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PUBG Gamer vs CSGO Gamer

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Text Comments (6285)
лавари (1 hour ago)
Akshay Bakaya (2 hours ago)
Counter Strike is too much fun.
Dương Đặng (6 hours ago)
2:15 lol
Seif A. Hanafi (7 hours ago)
Fuck indiaa
Khalid Shikalgar (1 day ago)
BUT CAN U DO THIS 🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂, awesome part
jadadaffah 07 (1 day ago)
There is 3 bitch
Gámîng Wôrld (2 days ago)
Only pubg pc
łâîňğ żïņ (2 days ago)
Funny vid :D
INeedTherapy (2 days ago)
you know, it's not really a comparaison. it's just a typical 10 y/o comparing a tactical shooter to a battle royale game, not thinking about gameplay mechanics
Pubg is sh*t it costs more than CS:GO
Raj Rathod (3 days ago)
4:30 same feeling
NÆ R (3 days ago)
To showoff the clothes?
LET'S PLAY HORROR (3 days ago)
Pubg is best and Pubg has four maps
The Iluminati (4 days ago)
Don't compare a shooter with a battel royale. Only shooter vs shooter and battel royale vs battle royale
Aiai Zahar (4 days ago)
pubg bug vg csgo bug ?
enes yigit demirok (4 days ago)
Pubg or csgo
Beasteri 19 (4 days ago)
i love both games.
godwin joy (4 days ago)
CS GO requires more skill, needs to adapt well depending on team mates and is more challenging than PUBG. And talking about rewards, we get cases and skins which costs many than a chicken Dinner.😅😅😅
dust and shadow (6 days ago)
Can u give me that dub music source?
Bay Retro (7 days ago)
Cs go is for men
Halo_Ryba (7 days ago)
Today i had to choose between buying cs:go and pubg. Your video help me. I totally choose PUBG.
VIS HNU (7 days ago)
Sniper no need scope it already comes with scope
Britney Jose (7 days ago)
csgo if my life
noelkyawmin khant (7 days ago)
pubg is the best........!!!!!
GOKU 12614 (8 days ago)
Pubg has 3 maps erangle Miramar and sanhok
Veron Xicarey (8 days ago)
I like cs go end pubg
Shreesha DR (8 days ago)
PUBG Forever
Akash Roy (8 days ago)
Now 4 maps in pubg
xXakkarXx ANDROID (9 days ago)
Iany Lacerda (9 days ago)
*_kurwa mac_*
Sebastian D (9 days ago)
This is just a fcking indian making a video ...
Sebastian D (9 days ago)
Btw ...PUBG has 3 maps noob
AbheetAv 2000 (9 days ago)
Oli The RPG (10 days ago)
2:21 Kurwa ty jebany chuju! Lol polish
TURTLES _444 (10 days ago)
Utter trash
RoyaleStandBlocks YT (10 days ago)
Csgo Win It Have Many Maps De_Dust De_Dust2 De_Inferno De_Nuke De_Cache De_Vertigo De_Mirage Cs_Office Cs_Agentcy And More! Csgo Have Different Mode Hard Core Gun Game Bhop Surf Zombie Survival Zombie Escape Awp Mode And More!!!
Mr. Clock (11 days ago)
why do you compare 2 games that have different genres?
TSAR BOMBA (11 days ago)
The song in the end plz
You should been hired by hollywood wit dat fancy editing u got
Kalvakuntla Prabas (12 days ago)
Don’t use vulgar language
Da Hujeray Majlis (12 days ago)
It have to maps
arnold fekete (13 days ago)
Pub is shit.
Jude Valen (13 days ago)
Pubg has 3 maps!
mustakin akther (13 days ago)
1 like for PUBG lover 😊😊😊😊😊
Roman Pohanka (13 days ago)
2:16 bad boy from poland
Bình Gamings (13 days ago)
PUBG win
Qw Qw (14 days ago)
wow Polska
BORNIL SO8 GAMING (14 days ago)
Who tell that ping has only one map
Amazing Gaming (14 days ago)
Pubg rules
Super Sami (14 days ago)
the only problem in csgo is hacker
MetallicScimitar (15 days ago)
stupid video ever! you are comparing a battle royale game with a fps shooter game pubg is a game that might die in few years as for csgo its a legendary game with big major tournaments and a large community and valves listen to their feedbacks to improve their game as for pubg its owned by a company that comunitty has no control over it devs choose their own way to make update and maps both are different kind of games only some people are stupid enough to compare these two to one another 😑👎
Filip Olofsson (15 days ago)
Cs is better
THE Nation (15 days ago)
You're showing sh*t cartoons in the name of PUBG
David CWS (15 days ago)
Wth.... Why tat PUBG bike scene doesn't even have shadows.. Wood PC..
