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Longest Range Crossbow Kill..?! | Best PUBG Moments and Funny Highlights - Ep.132

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Longest Range Crossbow Kill..?! | Best PUBG Moments and Funny Highlights - Ep.132 TRY HASTE - http://bit.ly/SparktvPUBG 🌟🌟Submit your Moments to Win 10$ Steam Gift Card Giveaway! - https://goo.gl/forms/g5Dn6KtxD3GpxVJW2 (We will pick new winner every week) ►►More PUBG Moments - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdq7WG8yTCgOYBV70P-ORjQBAZ4_BY4_k ❤Source: Submited by N6GES Submited by DrakeLIB Submited by XIOPV Submited by Formalite Submited by Almacsutka Submited by SNDFaissal http://www.twitch.tv/shroud Submited by kattah http://www.twitch.tv/TX22 Submited by iSquidz Submited by Nilszon http://www.twitch.tv/ESL_CRASHtv Submited by Fury Submited by Oceanii Submited by Trippzie Submited by supermick95 Submited by Adidass90 Submited by Metric Melon Submited by ThatsSoRaven http://www.twitch.tv/TheHulksDaddy http://www.twitch.tv/Jafste Submited by Sway Submited by JoKeRsTaR Submited by Xrosrampage Submited by eXvolution Submited by LexsDragon Submited by Kylz Submited by within http://www.twitch.tv/JoshOG Submited by David-Lo-Pan http://www.twitch.tv/KacaKTV Submited by DrakeLIB Submited by ElleTV https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfMLRVUCyLoNl6xnhNT2MbQ Submited by Stenisxd Submited by JunJunOppa Submited by daniellazer2902 Submited by ILOVEJUICE Submited by Laponac http://www.twitch.tv/Mazarin1k Submited by True Submited by Marinheiroquadrado http://www.twitch.tv/san_33 Submited by SaaD420 http://www.twitch.tv/LazaPLAYS http://www.twitch.tv/Horstor http://www.twitch.tv/AlejaKaiser http://www.twitch.tv/ppanic1225 Submited by iMAGINATION1337 Submited by gobm ❤Music: ES_Backbreaker 3 - Niklas Ahlström ES_Late Night Dinner 2 - Magnus Ringblom ES_Take Cover - Niklas Gustavsson ES_Happy Campers 8 - Magnus Ringblom ES_Trapped In Berlin 2 - Niklas Gustavsson ES_Bumblebee Chemistry 1 - Håkan Eriksson ►If you have a request related to moments in this video, or this video in general, email - [email protected] (If there was mistake in credits, or you want something more, then contact us on Youtube or email - [email protected]) ————————————————————————————————————————— ◆PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS footage with permission by: https://www.playbattlegrounds.com/playerCreated.pu ◆Everything is licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ —————————————————————————————————————————
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Text Comments (207)
PUBG SparkTV Moments (6 months ago)
🌟🌟Submit your Moments to Win 10$ Steam Gift Card Giveaway! - https://goo.gl/forms/g5Dn6KtxD3GpxVJW2 (We will pick new winner every week) You participate in the giveaway, only if your moment was featured in our video so please only submit good moments. All the participants and winners are documented here - https://anotepad.com/note/read/3m6bhx 🔥🔥🔥Check out More Videos here - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdq7WG8yTCgOYBV70P-ORjQBAZ4_BY4_k
Gagal Sarjana (1 month ago)
PUBG SparkTV Moment
NOOBIČEK (3 months ago)
You is best
Yogi Joe (4 months ago)
:) Fgfgh Ikkkikkjkkkkkkkkkk
od games !!! (3 days ago)
s7 iREKTuRAGE (8 days ago)
almacsutka # hungaryyy
Youcef Youcef (10 days ago)
2:56 be cuz we are in battle grounds
Se pasó el de la granada
KevinHLChannel (26 days ago)
It's funny. I almost pre myself
x x (1 month ago)
What is ping
Tibi Orsos (1 month ago)
1:45 Magyar
byakuya kuchiki (1 month ago)
Kiseijuu (1 month ago)
6:35 😂
Nayla Iphone (1 month ago)
9:03 its funny
Platin Melon (1 month ago)
IHaveNo Idea (1 month ago)
1:46 wow a hungarian
DR music ringtone (2 months ago)
Nice video
jk strong (2 months ago)
WTH is the long crossbow kill???
