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How to Download PUBG MOBILE on PC Without Wasting Internet!! COPY ➠ PASTE and PLAY!

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Play PUBG MOBILE On Tencent Gaming Buddy without Downloading the 1.2Gb game again! 100% Working method #noclickbate Very quick methods you should try to save data in GB's! Comment down your thoughts NOW! A reply is for sure :) -- This video was recorded in maxing possible settings with 1080p 60fps! ︾︾︾ LINKS : Tencent Gaming Buddy : http://syzs.qq.com/en/ ES File Explorer : https://www.appsapk.com/es-file-explorer/ (Comment down if u have any problems or Questions :) Want to play together? ➤Lightspeed Name: gamesource46 ➤Lightspeed China name: gamesourceyt ︾︾︾ Hit like if u ENJOYED it! ☻ ︾︾︾ ➥ Subscribe to get more awesome Videos: https://www.youtube.com/c/gamesource46 ➥ Follow me on Insragram : https://www.instagram.com/gamesourceyt/ ➥Hit the notifications Bell to be ready for new uploads!☎✌ ︾︾︾ ★ GameSource ★ ___ #pubgmobile #pubgm #TENCENTGAMINGBUDDY #copypaste #lightspeed #gamesource
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Text Comments (1896)
GameSource (1 day ago)
Hawk Eye! (4 hours ago)
Song name?
GameSource (2 hours ago)
Unknown Brains Inspiration :)
Namrata B (5 hours ago)
meri mb 15 hai but yaah game download he nahi hota hai
Guna Mathi (5 hours ago)
root pananum
Ketan Makwana (8 hours ago)
Aree bhai tencent gaming buddy open hi nahi ho raha hai
Ketan Makwana (8 hours ago)
Koi solution batao yaar
INSPIRING BARUN (19 hours ago)
I am not able to open the es file explorer i mean after i installed i cant slide through the introduction pages of the es file explorer
It's Aakarsh Tv (22 hours ago)
Is it important to convert language in Chinese
GameSource (21 hours ago)
It unlocks full feature mode..U will get different home screen in English language
Kumar official (1 day ago)
GameSource (1 day ago)
Wlcm brother :))
Michael Mighty-78 (1 day ago)
Bro how can i get fifa 18 cracked version
Anything With Bilal (1 day ago)
in first he said everything is important so dnt skip a single second but wht was so important in intro?😂😂
Sh Dip (1 day ago)
after open es file, it takes only 4 Mb spaces and doesn't find pubg apk and obb
Black Emperor (2 days ago)
i'm copy data in pcshared folder but it not show in es file folder help me please
GameSource (1 day ago)
There is a Language option in game..Open ingame settings and Go to last option in Right List
Black Emperor (1 day ago)
when i on root in sidebar it shown but one more problem english launguage in emulator and chinige launguage in game what should i do
DR VLOGS (2 days ago)
Thx a lot !!
GameSource (2 days ago)
Wlcm brother :))
Chitransh Shrivastava (2 days ago)
Bhai tencent buddy ka setting hi ni khul ra h tencent buddy me pibg ka thumbnail bhi bna hua ni ara h internet speed ki wjh se ho skta h kya?
Ashish Goswami (2 days ago)
Download kha se kree
Ashish Goswami (2 days ago)
Bhai Data mea file kha se ayege
AK_ Creations (3 days ago)
GameSource (3 days ago)
Unknown Brains Inspirations :))
Emperor Revive (3 days ago)
when i press on settings nothing happens
INSPIRING BARUN (4 days ago)
Whats the background song's title
GameSource (4 days ago)
Unknown Brains Inspiration :)
SheikH EmpirE. (4 days ago)
Please..Tell me minimum requirements for Pubg on this gaming buddy
Pranay Bhadra (4 days ago)
Blaze Remastered (4 days ago)
i couldnt get the apk file on my vivo v7 what to do
Khushbu sharma (5 days ago)
Khushbu sharma (5 days ago)
Reaply me plz
Khushbu sharma (5 days ago)
Es file explorar didt opening helpppppp plz
Tishad Chowdhury (5 days ago)
it is showing an exclamatory sign when ever i try to add es file explorer in tencent
Khushbu sharma (5 days ago)
Es file explorar not opening i downloaded it from play store and send throw Shareit
Ehsan Abid (5 days ago)
bro my mobilegamepcshared folder is empety
GameSource (5 days ago)
Turn on Root access
PS GAMER pranav (5 days ago)
Plzzz tell were to find pubg apk in pc
PS GAMER pranav (5 days ago)
Where we will find pubg apk in pc
Madhuri Motdhare (5 days ago)
Song name plz
GameSource (5 days ago)
Unknown Brains Inspiration :))
My data is empty
Now i followed all the steps but it is showing the mobile version
GameSource (5 days ago)
+Mobile Legends Day to Day Turn on Root access
8:47 data
REZeSSuS Ce3 (5 days ago)
I am getting test version insead of beta?
