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Game of Thrones Episode 6 - All Choices/ Alternative Choices

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Telltale Game of Thrones All Alternative Choices This is a montage/guide of all the choices in Game of Thrones Episode 6 "The Ice Dragon". Choices: Tell Margeary the truth about Sara? Marry Lord Morgryn? Cotter Death? Gryff or Ludd? Poison or Ambush? Defend North Grove? Game of Thrones Telltale Gameplay Playlist:- http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLr2jljBBtVJ9jaL3wpcuSAOO3OiXPxglW
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Text Comments (362)
Paulo Oliveira (3 days ago)
Fucking Telltale, RIP Game of Thrones season 2
Spicy Memer (3 days ago)
"Fucking Forresters" Literally every whitehill ever.
Curtis Blashill (1 month ago)
sooo pumped I didn't shell out the 20 and just yourubed instead. what a lame ass ending and seeing how this video is 3 years old by now I would've been pissed if I spent money
its_ya_boi 2018 (1 month ago)
I choose to lie and blame it on sera, "I cant afford to be associated with you" well fuck you too bitch
Jornal Empoderado (2 months ago)
Thanks for the tips AFGuidesHd, but the game only has one ending :(
MCP/ChronicBuzz (2 months ago)
"Water! Bring me water!" - Lord Whitehill "Fuck the water! Bring me wine!" - The Hound I'd go with the Hound :P
Talha Umer (3 months ago)
thank you my friend. i wont forget this.
Laz (3 months ago)
Once the battle at Ironrath happened, I realised that no matter how hard I wished, this is a Telltale game. Even then, i was fucking pissed at what they did with the story. Way to waste my fucking time.
zix_77 (4 months ago)
*FUCK* the *WHITEHILLS* and the *BOLTONS* !
Luigi Napolitano (7 months ago)
I just beat episode 6 four times already & where's episode 7
AFGuidesHD (7 months ago)
there isn't one hopefull there's a season 2 in 2019 though
CaptainJackValdy's Crew (8 months ago)
I feel like this would’ve worked way better as a spin-off Game of Thrones series than a telltale game, seeing as your choices barely matter. It’s a good story nonetheless though.
This game left me with a bitter taste in my mouth. There were definitely enjoylable aspects of the game but the overall grander narrative proved to be frustrating to me. For one the odds are absolutely stacked against the Forresters, seemingly nothing I did could appease my occupants and every single action they would take would be cynical, malevolent and provocative. The only act within the game that proved influencial was Asher's. Garret and Mira could might as well have been on another contient considering how their decisions had absolutely 0 impact in what later went on. The dialogue felt forced and overly cynical most of the time with backhanded remarks and shutdowns at every corner. I'd replay pieces of dialogue just to see that what I would answer most of the time not bare any weight. The only time it was important was to segwey particular future dialogue cameos but that's about it. Also a skip/fastforward button would've have made the experience much more tolerable.
BulgarianPsychopath (10 months ago)
I was disappointed with Asher's "army". That was hardly a dozen of men, not even close to an army.
Luciano Acosta (10 months ago)
fucking ludd
Crax (1 year ago)
No matter what choice you make..You know you are fucked Not the best from telltale Walking dead season 1 still the best👍
luca sieker (1 year ago)
Seson 6 was shit are you fvcking kidding me all the choice I made were pointless we died any way. FVCK YOU TELLTALE good 5 episode and on e to unravel it all. I want my money back.
Scarfy (1 year ago)
whats the best ending? and how to get it?
Denis Belov (1 year ago)
Even more grim than the film...
Mz Wisnu (1 year ago)
In game of thrones, choices are mere illusion
Claudio Cecalupo (1 year ago)
Thank you for making this video!
ReeLoy Kenjins (1 year ago)
Do you guys think Torrhen Whitehill will appear in Season 2? He will be the Lord of House Whitehill if Ludd dies.
if you try and play nice the game shits on you
Martell (1 year ago)
that fucking ambush was a joke, doors arent locked, noone is looking after the two main whitehill leaders
heavydirtysaga (1 year ago)
im so mad like Mira and Garred didn't make any help to protect House Forrester. i've waited an army from Tyrion or a huge ice dragon from North Grove to kill Whitehills. there's no ending that house forrester win?
heavydirtysaga (1 year ago)
Onur Kaya (1 year ago)
Drake Reaper (1 year ago)
mira and sera should've had love options but it's telltale.
