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AIRSOFT TTT - Hostage Taker

14105 ratings | 1032533 views
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Text Comments (887)
Niko is a bad ass
Lxcket III (1 month ago)
D is the best D is fucking legendary he's my favorite of the whole group
DarkLight523 (2 months ago)
Lesson learned, do not give Miguel the detective power. It can only go downhill for Sam.
Zach Noorman (2 months ago)
Dang that rescue of Sam from the Detective by D was so well played. The thumbs up, Sam's smart decision to keep D under the radar, it was all so tactful. Weird considering D is often irritated by Sam.
Frankie Cairns (3 months ago)
i know where they are playing Game Theory made an episode on rainbow 6 seige
classicality (3 months ago)
Put a kid in the game
Niko witnessed Ryan ask Miguel "wait, why are you on the floor" and then said "oh really?" like he realized it was incriminating, then said he shot Ryan on a whim of trust just like Miguel
Brendan Bowers (3 months ago)
that gas mask is so dumb lol
Lol Niko just kill both cuz he was scard
Mimi Plays (4 months ago)
mij name is miguel to
Dj Zereper (6 months ago)
*Fuck Niko*
Ryfighter 1 (6 months ago)
Sam if I were you I would have said I killed D 8:45
Divine Dignity (6 months ago)
Niko is beast.
Giant Z (7 months ago)
Damn, Niko's intuition though
Austin Russell (7 months ago)
Niko accidentally killed two traitors
Winter Starr (8 months ago)
8:09 D looks so fucking badass
Luke Pollard (8 months ago)
Sam is a camping pussy, every single game he's in he's hiding until the end
Devyn Adkins (8 months ago)
Hey guys I liked ur vids ever since I watched ur vids u guys t the best youtubers
Aaron Brine (8 months ago)
D looks like a contract killer.
Taneesha Murray (8 months ago)
Calum Cox (9 months ago)
D is a legend at airsoft
Adam Fore (9 months ago)
What is the best gun to use in games or just to mess around
Pineappl3 (10 months ago)
Sam did nothing but just help innocents when he was a traitor almost shot another traitor hid in the closet the entire time smh
arctic geno (10 months ago)
Muskin (10 months ago)
I would shoot at a fellow traitor but intentionally miss in the scenario where d was shooting and Sam was right next to him
Crandos (10 months ago)
my fave node member is D
Fenris Wolf (11 months ago)
What happened with the HUD?
Moviefanatic5 (11 months ago)
Matt was extremely obvious that first round lol
kristina jones (11 months ago)
_PepperZ (11 months ago)
D was shot I think around 8:00 but it was in the knuckle padding so he probably didn't feel it
Ghost lo spazza BM (11 months ago)
"I am The Division Detective" LOL
John Akbar (11 months ago)
D looks like the Hitman
Frantisek Vebr (11 months ago)
im wont more videos! :-)
Drakonic (11 months ago)
Poor Sam, covering up his ears after D shot him there.
Sea Tomato (11 months ago)
Anybody that doesnt understand why they explain the game in some videos but dont in other videos. its because they dont wanna make 30 min videos that youll get bored of in 6 mins so they cut up the film into differnet vids
TheDerpWaffle (1 year ago)
6:17 - 7:03 was oddly satisfying
bunnyboy ANIMATIONS (1 year ago)
y are u on the floor cause i got shot oh really *pow* aw fuck god danmit
Jordan Drew (1 year ago)
Anyone else feel like D is lowkey an assassin 😂
Nikon is just like a scared child. 😂. And d is like a fucking assassin,
Was ryan using a revolver one round?
Conrad Bishop (1 year ago)
please can we have another map
JustAGeek (1 year ago)
D looks so stylish XD
Atroow (1 year ago)
He just took him hostage xdddddd wow
Irishninja 930 (1 year ago)
What is the gun that D is using?????????????
Irishninja 930 (1 year ago)
Is it a m9???????
Dude7 981 (1 year ago)
Im actuslly in love with these 😍😍
AVERYLONGNAME_ (1 year ago)
Have you done one in the chamber if not can you? my bad if you have.
FPS Fade (1 year ago)
song at 5:03?
Alejandro Arciniegas (1 year ago)
I want to work at node can I?
Richie Ear (1 year ago)
Play Secret Hitler!
