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All highlights are from my stream :D ► Follow me! TWITTER → https://twitter.com/shroud TWITCH → https://www.twitch.tv/shroud YOUTUBE (2ND) → https://goo.gl/e4dRqE ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 👌Channel Manager - https://twitter.com/stun_empire ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
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Text Comments (1475)
salty potato (4 days ago)
World cup is hockey? Seems legit
Block Artist (5 days ago)
So many world cup and hockey comments. *damn*
The crew (8 days ago)
Gaming4Life (9 days ago)
I had 18 kills in same event but my team was 3rd
Mass Same (10 days ago)
5:46 Hollywood fight scene
Anas Quashie (11 days ago)
Were the fuck I am
Zoo Hair (11 days ago)
Dont follow people, be yourself.
Zoo Hair (11 days ago)
Thats not nice
Quantum YT (12 days ago)
War mode sucks
Play pubg mobile
ishu 2k14 (14 days ago)
Pls give me a 💓
UTKU İNANÇ (15 days ago)
I love you
UTKU İNANÇ (15 days ago)
Pubg sparkt tv
タTobiiタTR (18 days ago)
You know we love you.
#royal clashers# (18 days ago)
hi shroud uncle
RaG3 Charger (19 days ago)
COllEYWOLLY is a god
Abdullah Khattak (19 days ago)
5 man squad???
Fernando Rodriguez (20 days ago)
Nice shroud
Ogamer Joe (22 days ago)
Still such a desynced, laggy, buggy shit game this is xD Jesus christ.... :D People still playing this shit?
потатокинг (23 days ago)
That kid was russian
потатокинг (23 days ago)
Видимо, тут схватки лишь оружиями говна
DAB MON (24 days ago)
Who are these 330 people disliked
please use AKM again :(
Syed Abdul Mushraf (28 days ago)
That is an Indian voice of a kid of 13to 16age.
The Rad Russian. (28 days ago)
Randy : I want that friend invite tho. Shroud : Yea that'll never happen. *Randys laugh* *shroud in confused why they are laughing*
zz chopper xz plays (29 days ago)
I'm not used to shroud always dieing
Hemang Agrawal (1 month ago)
Winston Varney (1 month ago)
This is so much better than dusty battlegrounds
Rahmat Sayful Affandi (1 month ago)
Shroud bakno iso nub barang
Noah Montes (1 month ago)
War mode came PUBG mobile first,just saying
Slim Black (1 month ago)
"can I get a death can pls..what happened" lmaoo
Slim Black (1 month ago)
Its me (1 month ago)
12:12 Any one recognise this tune?? must be his secret
DESI GAMER (1 month ago)
1:32 lag :(
CPT. PRICE (1 month ago)
Charlie G (1 month ago)
Your short
Batman (1 month ago)
Even shroud can die in war mode. Lol
Brotha Wiz (1 month ago)
PUBG gonna die off to the AAA games ripping of the BR style gaming, lets see blue balls sue COD lol. To his defense hockey is Stanley Cup I believe and world cup is football/soccer easily mistaken if you don't follow sports
Adrind Azril (1 month ago)
YouTube is strange..I can watch video at 1080p60 at other video but not at gameplay video...Its always buffering
Cát Minh (1 month ago)
Plz don't play forrtnite you are a legend of pubg
FaZei play (1 month ago)
Collywolly killed u 3 time dude
JDaBro (1 month ago)
7:43 owh my hero.. 😂
kekko99gamer capasso (1 month ago)
You are the best player ever and I from Italy
Gamer 360 (1 month ago)
Shroud did you cry in Boston majors csgo
hero tiger (1 month ago)
Shroud can you try pubg mobile!!
Etern4l Saiy4n (1 month ago)
Noooo. Now this channel censors swears. Shit.
Sarthak sharma (1 month ago)
11:06 Man Look At The Details!! Even The Nails!!! Gross This Gaming Is Amazing!!!
HeadShotJack Pubg (1 month ago)
I wish the video was gonna be War Mode is Insanely back
Merrka (1 month ago)
1:34 he puts 2 bullet lol xD
AMV;S AND STUFF (1 month ago)
I watch this I go to pubg and I kill 5-6 dudes I feel like shroud day made lmao
King Pin (15 days ago)
AMV;S AND STUFF i got a 20 bomb like a hour ago
I like watching your videos, but I've always wondered, have you ever played on xbox?