Lance Night (15 days ago)
This dude is Obviously A PUBG player😂😂😂😂
goulart leo (16 days ago)
Now PUBG have 3 map
AMITAVA ROY (17 days ago)
The only difference between the two is pubg is for amateurs and cs is for the skilled ones
Andrija Djordjevic (17 days ago)
arif rahman (17 days ago)
Lha aku penguna PUBG lan CSGO menikmati ae 🤣
MIRCROXD (17 days ago)
That moment u have more views then subs on a vid
Pubg is best and I like it I pick pubg winner
gowtham depp (18 days ago)
Any one here in oct 2018 and love pubg
XxsaifiYTxX (18 days ago)
Loll at the biggening
Playing coc (18 days ago)
Players who like pubg like Who like Cs go comment
PUBG one fuckin map my ass.
R G (18 days ago)
Legend play cs go
DeltaGamerTasdiq (19 days ago)
5:49 what music is that, pls tell me
DeltaGamerTasdiq (19 days ago)
PUBG has 4 maps Erangel Miramar Sanhok Doltero
t0xic (19 days ago)
I have 2k hours in csgo and I never played pubg but it looks better in this comparison.
pouya mohamadaliee (20 days ago)
pubg and rinbow six and csgo and black out is the best battle royal games of world but fortnite is the bull sheet
Pon Saravanan (20 days ago)
Bro what is the sad music name in your video
Simon Rozario (21 days ago)
PUBG is the best
Rohu Rohit (21 days ago)
Pubg has more skins than tat rubbish game
Rohu Rohit (21 days ago)
Now pubg has 3 maps
Aldrine Jay Macario (21 days ago)
If you're reading this just chill out and have a great day 😊
Govind Yadav (22 days ago)
CS GO Largest map was probably insertion but they removed t now.
Arya Sarkar (22 days ago)
PUBG have 3 big maps
Alex6GANG9 (22 days ago)
I play Pubg and CSGO and are 2 completely different games ! You are disgusting youtuber !! And my opinion is that Pubg is much easier than CSGO
Rudraksh Yadav (22 days ago)
But now it has 3 maps
rega seth (22 days ago)
i disliked because this is copyright so (:
rega seth (22 days ago)
Ibrahim Khalil (23 days ago)
Pubg win
Shreyansh Sharma (23 days ago)
Which soundtrack you used in titles plz reply as soon as possible
Nico Del Puerto (23 days ago)
5:38 what is the title of the song or soundtrack??
YOUR Bruh (23 days ago)
We have 3 bro erangel and miramar
Pubg wins
Skeiz (24 days ago)
Lmao no, This game is full of bugs and it is dying
King KD (25 days ago)
PUBG players show off by gun golden skins and by dancing you shiy
zardunius (25 days ago)
Garbage content.
Obvious Meme (26 days ago)
oh ma gawd so cringey.
Irene Pineda (27 days ago)
The old is gold like csgo or counter strike like if u agree!
Alma Lacson (27 days ago)
Vote for pubg guys
Skeiz (24 days ago)
Lmao no, This game is full of bugs and it is dying
Kratoc (26 days ago)
But why? Pubg is shit.
pubg always it's free can play on mobile yes I can't afford a pc
Skeiz (24 days ago)
Lmao no, This game is full of bugs and it is dying
Muhammad Izzudin (27 days ago)
if play with indian its fking anoying as fck on csgo
Sai Tamil Gamer (29 days ago)
pubg had 3 maos
jolly the bee (30 days ago)
From what country u from?
lulululxd (1 month ago)
the people who hate csgo are mobile peasants lol but still i think pubg pc is best
shiraz farid (1 month ago)
Now pubg has 3
AS we do (1 month ago)
Pubg has 3 maps
Skeiz (24 days ago)
Lmao no, This game is full of bugs and it is dying
Kratoc (1 month ago)
Csgo has like 30
csgo lover hit like
BeastBoy Danish (1 month ago)
BeastBoy Danish (1 month ago)
Cleo Hipona (14 days ago)
It climb sucks

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