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Ultimate Beginners Guide To PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

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Corrections: Foliage is no longer a relevant issue in the current build. Also higher level armor does mitigate more damage per shot so it sometimes makes sense to take damaged armor if it's a higher level. All helmets provide face protect not just the level 3 helmet. Loot Map: http://imgur.com/a/N1ZUA Intermediate Guide: https://youtu.be/Lq-7cAfxCew For More Gaming Tips and Tricks, Subscribe ► http://bit.ly/1lumAKr LevelCap's Lego Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrhb3SP2lZBgguLHIWWuHOQ Streaming: http://twitch.tv/levelcap Twitter: http://twitter.com/levelcapgaming Facebook: http://facebook.com/levelcapgaming Youtube: http://youtube.com/levelcapgaming OriginPC: http://originPC.com Weapon Stats: http://Symthic.com Computer Hardware: Mouse: http://amzn.to/2jvkBxe Keyboard: http://amzn.to/2kzr3VD Mousepad: http://amzn.to/1mwQDXU Acer Monitor: http://amzn.to/1mwQKCK Headphones ATH-700X: http://amzn.to/1B3tmi2 #Battlefield #Battlefield 1 #Onlyinbattlefield
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Text Comments (2314)
soldado de Cristo (6 hours ago)
On xbox one the only setting under graphics is brightness has foliage no where in any settings any help would be appreciated thanks
Abdus Sami Sheikh (2 days ago)
F offf
Wavyeye (2 days ago)
Hmm.. Run game with ultra settings because that is what you do when you have a high end PC. Die every match because nobody else is seeing the same foliage. Check out low foliage settings. Then go play some other game on ultra settings.
TheFrostyBoss 07 (4 days ago)
I use this when I transfer from fortnite to PUBG
Bas de Wit (4 days ago)
8:00 lol 50 bandages and dont use them dang ur stupid.
I'm pretty sure the reason levelcap choose bøack skin character to be more camoflaged.
Nichole Klingbell (6 days ago)
<iframe src="https://www.twitch.tv/embed/mackpwn/chat" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" height="500" width="350"></iframe>
Kartikey Rawat (7 days ago)
Heiq Kajlaa (9 days ago)
How do I start the game?
Mr. Himan (9 days ago)
Michael Henry Sackey (9 days ago)
please can anyone compress the installed files and let me download. please my gets stuck
Aaron Lippincott (10 days ago)
some topics have visual examples, some don't. this makes for a confusing guide and requires more work for the viewer to determine the message and detracts from their main task, to take in information.
Jochi Calderon (12 days ago)
I'm so new to this game literally just got it right now. Am I only supposed to be playing in boxers?
Aaron Lippincott (10 days ago)
look at your inventory, you have default clothes
ian barry (14 days ago)
i need to know how to play not shit does
Aaron Lippincott (10 days ago)
not shit does, indeed
Itsuki San (21 days ago)
I’m going to try pubg
Ayub Ahmed (21 days ago)
My favourite game is pubg mobile
Marcus Doherty (23 days ago)
Is it good that I started 4 days ago and I win about every 7 out of 10 times I play? (and I'm already level 20? Is that good or normal?)
soldado de Cristo (6 hours ago)
Ya right 70 wins after percent after 4 days is nearly impossible even for a pro gamer lol
Fliyo MB (17 days ago)
Pretty good.
Godfather9814 (24 days ago)
I hope the game comes out with an option to host a game and allow friends to compete with each other, not for just practice but also to mess with your friends lol. But in such a game it would be nice to avoid the blue circle since as you said once you get into a major firefight out of nowhere the blue circle will run past you and kill you
Aaron Lippincott (10 days ago)
granted, the game is a battle royale. that's kinda the point of this game style, removing the blue circle would make it anything but a battle royale game
some one (25 days ago)
No u
Aaron Lippincott (10 days ago)
Villamor78 (26 days ago)
Game designers still don't know that the FSB becomes so blurry when looking through an ACOG that its almost invisible.
Stefan Salvatore (29 days ago)
This game was,is and will always be shit.
Savagemanic (30 days ago)
The average amount of kills u should have is 23 -_- and why half of the people only land 37% of there shots it’s starting to bug me
asad ahmed (30 days ago)
Snipes15 (1 month ago)
Pubg vid Fortnite ad *Seems Legit*
F Cast (1 month ago)
How do you use the scope? I can't use it. It makes me just look third person view or it makes me look from the top and not from the scope.
RiiSKk (1 month ago)
*outruns circle* next circle on other side of map
Violet McNamara (1 month ago)
I one my first game lol
Aaron Lippincott (10 days ago)
_won_ is what you did. *one* is a number
Kaori Ken. (1 month ago)
Thank you so much... My first squad match the pros driver off without me and left me to die in the storm...
kibblz (1 month ago)
I wish this was on PS4 already.
