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Basically PUBG? - Ring Of Elysium (First Look Gameplay)

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This game came out of nowhere! Ring Of Elysium otherwise known as Europa is a NEW Battle Royale game *yep, another one!* by Tencent games, partners of Bluehole studios and developers of PUBG mobile. It's very easy to draw comparison to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds as the mechanics of this game are extremely similar. But when you look under the surface you realize there are actually some pretty neat features that separate the two games. ROE is currently only available in Asian countries but with a quick google search and after jumping through a few hoops you can get playing in no time. Enjoy! :D ▶ Subscribe to my channel here! https://bit.ly/2nJgtxS ▼ Connect with me: Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/tomographic Twitter https://twitter.com/itstomographic ★ My PC Specs: https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/Tomographic/saved/pJHQzy ♫ Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com https://www.youtube.com/WeAreEpidemicSound Looking for a YouTube partnership? Join Union for Gamers! Click for more info: https://bit.ly/2HZnUpP (Referral Link) ⯅ Basically PUBG? - Ring Of Elysium (First Look Gameplay)
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Tomographic (6 months ago)
Trying to force myself to record more solo gameplay for you guys! This is a first look video on a new free to play battle royale game called Ring of Elysium. It's developed by Tencent games, the same company that brought PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds to mobile and it really is incredibly simialar to the PUBG we already know! It baffles me that Bluehole are even allowing this to happen under their noses but considering they are partner companies I'm sure that creates some complications. Ring of Elysium does introduce some interesting new mechanics though and I'd personally love to see some of these mechanics brought over to PUBG! What are your thoughts?..
Chris Smith (6 months ago)
Awesome Tom, I 100% agree that PUBG could definitely pick up some cues from this game and incorporate them for a better experience. Keen to give it a burn at some point but there are probably a plethora of other BR style games ready to flood the scene any time soon so will probably be spoilt for choice in the next couple of months.
Holdin Worley (6 months ago)
Solo commentary is difficult, but this video was good. Keep at it! I'm liking the content I'm seeing from this game. It's a bit nicer to watch than PUBG because of the better UI elements it introduces. When you are playing the game you know what you are looking for/at, but as a viewer the improved UI helps a lot.
Bluesmachine100 (6 months ago)
Did you have issues with the Trojan virus that comes with the install?
Tomographic (6 months ago)
I'm just trying to work on my solo commentary more than anything. Plus Fugglet would just run me over anyway ;)
Ryan Meuleman (6 months ago)
Tomographic you dont have to force yourself to do that. You Can play as many games you want with the fuggman
Mr Benz (1 month ago)
Is it free to play
N G G (4 months ago)
I play this myself, epic game.
Hayley Sahara (5 months ago)
I mean if they made pubg for mobile, they basically had everything on them, its disgustingly similar in interface, but i like the rest of it a lot. It just wasn't so much of work the only thing they had to do new is actually knowing what people would like and adding it. If they manage to make more differences between the two games, that would be cool.
JayZtunning (5 months ago)
Iwanna say bots lol
furiousbob (5 months ago)
I think ROE is my new favorite Twitch feed from you and Aculite. More entertaining to watch, at the moment, than PUBG. Much more entertaining than Fortnight and LIGHTYEARS more entertaining than watching you two play Squads. That Squads Twitch feed was just downright confusing.
Nedywarden Gamer (5 months ago)
Pubg the best
Sir Caco (5 months ago)
Actually, apparently some of the guys with no name are Thai people. Because the game doesn't support Thai characters.
Marko Vuckovic (5 months ago)
Sir Caco actually it doesn't show Thai names if you translate the game to english
Erik Vdovic (5 months ago)
how do you change perspective
Chris Miller (5 months ago)
its a kick ass game man i have not touched pubg once since i started this game glad to see a pro enjoying it as well
Lester Dela Cruz (5 months ago)
play this with aculite!
Fallby (5 months ago)
you got game so smooth. I have gtx 1050 and my game lags badly :/ full hd and high settings are same as 720p and low settings
maui strife (5 months ago)
its funny how all this "clones" are way better than pubgshit XD
REDEX SUBZERO (5 months ago)
much better than pubg almost no hackers and ui is same as bf4
Stalker Psychopat (5 months ago)
do you cnange region in oreder to run the game cuz i cant see it when my region is europe and is it full on english ?
Frostcold (5 months ago)
i only noticed bots in my first game...dunno..but yeah people are lagging alot
irgendeinfakeprofil (5 months ago)
so attachments are put on the weapons automaticly? thats cool but i would put my 2x on the AK and not the gorza so the auto-equip is more a pain in the ass than a help to me...
EUROSN7 (5 months ago)
When are we getting Europe servers?
Alibebis (6 months ago)
PUBGs best rip off for sure, but this should be illegal because of the insane copyright..
