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Damage multiplier and Rook analysis - Rainbow Six | Siege

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Testing and uncovering the Rainbow Six Siege damage multipliers and operator differences, including: Strike zones; operator armour; rook armour; fall damage; Twitch, Bandit, Smoke & Capitao gadgets; speed comparison for all operator types plus shield operators and Blackbeard; bleed-out times... R6 Gun Guides: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7b_pqdIu5g&list=PLP2MwDk1r3q1A8z3g9f0OFj2O2sMLMVOa Battlefield 1: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLP2MwDk1r3q3F7Oj-hF0EFFma-l2hy5UD Live Video Game Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMjSGl2CT2E&list=PLP2MwDk1r3q2f2N3hSnY0aeywbUk9KbXh&index=1 Music: "Hyperfun" - by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) "Call to Adventure" - by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) "If I Had a Chicken" - by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) "Sur La Wobble (Orchestral Mix)" - by MDK (https://mdkofficial.bandcamp.com) "Sur La Wobble" - by MDK (https://mdkofficial.bandcamp.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/
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Text Comments (716)
Rogue-9 (1 year ago)
Strike zones - 0:42 Operator type damage multipliers - 1:43 Rook armour multipliers etc. - 3:06 Gadget damage multipliers - 6:08 Bleed-out time comparison - 7:19 Movement speed comparison - 7:58
Srinith Reddy (5 months ago)
What about the sound increase by rook armor?
Mike Lockley (1 year ago)
Hey rouge, great video! I also think that rook armour increases bleed out times ;p
randomman10396 (1 year ago)
jack Trussler Anyone buffed by Rook's armor has a slower bleed out time than those that don't.
jack Trussler (1 year ago)
Rook does actually bleed out slower than any other operator in the game to my knowledge. there may be others but rook is the only I know of
zachary Isaman (1 year ago)
Rogue-9 I
IwishmynamewasDuck (11 days ago)
My analyses, 2 armor is best armor. Doc with rook armor is best rook.
Kris Sinclair (27 days ago)
I've heard that Rook armor slows down the bleed out time.
FalseFruit 101 (29 days ago)
May I ask why I headshot someone with rook armor and it always downed them?
TNP (2 months ago)
I picked up rook armor 2 times in one round and was revived twice because of this
L'il Nuggie (2 months ago)
200hp? Nani??
Pasdor 993 (2 months ago)
1:33 hold on hold on why aren’t the headphones red the just as important when your shot in the headphones you die too
Timebomb 95 (3 months ago)
You forgot the bos g
Havran Dani (3 months ago)
TIME FOR SOME SERIOUS PROTECTION!!! *pulls out a bag of condoms*
Nikolaos Vitoroulis (3 months ago)
Whoa @9:30 Monty with pistol only definitely runs faster
Flameserz TM (3 months ago)
Twitch fall damage was 178 and fuze fall damage was at 179 dude the heavier you are you take 1more point of damage i guess any way great vid
KommissarBanx (3 months ago)
You forgot to mention that Rook armor DOUBLES your bleed out time.
Strand of hair (3 months ago)
Wiki says armor makes light armor ops into medium armored ops...
Ion Josan (3 months ago)
Also, for Capitao, people think at it’s the fire that kills you. You don’t burn, you inhale the fire and it burns your insides. So it wouldn’t make sense if your armor would help you.
The FlamingSpartan (4 months ago)
Necro Mancer (4 months ago)
Does the armor plate makes you louder while moving
The Laughing Pro (4 months ago)
So hes basically useless
Red Robin (4 months ago)
Is there an analysis of smokes ability and it’s damage towards varied armoured opponents, does it make a difference if ash or Montagne walks into the smoke ?
Stephen Santilli (4 months ago)
Comrade Nikolai Petrov (4 months ago)
So basically rook is useless? Great... gotta change operator
Comrade Nikolai Petrov (4 months ago)
Rogue-9 ok but regarding his ability he is pretty useless or?
Rogue-9 (4 months ago)
The impact is not huge but in a more recent video, I analysed the win ratios for different operators and Rook is one of the most winning defenders. He's very useful to have
otakotaro123 (5 months ago)
SAM Bring me there.
