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Breaking Out Of Jail Is TOO EASY!

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Crona Byrne (1 month ago)
What's the game called
jamlord 2061 (1 month ago)
I thought you were gonna call this video “Escaping Prison is way TWO easy” but thank god you missed that pun
Brian Fantana (3 months ago)
Around 7 minutes they start talking about why there’s tunnels or passages “conveniently” behind the cells. Well most if not all prisons in the U.S. have those, just not as open and spacious. They’re called a “pipe chase”. That’s where all of the water, sewer and other lines are. But obviously this is a game so these passages connect, whereas in real life each pipe chase is a dead end. The prison I worked in had 4 stories in some of the wings. Typically wings held 4 separate blocks. One each block there is a day room, and 2-4 stories, or “rows”. So each wing had a pipe chase on every row, totaling 16 individual pipe chases. But again, none of them were connected, and you could only access a pipe chase through the picket, which is locked and manned at all times, as this is where doors are opened/locked. Each wing has one picket.
I watch your videos every single day
SOHANA TAHMID (4 months ago)
2 players will both fight 1 will live 1 will die
VerenZ Gaming (5 months ago)
The One Time Niko Got Sent To Prison For Two Months
NaNoChain (5 months ago)
play fortnite
00:17 prison wallet
TheNeedmoneybad (6 months ago)
When did Bob Saget and Jackie Chan make a movie together?
Progamer Dylan (6 months ago)
I played this game with my buddy and we’ve both agreed that it’s the best game we’ve ever played
Dank Dan (6 months ago)
Node, you should play Sea of thieves its a fun pirate game
TerraForm (6 months ago)
This is A LOT like the tv show Prison Break
Cameron Carrick (6 months ago)
It is telepathy not telekinesis
zaven hampartzoumian (6 months ago)
Aryan Rauf (6 months ago)
Bomb Azz (6 months ago)
Plz i want to see them escape can u play it
de muffin boi (6 months ago)
Mccninja (6 months ago)
don't just end the video live that i need more
SpookyTron (6 months ago)
”prison is a friendship test” -brandon 2k18
Kismet Burroughs (6 months ago)
Yo so I love your channel and the games that you play but the ending sucks man and one of you is a cop
Kelly B (4 months ago)
Kismet Burroughs and this is the reason why they're not playing this anymore
HydroBandit (6 months ago)
I thought my PS3 turned on at the intro
PCMasterRaceTechGod (6 months ago)
Kane and Lynch vibes
MrPatar15 (6 months ago)
They asked why there's a pathway behind their cells and how it should be the last thing that they add, but then look at Alcatraz. . . which by the way people who have escaped Alcatraz actually used that back pathway to escape.
Terrance James (6 months ago)
tripalong (6 months ago)
Are those prison guards moonlighting as limo and towncar drivers?
Ethan Gilbert (6 months ago)
Lol XBox 360
Media Mystery Pictures (6 months ago)
Real life Dead Daylight please!!
Bryan Robinson (6 months ago)
Vistalgia (6 months ago)
3:38 I think you meant Telepathy :D
Ryan Gordon (6 months ago)
As always Brandon and Dee at 50% playback for drunken win
オークガブリエル (6 months ago)
wonder if they know the ending of this game... not gonna spoil it or anything, but I bet they wouldn't expect the ending. 10/10 they will be really surprised.
オークガブリエル (6 months ago)
nice shaw shank redemption reference
DarkLight523 (6 months ago)
I wouldn't be surprised if the architect for that prison was a former inmate under a new identity.
Aeonz (6 months ago)
I saw a Shawshank Redemption reference in here lol
yuri akuma (6 months ago)
you're in shawshank
Joaquin Exequiel Laput (6 months ago)
Make more please
player 7173 (6 months ago)
Is the background picture a picture of the Shashank prison. I live really close to the Shashank prison
Zephyr Plays (6 months ago)
What platform is this?
Homo-sapiens man sir (6 months ago)
It’s a good game
flousy pancake (6 months ago)
You guys are using xbox 360? That game is compatable with it?
FirSt LighTning (6 months ago)
This is the best game of 2018
dogyo gaming (6 months ago)
Watch this vid in 0.50 speed
CB DoesThings (6 months ago)
R jet and Leah dating?
ImAnOG (6 months ago)
Vincent is actually a cop and in the end u kill the main bad guy. Vincent turns you in and Leo vs Vincent gun fight in the end. Sorry for the bad ending. Plus only one could live.
ImAnOG (4 months ago)
Kelly B Nice.
Kelly B (4 months ago)
DarK RaveN and that's why they aren't continuing the game. Because you guys think it's cool to spoil games for others.
ImAnOG (6 months ago)
Guys! I got a awesome idea. Please do Payday VR!!!! I bet you will enjoy it.
TheGoldenDeer (6 months ago)
i finished this game yesterday and i was blown away by its ending. GOTY 2018
anthony sunseri (6 months ago)
What a beautiful dog you have. What's the little tyke's name?
