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How to Download PUBG MOBILE on PC Without Wasting Internet!! COPY ➠ PASTE and PLAY!

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Play PUBG MOBILE On Tencent Gaming Buddy without Downloading the 1.2Gb game again! 100% Working method #noclickbate Very quick methods you should try to save data in GB's! Comment down your thoughts NOW! A reply is for sure :) -- This video was recorded in maxing possible settings with 1080p 60fps! ︾︾︾ LINKS : Tencent Gaming Buddy : http://syzs.qq.com/en/ ES File Explorer : https://www.appsapk.com/es-file-explorer/ (Comment down if u have any problems or Questions :) Want to play together? ➤Lightspeed Name: gamesource46 ➤Lightspeed China name: gamesourceyt ︾︾︾ Hit like if u ENJOYED it! ☻ ︾︾︾ ➥ Subscribe to get more awesome Videos: https://www.youtube.com/c/gamesource46 ➥ Follow me on Insragram : https://www.instagram.com/gamesourceyt/ ➥Hit the notifications Bell to be ready for new uploads!☎✌ ︾︾︾ ★ GameSource ★ ___ #pubgmobile #pubgm #TENCENTGAMINGBUDDY #copypaste #lightspeed #gamesource
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Text Comments (1495)
GameSource (2 days ago)
*IMPROVE YOUR AIMING, PEAK & FIRE In TENCENT GAMING BUDDY!* Watch my New Video NOW ➜ https://youtu.be/4ohpkFxTNB8
Yash Kotwani (6 hours ago)
will it work on windows 7 32 bit?? Plz reply
Rishu Potai (15 hours ago)
Song name
kiran tripathi (17 hours ago)
When I open my data folder there is nothing help me
Arup Halder (1 day ago)
But this type makes game more lag...
Nice video....❤..thanks a lot
GameSource (1 day ago)
Wlcm bro..And thnx for watching😊❤🤞
Tech With Arpit Rawat (2 days ago)
It means I can download pubg In mobile and I can play it on pc :)
GameSource (1 day ago)
techz royal prince (2 days ago)
Help me i have no data folder in ex file explorer
ganesh Mohan (2 days ago)
How to enable storage eccess permission in setting
Abuzar Ansari (2 days ago)
Is not a win 7 please reply
leapzard shivavp (2 days ago)
Songs which
GameSource (2 days ago)
Unknown brains Inspiration 👍
Kalot Rangas (3 days ago)
Am I going to download the apk bro ?
Vismrit (3 days ago)
wow just wow thanks man
GameSource (3 days ago)
Most wlcm dude!🤙😊
Sourav Das (3 days ago)
If anyone have faced the "unspecified error" problem then just reboot ur mobile and try again fast...it will work👍👍🤘🤘
YOUTHOOBER ZACK (4 days ago)
Bhai a big thanks to you i update this game on my emulator approx 10 times but game can't update but with ur trick i do it
GameSource (4 days ago)
Most wlcm bruh!🤙❤
j .s (4 days ago)
Es file Explorer doesn't showing Files in / > Data Folder.
GameSource (4 days ago)
+j .s 🤙❤❤
j .s (4 days ago)
Done np 👍
The Wolf (5 days ago)
How does it Feels Like.... When you are at the last step and when you open es file explorer open storage open data and the data folder is empty #ForeeverBadLuck
The Wolf (5 days ago)
GameSource  OK got it But after all that i open the game it says resource fail to download
GameSource (5 days ago)
Turn on Root access of Es file and u r good to go! :) btw that comment xD
When i open explorer, and go to data, i dont see anything, its blank
I turned on root acess but i dont see any pubg app to install on share1 file, its full of some es file explorer shit. There is 2 tencent something file but that is question marked and when i tried to open, one button says chromecast and the other says something in chinese, nothing works plz help
GameSource (5 days ago)
+Malsawmtluanga Renthlei when u open the Es files in Emulator..Click on the top right corner bar to extend the options and turn on root access :)
+GameSource can u plis tell me where to access that
GameSource (5 days ago)
Turn on Root access and u r good to go👍😊
VFX Prime (5 days ago)
which recording software are you using?