Kaden92Playz (1 year ago)
Why do the innocents have guns
Sam Easton (1 year ago)
Did I hear a division word
reaper_dylljlg (1 year ago)
D has certainly the most skill
Calebja624 (1 year ago)
Niko the little shop owner kills both traders
BudderGamer (1 year ago)
A traitor should kill the other traitor. Best possible coverup.
mr. boom (1 year ago)
i love ttt i lick the real thing
Brony Archive MLP (1 year ago)
I love how OP D and Sam are.
Barbara Scicluna (1 year ago)
bam.oh god where...theres no entrance
Who wants to join my club
The Joker (1 year ago)
FNAF CLUB your mom
spartan wolf (1 year ago)
lol my name is D XD I'm so good  XD
Nova (1 year ago)
What gun does D use? I know it's a beretta but is it the one on evike?
zakuja (1 year ago)
That would have gone a lot more smoothly, if Sam just signalled to D that Matt was there. Sam was in the closet, obviously Matt didn't have visibility of him
iLike toGame (1 year ago)
What gun did D use?
Jim Brosius (1 year ago)
LordPhoenix98 (1 year ago)
D is a beast
Zelda King (1 year ago)
D's a boss
Jay Stransky (1 year ago)
D is my faverate
gts1117 (1 year ago)
A minimap would be so dope
Villager Number #17 (1 year ago)
D is almost everytime the bad guy
0mg0N (1 year ago)
I imagine a detective making everyone get on the floor before executing them all
Ezequiel Hernandez (1 year ago)
b bibe it
Marlow (1 year ago)
Saying "Fucking" in every sentence isn't fooling anyone into thinking that you're scared
Andrew Zimmerman (1 year ago)
What pistol was D using?
Andrew Zimmerman Barretta?
Daniele Caruso (1 year ago)
potpourri like wtf
Daniele Caruso (1 year ago)
My add is like wtf
Glicthed Gamer (1 year ago)
Matt is a dick....
Chum (1 year ago)
What gun does Sam use?
Andrew Zimmerman (1 year ago)
Ryan Brazill Looks like a 5-7. Not sure what the gun is called, but hopefully that will help.
King Owe 15 (1 year ago)
Go niko
Jack McDermott (1 year ago)
Y does Matt have a mask on?!?!
JAM FAN (1 year ago)
Matt sounds like bane or is it just me
JAM FAN (1 year ago)
Toby Lorkin yea but it's still funny
Toby Lorkin (1 year ago)
JAM FAN it's his mask
Kevin Hackett (1 year ago)
D looks like hit man
MatthewGamericks (1 year ago)
What's D's Gun?
PokeManzPlays (1 year ago)
Niko da real MVP, single handedly ending the game.
InSeTsEvEn4 Gaming (1 year ago)
Can traitors pick up scattered guns? (Shotguns,assult rifles,SMGs,etc)
DoodleTv (1 year ago)
killer47 (1 year ago)
Has Gorge always been that fat or is it just because he's wearing a ton of gear?
ileikstuff (1 year ago)
LittleFireDude (1 year ago)
wow Sam said are u a traitor when he's a traitor. how can he not recognized its his own
Corteslatinodude (1 year ago)
he was trying to hint him that matt was in the room by speaking that way or else he would have just grouped up but D didn't get the msg
Lorcan Obrien (1 year ago)
Was the detective the person that sings the duck song?
Andrestian Kardoes (1 year ago)
I freaking love the sound effects in their videos!!!!!!!!!
cjmiller003 Bulls (1 year ago)
Could you guys do a rainbow six siege vid
Alex Aceves (1 year ago)
where is this?
Portal fire (1 year ago)
its never surprising to see D and Sam as a traitor.
Portal fire (1 year ago)
+The best gamer :D
Cryillic (1 year ago)
Portal fire thnk you
Portal fire (1 year ago)
+The best gamer XD i like your additude.
Cryillic (1 year ago)
Portal fire i lnow cus d and sam are BAWS
Dawson (1 year ago)
that Niko rdm ruined it, but ily niko
TreeZOwnYou (1 year ago)
Idk why but Matt's voice makes me think of Firewater from sausage party
Buttbutt Lancha (1 year ago)
Hi bois
Rob Johnson (1 year ago)
D = Agent 47
Trayz Vidz (1 year ago)
Dee and Sam is a dangerous combo
Travis Gill (1 year ago)
I want play with y'all one day
John Franklin (1 year ago)
When D died in the last round he fell and it looked like he had to take a shit...
Kipras Vagrys (1 year ago)
Your pistols at this video are co2 or .....??

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