ALiKoUAAAAA (1 year ago)
Till the end i was expecting dragons and a bigger army to march and save the day! Instead i killed everyone, greaaaat!
Tranduil95 (1 year ago)
Lets all build an army and march to house forrester to retake our home land, who's with me ? Iron from Ice
Tormund Giantsbane (1 year ago)
i really hate how telltale makes you think your choices make a big diffrence but in reaity they dont really matter games like until dawn are so much better in that regard.
NS (1 year ago)
So as Asher, if you Ambush or poison Ludd, or call off the poison or ambush, the outcome to all 4 possibilities is exactly the same, yet this game is supposed to be adaptive?
Montblanc (1 year ago)
From what I saw you only get to kill Ludd if you poison the fucker and let mother sacrifice herself to ensure he also drinks it. Every other choice as Asher the fat pig survives.I'm currently considering wether it's more advantageous to maim Gryff and kill Ludd, or kill Gryff and let Ludd live, since he might get sick or some shit and you also get to keep Gwyn in Asher's route if you call off the murder plot.
Abbas Zaffar khan (1 year ago)
Sanguino it changes wether gryff or ludd dies
FoolishInk (1 year ago)
Valar magoulis
CowQueen (1 year ago)
For me House Forester went to shit
Cyberwolfarmy (1 year ago)
I low key felt bad killing gryff because he was crying but i did it anyway
Bale Knight (1 year ago)
I wish that I can kill the f***ing writer for making me upset , why didn't he let me kill them all already? I chose Asher because it sounded responsible since Rodrik was already ruined and couldn't fight , the thing that upsets me the most is that I couldn't have the chance to kill that sailfish b***h and yet she wanted to stop the bloodshed when her family is the cause of Ethan's death and the death of Rodrik. what a delusional woman if she thought for a moment that I could have let that slide.
Kraqchan (6 months ago)
VAD Montblanc They're gonna kill Mira in the first 15 minutes of season 2 tho almost gaurunteed😢
Montblanc (1 year ago)
Some things are different, and if they make a new season with continuation, some things matter. For example, Mira not dying is the biggest, with her alive the Forresters will maintain a member in King's Landing, even if her situation is bad. Imagine if Sansa hadn't run away with Littlefinger and got executed instead? Also, if you chose Asher over Rodryk, the Glenmores are gone as allies most likely since Eleana will not marry into house Forrester, but if you decide to call off the ambush/poison plot, you still get Gryff dead and also add Gwyn to your allies in the end. This move ensures that you get Whitehill weaker and your own force stronger, you can also keep the traitor looking for redemption if you decide to spare him, something I also like since Duncan works better as traitor and Royland dies saving you in that case (the traitor works similarly wether you play Rodryk or Asher, the one you don't pick as sentinel in chapter 1 turns traitor but ends up on your side in the end if spared). If you chose Rodryk instead, Eleana gets taken by Ludd in the end, or Gryff since I don't know how Rodryk's story goes in that case and you can kill either Ludd or Gryff as him without compromising your romance alliance. It is harder and seems interesting too. Harder because in Asher's case, if you hold your promise to Gwyn and cancel the plot to kill Ludd, Gwyn is by your side in the end, in Rodryk's case you will have to save Eleana. Also, you can have multiple saves so it's worth playing 2-3 or 4 different ways and go with those for the next part of the game to see how you make the most of it. Imo playing with less honour and more cunning is wiser if you want more Forresters and Forrester allies. I meant the outcome is the same in that the same number of Forrester people die, except Mira who is always dependant on wether you take Morgryn's offer or not, you always lose your sentinel or traitor, and mother always dies one way or the other. But you have the chance to get 1 more ally and get Mira to survive depending on what you choose.
Bale Knight (1 year ago)
VAD Montblanc well if the outcome doesn't change I wouldn't replay the game if I were you , I honestly don't know why there are choices if I will get the same outcome , anyway good luck finishing the game with a different ending 👍🏻👍🏻 hopefully 😜
Montblanc (1 year ago)
Anyway, I don't really hate her character, I'm doing a replay right now where I plan to keep her on my side with Asher alive, seems the best strategic move. It is although more satisfying to stand-up to Gryff, strike their soldier with a goblet and whatnot because even if you lay down the outcome doesn't change, all that matters is who stays alive between Rodrik and Asher, and wether Mira lives or dies. You can also get Gwyn on your side as Asher if you call of the ambush/poison plot, but those aside you still get the same course from Ludd and Gryff.
