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1 VS 99 Zombies | PUBG

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Check out Moot: PC: https://goo.gl/odML98 Apple: https://goo.gl/7kMJnp Android: https://goo.gl/BAFxpm We decided to try out the Zombie mode, for future games - I think vehicles need some strict rules, maybe even to be disabled, watcha think? ► Discord - https://discord.gg/Fugglet ► Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/Fugglet ► Twitter - https://twitter.com/Fugglet_tv ► Twitch - https://twitch.tv/fugglet ► lronside, Click here to customize your own PC - https://ironsidecomputers.com/
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Fugglet (9 months ago)
If you have suggestions for Zombie games, fire it up. Sorry for the few videos lately, I'm super packed with my bachelor exam. On the 1st I'm all ready and good to go full-time at my new place to pump out content!
Tukeen (1 month ago)
give the zombies armor and try again
Mike CRONNER (2 months ago)
Fugglet can you play Dying Light?
I have a suggestion, for every 10 zombies there should also be a player with a pistol. Escorting them.
Janne Woo (3 months ago)
Fugglet u
DepressedNoob (3 months ago)
Dying Light
our45 mel (10 hours ago)
84kill only u say 99
0 kill
KicoPRO TM (2 days ago)
OMG wow very good.
can your add me BigfootA80
Herveen 24 (5 days ago)
Bad aiming lol
Kind Person (11 days ago)
Where's your dick motherfuker? You fucking pussy
JESMIN ARA (15 days ago)
6:40 Hello MotherF****r
Miles Dupree (18 days ago)
There were 2 humans, what happened to the other guy?
Tor Berg (18 days ago)
96 zombies
Albhaa Husam (25 days ago)
2:46 "zombie lives dosen't matter"
Andmondson Create (30 days ago)
Zombie dombie?
manjit chaudhary (1 month ago)
8×in akm
; Gloria. (1 month ago)
there was 2 humans.. he said 1 wtf
juan virrueta (1 month ago)
How do you play that mode
Jeff Hachman (1 month ago)
Yea running themself over was loser'ish even in end game bud
Seth Dotson (1 month ago)
*0 kill*
- OTOCOOL_HD _ (1 month ago)
2Humans lol?
Wassim XDZ (1 month ago)
90 road kills . and 9 with guns w what a noob
Stop Pressing E (1 month ago)
mute video if u dont want to hear this guy speak more than the number of desperate stream snipers in this game.
David Sjölin (1 month ago)
Who's the second human?
Blazing- Mx (1 month ago)
Mik3 Ang3l Vlogs (1 month ago)
I really wished the last person had killed this foo🙄
Mik3 Ang3l Vlogs (1 month ago)
Pus** pus** pus**
Mik3 Ang3l Vlogs (1 month ago)
Hate this video because it wasn’t fare for the zombies but I hace a like only because if it gets lots of likes, probably the PUBG might add this mode
Mik3 Ang3l Vlogs (1 month ago)
It would’ve been nice if this game actually had zombies
Bikarel (1 month ago)
What a pussy
Uro Trigger (1 month ago)
ElRugged1 (2 months ago)
Weak... If you had Aim you wouldn't use the vehicle
Ayden Phongsavath (2 months ago)
If your playing with zombies always go for headshots
JUAN BARRON (2 months ago)
PLZ don't say bad words
Nebitni (2 months ago)
10:47 dance skills.
Osama Abu Al Haija (2 months ago)
Boring and not fair with the vehicles 😐
Mariano Cantalo (2 months ago)
help pudg marianocantar
Mojiz Naqvi (2 months ago)
10 49 had a sick zombie stunt
Not a BOT (2 months ago)
jeff man (2 months ago)
Dont use the car fuck face
[ Sɑɱʋɼɑɥ] (2 months ago)
the penguin king (2 months ago)
0:31 the end of the sponsorship I think
Tiny Robber (2 months ago)
Who was the other person ?
Lizard (2 months ago)
Johnny Johnson (2 months ago)
i wish this zombie mode goes to pubg mobile
big Boris (2 months ago)
How does zombies work is it a custom server
Jay_gaming Pichardo (2 months ago)
How do you play these zombies game on iOS I wanted to join a match for a rlly damn long time
TheGamingNinzz (2 months ago)
Why you lean all the time with sniper rifle?