Marko Vuckovic (5 months ago)
That's not sad, it is a great chance to fix all problems PUBG has like netcode and random crashes
Mario Castillo (5 months ago)
Alibebis why sad?
Alibebis (5 months ago)
UnderGround Tron201 Sad..
Mario Castillo (5 months ago)
Alibebis its made by Tencent who bought part of PUBG and epic games its a Battle Royale and when they buyed PUBG they buyed all their sounds and that
SelanGkir (6 months ago)
damn i got vibe rules of survival theme . .
Suk Mike Hok (6 months ago)
Play with conor
Kombat Korner (6 months ago)
The rumor is that this is new PUB G platform. PUB G is not ready for +10 milion players and company who make Ring Of Elysium also worked on PUB G mobile for Blue Hole. So they will move whole PUB G Steam on this game anytime...
BenSeawalker (6 months ago)
How is it more realistic not to have markers for the direction you've been hit from? I mean, IRL you'd feel which side the bullets hit you lol
Doug A (6 months ago)
Thanks! Keep it up!
Yakobu-Gaming (6 months ago)
PUBG corp doesn't really own the rights to BR so I can safely assume there will be several iterations/PUBG knockoffs to come in the near future. This game looks like a lot of fun, hopefully it can develop more and have more servers, like in the UK and the US. Good job on the video M8:)
fastcx (6 months ago)
Hmm when you get on thai server, and you played more rounds with better results, less bot will be around. That's my experience playing on Thai server
Cory Vachon (6 months ago)
They can't get people in trouble making Battle Royale games since PlayerUnknown stole the idea from a 1960s Japanese book. Also, a movie came out based on the book which he got the idea from. Still always funny remembering when he tried to sue Epic for Fortnite. Great idea trying to sue the ones who invented the game engine your game runs off.
Blackmon IChi (6 months ago)
i agreed .. the amount of bots in this game is actually disgusting , . be like 50% ..[in indonesian server] hope they fix it soon
JT S (6 months ago)
Hey Tom how is the LVOA?
Aprende con Yeyo (6 months ago)
the laser to see if you hit its awesome
Aprende con Yeyo (6 months ago)
how u use voicechat?
Frostcold (5 months ago)
oh i was sure you are asking on how to use voice chat :D
Aprende con Yeyo (5 months ago)
i make a video to help people at configurations
Frostcold (5 months ago)
Robert Robinson (6 months ago)
What reason is there to continue to play pubg? I pray this game makes it to console
T JP (6 months ago)
"Jesus, I think my retina's just melted" Haha. What are you doing to me, Tom? That was gold, buddy. GOLD!
FoxyKingOfFoxes (6 months ago)
It's a combo of pubg and H1z1 ish
FoxyKingOfFoxes (6 months ago)
Do a series with aculite
Dunnykin (6 months ago)
Amazing play, Tom. I love how all that time playing PUBG on NA servers has set you up real nicely for playing with the high ping in this game, you looked an absolute beast at times.
falaflani (6 months ago)
Joe Clooney (6 months ago)
Prefer this to pubg but they need to sort out footsteps ... You can be heard crouch walking from 20 feet away so its almost impossible to sneak up on people, that's literally my only complaint tho, awesome game
Marko Vuckovic (5 months ago)
Well it's still in early access or however they call it so they might improve it in future
Jens Robot (6 months ago)
yeah man, its soooo horrible at the moment, but other sounds are fine. Must be a placeholder. I'm running around bare feet, it helps some. Also, am i just confused or is the directional sound sometimes a bit wonky as well?
uncletigger (6 months ago)
Top notch intro, Tom. You good thing you.
Mike s (6 months ago)
Tom with that 11 spot. Awesome win man. I think we can see connor is holding you back mate ;)
johnny b (6 months ago)
Great intro Tomo.
Austin Painter (6 months ago)
This is actually pretty cool:)
Max About (6 months ago)
On this game or pubg, keep making great content!
The Jackfruit Seed (6 months ago)
Dayum. . . U r awesome...... Nice gameplay
Ray Clemenes (6 months ago)
These Asian players' aim. :/
Dribbles Barbax (6 months ago)
Sorry mouse inverters. This game is not for you.
Kimi (6 months ago)
*Like if you downloaded the game :D*
packiesla (6 months ago)
I'll probably play this. Nice vid Tom.
Everythingred (6 months ago)
Instant like, Tom. Keep the content coming!
Brad Barton (6 months ago)
5:39 Dude in top right corner just creeped on by you. ;)
firecorn1 (6 months ago)
I love you Tom!
Whatever Works (6 months ago)
Holy recoil batman
OsidiustheEmphatic (6 months ago)
11 kills. Great win. Half of this game seems like an asset flip; I wonder whether PlayerUnknown will take legal action.
