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ROCKET INTO SPACE - Fortnite: Battle Royale

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Getting in some fun duo's with Fugglet and being his spotter on a rocket. Merchandise can be found here! ►https://aculite.fanfiber.com/en You can connect with me here: (I only use Twitter. Facebook is for upload notifications.) ►Twitter - https://twitter.com/TheAculite ►Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/TheAculite ►Livestream - https://www.twitch.tv/Aculite ►Discord - https://discord.gg/aculite Who I'm playing with: ►Fugglet - http://bit.ly/Fugglet Music used is courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com https://www.youtube.com/WeAreEpidemicSound Glowing In The Dark (Instrumental Version) - Loving Caliber Looking for a YouTube partnership? (referral link) http://bit.ly/2mEacP0 Settings and Equipment: http://bit.ly/2nHTspq Please report any hate speech/spam comments.
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Text Comments (149)
Davis Meranga (3 months ago)
is devower
Misael Rojero (3 months ago)
Finally a real no scope unlike Zuckles who edits his sorry I meant Mcreamy zuckles is legit
Conspire (3 months ago)
ill buy ur acc for 50$ msg me if u want to take the deal
4giveMeh (4 months ago)
Please make more fortnite videos!! I love your content ESPECIALLY fortnite! Your REALLY REALLY GOOD!
KiX 2004 (4 months ago)
You miss the lama in loot lake. Feelsbad
slxstr (4 months ago)
Nice video
Brennon Gleason (4 months ago)
WHOO!!!! Goo one.
Dack_jpg (4 months ago)
Missed llama at like 4:00
Dave SHOVOLSKI (4 months ago)
does he have aimbot lol jk
Philip Hubbe (4 months ago)
12:10 Best take 1
Cidriel (4 months ago)
I thought StoneMountain64 was your hype man?
That Guy (4 months ago)
I didn’t see any sort of rocket in to space bullshit. Disliked
Fraser Thomson (4 months ago)
That smooth transition at 11:44
DaBeast34 (4 months ago)
Hi 👋
No Sir, Not I (4 months ago)
Anyone else rewind the first clip several times just to admire it? 😂
Fizzi (4 months ago)
Was up bro
Tentasion (4 months ago)
Shout out : How are you doing bro (REAL ACULITE)
ProDiGy DIMLET (4 months ago)
u should play tabg :)
The Admiraal (4 months ago)
I've honestly thought about hiring myself put as a hype man and making a whole business where u can have hype men go with you for a whole day and encourage you and like hype u up
Fut' ure (4 months ago)
heyy aculite , when do u appload a rainbow six video ?
kyūsai (4 months ago)
Pls try TABG... the engine is so funny XD
VHS (4 months ago)
This isn't a knock on Aculite by any means and this I'm not planning on depriving him of my views... but is anybody else burnt out on Fortnite/PUBG?
Adelic (4 months ago)
I know you've probably heard this a million times. And you're probably working on it right now. But... PLAY TABG (Totally Accurate Battlegrounds)
Archie Cottis (4 months ago)
IMTEK (4 months ago)
Hello, yes, i would like to apply for the hype man job please
fahriza andi (4 months ago)
You should be more popular than this, Connor :(
Marco Fernandes (4 months ago)
that goes to BCC
Joe Magnificent (4 months ago)
Did not know u play fortnite that gd no seriously you’re good
Alex Kirby (4 months ago)
That was the quickest 18 mins of my life.. love your content Connor!
Luke (4 months ago)
Play totally accurate battlegrounds
J o r d a n i (4 months ago)
Fugs a little fuckin loot goblin eh?
Gregory Toth (4 months ago)
more Raft gameplay plleeeeaaasseee
hola (4 months ago)
I love you aculite I just have to say it since u won't see it anyway
TheMarUlberg (4 months ago)
11:41 dat transition man. smooth
Aubrey (4 months ago)
I'm a little bit addicted to your videos and your very attractive voice....
jose ramirez (4 months ago)
Beast mode
LordJaxter (4 months ago)
first shot... absolutely disgusting. keep up the good work Acudad
Liam Breen (4 months ago)
Confirmed : Aculite > Ninja (any day)
Hgk 90 (4 months ago)
One's a default. Don't tell me you give a crap about the trendy skins.
Sutan Alief (4 months ago)
aculite please update your rs siege graphics settings
DUSTY_ (4 months ago)
I'm not the biggest fan of fortnite, but when you play it I could watch for hours!
Sara Dilone (4 months ago)
Epic please nerf aculite instead of shotguns
Anjith K Das (4 months ago)
18:07 That laugh😎
Rainer (4 months ago)
How to show the ping like the top left corner?
uncletigger (4 months ago)
Most people - concentrating with all their might as they play, still fail - These two fellas - free ranging swift discussion with memes 'n shit . . . owning all the mooks without interruptin' the spiel -
Fuggulite (4 months ago)
I love u man (full homo)
Anglo Saxon (4 months ago)
If you see Aculite in the lineup, you look for another game, because you don't stand a chance! lol
Grinko NM (4 months ago)
why u dont finished this with a "aaaand cut!" :D
nightly (4 months ago)
There were AT LEAST 38 thousand different “take ones”
JebatGa (4 months ago)
That final laugh. So sinister.
Shav (4 months ago)
Your accuracy is actually insane Connor...
FlyT (4 months ago)
We need a "Totally Accurate Battlegrounds" video! xD
Good Quality (4 months ago)
67 damage headshot with pump.. omegalul
Za3ter (4 months ago)
Take 1
Very nice video.!!