GameSource (5 days ago)
OBS studio :)
Prajisha Aaradhya (6 days ago)
Thanks dude thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx like it🙄🙄🙄🙄😀
GameSource (6 days ago)
Wlcm dude❤❤🤞
Jentilal Palas (6 days ago)
Mere mobile ka data Nahi dikha rhe hai kya kRu jab phone connect karta hun toh
Tanuj Khut (6 days ago)
GameSource (6 days ago)
Thanks bro❤🤞
azan shah (6 days ago)
bro how to download pubg mobile apk send me link please
DJ in gaming (6 days ago)
thank you sir it worked thanks alot
GameSource (6 days ago)
Most wlcm brother :)🤞❤
Kanad Patil (6 days ago)
Please send the link of background music .. .. ........please
Dixit Thakur (6 days ago)
But after installed every thing i can use english language
Qawee Kifrawi (7 days ago)
help me please,, when i try to copy the data com.tencent to the folder it shows error failed to copy and paste
VIMAL K. THOMAS (7 days ago)
Can we change the language back to English after made this pubg work?
Shailesh Buchiya (7 days ago)
Engine is not download. i download it after some percentage download it start from beginning. what happening?
Nirupam kant (7 days ago)
bhai nahi ho raha hai download failed resource dekha raha hai
It doesn't copy data file, showing unspecified error
Suvayan Biswas (7 days ago)
My com.tencent.ig file is empty wtf
PRAVESH TORIYA (7 days ago)
hey bro what to do tencent gaming says unable to install becuz you have a 3gb ram what to do tell me
PRAVESH TORIYA (7 days ago)
i have only 2gb of ram
PRAVESH TORIYA (7 days ago)
thanks bro
PRAVESH TORIYA (7 days ago)
song name
GameSource (7 days ago)
Unknown Brains Inspiration :)
Aditya Singh (7 days ago)
Don't know why I am unable to copy Android-data-com... folder to pcshared folder, it gives "unspecified error" please help.
Piyush Dhone (8 days ago)
love u bro..... it is damn working... love from India
Piyush Dhone (7 days ago)
are bhai sun na mere ko dusra problem aa rha hai.... help krega kya?
GameSource (7 days ago)
Thnx a lot m8! M from India too💥❤❤
Mohammed Ishraq (8 days ago)
I copied and pasted all the files properly, created an obb folder, but still says "download failed unknown sources"
TECHTRONIC BRO'S (8 days ago)
Tell me the background play song name.....plzzz
Vijay Kumar (8 days ago)
Could you please tell me the system requirements to play pubg on pc.
GameSource (8 days ago)
Gtx 940m 4gb ram with i5 6th gen..maybe similar to these specs :) 👍
Arjun Anilkumar (8 days ago)
Olakka samayam poyi
Dhrumil Soni (8 days ago)
Which software to live streaming in pc
GameSource (8 days ago)
Obs studio is the best!
PRANAV VALSAN (8 days ago)
i have been installed tencent gaming buddy a month ago. today i updated pubg . after i opened it they said something like look your space and some error . so i just cut the file from local disk H and pasted it on local disk G. then i tried to open the emulator,but it does not open. and when i go to local disk h the cutted file was there and the copied file was in local disk g. then i tried to uninstall all the files .but i couldnt . when i selected the file click delete they said some of the files are working in another program. then i removed the maximum files and tried to reinstall but it doesnt work. then i saw your video and installed tencent gaming buddy again but nothing happened. can you help me.....? can you help me to uninstall all the files of tencent gaming buddy OR to reinstall the emulator and play without any problem without uninstalling those files. i am not very good at english so maybe there might be mistakes. i am using a hp laptop 4gb ram 1 tb rom intel core i3 500 5u 2 ghz processor windows 10 pro os 64 bit x64 based processor
Mobile Network (8 days ago)
its showing enable permission option in setting
Mobile Network (8 days ago)
its not working in sanhok update
Amit Yadav (8 days ago)
Help bro I am not getting the option of game pad from where you add game please help
Prashant Sakharpekar (9 days ago)
I am trying to do it after update 0.8.0 now....cross fingers pray for me i am working 4 hours after searching many...
GameSource (9 days ago)
Go for it dude
Syed Imran (9 days ago)
Can We change the language to english after game works???