Bale Knight (1 year ago)
VAD Montblanc exactly 🔥
kano b (1 year ago)
The endings were kinda disappointing
MrWazzup19 (1 year ago)
No real choice..nothing mattered in the end...n not a satisfying ending...with a cliffhanger. Disappointing game.
1DanteadamS1 (1 year ago)
They said it is unlikely to see season 2 in the near future.
Laazzr (1 year ago)
MrWazzup112 just wait for season 2
Thats why I fucked that bitch sera over! Fucking selling my ass out and I wasn't going to die for the coal boy either no one forced him to help me, it's mira or the coal boy easy decision he's head was taken clean off! Also at the end defend the North Grove the house had already fallen and whatever is there will benefit them in they're aid to defeat those fucks. It's the game of thrones stop letting emotion get in the way, the more of that family survives the better so fuck sera and the cold boy, take your mates heart and make them strong to defend the North Grove which will in the end help you win the war and reclaim your house.
joeking88 (1 year ago)
Illusion of choice
George Ballz (1 year ago)
I sold sera's ass out and married morgryn, gotta look out for myself
George Ballz I done the same shit, sera already started selling your ass out and no way was I dying for a coal boy lol better off alive to help out the family, its game of thrones you win or die and I chose to win lol
hak boxer (1 year ago)
If you play this game with pride you just end up fucking everything up and getting everyone killed, so to get good endings you gotta be a little bitch basically lol
First Name Last Name (1 year ago)
hak boxer pretty much lmao
DePlexx (1 year ago)
You guys don't understand how this game is tailored to what you choose? It never claims to have a bunch of different endings, which all vastly different from each other. It's all about your choices to get to these endings - that's the tailored part.
Majesti (1 year ago)
The deaths that really got to me were Arthur's, Asher's and Tom (coalboy)
Centurion (1 year ago)
WHO ELSE GOT "cunning strategy"
Chin Nation (1 year ago)
I knew there's wasn't much I can do to save people and house Forresters just by knowing the nature of GoT.
TnB3 (1 year ago)
This is not Game of Thrones this is Game of Forrester
terry mcginnis (1 year ago)
why in the hell would you agree to marry that douche bag
terry mcginnis Simple you're family is in need! Better to live and fight another day why the hell would you die for a coal boy that didn't have to help you at all? Fuck that family and your own life first.
terry mcginnis to survive and kill him later on
DreamOfTheRebel (1 year ago)
So regardless of your choices all the Forresters are doomed to either die or fail? GG Telltale, GG.
Kula Productions (8 months ago)
You must be new to Game of Thrones 🌚 I was expecting Mira to get rescued at the last minute but it was Ned Stark all over again...
ZeROStarGaming (1 year ago)
DreamOfTheRebel Season 2, even though so many likeable characters have died. TellTale stacked way to many odds against the Forresters
099Nitro (1 year ago)
ALWAY choose Lord Whitehill. Ryon gets saved anywys.
099Nitro Beheading him was awsome
Zero Drizzy (1 year ago)
It pretty much ends the same, no matter how you played it. The only one that is kinda different is kings landing.
Dirceu Santos (1 year ago)
Duncan the traitor
Dirceu Santos (1 year ago)
I am saying this based on Ramsay words. In his Eulogy he refers to Royland as loyal Bulldog and to Duncan as the parasite, depending who you choose as sentinel. When I played with duncan he died while saving Rodrick, but Royland even tho the traitor appeared to save his ass. Same as sentinel when I played with Asher, in the same situation as Duncan he managed to survive and run the same rescue attempt. I am playing as Asher since I like him better that Rodrick and I didn't give a damn for that thot Gwyn, too many died just for me to get my dick wet. I ain't allowing that will gather the forces in season 2 and take their land to house of Forrester and bring Ironwood to it's Og state.
Dirceu Santos (1 year ago)
No, bruh I take this from Ramsay words. He describes Royland as loyal bulldog and Duncan as parasite if they are chosen as sentinel...Besides if don't kill royland he comes to get your wounded ass with your sister talia. I didn't like the Blonde thot grif(?) while playing with Ahser.
