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Full Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcvxz2IrtA4&list=PLYH8WvNV1YEmkjAAh7GAPtZ_b5vaymMiS Getting Over It: http://store.steampowered.com/app/240720/Getting_Over_It_with_Bennett_Foddy/ Disclaimer: I was given a steam code for this game for free. THAT CHAIR WON'T BE AROUND FOREVER, COUNTDOWN IS ON! Europe: https://europe.clutchchairz.com/en/product/throttle-series-pewdiepie-edition/ USA & Asia: https://usa.clutchchairz.com/product/pewdiepie-edition-throttle-series/ Canada: https://canada.clutchchairz.com/product/throttle-series-pewdiepie-edition/ ‎
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Text Comments (20197)
oh my gosh i played damn sexy hiking it was horrible as hell
GARBAGE DAY (2 hours ago)
i not understand your leangue
Ellisa Bell (4 hours ago)
I love the music
Alex P. (12 hours ago)
11:05 Congratulations, you made me spit milk and Oreos everywhere on my bed from laughing Edit: 12:05 just a minute later, and you made me do it again.
Katelynn Oakley (18 hours ago)
"No! No! No! NO! GOODBYE" -pewdiepie
Zygo GT (1 day ago)
kok indonesia sih bukan inggris
Eman Baladad (1 day ago)
4:10 DAMN YOU BARRELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡
NotDebym (1 day ago)
Did the title changed to Indonesian 😮
Zαck 69 (1 day ago)
Translate lol
Tyo Channel (1 day ago)
Mika Melanen (1 day ago)
Felix have been listening to smooth mcgroove
Doricko Cia (1 day ago)
Ur Indonesia? Why The title is Indonesian legague
bakugou (1 day ago)
Baca deskripsi goblok, pada norak wkwk
M Muhsin (1 day ago)
anyone watching 2018
Raditya Marksman (1 day ago)
Judulnya bahasa indo ??
Sahil Verma (1 day ago)
Kaaaameeeeeeee haaaaaaaaameeeeee lol ha.... Ha .......
AJHornet (2 days ago)
That ending was great.
Sneks 14 (2 days ago)
You now say indo
bakugou (1 day ago)
Semua orang tau
Sneks 14 (1 day ago)
Kok tau gua Wibu???
bakugou (1 day ago)
Ngetik apaan wibu
D`Zaha Arya (2 days ago)
Abbah Roamouen (2 days ago)
Pake bahasa indonesia 💓
Rony Sopandi (2 days ago)
Pewdiepie bisa bahasa indonesia
bakugou (1 day ago)
Jadi klo youtube lo bahasa inggris judul videonya juga inggris, kalo youtube lu bahasa jepang judulnya juga jadi bahasa jepang, ngerti?
bakugou (1 day ago)
Judulnya itu udah di translate sama orang indonesia
ryschal luame (1 day ago)
+bakugou maksudnya gimana sih?masih ga dong
bakugou (1 day ago)
Baca deskripsi biar gak malu"in
Rony Sopandi (1 day ago)
Tapi bacaannya indonesia
Fak Tanya? (2 days ago)
Its the real title use indonesian languange? Or youtube have some fitur for automatically changed the language of title where the visitor live?? Answer it..
bakugou (1 day ago)
Baca deskripsi
Sandy Alexander (2 days ago)
damn i was laughing so fucking hard :v , who the heck create this sht game :v
BIG BOSS (2 days ago)
9:04 woman screaming.😲😲😲
BIG BOSS (2 days ago)
The title in indonesia languange... 😂😂 I from Indonesia... Thank you pewdiepie
Dimas Wibowo (1 day ago)
Orang indo overproud
LionNaroIan Ian (1 day ago)
Lu klo ketranslate di indo judulnya jadi indo bujaaang hapus gakntuh komen malu maluin njirr
bakugou (1 day ago)
Lol, baca deskripsi goblok
Deon CH (2 days ago)
Wkkwkwkw gw juga kaget titlenya indonesia
Aldin Avarise (2 days ago)
What? Did you really change the title to indonesian language? Or is it a new feature on youtube?
everyday angle (2 days ago)
9:10 was intense
Diah IrawatiRabih (2 days ago)
I play this on my phone
Ariel Marcellino (3 days ago)
AbRaGT Raihan (3 days ago)
indonesian tittled?