Pon Saravanan (6 days ago)
Bro while copying the com.tencent.ig There shows the unspecified error Pls help me
Naveen Adhikary (6 days ago)
Thanx bro...it actually works....but the problm is...the game is runing very sloww.....what should i do😫
Rafal _MH (6 days ago)
Hello can you hellp me i cant find out the .apk file for pubg . is there way to got it ??!
Kartikey Singh (7 days ago)
Emulator shows, engine is downloading then it reaches 100% then goes back to 0% ...I'm very frustrated ... highly NOT recommended ...bekar h madarchod emulator.
BL BL (4 days ago)
Same problem
Professional Looper (8 days ago)
Ex explorer is not coming bro
Techno Boy (8 days ago)
Bro I did all things but after the game starts it stucks on loading
BL BL (4 days ago)
It needs 1 hour to finish loading
BL BL (4 days ago)
Same problem here
Techno Boy (8 days ago)
It stucks when there is a tip written in the bottom and there are bullets sign in front of loading
smart Tech (9 days ago)
very seriously tranks bro
GameSource (8 days ago)
Most wlcm brother :)) Thanku for watching
Shaheda Shaikh (9 days ago)
Unspecified error while pasting obb file please help!
Rujal Technical's (10 days ago)
Can we do same for free fire
Roshan M (10 days ago)
U can change the language settings if that es explorer for guidance download es. Explorer in Ur phone n c how u change the language In short settings>display settings>language settings
Roshan M (10 days ago)
Please help when I open the game it shows download failed resources not found
Roshan M (10 days ago)
Virendra Tigga (10 days ago)
when i start to install tencent as same as you so it can be installing directly....Plzz tell me what can i do
om verma (10 days ago)
Can I get updated version?
GameSource (10 days ago)
Yup u can
Mohammad Azad (11 days ago)
What can I do bro staring page is different please help me bro
Beastboy AN (11 days ago)
hi bro i tried 5 to 6 times but it doesnot work in my laptop
sanjay bhaya (11 days ago)
Nice video
sanjay bhaya (11 days ago)
Without graphics card play pubg
GameSource (11 days ago)
Thanku bro❤ :))
Max, Pixel, Art (11 days ago)
How to update it
athul babu (12 days ago)
Does it work on lenovo ideapad 100s?
GameSource (11 days ago)
Akshat Sharma (12 days ago)
Please help the game launched perfectly but the loading page gets stuck
rajesh Mishra (12 days ago)
How to solve white screen issue
Syed MaqsoodMehdi (12 days ago)
Akash kumar (12 days ago)
Thanks buddy
GameSource (12 days ago)
Most wlcm brother! Thanku for watching :))
Radadiya Pravinbhai (12 days ago)
Work thx
GameSource (12 days ago)
Most wlcm brother💯 Thanku for watching :))
Kingofpros (12 days ago)
bro it says please enable storage access for this app ....please help me how to do it
Takeshi Ichiro (12 days ago)
Umm there's no obb option in my storage what should I do ?
Eti sharma (12 days ago)
I don't get this many options when I open tencent buddy, on title bar it says "Test version" your says "Beta Version" , HELP plox
GameSource (12 days ago)
Change language to Chinese for full feature mode..Watch video properly
LOL (13 days ago)
Tnxxxx brooo
GameSource (12 days ago)
Most wlcm m8!❤💯
inditech universal (13 days ago)
data folder is emty please help me
GameSource (12 days ago)
Wlcm brother!💯 Thanku for watching
inditech universal (12 days ago)
It works 😄😄
inditech universal (12 days ago)
+GameSource thanks
GameSource (12 days ago)
Turn on Root access..Check other comments related to this
Bharat Sharma (14 days ago)
I can't copy the data files Unspecified error is coming
hyder ali (14 days ago)
How to switch the root explorer on ???
