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PUBG Gamer vs CSGO Gamer

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Text Comments (5446)
KubsoN To Ziomal (1 hour ago)
02:16 Poland Kid :)
Prosun Samadder (14 hours ago)
Hands down for pubg
DA_FK (19 hours ago)
But the big difference I can play csgo in any pc almost these days but pubg.....
IBELIVEINME (21 hours ago)
1. In csgo you can climb stairs 2. In csg you can earn rewards such as skins or cases
Goddam bro (1 day ago)
Fornite is best than cs.go and pubg
Skull_VN (1 day ago)
I like u voice at first scence
Yiğit Bolat (1 day ago)
xXPSYQOXx (1 day ago)
Pubg got most hugest maps and it's 3 not 1 1st mistake 2nd 1 is that pubg got skins and more affordable skin packs bu cs go got shit
Juan Anwer (1 day ago)
Who the hell are you fucker son of a bitch
gaming tutorials (2 days ago)
Csgo is no more
Ritwik Bora (2 days ago)
Now pubg has 3 maps :)
Muzammil Ahmed (2 days ago)
I disliked the video in the first 5 seconds.
Raghav RV (2 days ago)
Nice video👌👌 and what a disclaimer 😂😂
free giver (3 days ago)
csgo is the best
Ermac Gamer (3 days ago)
Dafuq battleroyale versus first person shooter?
Kai #One (3 days ago)
Andrei Fugaciu (3 days ago)
that climbing cs go wasent real you can esely climb on that
scintil it is (3 days ago)
*hits the dislike button*
2:16 polska!!
Mr.MuFFens (4 days ago)
Pewdiepie chair only 399!!!
Mihkel Kruusmann (4 days ago)
First: Its melee not knife. Second: You just CANT compare CS:GO and PUBG they are so different and the goal is different. You should compare Fortnite and PUBG or H1Z1 and Pubg etc.
SilvOe MLG (4 days ago)
#PUBG jk #Fallout76
Blady02 (5 days ago)
Who the fuck plays csgo in 2018.
Desi cinema (5 days ago)
That intro is pure gold.
Entertainment Nation (5 days ago)
How in da fucking world do Pubg have only 1 mapp????!! It has 3 lol.. Stay updated
Dp gamers (5 days ago)
More maps
Dp gamers (5 days ago)
Now it has no morr
gammer zone (5 days ago)
Pubg is good respect also csgo
OsmictKevinKhang (5 days ago)
pubg also have skins
PantiesGoneWild (6 days ago)
csgo is even much of an actual real game same map S&D
joezygamingYT (6 days ago)
jun etoc (6 days ago)
ani susanti (6 days ago)
Pubg its good
Lets Hack (6 days ago)
you did a mistake on thumbnail you can only get AWM's on supply drop
Razor /\ FPS,TPS,More (6 days ago)
Holy shit how can he found awm in the house
gaming tech shivam (6 days ago)
Pubg has 3 maps
Ghanta Apple (6 days ago)
Now pubg also got weapon skins ..check out
PRO GAMER (7 days ago)
Well now it has 3 maps
SuccesfulGuy 427 (7 days ago)
CSGO team
Revv Squad (7 days ago)
Lol the parody fuken parody xD
KdotBdot 5 (7 days ago)
Technical Sirbaz (7 days ago)
Pubg is best
Deadly Gamer (7 days ago)
Today pubg has three fuken huge Maps
Bl3u Cheeta (7 days ago)
Pubg is just another horrible battle royal
GRUB 20 (8 days ago)
U suck hope your family dies
Legendary FARREL (8 days ago)
Pubg got skins
Johnny Johnson (8 days ago)
Gokul Anand Kishore (8 days ago)
sound was crazy 😂😂
Maks Render (8 days ago)
At first that shows that you never played PUBG because it’s not exactly true what you showed. And vagi is totally different than PUBG
Maks Render (8 days ago)
About screaming man... he speak polish
Abdullah Ahmed (8 days ago)
Brownstones BROS (8 days ago)
ritik malik (8 days ago)
Ur videos are good Bro but remember that csgo is much better than pubg
Rescatero 777 (8 days ago)
Nephilim (8 days ago)
2:15 ohhhh...polish... "KURVA! JA PIERDOLE!" and it's all you need to know in polish)
TheScorpion2018 (8 days ago)
both is cool
Amazu Vermont (8 days ago)
RoS the best. . A free game with paid cheats
Kayra Arslan (9 days ago)
F.r.i.e.n.d.s theme song coming up at 1:24
Abhiram Bijumon (9 days ago)
PUBG has 2 Maps not 1.