GameSource (9 days ago)
Yes u can :)
Vishu (9 days ago)
What are the system requirements to play PubG in this emulator? Please must reply!
Vishu (9 days ago)
Aah! i hv i3.... Now what??
GameSource (9 days ago)
i5 7th gen 4gb ram gtx940mx is the minimum requirement u should have to run game smoothly on low Settings :) I always reply to everyone dude dont worry 😊
J.Mohamed Ashik (9 days ago)
Bro i done this for shanhok update to like copying directly from mobile n make it work on emulator. Its working. And thank you for that. Another thing. For the new update v shld download the maps separately nah.. is there any chance of copying that map files too from mobile to pc emulator??
GameSource (9 days ago)
+J.Mohamed Ashik Do it bro..U have no option
J.Mohamed Ashik (9 days ago)
+GameSource so no way than downloading it anyway 😂😭😭
GameSource (9 days ago)
+J.Mohamed Ashik Dude m Youtubing with my Jio bro..I completely understand uh brother!😂😂💥🥂
J.Mohamed Ashik (9 days ago)
I'm using that emulator by USB Tethering. Data consumption doesn't matter bro. Speed matters😂😂😂. I think u can understand
GameSource (9 days ago)
No bro..Noone know the location if that and also it is very Complicated. As we save so much net from my Method u can consume that on ur Maps bro..400Mb hardly :)
lvl790_o (9 days ago)
I couldn't get to pubg mobile app in my phone anyone got the same problem ?
hello guys (9 days ago)
Can someone tell me which song is playing😅
hello guys (9 days ago)
Thanks bro🤘🏻
GameSource (9 days ago)
Unknown brains Inspiration ❤
anant rishabh singh (9 days ago)
Thanks buddy........its very helpful
raj patil (8 days ago)
+anant rishabh singh was there any error code like 77799 at the end .. If yes then ur broadband service provider is blocking the server
anant rishabh singh (9 days ago)
Already tried.....but nothing happen (failed to log in.please try again) appears....
raj patil (9 days ago)
+anant rishabh singh there could some network error... Try to restart the emulator or check if emulator has any update
anant rishabh singh (9 days ago)
But unable to login....due to network error ☹️☹️☹️
GameSource (9 days ago)
Most wlcm dude!❤
esther megu (9 days ago)
stuck in es file explorer please help some1
Richard Pachuau (9 days ago)
How to do it from pc to pc
abdullah nazim (9 days ago)
inside data folder there is nothing ? please help
abdullah nazim (9 days ago)
ut there is one more problem after updating game it is showing old version
GameSource (9 days ago)
+abdullah nazim Most wlcm bruh!❤❤
abdullah nazim (9 days ago)
thanks bro it worked !
GameSource (9 days ago)
Turn on root access of Es files in Emulator
Laughing PUBG (9 days ago)
samith k v (9 days ago)
Bro can i update the game straight forward from playstore from this emulator
GameSource (9 days ago)
Nop..Do it in Phone and do these steps
Clashy Life (9 days ago)
I watch everytime when the update relases thnx
GameSource (9 days ago)
Wlcm dude❤❤
Dipanjan Deb (9 days ago)
Worked! But its lagging too much, ( which was not happening in 0.7.0)
Rabav 2288 (10 days ago)
Bro plz new update khelna h emulator pr mobile me se krni h install bt i cant plz help me oyt
Rabav 2288 (10 days ago)
+GameSource bhai sb kiya bt es ko open krta hu toh usme data me kch b nhi dikhata files vgera vse mene copy krdi thi jesa apne video me bola
GameSource (10 days ago)
Use this process..It works
yaswanth rao (10 days ago)
When i am Copying obb file to mobileGamepcshared its saying error
raj patil (10 days ago)
Thank you so much ... It works with latest 2018 update too
GameSource (10 days ago)
Most wlcm boi! Glad it worked❤👍
sreedevi mandala (10 days ago)
Wt is the song name
Abhisek Das (10 days ago)
bro i dont know how to thank you... i changed the game language to english andi can play this....you r superrrr brooo
Abhisek Das (10 days ago)
solved the problem...but my game language is china and when i changed the emulator language to english the pubg apk has gone... how to fix it
Abhisek Das (10 days ago)
cant found the copied files in share1 folder pls help!