Ryanide (5 months ago)
I think you missed DBNO shots to kill. I noticed when I'm playing Mira, sometimes when I'm DBNO I can take a few extra shots before being killed compared to someone like Ela. Does Armour effect how tanky one is in DBNO?
pedro s (5 months ago)
So basically rook is useless and there’s little to no time to kill difference between the different operators
Ryyk (5 months ago)
You cant get downed twice by the same person
hassi44 (5 months ago)
That moment when you realize that the reason everyone can find you so easily after being downed by an enemy is the blood trail you leave behind you when you crawl to cover.
Gemuse Mann (5 months ago)
I still like rook even if his ability is almost useless
aisofd (5 months ago)
Squishy things? Thought you're talking about IQ's breasts
Coolguy1260 :D (5 months ago)
Does Blitz’s new 2 speed equal to a 2 speed operator, in the middle of heavy and medium armor, or is it less than heavy speed?
M (6 months ago)
Blackbeard being the slowest with his shield doesn’t make any sense... maybe then speed and definitely ADS
the purple mexican (6 months ago)
does it make you louder?
Rogue-9 (6 months ago)
Not as far as I could tell
ThePiet (6 months ago)
Was hoping for a section on the damage reduction of explosives, I know this would be fairly hard to test but I feel like it is a major factor when comparing the armour stats. For example, does the lethal distance of a frag grenade change based on if you are wearing Rook armour or not?
Siddhartha Singh (6 months ago)
Soon, Rainbow Six Siege encyclopedia ; Author ; ROGUE 9
U1T1MATR1X (6 months ago)
So basically you can take 1-3 more bullets before dbno or death, double bleed out time, and no negatives. I read on a wiki for rook that rook plates reduces damage by 20 percent? Any truth to this? Or truth to the other points in the wiki? http://rainbowsix.wikia.com/wiki/Rook
Gilles Touré (7 months ago)
thk u for trying to make rook look useless
sam witwicky (7 months ago)
so i have a good question does using your secondary weapon as a non shield op make you go faster?
Rogue-9 (7 months ago)
Sable Myst (7 months ago)
Does Rook armor make you bleed out more slowly?
PurpleBread (7 months ago)
have these changed at all?
Lord Tachanka (8 months ago)
3 armor has never saved me I think 3 armor should be more noticable
The Dr. Pocket Kiwi (8 months ago)
what about noise made?
jose mendivil (8 months ago)
does explosion damage is afected by rook´s plates or armor?
Mitch Gordon (9 months ago)
Having heavier armor wouldnt make u get hurt more from a fall because being heavier doesnt make u fall faster
Derpysam (9 months ago)
You lied gas canesters had a 1 hp difference
Kyle h (9 months ago)
H rouge-9 I love your vids, and I have a question, see smokes gas bomb thing does that damage the other sas operators, for example your playing as sledge and an enemy is playing as smoke, does it still hurt you. And if not I find that kinda weird, sledge and Thatcher are clearly wearing gas masks so it shouldn't hurt you. But again I love your vids and keep up the great work
Kyle h (9 months ago)
Rogue-9, ah, well that sucks, might as well not have the blooming things on then, but thanks anyway, and keep up the good work
Rogue-9 (9 months ago)
I think CoreRoss tested this way back in the early days of the game. I’m pretty sure all other operators take damage, their masks are not functional
Worth It (9 months ago)
i feel bad for you, i only wonder how long it would take to get all this info.
Rasta Pants (9 months ago)
How does it feel to have Ubisoft sending people your videos? I already watched them but the SAM bot just sent me here.
Rasta Pants (9 months ago)
Yeah, since it used my hours to determine i was a rook main it recommended this video to me. Congrats, and i love your content.
Rogue-9 (9 months ago)
+Rasta Pants really?!? No way, that's awesome! I'm outside of Canada so I've not been able to try it out yet. That's so cool though, thanks for letting me know! 😄
Je Suie Charlie (9 months ago)
Best Chanel in YouTube.
BronzeJourney (9 months ago)
So if you are not in the need of a speed, more armor always better than more speed.
AVD gamerHD (10 months ago)
Whats up guys ,rook 9 here!
Jdub011 (10 months ago)
Why do sledge thater and mute take damage from smoke
Forza Of 2077 (10 months ago)
He missed bleed out of rook armor vs non rook armored didn't he??!