Scrapple Samwich (5 months ago)
Hey dick fuck. This company made pubg moblie...
fastcx (6 months ago)
Well, tencent own part of Epic and PUBG. You don't don't break your own back bone do u?
Altair harsh (6 months ago)
devs of this game are related to pubg, no legal problems at all
JT S (6 months ago)
Also the net code, is why pubg crashes and runs like shit. If they could fix it they would have but they can’t. So I think they’ve been working on this for awhile. And will use it as the successor of pubg.
JT S (6 months ago)
OsidiustheEmphatic blue hole is supporting ten cent games in making this game.watching this you can tell the net code is 100x better then pubg,
valarya (6 months ago)
I absolutely LOVE the features of putting 2 scopes on a weapon and swapping between them w/ a simple keybind. Not to mention you don't have to remove attachments to swap weapons. So great! I wish it were on NA or EU servers for lower ping. :)
Fa1L (6 months ago)
fuck i have to play at 40 fps cause my pc is 5 years old
TheFinalRing (6 months ago)
The hit markers need to be added to PUBG.
TheFinalRing (5 months ago)
Alex Gaze thanks for your input I'm not changing my mind
Alex Gaze (5 months ago)
No they don't. You can see the blood and that's enough
Mowza (6 months ago)
TheFinalRing mobile has hitmakers. So much better
craftyman (6 months ago)
Tom, you're so lucky - at 5:37 there was a guy at one of the barriers on the right side of the screen that ran across while you were looting.
Tomographic (6 months ago)
Damn! Well spotted. I never would have seen that guy.
John Doe (6 months ago)
Recluse (6 months ago)
Thanks for uploading this I think I speak on behalf of most of us when I say we get excited to see a Tom upload! Would you mind expanding on why you don't/won't PUBG with Aculite anymore? Not that I blame you for not wanting to just curious is all! It's great to have a genuine and quality channel like yours to watch! Thanks again!
Thomas Miller (6 months ago)
Thanks for clearing this up! I was severely disappointment when I read that comment. Also watching a stream of yall playing together as I type this comment. Glad to see the team is still together!
Tomographic (6 months ago)
Thanks man! Glad you're enjoying the videos. Don't worry, me and Connor are still playing regularly. There was a week or so where I was away which I think is the reason why people have assumed we've stopped playing together. Truth be told we've been struggling to get decent footage recently hence why there's been less uploads.
Curtis Rhodes (6 months ago)
Recluse did I miss something? Are they not playing together anymore?😖
cammobus (6 months ago)
ROE is a fun replacement for PUBG
CyberGenesis (6 months ago)
Made by Tencent - and i'll never install for that alone
DeroxyoGames (24 days ago)
+Suk Mike Hok Tencent is in the top 5 biggest corporations in the world and its net worth is around 500 billion dollars
daniel spies (5 months ago)
they even own shares of snapchat
Suk Mike Hok (6 months ago)
Tencent - The biggest game company you'd ever imagine
32Zn (6 months ago)
CyberGenesis and still i am sure that you have at least one game or application on your PC or phone which has ties to Tencent
Urhum Sheikh (6 months ago)
Awesome video Tom. As always actually.
Gu GuRoo (6 months ago)
Pubg can learn a thing or two from any game
irgendeinfakeprofil (5 months ago)
PUBG needs a shortcut to switch between scopes...
Owen DeHart (6 months ago)
Dope vid bro
Jarydd (6 months ago)
Yes Tom thank you
wetnapkin69 (6 months ago)
in the description youtube gaming says he's playing pubg lmao
AloxxaS (6 months ago)
I do not know why, but I am actually like the looks of this game.
Paul 151 (6 months ago)
Hi Tom I Love The Diverse Content!
Paul 151 (6 months ago)
Tomographic No problem :) keep up the great work!
Tomographic (6 months ago)
I'm glad you're enjoying it! Thanks for the support! :D
Uğur O. (6 months ago)
galileo, turing, cassini, sagan, cool names
ThugNasty NastyThug (6 months ago)
Ring of Liam Neeson needs to happen now......
Ment0ssLive (6 months ago)
Ma boi Tom keep up the good work!❤
Tomographic (6 months ago)
Thanks for the support man! :D
jefmoesy (6 months ago)
Ring of Liam Neeson XD
OsidiustheEmphatic (6 months ago)
Would play.
Daddy is the gamer (6 months ago)
I hope you keep playing👍
Jezzy (6 months ago)
Hey Tom pin this!
Felix Syversen (6 months ago)
where is the streams man?
Felix Syversen (6 months ago)
no worries dude, i just miss you. been a little boring without u
Tomographic (6 months ago)
Streams will be back soon! I've had a lot of life stuff to sort out that's been getting in the way of me streaming recently but I promise streams will be back asap! :D
Felix Syversen (6 months ago)
i've missed u bro

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