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1000000000000000000% SAVAGE MAN - YLYL #0013

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Text Comments (29537)
She is right man, nothing will happen to you if shit gets on your skin. Its not acid ffs. At worst, it might smell slightly after washing it off.
power house26 (6 hours ago)
SpongeBob SquarePants meme
power house26 (6 hours ago)
JustACanned Bean (7 hours ago)
Somebody touched my SPAGET!?!?
CallicoJackracham (9 hours ago)
3:08 Skallagrim fans will get that.
epicbigc13579 (17 hours ago)
I like it when he yells at us in Swedish
THE LOG (1 day ago)
That intro
nurul hadiyatul (1 day ago)
하지만 이런 상황에서
nurul hadiyatul (1 day ago)
Autumn Zurzolo (2 days ago)
I didn't laugh... I cried bc of my depresstion... and how my life has no meaning... and my boyfriend is cheating on me with an ho... ig she can give him stuff that I cant... SEX....
Aydyn Fancher (1 day ago)
Det her er bibliotek
kroxle (2 days ago)
ke nch (2 days ago)
unapologetic truth (3 days ago)
What is the name of the knight fight game
Gage Sullivan (3 days ago)
what is this voting system?
Fel¡x Jönsson (3 days ago)
Jag gillar när du gör svenska videos ♥
Kill Me (3 days ago)
*Top 10 anime openings*
Colosuss (3 days ago)
justafirefox _ (3 days ago)
that was the seen from the cars move.
Clayton Blaine (3 days ago)
Oh yes... Oh yes you would
Clayton Blaine (3 days ago)
Oh yes... Oh yes I would
Clayton Blaine (3 days ago)
Oh yes... oh yes this would
Clayton Blaine (3 days ago)
Oh yes... oh yes that would
Clayton Blaine (3 days ago)
Oh yes... oh yes it would
Clayton Blaine (3 days ago)
Oh yes... Oh yes me would
Clayton Blaine (3 days ago)
Oh yes... Oh yes they would
Clayton Blaine (3 days ago)
Oh yes... Oh yes she would
Clayton Blaine (3 days ago)
Yes... Oh yes he would
Gogiboots Newman (3 days ago)
jonathan hardman (4 days ago)
Yes I did
Phil Carpenter (4 days ago)
Lmfao the spaghett one reminds me of a madtv sketch they used to do with a superhero named Spooghett or some shit hahahahahaha
Andres (4 days ago)
The Star Wars one killed me XD Damn is that funny a good middle finger to the sjw’s
Timmeh 22.2 (4 days ago)
Yes u did skrattar twice in the firts 1:20 seconds
Timmeh 22.2 (4 days ago)
Subtitles translate the swedish
Aizen's SUCC (4 days ago)
8:44 what is that melody?
CoreMania (5 days ago)
Hey this is LiBrArY
Kuba Pietrzak (6 days ago)
Peppermint Mix (6 days ago)
ProfessorDuck 429 (6 days ago)
Shawn Clark (6 days ago)
Song at 8:44 ?
emily sands (6 days ago)
Egi Seviana (7 days ago)
Tolol 🤣🤣🤣
blabla lakerål (7 days ago)
i did both skratta och förlora
Emilx 2000 (8 days ago)
Jag skrattade inte, så jag förlorar inte
LAM GAMING (8 days ago)
Aryaman Hazari (8 days ago)
What was the Japanese song name
sidde76 (8 days ago)
Mia S (9 days ago)
Smile Sweet Sister Sadistic Surprise Service *SOMEBODY TOUCHE MA SPAGETH!*
Felix Kjellberg (9 days ago)
sOmEbOdY ToUcH A mY sPaGhEtT
PartyGod (10 days ago)
8:17 song?
Sahil King (10 days ago)
🎶🎶 *S P H A G H E T T* 🎵🎵
Reedzfhar Tungpalan (10 days ago)
5:14 Title of song?
Conor Kilhenny (10 days ago)
3:09. He ended him rightly.
notworthit (11 days ago)
Johnny Johnny! Yes Papa? Eating spaget? No PAPA! Telling lies? Yes Papa? Open wide? Pop pop pop Shot.
Derby Man (12 days ago)
Turn on the translations
Cookie is BEST (12 days ago)
sirano (12 days ago)
simple its global warming what causes all that tell onision to kick his stupid president so world can be better its a human doing not god doing world is balanced but humans with there mistakes do it so if we dont stop the pollution more will come
Anony Gaming (12 days ago)
Julien Valiquette (12 days ago)
Foostinator (12 days ago)
I accidentally tapped on this video at 4:00 AM
M Frank (13 days ago)
Kyle Kioko (13 days ago)
What is the name of the song at 8:44, please and thank you.
Questionable Things? (13 days ago)
ren filik (13 days ago)
This is a Swedish 🇸🇪 words
Ice Nova (13 days ago)
Nelly Rebolta (14 days ago)
Gavin O'Loughlin (15 days ago)
The birth of spaget
Michael Falcon (15 days ago)
The God’s Messenger (15 days ago)
Myles Crockett (15 days ago)
9:07 caught my eye, Yu-Gi-Oh is love
Kawaii Chan (15 days ago)
Respek wamen
Alie Floyd (15 days ago)
wtf.. the ad before the video started was a baby aerial clip and it was cringe asf... lmao
DealWithit 710 (16 days ago)
TheFroggyGamer (16 days ago)
8:23 what did he eat
TheFroggyGamer (16 days ago)
3:23 I died because of how hard he tried to click off but couldn’t
Music from 7:15 ?
Crazy Monkey (17 days ago)
Eric Emerald (17 days ago)
Little did he know at the time the vid was made...... The first clip gon become a meme
Akmal So OP (17 days ago)
7:21 Kwebbelkop
SpiderWomen !! (17 days ago)
Demon lord power (17 days ago)
Japanese guy was badass
smalls 182 (17 days ago)
Twenty one pilots are emo
Erti Tahirllari (18 days ago)
Erti Tahirllari (18 days ago)
Erti Tahirllari (18 days ago)
Erti Tahirllari (18 days ago)
nusret deniz korkmaz (18 days ago)
Can anyone explain 8:45 to 9:08
Turtlepanda (17 days ago)
I mean all of the world
Turtlepanda (17 days ago)
Christians believe that God made a global flood that covered all of texas
The Bunny (18 days ago)
Translation 4:03 Shame on that meme No thank you, no thank you Shame on you meme E-h *Meme*
Если переводите, то переводите всё!
1:34 *Spongebob meme posts incoming*
Chethan Mark (19 days ago)
Alexandre Parent (19 days ago)
Music at 7:12 to 7:20?
Xd Tryhardnoobskin (19 days ago)
Nathaniel Sheridan (20 days ago)
Jawad Cule (20 days ago)
3:16 i died 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Chrome X (20 days ago)
Rob Wilson (20 days ago)

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