E Money (1 year ago)
Dirceu Santos Royland is a traitor to. whoever you don't choose as sentinel betrays you
Kahn4 (1 year ago)
what does it matter? It always ends the same. Ironrath Falls and the mother dies.
playsbba018 (1 year ago)
wow no matter what you do it ends the same way fuckthis
sergio guerrero (1 year ago)
damn telltale sure knows how to make you feel like a complete failure with their games. i guess my biggest problem was they made u choose between asher or rodrik like that was too damn soon to be doing that kind of choice i mean it makes sense to but still -___-
sergio guerrero (1 year ago)
also since i saved bloodsong and he was mad i didnt let him die an honorable death he could have been a replacement for asher or rodrik but instead he dies in battle any way. that kinda choice should matter at least imo
friesinthecar vent (1 year ago)
What if you didn't kill the guard? Would Mira be accused of killing Tom?
avi B (1 year ago)
BellaSimms _ yes it happend when i played taletale hase some BS ways to move the story
Ggggffg Xxfffyd (1 year ago)
the forresters are a fucking Stark Ripoff.
Ggggffg Xxfffyd Not really lol they had no choice literally and no army basically, starks had everything to succeed but fucked it up for being to honourable.
LordSabo (1 year ago)
i fucking knew it, bought the game played it trough and before i started it told my friends "GOT is a meme, "everyone you love dies" theres no reason in playing it because the producers feel somehow forced to kill off everyone" i was right, worst TV series and the game is even dumber.
aviz kurnia (1 year ago)
What happen if mira didn't kill him?
aviz kurnia (1 year ago)
Rippingthosecheeks Hey how 😂
aviz kurnia Nothing lol they fuck you over either way
DAVO CAMPBELL (1 year ago)
i would have her spit at him
SONIC FORLIFE (1 year ago)
no 80 no 90 95 ive got alot better than him
prizvolix (1 year ago)
that series is too grimm even by the standards of the main tv show. so fucking dark and unsettling
Im Favrr (1 year ago)
What's the bloody point of all the "tailored to your choices". All nonsense, everyone catches the swift end of the blade anyways. Thought the ending would be somewhat good to look forward to, but you lose everything, waste of time.
Meris (1 year ago)
this is probably there worst
Dane Crusher (1 year ago)
I wanted to rip his heart but Cotter was a very good friend and I just cant see him suffer and also silvi will be mad at me
KingNChakky (1 year ago)
lol it seems he picked all the shitty choices initially
gamer mohammed (1 year ago)
42:36 mistake
Happy Guy (1 year ago)
Rodrick is the biggest badass in this game, if u seen the worst ending posible u will know what i mean :)
theConor561 (1 year ago)
I got the ending where Roderick is on the verge of death(again) and is saved but his home is pretty much fucked
SniperGhost RTDF (1 year ago)
There's a solution to cant cant save mira if you don't need help to tyrrel ?
12:23 this scene makes me so sad
Ever since Mira made that choice, she was quiet
Cuz tom is like, expecting Mira to help him, but she just doesn't :(
Mike Rotchburn (1 year ago)
Why didn't they open the gates and burn the ram before they sent a messenger it would of least bought them time
vasilis arabas (1 year ago)
we need season 2 now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
play 4 fun (1 year ago)
true story...
Pacho Stan (1 year ago)
23:12 happy wheels sound
Pacho Stan (1 year ago)
22:00 how can you get this scene
Da Blue Derp (2 months ago)
Have rodrick live
MutantKitten (2 years ago)
i hope they make a season 2 of this game where you can join jon snow and sansa in the battle of the bastards.
MutantKitten (1 year ago)
+Whitney Pyant ok
Whitney Pyant (1 year ago)
MutantKitten they are making a season 2 but I don't know if Kit Harington is returning or if Sophie Turner is joining.
Jordan Wu (2 years ago)
You will see those numbers move closer to 50% as people want to see what will happen with another decision when they replay the game
goscodfilmow (2 years ago)
I can't fucking believe it, Forresters standed enemy occupation, managed to bring best warriors from Essos and sacrificed their influence in Kings Landing just to have Ironrath burned and half of them killed... telltale is darker than hbo
Sarcastic Kat (2 years ago)
So in your playthrough I assume you went with the "Anti-Sara" route? And did you side with Margaery in your playthrough cuz I didn't and I also when "pro-Sara" and wanted to know if I could still redeem myself to Marg at this point in episode 6 while betraying Sara.
