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Scorn - Part 1 - NO "EW" 99% IMPOSSIBLE

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We play the new serbian horror game scorn Join my giveaway for a BEAST Origin computer! http://www.originpc.com/pewdiepie Want my chair? Check out: USA & Asia: https://usa.clutchchairz.com/product/pewdiepie-edition-throttle-series/ Europe: https://europe.clutchchairz.com/en/product/throttle-series-pewdiepie-edition/ Canada: https://canada.clutchchairz.com/product/throttle-series-pewdiepie-edition/ ‎
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Text Comments (18317)
john charles (2 days ago)
part 2?
Gavin O (2 days ago)
This isnt even gross like its really not that bad
abdullah al shafee (3 days ago)
Pewdiepie keep playing new action horror games
Marcellino Fernaldi (7 days ago)
Who made this game -,- , it will be challenging if we eat and play this game at the same time , 👍
I WANT MORE :v (7 days ago)
Most nasty part of the game 6:57
wrestling nerd (8 days ago)
Scorn is a porn.
Zachary Weinman (10 days ago)
Zachary Weinman (10 days ago)
Crystal Queen (14 days ago)
This looks like the after math of alien isolation
O. Milonova (14 days ago)
both disgusting and genius! Only thing that looks nice are the shiny keys.
kutulukutu (14 days ago)
Claims to like Giger, refers to Giger tentacles as Hentai tentacles. Fibber.
Myles Reynolds (16 days ago)
Why did you turn your back to reload? Lol
LEGO Master (16 days ago)
Nastya (17 days ago)
Кто из Росси?
Ghyn Khael Banlawi (17 days ago)
pewds my boss ;)
1xLegendGamer YT (18 days ago)
Why there still people watchung this
Toxic 74 (19 days ago)
And why this dude people are so crazy about? Just the average idiot...
Jaron Griffin (19 days ago)
feels like a warframe wet dream
Jesse Galloway (19 days ago)
Trump 2020
Ivan Petrov (19 days ago)
At least it is 100% more natural than disgusting artificial robots.
Romas T (21 days ago)
Редкостный дебил.
kiyo igarashi (21 days ago)
Milton Roy (23 days ago)
does this game has any meaning or a story??? even bf5 has a story and a sexy captain hook.
fuckenmike (23 days ago)
Interested in the story, gameplay looks so boring..
BlueBadgerGamer (24 days ago)
I love the H.R.Giger design to this game.
Boamere (24 days ago)
What's disturbing about this is that the normal alien corridors are creepy anyway, but then even the alien corridors have been infected with something creepier
Trauma 100% EW XDDD
dabatswag 59 (25 days ago)
part 2 pleeeeeeeeeease baby boyyyyyy
Nuk3dNeBulA (25 days ago)
Can someone make an EW COMPILATION.
Connor Seid (26 days ago)
That door way in the beggining looked like Star wars Republic commando
AI CT (27 days ago)
Este tipo es muy molesto no se calla y aparte nadie lo conoce pero aun así tiene 63M de subs.
Samantha Martinez (27 days ago)
Question? Is this game better then Agony ?
DzoniXX (27 days ago)
Balkan ceo like
blazzer73553 B (27 days ago)
WTF!!!!! happens to this guy.. his old vids were way better, looks like a mental patient
Yasmin Mota (27 days ago)
Its june 2018, part two???
SVETLJO (28 days ago)
Finally found what his voice at some moments sounds like - Marc Warren's Teatime from Terry Pratchett's Hogfather tv movie XD
lil lmt (28 days ago)
Reminds me of berserk
Terin Powell (29 days ago)
Why tf was i eating while watching this
SeriousGamer753 (1 month ago)
Didn't know you were such a wuss jeeeeessuuss maan
Suga (1 month ago)
I hope they don't ended up like Agony
Aeron Hockenberry (1 month ago)
This just looks like one massive tool video
A Hand (1 month ago)
Would be better in VR
Johnny HALO 22 (1 month ago)
This shit was disgusting, fml
NUKE (1 month ago)
PewDiePie rightfully deserves to be the most subscribed person on youtube. His humor is never forced, something true to even when it's forced! I can't explain it, but I find myself laughing my ass out on his comments while playing. No other youtuber can do this, no other youtuber can be that original and funny as PewDiePie and I've seen many.
Ew! ×100000combo
Muhammed Bhayat (1 month ago)
Amnesia jumpscare loving freak here😂
SexCannonMusic (1 month ago)
OHh so Scorn is the game that had gross stuff ? i thought it was agony , huh
Colakat22 (1 month ago)
Whats disgusting is the high contrast yellow hair on black and the big dark beard.