GameSource (14 days ago)
Check other comments below..There r many of them
Mobile Gaming and Tech (14 days ago)
What's the song
GameSource (14 days ago)
Unkniwn brains Inspiration
Gamer's Avenue (14 days ago)
But where is apk folder
Khushbu sharma (14 days ago)
In my pc in Drive Ethere is no folder mobile game pc shared
Yasir Khan (6 days ago)
it should be in the drive to which u installed the tencent gaming buddy
Khushbu sharma (14 days ago)
Bro i m doing then i am copying the tencent data then i got a errir which shown me specified error error copying file or folder
Martin John (4 days ago)
Same here
Khushbu sharma (14 days ago)
Khushbu sharma (14 days ago)
Khushbu sharma (14 days ago)
I have airtel
Khushbu sharma (14 days ago)
Bro can you tell me please
Khushbu sharma (14 days ago)
I will try but how much mb pubg take when we play in pc 5hours
Khushbu sharma (12 days ago)
But in bs3 there is black screen pubg
Khushbu sharma (12 days ago)
But i installedit on bs3
Khushbu sharma (12 days ago)
Es file manager not opening
Khushbu sharma (12 days ago)
Bro es file explorar not opening helpp
GameSource (14 days ago)
+Khushbu sharma Try it again..It wont finish
Akash panathara (14 days ago)
Bro how to fix white screen problem
GameSource (14 days ago)
In Tencent Gaming buddy settings..Go to Engine and in Render options change it to..DirectX+
Adarsh Singh (14 days ago)
Can't install es file explorer apk
Deekshik Gowda (15 days ago)
last help... after i started the game it is showing 'download failed because resources could not be found' please help me..... please please please
ratnakumari varanasi (15 days ago)
Any other trick without installing this on the phone by downloading obb from external link
ratnakumari varanasi (15 days ago)
Can we play multiplayer by doing this method
GameSource (15 days ago)
Ofcource bro👍
Mohammed Sharique (15 days ago)
Bhai muje Es explorer me obb file nahi milrahi. Kya problem hoga plz help
Mohammed Sharique (15 days ago)
Apk install hogaya. Ab sirf obb dalna baki hai but mil nahi rahi.. madad karo bhai
teto ahmed (15 days ago)
it says luncherex has stopped whats should i do and i think the same problem will face me when i'm playing pubg sorry for my bad english
Asif Irfan (16 days ago)
My es file explorer doesn't opens automatically
Ramesh Ramesh (16 days ago)
Tell the Song name please
Ramesh Ramesh (16 days ago)
GameSource thanks bro👍
GameSource (16 days ago)
Unknown Brains Inspiration ❤ Thanks for watchting :))
Mohammed Ehtesham (16 days ago)
Will it work in low end PC reply plz
dhirar asmat (16 days ago)
how to transfer file to pc if i using iphone?
Vaishali Gopale (16 days ago)
When I start the game it shows that the resource is not found?
ROHITH MOHANAN (17 days ago)
ROHITH MOHANAN (17 days ago)
ROHITH MOHANAN (17 days ago)
Subhasish das (17 days ago)
This method is so critical
GameSource (17 days ago)
Tho it works❤
Pradeep majhi (17 days ago)
I want to do reverse of it i.e. transfering obb from pc to mobile. Help ASAP
Deekshik Gowda (17 days ago)
i copied the files (com.tencent.ig) from both data and obb from mobile to pc, i downloaded es file manager and launched it in tencent gaming buddy by changing the language and i opened data, then i found nothing it is empty. please...... help me...please please please please
Deekshik Gowda (17 days ago)
i cant find anything in the es file manager in tencent gaming buddy. its empty please help me..
AAYUSH AGARWAL (17 days ago)
It shows that ^download failed because resource could not be found^ Pls solution needed!!
harshit dubey (18 days ago)
bhai when i am open downloaded file then respond unable to install because yoy have 3 gb of ram . please upgrade your memory
Mohammed Sharique (18 days ago)
Es file explorer is not opening in my Pc .. in which format it should be opened. Or any other app is required in pc.. my pc is new... plz help me
GameSource (18 days ago)
+Mohammed Sharique Bro..Do as shown in Video.... Download .apk format of Es file and add it as shown in Video.
Mohammed Sharique (18 days ago)
It was opening in PDF formate. Becus of this iam stuck.. plz help bro.. waiting to ply pubg
KenTheMLGPro Sorry (18 days ago)
My problem is my game is in Standard Engine not on AOW TURBO Any Fix because AOW TURBO has more power and smooth gameplay :Bad English:
Vedant Creation (18 days ago)
A tip that I experience that after changing language you should shut down the pc and again switch it on and then open the Tencent game buddy if you don't do this it will not open the game
Vedant Creation (18 days ago)
And thanks bro for this trick
GameSource (18 days ago)
Anytime brother :)) Just uploaded a Video today...Would love if u watch it https://youtu.be/nAshCKpGeYw
Vedant Creation (18 days ago)
I have a question after doing everything we can change the language to English
GameSource (18 days ago)
Yes u can!
Suresh kumar Modi (18 days ago)
Thanks bro its working for me
GameSource (18 days ago)
Most wlcm man! :) Upload a Video just before an Hour :D Must watch https://youtu.be/nAshCKpGeYw
GAME ZONE (18 days ago)
Thanks you. So Much Bro its Works.. ;) love your videos
Chinmoy Trex (18 days ago)
Broo... You deserve a million more subscribers... Thanks
GameSource (18 days ago)
Thanks u so much brother!! Means a lot🙂❤
Sayantan Dey (18 days ago)
I can't login through any thing pls solve this

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