ƔƖƤƩƦȤ PG3D (9 days ago)
IMO ok..... Pubg is the best
Angelo Miranda (10 days ago)
Lol Pubg Has 2 MAPS ERANGEL-The Main MIRAMAR-desert
Tristen elkins Elkins (10 days ago)
It's nice that you put in pros and cons in the parody
Uzey GaminvYT (10 days ago)
U fuckinmade CS GO dumb and make it da worst game ever fuck
Anaraa Anaraa (10 days ago)
kenny is my fav player
vasi karan (10 days ago)
25k likes from cs fans and 14k dislikes from pubg😂😂😂
Albanian Killer (10 days ago)
7:14 now has 3 fuken maps😂
Abdellah َPUBG (10 days ago)
0:23 How did he find AWM in house he should find it in a care package
Dumitru Vasilica (10 days ago)
Dumitru Vasilica (10 days ago)
Ayman K2 (10 days ago)
Wy you compare battle royal with faking chooter but you are toop
CSGO is best
Pabu Rai (11 days ago)
Pubg is good no better no best ya
Şengüler Ateş (11 days ago)
this games name is not pubg its bugj
Tenma Kazuma (11 days ago)
Pubg got custom desgin gun bro..
Frndzz Buzz (11 days ago)
Pubg has now 3 maps. Lmao
Frndzz Buzz (11 days ago)
Pubg best
DAVIDA (11 days ago)
Rudra (11 days ago)
that russian kid wanted a new setup thats why he broke old one lmao
Cs go wim
Vedeto Puro (11 days ago)
I play both, and both are equally creative and fun in their own ways. However I am a diehard fan of CS cos it holds a lot of my good old childhood memories.
4nim4tor pl (11 days ago)
When... this csgo teamm8 its Polish gamer, I from Poland
kasolas gaming (11 days ago)
Fortinete win (troll)
kasolas gaming (11 days ago)
Cs go win suka
Solon Castro Neves (11 days ago)
Counter Blood (11 days ago)
Hah so many dislikes i dislike it too so?
Brody Gaming (11 days ago)
2:31 is where it starts lul
sarsh kutty (12 days ago)
Pubg is awsomer
Ayan Choudhury (12 days ago)
14k idiots in the world. Thank you
Arun Chaudhary (12 days ago)
Pubg has 2 huge maps go nd check it bro
Minigamez HD (12 days ago)
U U fucking shit u talk like a bitch, mother fucker cock sucker even you own mother fucks u up with a stick on your butt. UU u ugly mother fucker this video is copyright u son of a bitch. gr grrrr. THIS IS A JOKE :) i love u vids also CSGO CSGO CSGO IS BETTER
Sam boy (12 days ago)
Sorry but the awm is the lootbox not is free loot
william morford (12 days ago)
This is obviously biased sooooo DISLIKE
- Marc Gaming27 - (12 days ago)
More like "Reasons Pubg is better than csgo"
Laughing out loud (12 days ago)
Hey bro PUBG has 3 huge and amazing maps erangle, mirmar(desert), and jungle
T H E P I Z Z A (12 days ago)
i love the two ones
Quinn Adam Vinasoy (12 days ago)
pubg sucks its even worse than candy crush
roblox master (12 days ago)
pubg has 1 map in PC or XBOX but 2 in mobile
Sapu Sharma (12 days ago)
roblox master Xbox

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