Rogue-9 (10 months ago)
+The Youngs I did. It's double the time with rook plates 😉
An Air Conditioner (10 months ago)
Who knew that wet toilet paper could weigh so much
sfakias4 (10 months ago)
U re not getting slower or heavier with rooks armor u peace of shit
The blackbeard speed thing doesn’t make sense to me. He’s supposedly carrying the shields so the weight he’s carrying is the same but he’s slower.
Vigil (10 months ago)
Great video but please try to make it a little shorter next time.
Simran4U (10 months ago)
Rooks armor makes footsteps and movements louder
B4RK1N (4 months ago)
Nope. Normal armor doing that if you are 3 armor you make much sound.
Pensive (10 months ago)
Are you German?
Twinkki (10 months ago)
Tf is a “collateral shot to the head”
Dylan Ulrich (10 months ago)
Next 3killsharip
PurpleIsALetter (10 months ago)
I have never understood why pistols and SMGs go through helmets in this game. Why bother wearing them if that's the case?
PurpleIsALetter (10 months ago)
Rogue-9 I agree. Plus if we look at similar style of games, they usually have some mechanic to that effect
Rogue-9 (10 months ago)
True, pistol calibres should be survivable in most cases.
Kaappo Nurminen (11 months ago)
Gas ganisters did have 1 health difference!!!
Voodikod (11 months ago)
You might as well not even worry about the P90. There will most likely never be a situation where you'll be shooting at an enemy with Rook armor, due to the P90 being a defender only weapon. If anything, this is good.
Shakeel Jessa (11 months ago)
Absolutely excellent video.
Zephyr360 (11 months ago)
9:25 It would make sense for the same thing to apply to blackbeard then because the rifle shield is still on his back kappa.
[Blank] Blank (11 months ago)
7:44 and rook armor increases down time.
[Blank] Blank (11 months ago)
Also the p90 value at 4:55 doesn't really matter since the p90 is a defenders gun and attackers 99% of the time don't have rook armor, unless your teammate is an idiot.
Jack McGarry (11 months ago)
they really dropped the ball on the p90
nintendomario007 (11 months ago)
Cav's Luison gets the HS bonus, it just always downs and never kills unless they would die anyway.
nintendomario007 (11 months ago)
Another thing: Rook's armor doesn't save you from instant death. In total, you have 120 heath. That last 20 is DBNO health. You deal 100-119 damage, you will DBNO people. After you get picked up, you have to wait 3 minutes to get DBNO again without dying, unless you pick up rook armor, which also resets that. Quick edit: Use Cavera for the testing next time, she always DBNO people.
Fawful benivictor (11 months ago)
Huh I wonder how dangerous a heavy armour with a rook plate and full doc stim overheal is
THE XPRT GAMER (11 months ago)
Ash has no damage from her head (Sorry for bad English)
Soriyu (11 months ago)
Can you maybe do this again but with added doc stims?
Eddie Bradley (1 year ago)
What is up with your man crush on Ross
Rogue-9 (1 year ago)
I think it's mostly his body... also his voice... but yeah 😂
Curtis Shyu (1 year ago)
Good work on this it would have taken a lot of effort
Rogue-9 (1 year ago)
+Curtis Shyu it did but as long as people find it useful, it's all worth it in the end!
The Slav Commissar (1 year ago)
Strike zones are really shit in this game... little bit too unrealistic. But very nice video :D
The Slav Commissar (1 year ago)
Rogue-9 yeah very realistic if you play Fuze with shield and they shoot your elbow and you are dead...
Rogue-9 (1 year ago)
They actually used to be more realistic, with arms counting the same as legs but it made shooting at chest height really inconsistent. Sometimes you'd do fool damage and other times hit the arms. They changed that for the sake of fairer damage
U1T1MATR1X (1 year ago)
So is it worth it wearing Rook plates? i would say yes given the details in the vid here.
Rogue-9 (1 year ago)
+U1T1MATR1X yep, I would agree. Very useful
o 2 (1 year ago)
But the real question is, is IQ's thicc zone part of her body or legs?
So rook is still useless practically compared to the other operators in the meta *sigh* Lets make tool armor protect against 1 headshot and one body shot, and lets make rook plates resistant to glaz's scope, and let's give doc a syringe, instead of a gun mechanic, and just getting revived by doc makes your health pool go to 75, and his syringe has unlimited uses, but has a 15 second recharge and he already starts with one and they are stackable and now there's no over heal, but he heals u up to 50 health per use, and can use percentages to heal u to a certain amount...