Haniza Ali (1 month ago)
The sanhok land...welcome to Kampong Rusila...that is my village(kampong) in malaysia
Akshat Upadhyay (1 month ago)
Want a like from shroud
You have trully large nose bro
begha ashish (1 month ago)
Shroud are u tried of playing PUBG or what
Rajab İskenderli (1 month ago)
Hokey? Wtf foortball it is or as you say "soccer"
Ricky Smith Steen (1 month ago)
“That could be an insta” gets one shot straight away
YUS LGN (1 month ago)
Nice killb
Sixty Random Game (1 month ago)
Colleywolly always kill u
Amirhosein Ahmadi (1 month ago)
You want play woth me fortnite? My name in forrtnite: Pustkan05
MEGATRON GAMING (1 month ago)
3rd guy is indian kid?😂😂
戴家长 (1 month ago)
Oscar Pineda (1 month ago)
Rage level 101%
Mactavish Soap (1 month ago)
shroud urealy a fucking garbage player
Zoo Hair (11 days ago)
Sir Meows a Lot (1 month ago)
I kept hearing some sounds from the vid’s background like “wtf Shroud he’s my best friend” “where the f**k I am” It’s a bit creepy and annoying 👉🏻Is this my problem or something else?👈🏻 ⚠️I really need help⚠️
I TheRealWither45 I (1 month ago)
7:14 Hi shroud Shroud: Thank you
Jose Gracia (1 month ago)
Dimond Red (1 month ago)
Sebastian Kuhne (1 month ago)
7:43 best part "Okay"
•non'ya biznez• (1 month ago)
9:33? What's weazel news? The gta news portal?
Danial Uzair (1 month ago)
You are my hero ❤️ You are not my daddy 😶
Dean Ragaza (1 month ago)
Shroud can you please play pubg mobile😇
Ferdy (1 month ago)
12:13 the sound of the P1911 xD
BORN TO GAME (1 month ago)
only place where our legend is noob [no offence fans]
Kampong mean villag
noah sherman (1 month ago)
Shroud you know the world Cup? Sorry uhh I don't like hockey 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
SuperRolLa (1 month ago)
12:13 — 12:15 pan parapampa.. pan pan jaja
ELBELTRAN2.0 (2 months ago)
9:02 abia uno en el techo
pubg Engr.DisRespect (2 months ago)
weak nigga.
Soa'bachele (2 months ago)
Listo ctm!!(ignored)
Ariana Grande (2 months ago)
11:20 “this game doesn’t work” 😭😂
Damion Casteel (2 months ago)
12:13 that classic door knock noise we all know
Brandon Huang (2 months ago)
edomedo (2 months ago)
DUUUDE that 1 guy sounds like franzJ
Ken Gaming (2 months ago)
why is shroud playing on a verry low graphics i know he have a beast gaming pc he's so rich
Psalm martinez (2 months ago)
Whatss your names in pubg plss
Xtipe Gamer (2 months ago)
Play pubg mobile pls
derpderp derp (2 months ago)
Shroud do pubg mobile
Om Sharma (2 months ago)
Which game it is... Is it pubg.. Then which server it is...
Iam Zippo (2 months ago)
1 player killed 3 times
Ayaen Sarkar (2 months ago)
Riley Tempest (2 months ago)
The detail on them thumbs
tera payo (2 months ago)
That kid save him
Kadek Oka S (2 months ago)
Kampong? Or kampoeng? Malayu's nouns
AComPEtitiVE GAMER (2 months ago)
Why did I get this for Xbox and not pc
murugu murugu (2 months ago)
Colley Wolley .....
Everyone talking about Hockey and no one talking about “He literally went inside me.” That’s what she said.
Matt Kevin Malit (2 months ago)
why you dont have a intro
Matt Kevin Malit (2 months ago)
why you dont have a intro
ajayakumar cherai (2 months ago)
Play with me
Tenthrone Gaming (2 months ago)
Do you know the World Cup? Nah I don’t like hockey 👌
arunnath1198 (2 months ago)
This is really satisfying. He is human afterall.
Kameron P (2 months ago)
I feel like shroud is a fellow smoker of tue devils grass

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