Pepito 07 (2 months ago)
The longest crossbow shot was made by duffles it was a 550 meter friendly fire kill
Dániel Simon (2 months ago)
Yataginsu Redznya (2 months ago)
Havios Gaming (3 months ago)
8:42 lol
SoLAIrE_ YTR (3 months ago)
St3v3z (3 months ago)
That Dune reference xD Probably like 1% of the viewers had a clue what that reference meant xD Many places at once!
Mr. Ketchup (3 months ago)
Almacsutka magyar jeh Almacsutka is Hungarian
Marius Jørgensen (4 months ago)
04:02 is unacurate bulletdrop from kar
Akaky Bashmachkin (4 months ago)
Dude it's not even 100m look at the circle
Ismail balcı (4 months ago)
csgo-skins.com CILGNHMS openskins.com HAMSI www.wtfskins.net clgnhms
computer duster (5 months ago)
bad references
Btw haste is useless
Hiếu Trung (5 months ago)
How to setting blue blood :o
MrALandFromYouTube (5 months ago)
5:48 and thank me
SaaD420 (26 days ago)
lul 9:30
Scott Barker (5 months ago)
Does haste work on Console
SuperFlixz (5 months ago)
"Haste" It's good enough with nvidia geforce experience lmao
Zach Meyers (5 months ago)
205 people got domed at long range with a crossbow
Fuck China (5 months ago)
shooting stars memes aren't funny
Lil Asian (5 months ago)
Pls stop clickbaiting so freaking much
Umut Sariyaprak (6 months ago)
KaçakTv :)
Hassan Abz (6 months ago)
7:42 the blood is blue...
Dian Gospodinov (6 months ago)
3:35 Bulgarian squad here ? :D
XREALXS GAMING (6 months ago)
Die Toast Maschine (6 months ago)
Does Haste support Rainbow Six Siege?
John C (6 months ago)
A shooting stars meme in 2k18 smh
HamesAlwaysWins (6 months ago)
ii didnt see a nutty crossbow shot or am i blind?
ADNAN (6 months ago)
HamesAlwaysWins it is at 0:30
Optical Gamer (6 months ago)
hey i just got pubg can anyone help me out
Ahmet Albek (6 months ago)
N6ges (6 months ago)
hehe 0:29
angeltv 736 (6 months ago)
2:00 its that PUBG or another game? pls tell me
Ole Birkeland (6 months ago)
thats a marker, not his possition... nice
Avan satya (6 months ago)
Mike W (6 months ago)
shooting stars is not dead
Alex Tru (6 months ago)
8:50 Song Name ?
JTGAMING LEGEND (1 month ago)
Bag raiders shooting star
infamouspbj (6 months ago)
Alex Tru shooting stars by bag raiders
Keenan Guilmette (6 months ago)
Song that starts around 4:00?
돋단배 (6 months ago)
R u drunk?
Fredcjgames58 (6 months ago)
4:14 song
Iliya Vishneusky (6 months ago)
1:17 До слёз!
daniellazer2902 (6 months ago)
Does we have to add something in the google form to be featured as the main clip? like what edits can you do or else?
jojo3000terrax (6 months ago)
I like the most about your videos that you show what titels says at first
honzanko (6 months ago)
8:30 Mazi <3
mario khalil (6 months ago)
Does Haste Work or just a virus
Суська (6 months ago)
Obie Flice (6 months ago)
That dude Formalite, shooting straight as an arrow with 100m zeroing distance at over 100m. GG
Alen Zuzic (6 months ago)
Lol blue blood , what a bunch of fags
00felixb (6 months ago)
Shooting stars is such a dead meme
Ediz Buyukkardesler (6 months ago)
Gökhan Hıtır (6 months ago)
Ediz Buyukkardesler as as
Goldenpig 55 (6 months ago)
1:46 MAGYAR!
annonamed (6 months ago)
Alma Csutka (6 months ago)
annonamed (6 months ago)
T K (6 months ago)
Goldenpig 55 and that’s Hungary with the longest confirmed vss kill
EMRE GAMİNG TR (6 months ago)
7:19 da kaçak tv var
Vexu (6 months ago)
7:35 how can you get the blood blue?
- DarkFreak90- (5 months ago)
Vexu ii
Vexu (5 months ago)
Jiggly Biscuits thx lol
Jiggly Biscuits (5 months ago)
Vexu move to China.
Vexu (6 months ago)
KATANYA GAMING but I didint ask why the blood was blue I asked how to get it blue.
