregrip thing?
ZyllerGaming (5 months ago)
I heard there are many bots as the PUBG mobile but it is noticeable when you come across a real person
ZyllerGaming (5 months ago)
The Average Sniper yeah correct and definitely all your kills were humans. Outstanding it was awesome to watch!
The Average Sniper (5 months ago)
You can always tell when you're fighting a bot because they usually only have an SMG, they crouch and they do not take cover.
Ben Parsons (5 months ago)
Like a cross between Fortnite and PUBG. Not sure if I like it or not
Diygone Raz (5 months ago)
Love to see you shroud and doc on this game
Gtarista 2001 (5 months ago)
retarded dumbfuck
Johnny johns (5 months ago)
Gtarista 2001 gay ass fan boy lol
Gtarista 2001 (5 months ago)
lol wtf im no gayfanboy diehard fan of anything, im just saying wat the obvious shit is..
Johnny johns (5 months ago)
Gtarista 2001 lol I've seen him play streaming and his aim clicks too exactly where headshots with 1 bullet left in clip also spins 360 perfectly without looking shoots unseen player in a bush , he has a aimbot. Then in a real tournament he aims completely different and is not as amazing. Csgo is not pubg totally different game. You people are just gay fanboys who are blinded by their love of the"god" shroud. Avg Sniper is the real deal and I respect his game far more than a cheater.
Gtarista 2001 (5 months ago)
Johnny johns idiot shroud is a csgo pro player thats why hes so good at aiming.
Snidebark (5 months ago)
While the game looks great, I hate hit-markers and the footsteps sound wrong. Minor niggles, but when something is very good, even the smallest niggle stands out.
memoryhero (5 months ago)
The only way this seems "worse" than pubg is in sound fidelity. I like pubg gun sounds better. In all other aspects, this is the superior game.
Raniel Tolentino (4 months ago)
TheFormActually Though the sound of guns here are much realistic. Try watching real gunfires and you'll know how gun fire should sounds like.
Clancy Tan (5 months ago)
I think they did this on purpose to make game more easier, i did play another game called "moonlight blade" made by this engine, it has the object dropping mechanics.
Marlon Tapel (5 months ago)
Lol. There is hitscan in this game. let alone Bullet drop. Try playing the game first and check it out for yourself.
TheFormActually (5 months ago)
yeah, the sound sucks balls in this game, and I hate the fact that it's a hitscan system.. nothing has bullet drop, not even snipers... the only bullet traveling time is your latency :D. but hitscan sucks when you're out in the open.. if someone has a good aim you're dead from like 500m and someone is using a red dot scope on M4 ... so the best way is to stay close to big covers and buildings..
DoJo Starfox (5 months ago)
Idk, I think the gun/bullet mechanics of PUBG are better too. This game is practically hitscan
William Preston (5 months ago)
Wish I could survive gun battles like that. Always get shot by a third or 4th after a 1v1 victory
Jon Jackson (5 months ago)
Really well done “Like A Boss”
Antonio Salazar (5 months ago)
Ponczek (5 months ago)
Co jajca
boas Blijenberg (5 months ago)
Hey uh average I was wondering if whe could maybe play pubg on xbox once im a realy big fan of you. You probably dont want to but pls say at least yes or no you can maybe contact me on instagram my name is boas5071
Derek Mcclenahan (5 months ago)
Just as an outside perspective (since I don't have a PC) it has some things that need improved, but it also has some awesome features and quality of life aspects that the folks at Bluehole could really take note of. It certainly looks like it plays smooth compared to PUBG, especially considering its on Asia servers only.
PartyCrasher04 (5 months ago)
Garena’s mobile battle royale, freefire is so bad lmao. This game looks pretty good.
Sky Boy (5 months ago)
PartyCrasher04 True Free Fire is so bad don't even know why people even like it
Darren Valenti (5 months ago)
Looks good put it on Xbox ill play it
Zevan Duha (5 months ago)
yes please, more ROE
Jason Bourne (5 months ago)
dammmmmm lol
Andy Mcgovern (5 months ago)
After putting a good few hours into this game. I think it's great. Everything just works nicely. Even on the Asia servers. The lighting and dynamic weather are stunning.
twostinkyfingers (5 months ago)
This video almost ended at 1:02.
FloralAxis SunBro (5 months ago)
That was crazy!!!! Especially liked the sniping into the gas. Oh so sweet. 🤣🤘👍
IRPAN FAUZI (5 months ago)
This thing is still fuxking CBT in my country and dont have any key to play it.
Gtarista 2001 (5 months ago)
It doesnt need keys any more for a long time now..
fastcx (5 months ago)
Try it on Thai server, seems Indonesia server taking their own sweet time to send out code =.=
Raging Doge (5 months ago)
123Opie close beta tester
123Opie (5 months ago)
What means cbt?
AngryFisherman (5 months ago)
I'm loving this game really. Haven't played pubg in about 2 weeks now. I just enjoy how the map looks so alive with the weather and beautiful colors
maNimaL (5 months ago)
theres alot more bots in solo, doesnt seem to be the case in duos
maNimaL (5 months ago)
more people are starting to play now so there is probably less bots in game. you know which ones are bots they crouch when you shoot at them
ravi chandra malladi (5 months ago)
maNimaL bots? No bots i getting killed before i find a gun in solo
Armando Rey (5 months ago)
You went on beast mode.
kanicova (5 months ago)
God Like! Nice Game
Daddy is the gamer (5 months ago)
I want this game!!!!!
Im not ok but ok (5 months ago)
its free just downloading garena laucnher and change your region to thailand and you can instal it :)
the Beast (5 months ago)
Play more roe
Abdus Samad (5 months ago)
Whenever I download it downloads a little then it goes back to the login screen then It starts from the beginning
the Beast (5 months ago)
Gg i watch every time you upload
EmeraldSpade gaming (5 months ago)
Hey average sniper when will the desert map come on Xbox pubg
EmeraldSpade gaming (5 months ago)
The Average Sniper (5 months ago)
Supposed to be in May
paddyfitz (5 months ago)
this is a terrible rip off of pubg 😁shooting is easier too seems like theres assist
paddyfitz (5 months ago)
The Average Sniper smooth because lack of recoil, i watch u on pc average you can see your adjustments to recoil . in this i barely had to adjust aiming
paddyfitz (5 months ago)
this is a really bad pubg , i was playin it last nite ,everything sucks the movement , sounds , the entire look of it is bad , hardly any recoil on the guns to. even tho pubg has its flaws , pubg blows this out the water 😁
Gtarista 2001 (5 months ago)
Chuck Jones its a different game that was being sued u retard, this game was co-created by PUBG still and there is no such thing as aim assist, what an idiot get ur facts straight
Chuck Jones (5 months ago)
paddyfitz they are being sued by PUBG lol so yea they won’t be around long. PUBG has the money to drive them into debt
AngryFisherman (5 months ago)
It's called skills aim assist only on consoles
Rebecca Hoffman (5 months ago)
Derylle Cabarubias (5 months ago)
PLease give me a shouout please
Derylle Cabarubias (5 months ago)
He was so brutal to me bro
Mr.C Deville (5 months ago)
The Average Sniper lol 😂 smarty pants.
Derylle Cabarubias (5 months ago)
By the way youre vids are asweome and your the first youtuber to reply to my comment thanks it is such an honor
Derylle Cabarubias (5 months ago)
Derylle Cabarubias (5 months ago)
I meant on your next video please

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