Rogue-9 (1 year ago)
+VeryObeseCat Productions well, he basically turns a lvl. 1 armour into lvl. 3 and others become even tougher. Plus you always survive being downed AND (something I didn't explicitly mention) it doubles bleed out time.
Kingdom Royalty (1 year ago)
When you actually pay attention in Math class
Mike Lockley (1 year ago)
I'm pretty sure rook armour increases bleed out time?
Potatoes FTW (1 year ago)
Pager Guy (1 year ago)
"I trust my teamates" **Got shot by teamate**
TrueUser025 (1 year ago)
This is why heavy operators are useless
Yasin Ayas (1 year ago)
Hey, a bit old video but I wanted to add something. Wearing rook armor actually doubles your bleed out time. Both with and without applying pressure.
Scott New (1 year ago)
What determans if you get injured or not
IngEyn (1 year ago)
What about grenade damage or explosions on Rook armor/armor types?
Shades Of Red (1 year ago)
Doesn't rook armor also increase the bleed out time?
Rogue-9 (1 year ago)
+Shades Of Red it does, correct. It doubles it, in fact. Should have mentioned it
Hmong Boy (1 year ago)
Every head shot is an instant kill? *fires a 3 MM bullet* "doooh I'm ded"
Potato Gaming (1 year ago)
i rook/pulse main and this is really gonna help me out. thanks.
BlackSeaCat (1 year ago)
Hi, Rouge! I think I have an idea of "that strange phenomena"))) (just for fun) I've been translated into russian some of your excellent episodes, so many russians viewers decided to check the original)))) Your the smartest mathematical guides are exciting!
Spicy memes (1 year ago)
Rook's armor also makes you feel unstoppable and boosts your confidence, only to get head shoted by an ash main.
Ian Rand (1 year ago)
Bleed out while wearing rook armor is slower
that guy (1 year ago)
Love how hard he tried to hit 10 minutes
Rogue-9 (1 year ago)
meh, if you watch more of my videos, you will see that I don't work like that at all. My last video was 9:58. they end up the length they end up at
Nami Jbaily (1 year ago)
Good job, mate. Nice video.
Jackal (1 year ago)
You bleed out slower when wearing rook armor
Sohn Jmith (1 year ago)
How does the cav have more than 100 health at 3:11?
Rogue-9 (1 year ago)
+Sohn Jmith custom game with double health
Yolo Joe (1 year ago)
An update that would make siege super super realistic would be a huge hitbox change and add effects, for example torso it does more damage and when you get hit in the torso, the operator's wind would be knocked out and they lose the ability to run and stumble a bit for a very short period, getting shot in the arms does less damage and when getting shot in the arms your looking sensitivity reduces by a tiny bit but the more shots your arm takes, the more the sensitivity it reduces, and getting shot in the hands does least damage and varies, left hand make you lose stability, and right hand makes your shots poorly timed, so if you get shot in the right hand and you try to fire, there would be a short delay and you lose the ability to spam the trigger if you have a pistol for example. Headshots would be complicated, helmets will actually have a purpose, getting shot in the face is an instant headshot but getting shot in the back or wherever there is a helmet will do less damage and cause the operators vision to blur for a while and if you get shot more, your vision will become red and blurry from trauma which build up blood in your eye or something, and legs, getting shot in the thigh does the most and cause the player to immediatly fall (to prone position) and cannot run for a period, getting shot in the shin causes the player to stumble every so often and their sprinting is kinda choppy and last for a small period, and getting shot in the foot does the least damage and causes the player to sprint slower and walk slower in a humbling motion. *some of these effects go away, and some can only be cured from a heal syringe from doc (unless operators get to have a small little syringe that heals a little and shortens the period of effects and makes permanent effect go away after a while)*
Gábor Richárd Papp (1 year ago)
9:20 90% speed of light. Damn that's some quick running. Call NASA now.
Potato Joe (1 year ago)
Tachonka helmet vs. pea shooter, pea shooter wins.
I wanna poke something in a hole on IQ
Twerkinator (1 year ago)
Rook is placebo confirmed
Why would the hand count as chest area ubi? yyyyyyy. this makes it so hard for shield ops

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