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I'm going professional. ▶ Subscribe to my channel here! https://bit.ly/2nJgtxS ▼ Connect with me: Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/tomographic Twitter https://twitter.com/itstomographic Playing with: Aculite - http://bit.ly/2Ab0sWV Fugglet - http://bit.ly/Fugglet ★ My PC Specs: https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/Tomographic/saved/pJHQzy ♫ Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com https://www.youtube.com/WeAreEpidemicSound Looking for a YouTube partnership? Join Union for Gamers! Click for more info: https://bit.ly/2HZnUpP (Referral Link) ⯅ ZERO TO HERO - PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG)
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Text Comments (67)
Polis (7 days ago)
M24 Silenced seems to be bugged at the moment. Too many times i have been shot at from in front of me and the shot is clearly emitting from the opposite direction
Taylor Jollymore (12 days ago)
LOL Its not aculite its his dad. 😂😂😂
Jakub Kowalski (18 days ago)
This indeed was a very entertaining piece of PUBG content. Keep up the good work and don't let them all bully you - they too miss their shots but then they COVER IT BY LASHING OUT AT YOU! ;)
Nendogamer (19 days ago)
This vid popped in my recommendations and was surprised its Tom! Instant sub with the bell icon active!
R Z (20 days ago)
Ryan doesn't know how to spell Raging. what a fuckin idiot.
rifi anggriawan (20 days ago)
After realm royale release, I feel like I don't enjoy pubg more than it was. There's always server problem (at least in my region).
Liam Breen (20 days ago)
Ryan<3 miss him
Vlad Fifty-Two (22 days ago)
Hey it’s the Brit Aculite plays with.
ymer234 (23 days ago)
Tom-FragMachine? =)
Geoff Greenwood (23 days ago)
Love your very edited videos, they are always awesome. But your gameplay is good enough, simple edits are just as entertaining. Especially when you are with Aculite and Fug. I guess Ryan can come too.
Mike 35 (23 days ago)
Jax (23 days ago)
cammobus (23 days ago)
Great Video.
BoycE CSGO & More (23 days ago)
Nice vid, once again tom!
A S (23 days ago)
Tom throwing a frag at Tom-FragMachine :D
Recluse (23 days ago)
Never let it be said again that Tom always dies first. This is a momumentous occasion friends. Dude, seriously...you're skill is improving with each passing month that's easy to see. You're no longer the underdog in this group....and when it comes to personality and likability you have ALWAYS been the front-runner! We love you bro! (No homo) (okay maybe a little)
Hydra Overray (23 days ago)
your videos are like drinking wine, aculite is like vodka
_baKa_ (23 days ago)
"Did I mention I killed Shroud once? . . . Whilst he was down" lmao xD
TheSauceman (23 days ago)
Guarantee Tom if you say fuck it man and just gives us you’re everything and you’ll be living a full time gaming job before you know man more videos Tom is a must
Anjana Dey (23 days ago)
Fugglet was so proud when he got confused for Aculite
John.Schroeder (24 days ago)
Tom is the rock all teams should have, you can always count on him and he's always there to offer support.
njkuijper (24 days ago)
I have said it before and i will say it again. You bring this sweet untouchable calmly refined aspect to your videos and i love it. Makes me want to play pubg more. Well done sir!
Harshal (24 days ago)
You were on fire dude!!! Bodies dropping everywhere at the beginning
Filip Suciu (24 days ago)
I'm proud of you, Tom!
Nonya Bidness (24 days ago)
I see a new video, I get excited, I push play...then I see that StoneMountainNerd is playing. Close video.
DrDurschtel (24 days ago)
Youve never been a zero, 10/10 all day long
Duy Nam Phạm (24 days ago)
Keep it up Tom!
Greg Literal (24 days ago)
I been waiting for this babe i mean Tom ❤️
Melon Patrol (24 days ago)
Watched this on Aculite's stream. Glad you are going to stream more!
ANAS 7RB (24 days ago)
Man i remember b4 like 6 months I was better than u 10 times...but now Damm u are insane
Alfred Valsson (24 days ago)
"I am proud of you Tom" Ryan kept saying that like a possessed girl from a horror movie.
Zephyr (24 days ago)
Awesome video even though it's not an "intense" edit mate!
Nate R (24 days ago)
That five-for at the start Tom. Well played!
Garnepudi Varun (24 days ago)
How's that possible oh it's Tom *clap* *clap*
keep it up ToM!
WhiteStoneNac (24 days ago)
correction you killed drdisrespect when he was downed not shroud
DShiflet01 (24 days ago)
No, Aculite downed Shroud, then Tom killed him, then Aculite killed Doc
RJSlow (24 days ago)
Correction it was indeed Shroud
WhiteStoneNac (24 days ago)
quality content
Chris Dimitrov (24 days ago)
We really don't need much editing, personally prefer more clips like this! Awesome one!
Elixir (24 days ago)
exactly 10 mins lol
TylerBear (24 days ago)
Awesome. You're doing good buddy, Insanerabidcow (me) will be back to support you on twitch!
TheSpoonation (24 days ago)
Tom is the best.
Fabiot (24 days ago)
I have NO IDEA why you are still so slow at looting after all this time playing PUBG xD
ron (18 days ago)
well i mean hes not lying lmao, he loots slow as fuck
Fabiot (24 days ago)
uncletigger What the hell
christin itty (24 days ago)
uncletigger damn
uncletigger (24 days ago)
Amazon will sell you some self respect, now you just need to convince your mum to give you the money, and you can pretend to be a grown up.
Kavish Allopi (24 days ago)
Looking forward to that "intense" video, Tom! I swear you guys are the best PUBG squad ever
Sergio Quinn (24 days ago)
Connor was the one who killed shroud and Dr 😂
DShiflet01 (24 days ago)
Connor downed Shroud but it was actually Tom that finished him, heh
BlutRatte (24 days ago)
Tom you rock
T JP (24 days ago)
I'm proud of you, Tom. <3
Tomographic (24 days ago)
I'm currently working on a pretty intense edit which is taking longer than expected so I took a break from the "intensity" to edit a normal video for you guys. I think I need to do this more often instead of putting all my energy into one video if I'm ever going to post on a more regular basis. I've also started streaming on twitch again and will be streaming 1-2 times a week from now on so if you haven't followed me already, you know what to do ;) https://www.twitch.tv/tomographic
Benorf (23 days ago)
Are you trying to say you're editing your very own music video for the upcoming release?
PrincessPeeKay (23 days ago)
Giving us a clean edit gameplay footage video once a week is awesome! Putting effort and soul into another every now and then is better than awesome. If we can have both, you're Awesome³!
Ginger Squid (24 days ago)
Tomographic Your videos never fail to make me laugh! For example the beginning with the lean headshot 😂😅 Do whatever you feel is right for you!! As long as you are truly enjoying yourself then it reflects in your videos no matter what ^-^ :3
simplesimson1 (24 days ago)
man you´ve improved so f******much! those lean-headshots! SICK! :)
Mandibule (24 days ago)
YES MY FAV ROSTER. Tom, Ryaan, Aculite and Fugglet.
renxula (24 days ago)
Jarrod Rainsford (24 days ago)
That opening EPIC!
I like turtles hehe (24 days ago)
I heard u were pretty good at wrestling but I bet you can’t pin me🤔 I bet you muscles don’t lie
Flexii (24 days ago)
Great video man! Love it

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