Missy Mckay (3 months ago)
I look at moots description and I’m like HELL’YA I want to make friends!
Thot Slayer.exe505 (3 months ago)
Lol, I laughed every time they ran
No,its 1 human vs 66 zombies
let's play (3 months ago)
Is zombies only on pc
Tommy Vailes (3 months ago)
U needed a pan
Yampace GD (3 months ago)
Im a chneeke chnake
M.Furkan Demirel (3 months ago)
Just win94,sawed off and revolver No cars No healing
qnatest gaming (3 months ago)
6:36 FUGGLET NOOOOOOOOO the guys sound after it
Raúl S. Méndez Correa (3 months ago)
I love your voice uwu
Lil N.E.M.S (3 months ago)
Zombies on mobile would be awesome :D
Jacob Brooks (3 months ago)
KILLL yourself
Lasttrevor Sykes (3 months ago)
como eu vim parar aqui mano kskdkkkkk
teadus (3 months ago)
I would do it if i had m249 700 bullets and m24 150 bullets
Boomy Muzik (3 months ago)
Can he survive the real apocalypse?
Young Savag e (3 months ago)
Yo I've watched this vid a million times I've wondered what if they added an 50.cal😮
Bon Kanye (3 months ago)
10:48 corpselaunch ballet
Basil 2.0 (3 months ago)
are you dutch? why was a random dude talking dutch to no one
Derek Barbosa (4 months ago)
Why was u sniping just stick that 8x on the m416 and get "HELLA" kills
Josh Han (4 months ago)
10:48 is the most beautiful PUBG death I have witnessed
Crap Bucket (4 months ago)
cheating pussy
Kimbap Kidding (4 months ago)
i'd die from heart attack.
Luka (4 months ago)
13:53 kako se kaze poslednji? Xd
antshawyn norman (4 months ago)
10:47 thank me later👌
BassyGame’s (4 months ago)
Big Smoke (3 months ago)
BassyGame’s then why are you here?
molu222 (4 months ago)
15:15 that was funny lol
Victor Popescu (4 months ago)
7:43 look at the window
Lardah420 (4 months ago)
Yo this should be an offline mode for full and mobile
Abhishek Mahto (4 months ago)
Could you make a video hoe to start the zombie mode
Yeeric (4 months ago)
Wait why were there two humans im stupid
SANDMAN (4 months ago)
Duel M249 will be good here
10:50 baleto
Abhishek Sahu (4 months ago)
Sam Thedford (4 months ago)
At 10:50 that guy died like a ballerina😂😂
I like turtles ._. (4 months ago)
How to join those cool servers?
o.r 122 (4 months ago)
Soldier of The Savior (4 months ago)
3, 2, 1, LETS GO! *boom*
Facehunter2003 (4 months ago)
One millionth view Xd
A_YT (4 months ago)
Gam3N (4 months ago)
999k views lol
Kai Henriquez (4 months ago)
That one dutch guy that starts complaining
MR. Hacker (4 months ago)
Is it in pubg mobile too
Not snakey enough
Sehun Vekni (4 months ago)
m249 would be OP
teadus (4 months ago)
M249 650 ammo
teadus (4 months ago)
That not idiot m24 powerful 1 ar enough
awren63 (4 months ago)
minerdx xd (4 months ago)
Maybe make cars, guns, meds harder, idk
DopeJopeSoap 1 (4 months ago)
13:45 that flip though
DopeJopeSoap 1 (4 months ago)
10:48 he did the splits when he died!😂
Mark Mohammed (4 months ago)
Joseph Hathcock (4 months ago)
*uses vehicles* 84 kills
Jesus Llanas (4 months ago)
The trick to winning is to wait till the final circles and swarm
Barbara CAMAT (4 months ago)
Bro why 0 kills
avery c (4 months ago)
Fugglet are you German oorrrrrrr like asian orrrrrr ????¿
andres reyes (5 months ago)
Lmao the vehicles dont need to be drivable at all... Or maybe one car with low fuel

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