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Welcome To Hades......9

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-This is NOT a sponsored video....I'm just super stoked for this game- Okay kiddos! Here's a game I've been waiting a while to start talking about, and with the official launch of their website (www.hades9.com), I feel it's a good time to mention this for those who on this channel who would also be really interested in this sort of gameplay but like myself some time ago, might not have heard of it yet. This game is on my top 10 list of games I cannot wait to get my hands on! Join Us On Discord: https://discord.gg/MAGeX53 Come Hang Out On Twitch: http://www.Twitch.tv/FailureToReport Donate Live On Stream And Help Failure's Channel Suck Less: https://streamlabs.com/failuretoreport
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Militant Bystander (1 month ago)
Never heard of Star Wars supremacy?...
FailureToReport (1 month ago)
I haven't , I plugged that into google and got Star Wars Rebellion, which if that's what it was called in other countries, it's one of my favorite games ever made. I still boot that up from time to time and give it some TLC.
Let Them Eat Truth (3 months ago)
He spent his entire childhood and teenage years wanting to be and admiral of a space fleet. Here is his video diary about it. 3 months later btw and still not a single second more of game footage available. Space sims = throwing your money into the endless void of alpha space.
FailureToReport (3 months ago)
.........I haven't been creating content on it because I've been doing other stuff, there's a ton of other footage for this game on the developers channel. Don't be ignorant.
Dmytro Bogdan (4 months ago)
I like an idea to the point where it becomes EVE Online. If they'll make it 1st person only and have access to your fleet through holographic map only then it would be cool.
FailureToReport (4 months ago)
Dmytro Bogdan yeah I agree, that's more like what I was hoping for, but I guess it's going to be a little wait and see. The developers are pretty open to questions , I'll try to grab the games discord link next time I'm not on mobile, pick their brains. They were also really open to community input in the past.
Isaac Kessinger (4 months ago)
Accidentally found you, love your attitude. Give me more lol.
mrsirful (4 months ago)
Perhaps you should look into a game called Novus Aeterno...
Chark Varor (5 months ago)
Looks like a cool game but scam citizen will have all its features except better.
Hans Yolo (5 months ago)
4:10 awwww sounds like someone has 0 patience and got himself too hyped for it.
Beylix (7 months ago)
Never heard of it thanks for bringing it to my attention
Mercenary9653 (8 months ago)
Seems like a cool game, except it looks like the fleet cap is 12 ships, so not exactly a fleet, more like a squadron. And the video would of been great, except you really gotta let the whole Star Citizen thing go, I mean I get your frustration and dissappointment and anger, but don't let it consume you. At this point you dont really have "look at this cool new game" videos, you just have "star citizen sucks" videos with a tiny side of "but this is better". Maybe its just me, but I really think you need to try and get off the path to the dark side, come back to the light, focus on the good in other games instead of the bad in one.
Mercenary9653 (8 months ago)
FailureToReport honestly using it at all Isn't doing yourself any favors, holding that in your heart only harms yourself. You've said your goodbyes, it's okay to move on now.
FailureToReport (8 months ago)
I'm not making videos highlighting all the failures since SC 3.0 alone, so I'd say I'm pretty off the path.
B20C0 (8 months ago)
Reminds me of Nexus - The Jupiter Incident.
Jarod Lane (8 months ago)
looks like a pretty cool game although the graphics arent very impressive so ill have to pay attention to that
Legion Tech (8 months ago)
Cool video :)
FailureToReport (8 months ago)
Thank you, and pretty cool game! :D
Gary II (8 months ago)
Well, looks promising, but SC in 2013 was looking promising, too...so... Just in - as remainder that actual development cant compete with player dreams: SC 3.1 "performance" patch is out to Evocati, initial reports are that performance is even worse than in v3.0 "Jesus patch"... So I guess be careful with this new game, too.
Michael Traydor (8 months ago)
yeah thanks ! this is hopefully gonna be awesome :D
FailureToReport (8 months ago)
My fingers are crossed! The dev's (Legion Tech) seem super interactive with the community and I love the passion for the project they have. I really hope it stays that way and doesn't go the way of CIG / Wildcard / etc.
Citizen Gamer (8 months ago)
Thanks for letting me know about this game FTR.

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