Tom Blake (4 months ago)
U should give me ur other PC Aculite... I had to sell my old one cause i had no money.. Now i want a pc to play fortnite... I beg my brother to play on his PC, but I rarely get the chance as hes always on it
Tom Blake (4 months ago)
rifi anggriawan oh right I thought u meant I’m begging aculite haha! Nah I don’t actually beg. Bit of an exaggeration
rifi anggriawan (4 months ago)
You typed that you begged your brother
Tom Blake (4 months ago)
Not begging hahaha
rifi anggriawan (4 months ago)
earn it. don't just beg
Rai (4 months ago)
18:05 that laugh tho xD
Sxy_Killer (4 months ago)
why you stopped playing siege??
LiterallyKar (4 months ago)
Please more vids on Dauntless
Spood Beast (4 months ago)
Fuggulite/Aculet is the greatest duo ever no debate
Jago Bulgara (4 months ago)
Is it me or do other people get kinda sad when aculite plays fortnight. Nothing against fortnight but i like watchin him rek at pubg
OsidiustheEmphatic (4 months ago)
Notice how there are less comments these days that suggest Aculite's cheating? That's because there ain't no aimbot that could pull off the shots this guy does. Freakin' awesome!
KX in Gaming (4 months ago)
Ryan F F (4 months ago)
Bobulite the Builder
John Doe (4 months ago)
I tried Realm Royal on Steam and had fun with it! You should give it a go Aculite!! 😁
BenSeawalker (4 months ago)
* ACULITE HAS JOINED THE MATCH * half the server leaves immediately
Zac Branch (4 months ago)
Best intro ever!!
Artem BS (4 months ago)
And, take one
James Koso (4 months ago)
G.O.A.T fn player EVER🐐🐐🐐🐐
Tim Hill (4 months ago)
Woo yeah
Levi_J_T (4 months ago)
fugglet is a loot hog
P I (4 months ago)
that first shot... OMFG.
RL Hyper (4 months ago)
l9ne (4 months ago)
i nutted when he hiut that no scope like if u did too
jmlee84 (4 months ago)
aculite do play rainbow 6 still? i just started it and im hooked!
Ray Morgan (4 months ago)
same. i'd love to see some new r6 stuff from you when the new operators come out dude
DarkdragonGaming (4 months ago)
Aculie > shround
David Dobarganes (4 months ago)
Yummy yummy in my tummy
MrAnimeLover (4 months ago)
Where is tom ??
codysett1 (4 months ago)
Dude this game sucks so bad. Like same level of pathetic for grown men to play as Minecraft
Hgk 90 (4 months ago)
codysett1 And ? See, once again, i don't need to play the badass or some shit. You prolly have some self-confidence issues. Plus, the kitten is drinking beer, you can't argue with that.
codysett1 (4 months ago)
Hgk 90 says the guy with a kitten as his profile pic
Hgk 90 (4 months ago)
Im 28, i sometimes play minecraft and i don't give a shit. No need to play some war games or whatever to feel like a grown ass man. The only pathetic thing here is your previous statement ;)
codysett1 (4 months ago)
sp8ed Calm down Jr, never even played.
sp8ed (4 months ago)
codysett1 don't be mad for being baaad, noob
Brian He (4 months ago)
mid term tomorrow but aculite first!
Alan Sabu Mathew (4 months ago)
Holy moly!! That transition at @11:42 Insane editing @Aculite!!
King Mac (4 months ago)
That evil laugh you did at the end haha
Luke Jackson (4 months ago)
Thumbnail is on point 👌🏼
LOLL'I579 (4 months ago)
You just don't play as an enemy of this man, you just don't... Because you don't stand a chance.
LOLL'I579 (4 months ago)
Max Gaming Fortnite and I would've said the otherwise.
Max Gaming (4 months ago)
LOLL'I579 in pubg I wouldn't but I no life's fortnite and I could beat him pretty easily honestly
____________ (4 months ago)
That was a spicy transition at 11:40
Sam Dykstra (4 months ago)
That intro shot.... Was decent at best. ;)
Kristofer Krosby (4 months ago)
Hi! I'm a licensed hype man. At your service
Chris E5 (4 months ago)
Aculite & Fugglet a match made in heaven
Gray Fox (4 months ago)
and take one. <clip> so much emote. very aculite. wow.
ALUCARD26 (4 months ago)
HOOOOOLLLLYYYY SHIT WHAT A HEADSHOT I mean...ehem... I can do it better...
Watch out SpaceX, there's a new kid in town.
BillClintonForEmperor (4 months ago)
Guys I have terrible news! I lost my job...😩 Tell me if you get it...
Atom devil (4 months ago)
BillClintonForEmperor Don't worry you will get a better one than this job.
Xavi 90 (4 months ago)
Take 1
Coded Sky (4 months ago)
Is the jetpack sth you can find?
reptile 24667 (4 months ago)
yay in the first 2000
Hipsterrsswaggg (4 months ago)
Your no scopes are bananas
Devower (4 months ago)
where can i apply for hype-man
LordoftheDice (4 months ago)
Woo! Yeah!
Streamer2k7 (4 months ago)
The first guy u no scoped got rekt!😂
Why does 9 minutes with everyone else feel like hell but with aculite its like 3 seconds
kyūsai (4 months ago)
because he kills the people so much faster than everyone o.O
Quassi (4 months ago)
but pump and tac is way more inconsistent than double pump.
Xillex (4 months ago)
You are a god at any game you play.

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