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AIRSOFT TTT - Code Word Banana

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Forge Airsoft is located in Gardena CA and is our favorite indoor Airsoft arena. Check them out if you guys want some realistic CQB action. http://www.forgeairsoft.com/ Big thanks to Evike.com for being the best. They're our #1 source for all our Airsoft needs so check them out. http://www.evike.com/ https://www.youtube.com/user/evikecom Jet Desert Fox Airsoft https://www.youtube.com/user/DesertFoxAirsoft Spartan Leah - Airsoft Unicorn https://www.youtube.com/user/theairsoftunicorn Don't forget to like/follow us on Facebook & Twitter! http://facebook.com/node http://twitter.com/nodestudios http://twitter.com/cerberusarms http://twitter.com/corridordigital http://facebook.com/corridordigital http://twitter.com/fwong http://twitter.com/brandonjla http://facebook.com/freddiewspage
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Text Comments (1464)
Captain America (13 days ago)
Anyone else finds Jet extremely irritating?
turtle fun (25 days ago)
You should have a code to where we get like 25%off every purchase
Hezekiah Sta. Ana (28 days ago)
“Execute order 66”
I wanna see them play cops and robbers
Bowman426 (1 month ago)
Can you play TTT outside or is it only a CQB game?
Mason Heilman (1 month ago)
D is a snake bro
Joey Zoota-Lucero (2 months ago)
Ayyyy I used to go to forge all the time. That place was the best
Andrew Nguyen (2 months ago)
Flawless victory.
Valhoon Smit (2 months ago)
Funny that they've played this for so long, they say Terrorist instead of Traitor.
Kaptain1337 (2 months ago)
"BANANA!!" *all shit goes to hell*
TECHNICAL TENNO (2 months ago)
D is always a traitor
Callsign Doc (2 months ago)
What brand are D’s pants?
Last Crusher (2 months ago)
Anyone else 2018
Zayn Hanif (2 months ago)
10:51 Thank me later.
Ciaran Gallmore (2 months ago)
The firefight at 2:35 is intense
Aiden Furry (2 months ago)
i like how in the next one they completely forget that it's Shades who shot first and jet gets punished for killing him "Unprovoked"
Made to Watch 18 videos (3 months ago)
2:38 exactitude order 66
Pokebros (3 months ago)
No fun when people hide in rooms
Proofy 26 (3 months ago)
Clint and D make a good team
Andrew evans (4 months ago)
D is almost always a traitor
Alexander Super Gamer (4 months ago)
Jet: I'm gonna have to interrogate you if you wanna hang out. First question: Are you a traitor? Niko and Brandon: ... Jet: ... D: DIE EVERYONE!
Jessey Grösser (4 months ago)
D just gone on a rampage in round 1
Magni Merstrand (4 months ago)
"were all innocent terrorists"
Techy Squid (4 months ago)
Poor Brandon looks out of place lol
Neurofied Yamato (5 months ago)
Node, can you tell us what BGM you use? Some of these are really cool.
Strange Thing (5 months ago)
this seems like so much fun
MrAgedGouda (5 months ago)
I hate when people yell super loudly when they are killed. Like someone can pull off a stealthy and smart kill and get their cover blown by some loud ass death scream. A cry of pain from a BB I get, but like when Clint was knifed. Cmon, man.
When you know innocents are screwed when D is the traitor
joshua rogers (5 months ago)
all traitors but 1
LIAMID (5 months ago)
this was almost four years ago
The ACE? Family (5 months ago)
Bug Batts (5 months ago)
Leah's mini-celebration at 11:00 is priceless...
Bug Batts (5 months ago)
Leah at 2:40, "Oh no..." Two seconds later, *dies* "Nooooooooooooooo"
game clips (5 months ago)
Nice job guys
boythunder1103 (6 months ago)
I swear my fortnite is downloading so slow
Martin Slivka (6 months ago)
First game is fast, but second game is slow
O47x Swift (6 months ago)
Let me turn on my police shit 😂😂
DarkneredBoss (6 months ago)
Adrian Urbiztondo (6 months ago)
I like tt make more
Eric Chen (7 months ago)
“We’re missing one...”. Everyone always forgets about Shades...
jesica Foree (7 months ago)
You know it America when all the innocents have a gun lol
Coolelijah2008 (7 months ago)
was D about to say TERRORISTS WIN!
Deathtank6669 (7 months ago)
Aiden Furry (8 months ago)
ddn't shades shoot first
Bill Jobs (8 months ago)
Neko whymark (7 months ago)
Bill Jobs yes I said that
Shadow Killer (8 months ago)
A some
Banana OreoGod (8 months ago)
Banana??? Love it!!