KATANYA GAMING (6 months ago)
Vexu scroll through the comment section, you'll find another comment asking why the blood spray is blue
Shmok Malshin (6 months ago)
haste is so good i was play pubg with 40 fps now im with 100 thats sooo good!
Nattakorn Onnom (6 months ago)
when is the crossbow kill ?
____ Gabi (6 months ago)
1:47 Hungary
annonamed (6 months ago)
Free AK26 Almacsutka!:D
•๖ۣۜSnakerr• (6 months ago)
Shooting Stars XD
Sunny X (6 months ago)
Oh man, soo funny
2 2 (6 months ago)
What's the song at 08:59???
Liam Briddxck (6 months ago)
Hey SparkTV, Thanks for featuring me at 5:13!
Remi imeR (6 months ago)
What film in 6:11 ?
Personal Account (6 months ago)
David Terpstra (3 months ago)
Ninda JS hoi
Carson Weng (6 months ago)
Hi everyone!!! I just started twitch streaming because of shroud! Please follow my channel like you follow shrouds! 😂 https://m.twitch.tv/SmallEyeBasterd
LeviaKachu (6 months ago)
10:17 this is what called deadly greed
DanTheHacker 47 (6 months ago)
What is the song name at 8:44
JTGAMING LEGEND (1 month ago)
Bag raiders shooting star
David Terpstra (3 months ago)
DanTheHacker 47 i
DanTheHacker 47 (6 months ago)
Harry Yates thanks
Harry Yates (6 months ago)
DanTheHacker 47 Shooting Stars
Doran Martell (6 months ago)
Haste is a malware
DK Jimmy (6 months ago)
I wouldn't be suprised
가조크 (6 months ago)
Konstah (6 months ago)
9:17 nah gravitys overrated
Akaradej Akarawasralux (6 months ago)
OMG!!!!!!! ....... 2.10 - TITAN V
will shang (6 months ago)
hun... some of the snipe shoots made look like aim bot....
hairanndo2002 (6 months ago)
Wow, SHROUD's PC installed TITAN V!?
fLeY (6 months ago)
6:30 JoshOG's 2X Scope is pixelated like mine .... my reddot, holographic, 2x scope , water , blue zone and everything above 200m is pixelated or blurry help me pleasee...
Will Clausius (6 months ago)
Has anyone downloaded Haste? Does it work?
Jackatire01 (6 months ago)
I love how these videos are 11 mins and im just looking for one clip
MatkoPez (6 months ago)
Tell me how can fcking crossbow shot and kill trought lvl3 helmet?!?!?
ElleTV (6 months ago)
Thanks for the feature at 7:49, started uploading stuff to YT the other day, and more will be coming! :-)
-Speany (6 months ago)
1:44 magyar!!!!!
annonamed (6 months ago)
P4r4d0x -_- Almacsutka!:D
SehrGut KOK (6 months ago)
Mazarin1k :o :--)
Ultra HD (6 months ago)
at 3:08 his mate is next to him, you can see the orange color of him and the thing in georgopol is only his marker.
Genexpapa (6 months ago)
1:44 magyaar :D
annonamed (6 months ago)
Genexpapa Almacsutka!:D
joe joe (6 months ago)
What's the song that they use when he hops out of the truck and is floating?
Samselk Jk (6 months ago)
8:42 R.I.P. old memes
Ryan (7 days ago)
T K Not really.
T K (6 months ago)
Samselk Jk shits still funny tho
Marinheiro Quadrado (6 months ago)
Thank you for featuring my shooting stars clip man!! apreciate it :D
Demon Kitten (6 months ago)
At 9:08 what is that song called?
Eduard Breaban (6 months ago)
All songs used are in the description, at the bottom. That one is Bumblebee Chemistry 1 - Håkan Eriksson
Formalite (6 months ago)
Yay i made it again :) 1:20 SHROUD GOT A TITAN V WTF????
JTGAMING LEGEND (1 month ago)
Formalite Congratulations
Joey Torel (6 months ago)
is it just me, or is the guy at 1 minute cheating with no recoil on M416?
Mal (6 months ago)
That’s called compensating for recoil lol.
3:09 it's a mark not people!
Warrior Boti (6 months ago)
what's the song at 4:02 ?
Dappi (5 months ago)
where have u been?
Trần Long (6 months ago)
Warrior Boti uu
K0r4y (6 months ago)
Niklas Gustavsson - Take Cover
djhycam2 (6 months ago)
cant find either
MotivatedGamer (6 months ago)
Warrior Boti How do you NOT know

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