Dragon FanBoy (2 years ago)
I wonder where Elsera gets more warriors when she runs out of warriors.
Yeow Wei Wenn (2 years ago)
What choice? Everyone dies in the end!
Spielzeug Sora (1 year ago)
Craimax Black there is. It is confirmed. The question is when. I think 2019
Craimax Black (1 year ago)
A Potato i think he mean that no matter what choises you made,at the end everyone dies,the only true desicion for me is the sacrifice of rodrik or Asher,and the last desicion of Mira,death or surrender,those are the desicion that will truly affect the season 2,if there is a season 2
Yeow Wei Wenn what do u expect Telltale + Game of Thrones = not happy ending or bittersweet ending?
Nïkolaï Skoblin (2 years ago)
Next season ?
Zeniithe (2 years ago)
Awesome. Saves playing it again hahaha.
MV Master (2 years ago)
so theres no happy or even decent endings how fitting.
randomeuropeanguy (2 years ago)
so its exactly the same any way you do it, almost nothing changes, all choices are almost completely meaningless, thanks for letting me know, im skipping this "choice" game, its too gorey for me anyway
BlackMagicHDR (2 years ago)
i dont think there's any alternative endings, so what ever choices you pick the same thing will happen at the end😂
I think the only difference is that you can choose if Myra survives or not or if Rodrik or Asher survivives.
Adri (2 years ago)
so.... no matter what choice you choose.. there will be bloodshed in the end.. pretty much for "the story is tailored by how you play"
VorwartsZumSieg (2 years ago)
Hey the Forresters had a Red Wedding almost, heh.
Norman Hampton (2 years ago)
let me guess... no chance for a happy ending aye ?
LordSabo (1 year ago)
Nope, its Game of thrones, the producers have to play by the "everyone dies" meme. terrible game design
Cool Dude (2 years ago)
3:51 you can say that again
David Nguyen (2 years ago)
Wow , Lady Forrester can get brutal if she gets mad.
Will they release a second season?
FiveWindow 456 (2 years ago)
Now I wish I didn't invest in this if it only had bad endings.......
1wrongstu1 (2 years ago)
Wow I'm surprised Mira lives! Besides that one story everything else happens EXACTLY the same. Super annoying
Franco Ulumbres (2 years ago)
Ver la muerte de Mira me deprimió... Menos mal que sacrifiqué al niño carbón, fue horrible pero Mira vale oro, la quiero en mi team de la season 2
Franco Ulumbres (2 years ago)
Doesn't matter what you see Or into it, what you read You can do it your own way If it's done just how I say Telltale es fan de Metallica por lo que veo aquí...
robert23456789 (2 years ago)
so no mater what we do how we play it ironwarth is fucked
That_Random_Bro #1 (2 years ago)
Is this the last episode?
Warsrecker (2 years ago)
You all don't really get what tailored means do you? It has nothing to do with your choices having an impact on the story. A perfect analogy of tailored would be...Imagine being infront of a labyrinth. YOu bind a rope to the entrance and walk with the rope into the maze. There are maybe 5-10 different ways to reach the end. If you now walk through it and decide to now walk left or now right ect. is your choice, but you will reach the same end no matter what choice you have made. Maybe you found something that wasn't in the other path, met a mynotaur or a druid in the other path. All are different ways of experiencing the same story. And when you bind the end of the rope to the exit, you now have your tailored path. It is the exact path you have chosen. Nobody said you reach a different exit the only thing said was that you can choose on your own which way you take to find the exit.
35692Zz (2 months ago)
Warsrecker stfu
Calum Lambert (1 year ago)
The problem with this analogy is that some people would never get out of the labyrinth and because of each experience inside it, it leaves you with a different feeling when you reach the end. All of that is elementary as it misses the point that stories are branches and not labyrinths. The saying 'Branching out' comes to mind. This is why people didnt like this game at the end. Its lazy.
ETTEM (2 years ago)
Mira is a big fat lair!
Milenko Popov (2 years ago)
Fantastic game,but its not finished?What happened with Ramsay Snow,why he isnt killed?What happened with North grove?What happened with Asher ( or Roddick),Bescha,Ryon,ser Ronald ( or Duncan),Talya?What happened with Garret,and Asher uncle?
Spicy Memer (3 days ago)
+Tokyomilk well, not really anymore.
Tokyomilk (1 year ago)
Milenko Popov find out in season 2

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