Fliyo MB (17 days ago)
We have H1Z1 and Fortnite.
Victor Stougaard (1 month ago)
PUBG is better then fortnite 😂🤣
Tabitha Clawson (6 days ago)
victor stougaard i 100% agree with you bro keep up the positive attitude for PUBG :)
I don't Care (1 month ago)
I’ve never seen someone get killed by the blue circle so many times, like I hardly ever get killed by it and I’m a noob, but I always die by the players so, you win some you lose some
Your Host ABHI (1 month ago)
J7 prime for pugb 😟 https://youtu.be/bJweswb7dzw
Mahthiu (1 month ago)
Saint Michael Miles (1 month ago)
How long it take to download pubg when I play it I'm probably going to meet only about one frames per second
The Game Director (1 month ago)
Check out the ultimate PUBG excellence guide at my channel and become a pro. https://youtu.be/vgCoCtIdLMU
The Game Director (1 month ago)
MerxOfficial I am certainly not advertising on your channel.So please mind ur own business.My channel is till now not that developed and I am just trying to expand it
MerxOfficial (1 month ago)
Andro Gamer no. Stop self-advertising on someone else’s video.
chuck norris (1 month ago)
Good tips, thank you. I will stick to fortnite then. The part that the ugly low graphics can give you an advantage that is just disgusting. This also should be an fps, the rotating camera and the 3rd person mode it's just a joke for wankers. A real player would play fps.
Aaron Lippincott (10 days ago)
a joke for wankers, amazing
Jack Mathis (1 month ago)
I wouldn't play this game if it was free lol. Battle royal only, lame.
I play on mobile and on my first day i won multiple times, but i lost like 3 times, how is it hard?
Aaron Lippincott (10 days ago)
the mobile game is very different, try it on PC and then come back
Dennis Stephens (1 month ago)
I’m a god because of this
Shawn Allen (1 month ago)
my laptop cant even run this video without stopping every 10 seconds to load xD dont even know why i try....
Planky (1 month ago)
using Q and E is also important to peek behind objects
Reney Boss (1 month ago)
Btw could you help me out on how to block players on this, I’ve teamed up with a squad and had players on my team kill me as soon as we landed smh
Reney Boss (1 month ago)
Gonna change my settings to low now and test this out 😉 btw I wouldn’t want to be in a battle with you, you’re really good lol
Arvind dhamana (1 month ago)
It's very simple , I have won 5 time in a day.
iXSurfaceX (1 month ago)
Wish I can play this game soon! It is pretty interesting, I haven't played this game yet... Only Fortnite, I'm sure you've heard of It
Paul Durand (1 month ago)
you made me get ad block with the mandatory ads lol
Adwaith Minati (1 month ago)
which weapon did you used to 3 people in car
jasonpwnd (1 month ago)
Great video! Thanks very much as a player considering buying the game. You sold me on it and now I have all this great information to utilize!
Nev Tv_ (2 months ago)
If you like PubG and want to watch some good content you should come hang out Twitch.Tv/NevTv_
Alkair (2 months ago)
I'd liek to play the gmae but I installed it and was looking warfard to paly it....server down to...ok fortnite is better.
BurkiLOL (2 months ago)
GAME REVOLVER (2 months ago)
i subscribed you so nice graphics
READY SET PUBG (2 months ago)
You forgot the need for fast internet becuase of the constant updates
Teo Al (2 months ago)
"When i first started playing i thought i was laying down in some thick grass where nobody could see me when in fact on the other player screen i m just laying down on the side of a naked hilltop." I was thinking of buying this game but honestly after this explanation, I 'll just not. This is the definition of a bad game design and thank you for clearing it out to me.
Rielly Scott (2 months ago)
They fixed that issue, the game is fine on pc just not xbox. I find myself putting many hours into it.
Zeyad Alsharari (2 months ago)
How can I play this game ?? Is it ps4 or playing by the phone or what ?? Please help me to get through this game
Ace Harriel (2 months ago)
Lol thanks to you I won my first game with 13 kills n solo
Mike Fulton (2 months ago)
This is an "ultimate beginner's guide" ? Seems aimed more at intermediate players to me. For example, as a beginner i'm struggling to figure out what the circle thing is all about, and this video is no help at all.
Rielly Scott (2 months ago)
always ride the rim of the circle
lil Dave (2 months ago)
its no assult rifle its armalite rifle
Jacob Park (2 months ago)
Should you not run out in an open field unless u really have to? In late game should you always be in a spot where you can’t get flanked?
Donald Cure (2 months ago)
Thanks. Pretty helpful video.
XX C (2 months ago)
I don’t even see anyone in the game lol
Asiago Bagel (2 months ago)
This game looks really cool but the “encroaching circle” is a deal breaker. It just made a possibly cool game suck.
Raj Saliya (2 months ago)
Pubg mobile is 101% easier
Songs Yep (2 months ago)
I’m not a beginner but it kinda helped.