Tarjeet Sandhu (10 days ago)
There was not a obb folder
Ulis Edits (10 days ago)
It's work!!, but help, muy pubg run with standar Engine, no turbe Engine !!! :( Standard Engine is very slow
Baidurya Phukan (10 days ago)
not bring able to remove the cursor ( where to put the config file ) ?
Rvi Kumawat (11 days ago)
nothing is there in data folder ???
Gaming Expert (11 days ago)
Can we change language when done pls tell
GameSource (11 days ago)
Yup u can!
Saniul Islam (11 days ago)
bro! thanks... bt, ye hang bohot karta han.. koi solution do vai..
Anuradha Naik (11 days ago)
I have downloaded this already very bad not working
Akash Bhalerao (11 days ago)
i am facing unspecified error while pasting that com.tencent.ig to the location plz help!!!
DEVANSHU B (11 days ago)
Bro es file explorer is not opening,and once i downloaded all the files of the engine i changed the language to chinese and restarted the engine at started downloading engine again please help......
Sufiyan Ansari (11 days ago)
Bhai es file explorer open Nazi hora Kya Karu???
Jayesh Nayak (11 days ago)
Tere subscribers ke thikane nahi he lekin views bohot atte he😂😂
GameSource (11 days ago)
Kya kare bhai..😂 Sab mere hath ke bahar hai..Ho sake to aap ke subscribe kar degiea😂 lol..Thanks for watching bro❤🤘
RJ Max Technical (12 days ago)
Not work
The Gamer World (12 days ago)
Will it work on Windows 8
The Gamer World (12 days ago)
Tell pls
The Gamer World (12 days ago)
Not working bro then what to do
GameSource (12 days ago)
Even supports windows 7❤
Prashant Ghatge (12 days ago)
Failed to login error??
#inside_AMITY_campus (13 days ago)
Bhai sab kar liya lekin es file install nahi ho rahe bake sab kaam ho gya plz message me +91 9818240502 ya reply me on YT
#inside_AMITY_campus (13 days ago)
Bro everything is ok but my game is not opening i don't know why and 1 file is downloading it is done 37%
TOP DJS AND SONGS (13 days ago)
GameSource (13 days ago)
TOP DJS AND SONGS (13 days ago)
Thanx bro
TOP DJS AND SONGS (13 days ago)
We were trying a lot we failed lot time but u made very easily
GameSource (13 days ago)
Most wlcm m8❤ Thnx for watchin'
vivek boy (13 days ago)
Bro when I open pubg in pc it is in Chinese ....can I change language in setting .. I will tell you if I can
GameSource (13 days ago)
Yup u can change..In settings check the last option
Dangheini Lamare (13 days ago)
Fuck this youtuber
Pritam Koley (13 days ago)
Apoa background music Kon sa ha? Plz comment me
GameSource (13 days ago)
Unknown Brains Inspiration :)
umang patel (14 days ago)
Your device is not support at the moment what can i do?
RT Rohit (14 days ago)
Man its lagging
Aason Ponce (14 days ago)
help!!!, i cant find the files i copied in the temp folder, in the es file explorer!!!!, pls help!!! thanks in advance!!!
Aason Ponce (14 days ago)
nevermind... thanks
i need a stroge permission how to fix
Meet Tomar (14 days ago)
files are not showing in data, what i do
GameSource (14 days ago)
Turn on Root access❤
AS vlogs (14 days ago)
Your version is beta but my version is test version?
Rahul Paul (14 days ago)
Rahul Paul (14 days ago)
But language not a English
GameSource (14 days ago)
kemo koko (15 days ago)
what is the fuck?! you didnt install it on pc,you just used an emulator to run it on pc ... please dude dont fool people...Go easier use bluestacks instead all of this.
ATUL Gabhale (15 days ago)
Es file explorer crases
Mriganka Thakuria (15 days ago)
My pc 💻 has no graphics card, can I run pubg?
GameSource (15 days ago)
Hard to say bro..Coz this games requirements are too high
Technical Boy (15 days ago)
LEVEL 7 CREW (15 days ago)
I didn't understand the last step s
Masum Ahmed (15 days ago)
I cant find temp\txgamedownload\mobilegamepcshared

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