Poody Plays (6 months ago)
This game is great guys, me and my wife are almost finished with it. Hope you two couples are enjoying it as well lol #jellyyougettomakevideoswithAnnaAkana
Weasel_Squeezer (6 months ago)
Do more airsoft videos
Ezio Auditore (6 months ago)
This game is too good!
Gloomyst (6 months ago)
I miss the days where you guys played DayZ together
Lan Night (6 months ago)
"Prison is just a test of friendship" xD
The Hundredth Monkey (6 months ago)
Prison is a friendship test...
BakaDucky (6 months ago)
11:22 "We're using sheets to make a rope." - D ; 11:25 "It's sheets, not a rope, you never know"
DaPhuuLz THA (6 months ago)
dis da best
pTs42 (6 months ago)
You guys need to finish this one on the channel! I'm to invested now!
Green Mountain Armory (6 months ago)
These types of games are great
Wrecker_07 (6 months ago)
The ending is so sad I like the Leo ending (trying not to say any spoilers lol)
Carl Johnson (6 months ago)
You already did by saying it's a sad ending.
Miller H (6 months ago)
This game rocks! Please finish it!
Restaurante Chino (6 months ago)
Hey node add me in pubg mobile if u play,my name is icegamer52
Mathieu Paradis (6 months ago)
Man, Brandon's look on that thumbnail ...
brothercaptain (6 months ago)
Friendship test? Drop the soap.
Alexander Beck (6 months ago)
Is it just me or does Brandon's head pasted onto the prisoner's body kinda make him look like a young Gary Sinise?
Collapze Gaming (6 months ago)
i think they already finished the game, they just cut the video xD
marko M (6 months ago)
that toilet doesn't make sense. Where does all the shit go? Does a little gnome come and collect it in a bucket using the secret passages??>
Jacob Vinet (6 months ago)
I have feeling
Jacob Vinet (6 months ago)
The brown hair dude I bet is a cop
The Vacuole (6 months ago)
Hope D and Brandon could continue this series and play with the others guys in LAN Party
Henry Ryle (6 months ago)
This game is literally just shawshank redemption with two main character
CreepyBasementDoctor (6 months ago)
I especially liked the Shawshank quotes and references around 1-1:30
Michael McDanolds (6 months ago)
Please play more. I really enjoy this.
yeetmus gleetmus (6 months ago)
keep this goin!
Zach Cooper (6 months ago)
I’d love a full play through. That would be dope
Jackknife gaming 99 (6 months ago)
Love this game
I Elitex I (6 months ago)
Lmao D's flatass face in the thumbnail
I Elitex I (6 months ago)
Zephyr Plays lol
Zephyr Plays (6 months ago)
LeDank James The only reason I clicked
KenpachYi (6 months ago)
10:10 lmfaoooo he bought that??
Hardcore Markhor (6 months ago)
xXalphatrazXx (6 months ago)
(((((next episode please)))))
MonkeyDeRuffy777 (6 months ago)
This is so much The Shawshank Redemption :D a 100% that movie!
Brit Sasser (6 months ago)
I kinda like the puzzle aspect but the problem i have with the game is that they are actually bad people. If they were good people escaping because of a corrupt government that put them there would make the game far more interesting.
Tsetsi (6 months ago)
this reminds me of a big cruise ship that I was on one time!
T0xic (6 months ago)
Great video I'm getting this game
NineTailsGaming (6 months ago)
FOIRST!!!!! Btw noice videos dudes!!!!
Taj Kingon (6 months ago)
Will you guys please play the Darwin project?
The file is still there wow
Kim Augustino (6 months ago)
WheresMyBuns (6 months ago)
How are the toilets moving, i mean i watched the game on youtube and it was good but how???
Puck (6 months ago)
Keep doing more of these videos
nick gilbrook (6 months ago)
H20 derlious has full gameplay of this
soul acorn (6 months ago)
That's a picture of the reformatory in Mansfield Ohio. Its where Shawshank redemption was filmed and it's like 10 minutes from my house.
ElyK CSGO (6 months ago)
Alexander Stenmark (6 months ago)
I forgot you guys existed for a small while even though you are my favorite youtubers. Keep on with your good work.
HowGamersPlay (6 months ago)
More more more episodes please!
Sand Shadow (6 months ago)
This keep getting better LOL
Alan Grove (6 months ago)
This reminds me of Shawshank
Strix uralensiskuiken (6 months ago)
This game should be called 'Not Enough Guards'
mr. colecm24 (6 months ago)
Shaw shank redemption
ShadowTitan653 (6 months ago)
You guys should play total tank simulator
Gavin Rosenlund (6 months ago)
You have to fight in the end
Dnd Nerdy (6 months ago)
When is the next dungeons and dragons campaign
Matt (6 months ago)
Yesssss keep making these videos and more warhammer as well u guys are killin it
Konsum-TV (6 months ago)
Can you Play dis with softair

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