Burn Nation Gaming (2 months ago)
Nice guide. This also works on pubg mobile. I am pretty good i got a untouched chicken dinner (win) in pubg mobile. If you wanna see head over to https://youtu.be/EophZHQJsaA
SMinrin (2 months ago)
i need help to shoot others... im new with this game
Sweet heart in the air (2 months ago)
Locklinsix (2 months ago)
Reece Marquardt (2 months ago)
I think all stick with fortnite
Ervitas (2 months ago)
I actually saw the vid aand helped me a lot!! TY man love u
T BOND (3 months ago)
My first ever PUBG mobile I got 13 kills and got a winner winner chicken dinner
Adarsha Timsina (3 months ago)
Cause it's with bots
Mai mai Studios (3 months ago)
Dude I started 2weeks ago and my first math I won 19 games straight I also play fortnite
Stefanzo (3 months ago)
Making the switch from fortnite.
Windra Yulian (3 months ago)
1-10 games, made top 90, 11-100 games, still top 90
sometimesibreaze - (3 months ago)
I’m trying to switch to pubg from fortnite
Aakash Kamboj (3 months ago)
https://youtu.be/x77BN1hRX34 u not seen ever this setting and gaming in ur life
NeuroHead (3 months ago)
Wow this looks so boring .
Jay Arr Calim (3 months ago)
bro help me how make acc for EA game please tech m
rahujian1234 mandu (3 months ago)
worst game ever , i purchased it and deleted it after 4 times game play. It was like you're roaming and roaming from 30minutes and then autoaim bot will kill you from behind.I know there are autoaim bots also in this game.Yes because of that was named as like live player but that was are bots. Well , i also asked for refund of this game after just 2 times of play this game , but steam wont give me my refund back . Thanx steam , well i will never buy anything again from steam but this leaves bad image of steam.
SilentBob420BMFJ (3 months ago)
This game is the only game I've never heard of in the top 10 of best selling games of all time.
Denisse Meraz (3 months ago)
💥 Check my channel out !!!!!!
Denisse Meraz (3 months ago)
Hydra Gaming and vlogs yesss I do
Hydra Gaming and vlogs (3 months ago)
Denisse Meraz u play pubg mobile
Se Pro (3 months ago)
Ak and no recoil?...
Amir Asyraf (3 months ago)
Hey, i have one question, when im playing to zoom using scope or red dot something like that, so im pressing right click on the mouse but it dont scope but more like show beside of shooting. i dont know how to explain but yeahh maybe u understand i mean. sorry for bad english. hope u can help me out. Thanks buddy
riofano4527 (3 months ago)
how bout shroud?
Rage X (3 months ago)
i tried it and found no one to kill
single rebel (3 months ago)
Thank you
Sahaj Chandra (3 months ago)
I am nice at this game been playing it for a long time. I just wanted to come back to watch this for nostalgia...and oh my god is it hitting me hard.
Oskar Skiöld Lundquist (3 months ago)
icy capybridge (3 months ago)
uses 4x in close range and red dot in long range
Caroline Duplantier (3 months ago)
This is crazy guys omg mixer.com/dopeman_lit
chazz2009 (3 months ago)
Artsy Sarah (3 months ago)
I wish there was a offline mode where you could practice with like 50 bots :(
Anas Ahmad (3 months ago)
This game is a total waste of money, I regret buying it... it crashes whenever I play for like 3mins or more. Mobile version is even better than Xbox one version
Anas Ahmad (1 month ago)
Bahja Ahmed sure
TWO FACED KANEKI (1 month ago)
Mobile version is amazing It doesn't ever crash
Unknown?? (3 months ago)
What should i buy CS GO or PUBG???
NeutronStar (3 months ago)
play in low everything it's more important to get at least 60frames consistently than to have good graphics but poor performances If it's not enough, i advise you to play in 4/3 stretched ratio (you can find tutorials in youtube it's very easy) to gain fps
Unknown?? (3 months ago)
NeutronStar okayy boi thanks. i just done downloading it.but it is so lagg in my pc :(
NeutronStar (3 months ago)
Unknown?? Csgo is the best atm
Kit _ (3 months ago)
Check out this long shot by Toxic Gaming for Iife! https://youtu.be/AWHhUal9y5o
Munzir Mohd Al Attas (4 months ago)
Damn died to zone and you almost there. 5:00
Kerala PUBG players new group https://chat.whatsapp.com/2fJp0le8ybC1hkkZ2PouLG
SpaceHorizonGames (4 months ago)
P.S. do your keyboard Mouse etc gear And your specs hardware P.S.S Good video man keep the hard work up!
Fast Pro (4 months ago)
They should have mode for new players to game because new player we do not last in the game we all die and start over too many time.
Broad Cast (4 months ago)
bro how to play easily on Pc or laptop plz tell me?

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