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SHROUD, JUST9N AND ANYTHING | 41 TEAM KILL PUBG ON MIRAMAR Shroud : https://www.twitch.tv/shroud
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Aaron Josh Agrabio (9 days ago)
hi kuya
Kana Chavda (1 month ago)
Akm gun is not good control and scar Good control gun
WBM WISNU (2 months ago)
Where 41 kills?
#europaarmy (7 months ago)
Wait like 41 teamkills or 41 kills made by the entire team
Morgan Hunter (7 months ago)
Just9n is such a salty bitch all the time
Trent Nelson (7 months ago)
AK needs a Check pad.
Trevor Harrington (7 months ago)
Ckeeck pads reduce vertical spray, the AK has trouble with random horizontal spray
the McDankBank (7 months ago)
Why is shroud unranked? 30:38
Vedoren (7 months ago)
those stats are for solo third person. I don't think he has played much TPP since the first person mode came out.
Ky (9 months ago)
shroud was just get rid of a m16 suppressed, and just leave another suppressor.... TF?
Tenko (8 months ago)
compensator is much better, especially in late game
jeremiah cometa (9 months ago)
NICE! so how u mange to get 41 teamkills when u only have 3 teammates
Kelanduo L·Dyglia (9 months ago)
says by shroud:AK spr is stupid also says by shroud: AK defiantly need a grp option Good thing I also think AK suck
ELI The Janitor (9 months ago)
wasnt 41
ZemA Jose (9 months ago)
Umm sir, can i ask whut is the spec of your PC?
Oliver K (9 months ago)
Shroud missed a guy at 16:22
Cameron Mr (9 months ago)
shroud, do us all a favor, and when i say "us all" i mean me, just let us see sides of your face, fyi when you look directly at the camera you look like a confused and retarded duck with the least tasteful mexistache ive EVER seen, it looks like Juan Moses split the Gulf of mexico on your upper lip, your lips are just ew... but in conclusion to that you do have awesome content, try not to look like your brain cells dripped out of your nostrils. Have a great career i've liked and subscribed, your videos are dope. happy pub g ing
Deivekas7 (9 months ago)
"3 guys one tree" sounds like a new porno title
Curt Pullin (9 months ago)
Wow Mike, you pre flash connector? You'd probably be realllly good at a game called CS:GO
Mistral Northwind (8 months ago)
he knows he's called Mike, so...
ProTechGamerz (9 months ago)
cant work out if this is sarcasm or not
Sharif Salih (9 months ago)
I was the last kill... All I had was a red dot vs those 3... Not that it matters anyways, but I'd like to dream
Future Focus (9 months ago)
Sharif Salih i killed summit 1 game then his teammate killed both of us on duos am I cool
Sharif Salih (9 months ago)
I didnt have circle. It was NE. I was SE and they were W. So no one was in circle. I had to cross open field to get to it
Arian Nosratollahi (9 months ago)
I mean you had the circle, if you waited for them you could've had the jump on em.
Patrick Foster (9 months ago)
Does Just9n know hes not that good and hes only good because he plays with shroud?
Cauthonlol (9 months ago)
No you are not, you are just trash in the internet
Sean Stewart (9 months ago)
Like I said, wasnt exactly structured like an opinion. Also even if it is an opinion, I would like to think most people would at least try to back it up. How is J9 bad, like I just dont get that. Idk you just come off as ignorant when you call someone bad just because you dont like how they talk haha
Patrick Foster (9 months ago)
dude as i said. just stating my opinion. you seem to be more hurt by it than anyone.
Sean Stewart (9 months ago)
I also think J9 was particularly whiny in some parts of this match but that has nothing to do with his capability as a player
Sean Stewart (9 months ago)
"he's only good because he plays with shroud" that sounds like an absolute statement not an opinion. It would be totally fair to say "I dont think J9 is as good as Shroud" but you really went off on him almost like you're bitter. You could also just say he's whiny, which would be a fair opinion. Again I dont see what his skill has to do with anything, and in case you didnt know he was a rank S counter strike player and semi professional so how could he realistically be considered "not that good/only good because he plays with shroud"
Biox (9 months ago)
xém tí nửa là phá kỉ lục của Rip123
Trần Quốc Toản (9 months ago)
Rip113 💓 Vietnam 🇻🇳
ryan peace (9 months ago)
Trần Quốc Toả
Biox (9 months ago)
xé tí là phá kỉ lục của ổng
ψ Ɖǟʀӄηεζζ ψ (9 months ago)
The real question is ... Will this vedio get viral and milk over 100k views ? 🤔
Domino52o (6 months ago)
Yes, 107k views. Most of these kinds of channels upload streams to make money for the streamers since they're barred from doing so themselves due to twitch's restrictions on their partners.
Graham Haynes (7 months ago)
it's actually crazy that this gameplay doesn't get it but The Twitch World videos of Shroud doing NOT THIS WELL get 2.5 milli lol
SnoopDiggle (9 months ago)
I wouldn't call 100k viral
Colbyopia (9 months ago)
I mean, Shroud isn't wrong. A lot of people try and ruin the experience for the streamer. It is pretty pathetic.
Bork Laser (7 months ago)
Hector Hernandez "why not piss them off time to time" goes to show how much of a scumbag low life you are wow why would you want to piss off the streamer youre watching? thats some ice poseidon virgin ass shit 12 year old shit gtfo
Alex Vazquez (9 months ago)
Yea fuck u
All the boost (9 months ago)
peanut butter and jealous maybe?
Ryan Smock (9 months ago)
You're pathetic
Hector Hernandez (9 months ago)
Colbyopia I mean these people stream and make money playing a game so why not piss them off time to time. Not like these guys at least have to really try to get good content and I feel like a delay would help a lot but there's plenty of reasons I guess as to why they don't put a delay. The closest I get to watching a stream is catching these vids from time to time so I guess I don't know how much it ruins the experience for the viewer but I do know it creates a new one for trolls. I also don't like how these people just bring him cars n stuff sometimes that of course works to his advantage. But oh well it won't be stopped until something happens to stop it if that ever happens.
Albin Kälvesten (9 months ago)
Teamkills lok
Gabriel Ojales (9 months ago)
James Nebahi (9 months ago)
dragon ball super is mint i think. Im watching the eng subs, still hella enjoy it
YvanTheOne (9 months ago)
Woah shroud number 1

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