Conscious Robot (1 month ago)
I really love and appreciate the dark art style of this so I wasn't grossed out by it. I'm very impressed. Very death metal.
Dawn (1 month ago)
As a great potato once said: “I don’t really want to overreact.”
Aryk9 cendejas (1 month ago)
Normal para mi a y por cierto se esta elevando esa cosa pero es jigantesco nah
Magic Bagel (1 month ago)
The hell is wrong with your mic
Lord Cooper (1 month ago)
This guy is a scrub!
_ s8n_ (1 month ago)
I'm serbian and hella proud of this game lol
Bourbon IDK (1 month ago)
Can’t wait for October! Hope you play the game after it’s full release!
Frédérick Roy (1 month ago)
Missed shotgun XD
arsham gheimaty (1 month ago)
now i understand why you say you dont like to play that much 😐
Bye-Bye Computer (1 month ago)
Part 1...
糸州安恒 (1 month ago)
넌진 (1 month ago)
한국인 손
Jonathan Adriel (1 month ago)
still better than agony
Galikes (1 month ago)
That's cool. Hope they wouldn't add text in it.
High VVizard Lizard (1 month ago)
Looks like what Agony should’ve been.
Avery Kane (1 month ago)
Avery Kane (1 month ago)
Oh dear...Oh dear...see's fleshy face...NOPE! NOPE! NOPE! OH NOPE!
Aadya Singh (1 month ago)
14:54 "It's a space blender everybody"😂😂
메루비 (1 month ago)
한글자막 대체 어떤 찐따가 쓴거지 진짜 찐냄새존나심하네
Diego (1 month ago)
Titulo español video English
Intact Metal (1 month ago)
*Is that a tentacle?*
I hope this game doesn't replicate Agony's failures.
Rebekah Myers (1 month ago)
Wait..... there are 4 adds in this video.... is this PewDiePie or did I click on someone else?
Joshua Sarsale (1 month ago)
Better than that Agony game
GrwZz Live (1 month ago)
Zdzisław Beksiński check him on google!
Dogman_35 (1 month ago)
I was surprised when I found out this game was a Metroidvania, and I was fucking hyped afterwards. I hope that the insanely cool horror can bring the genre's popularity up just a bit. Also, pewds never figured out he had a shotgun on him the whole time.
Jungle Desert (1 month ago)
Ch50304 (1 month ago)
This is a creepy weird game, but interesting. The design is beautiful.
Sickling3 (1 month ago)
finally serbia coming up!!
Niko (1 month ago)
Bashful Wolfo (1 month ago)
Despite how gross it is, everything is really beautifully done. I wouldn't be surprised if it was all drawn.
Memes South (1 month ago)
Título do texto em português
Luu Blue (1 month ago)
To be honest, by looking at the way the main character in game reloads the bullets, its not like he is scared but so calm, even near death :p.
Filip Djordjevic (1 month ago)
"Its apearantly a Serbian developer" *God damn im proud of those people*
Nelson Quiroz (1 month ago)
This must be a after of a tripod invasion 🤔😞
Florin Stîngă (1 month ago)
That was the demo version of scorn?
Mhamed Boudries (1 month ago)
Is that a tentacle
Perfectionist Mind (1 month ago)
Didn't you closed the comment place YOU LIAR MOTHERFUCKER?!
Taky (1 month ago)
Agony was trash hope this is better
lex g (1 month ago)
If the world is made out of flesh and you are made of flesh.. flip the script and imagine this being a horror game about a robot in a robot world with malfunctioning robots
lex g (1 month ago)
If the world is made out of flesh and you are made of flesh.. flip the script and imagine this being a horror game about a robot in a robot world with malfunctioning robots
ClovenBog (1 month ago)
Getting major Blame! vibes from this
stiepan holkien (1 month ago)
Zdgisuav bro Listen... to the lead whistle.
Kristian Allen (1 month ago)
The stuff in this game looks like Evil Within, the space ship in Alien, and Doom.
Bulgarian Memes (1 month ago)
Lemon juice will be the strongest weapon in this game
Gunshow0 (1 month ago)
Looks as boring Af
Only the (1 month ago)
Remind me prometheus
or tor (1 month ago)
Looks like agony
Tygo Dean (1 month ago)
Ben je nederlands
Jedi Jr. Jesus (1 month ago)
I don't get what's "disturbing" about this at all. The trailer wasn't even slightly scary?
Metal Force (1 month ago)
This plays better without pies annoying voice. Muted

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