Jason Patrick (8 months ago)
they should add two cards selection two detecs and 3 traitors theyre are possibility to you become a traitor
Dylan Hanff (8 months ago)
jets pic tho lol
Eassun Gaming V2 (8 months ago)
More plsss from the Philippines
bryan alatorre (8 months ago)
Play airsoft TTT
Barry B. Benson (8 months ago)
at 3:28 when D almost said "Terrorists Win!" but stopped himself...
Carter Sims (8 months ago)
smoothest traitor round ever
Oda Chikazane (8 months ago)
The terrorist are so obvious or maybe it's because we know already lol
Robin Lloyd (8 months ago)
D lured jet
Benjamin Nord (8 months ago)
First rule for TTT : Kill D
Alex scholes Gaming (8 months ago)
Fuckin' massacred everyone!!!!!
EmyRob (9 months ago)
do a war in the dark
How is D so good?
Rusty McRustFace (9 months ago)
D has the perfect voice for an anime character
Gavonflanz Rules (9 months ago)
Qu addimar (9 months ago)
ironically an ad for a place called banana republic played before this
R Zimmerman (9 months ago)
I wish I can have a air soft gun but I just have real guns
Strider6 (10 months ago)
It's time to get out of the closet Jet
Nightflash478 (10 months ago)
the massacre at around 2:40-3:00 i could picture that in slow mo with the order 66 thing playing
Jovany Gabriel (10 months ago)
Lol D went on a rampage and murdered everyone first game 😂 ☠️🔫
Nathaniel Holm (10 months ago)
Yup.... I can finally say that out of everyone, D, Jet, and Sam are my favorite!
MiTshY (10 months ago)
Typical node ttt game: jet = detective D = trator
Kenny Nickell (10 months ago)
Go Jet.Go Jet 🛬🛫🛬✈🛩
Dergonu (10 months ago)
Here I was expecting D to find some casual way of sneaking banana into a conversation with some innocents or something, then he just ends up shouting it randomly xD *BANANA!*
Jennifer Braun (10 months ago)
Clint has a go pro and it's not showing anything whenever he is in the map he's playing TTT
Jennifer Braun (10 months ago)
Clint's go pro failed again
WorsethanAverageGaming (10 months ago)
I love everybody in here but there is no way that D gets traitor so often legit. 🙃
Julian Belza (11 months ago)
d is always a traiter
Isaiah Conrad (11 months ago)
Please play ttt in gta5
SupBro Vang (11 months ago)
If I were the detective I would line everyone up and say " I'll shoot the person who we suspect the most" then just shoot everyone and u win lol
SupBro Vang (11 months ago)
Most epic traitors ever " BANANA!" 🍌=🔫
MrFudge07 (11 months ago)
Leah the entire 2nd round, "Its not me, AHHHH"
ZestfulHydra (11 months ago)
Leah kills two innocents "Leah did you kill D?"
synkked (11 months ago)
Please, it's TTT. Don't yell or make noises when you die that can give others that are still alive hints on who the traitor really is. The game would be much more entertaining to watch if there were just silent deaths.
Ronrico Muse (1 year ago)
Do some battle royal
TheKrigeron (1 year ago)
7:41 "why is shay shooting?". Jet knew right then and there she was a terrorist but didn't want to kill his wife.
lps Caity (1 year ago)
jet was the name of my 2nd puppy
Dutok (1 year ago)
I wish they kept it where you could get better weapons, it was more like the game mode.
Yik Long Tay (1 year ago)
If Leah wasnt so greedy to kill Niko and Brandon, they would have stand a chance.
Matt (1 year ago)
Is it just me or is the background music way too loud?
Did anyone use to watch TheRPGMinx TTT?
The Kubena (1 year ago)
Bro 2:43 they lit them ALL up 😂
The Kubena (1 year ago)
This stuff is so cool, my friends and I started playing it with nerf guns yesterday it was so fun
JiffyJelly (1 year ago)
D executed order 66
Tyler Brashear (1 year ago)
use the evike riotsheiled
Mustafa Yücesan (1 year ago)
D clutched it
Nøderak (1 year ago)
5 in 30 seconds.
Nøderak (2 months ago)
watchign this in the beginning of july like a boss 2018
Joe Birmingham (1 year ago)
D to good at being t
Leonte Howard (1 year ago)
where can I get them cards
Blaze Doxzon (1 year ago)
leah is retarded
Charlie Day (1 year ago)
D op
notcoldfridge (1 year ago)
D is the real life Levi
Demon Hunter (1 year ago)
at the time 2:50 thing spiked up
EagleSpirit88 (1 year ago)
D is broken pls nerf

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