Fajar Rayhan (3 days ago)
Oktober 2018?
cns 313 (3 days ago)
Your thumnail is indonesia language
Rama Mod Games (3 days ago)
Is the title is Indonesian or just at my phone?
DG2410 (3 days ago)
Judul Nya Bahasa indonesia
Sony Dwi (3 days ago)
Do You Can Speak Indonesia ?
Yanuar Pratama (3 days ago)
PewDiePie semangat 💪💪 ... Pantang Menyerah oke 👏👏
Ade putra (3 days ago)
Judulnya mantul pak eko 😁😂
Aldi 2609 (3 days ago)
The tittle video in indonesian
Dwi Rahman Soleman (3 days ago)
Well then now watch the speedrun
Vanessa Dera (3 days ago)
Nice title League indonesian ❤️
RIZKY SHAPUTRA (4 days ago)
Wowww penderitaan sesungguhnya, Indonesia lelague
Mustofa Akmal (3 days ago)
*language yang bener mas
Theme you lengaue Indoneaia
andika argaditya (4 days ago)
kenapa Bahasa indonesia dah judul nya
VIP GAMERZ Gggamerz (4 days ago)
You know indonesia language ? Haiii
min asf. (4 days ago)
This is depressing
gege no kitaro (4 days ago)
You look so Happy Felix in this vid
Bian Muzaki (4 days ago)
McKenzie Thomas (4 days ago)
I laughed so hard😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Oobi & frands (4 days ago)
Play more
Alif Arrafiqi (4 days ago)
Ini knapa judulnya pake bahasa indo wkwk
Felix use bahasa
Zeek3 (4 days ago)
What was that intense music that began at 8:56? It made my heart begin pounding.
Tadashi Umemura (4 days ago)
Is it a wrestler game? It is powerful. If you use ESP, this challenge is easy, but he does not use it easily. My muscles and guts are his supernatural powers. By the way, is he hungry? It is a very tiring game. But, if you score a goal, your sense of accomplishment will be the best.
Austin Petty (4 days ago)
In 2010 that into would of been bitchin
MickycropYT (4 days ago)
Indonesia njir ;V
Rakhmatul Hady (1 day ago)
Emngny bs judul video youtube dtranslate otomatis?...
LionNaroIan Ian (1 day ago)
Norak malu maluin
Alisa Art7 (2 days ago)
Ke translate kali...
Otniel Djaliha (2 days ago)
Gw juga kaget su kwkwkw
Joseph Manning (4 days ago)
12:12 my favourite moment on youtube
Asli Sumardi Sumardi (5 days ago)
jk :v
Asli Sumardi Sumardi (5 days ago)
Sy D (5 days ago)
So dramatic 😂😂😂 he is cool
Sy D (5 days ago)
Ape aje (5 days ago)
Judulnya kok b.indonesia
Gren Herlison (5 days ago)
Ape aje sama wkwkwk
hamza al chamak (5 days ago)
his beard is wierd
Iqbaal Apriliana (4 days ago)
you think he's Eminem ?
Dhaaa 29 (6 days ago)
Ko bahasa judulnya its indonesia language?
RizumTech (6 days ago)
penderitaan sesungguhnya wkwk
itzdan _Pulverz (6 days ago)
He isn't the smartest is he
Belieber Indonesia (6 days ago)
Piw die pie do u speak indonesia
Fatan Aja (6 days ago)
You can speak indonesia🇮🇩
trust famous (7 days ago)
Lu aslinya orang indo apa bukan njir
trust famous (1 day ago)
Gw becanda tolol
wahyu rizky (1 day ago)
trust famous malu maluin lu tod. 😂🖕
ABDUL AZIZ (1 day ago)
bocah tolol
LionNaroIan Ian (1 day ago)
KaizukaZekrom (4 days ago)
Bukan lah tolol
Yee Master (7 days ago)
This video, is pure gold. Watching this man suffer was long overdue for me :D
Yee Master (6 days ago)
Indeed, this series is good. It shows how a man descends into madness whilst playing this game, just watch the other videos and see
Siem Siem (6 days ago)
Yee Master i dont like pewdz but i do like this series
indo bahasa
Emmy Em (7 days ago)
And btw Felix... Both Mark AND Jack made it there...
Emmy Em (7 days ago)
Once again... Have not seen one YouTuber so far that has not raged at this game.
Eric Kinahan (8 days ago)
Your reward is in space
THIS. IS . EARTH (8 days ago)
Hahahahaha .. reeeally funny .. really fun .. had a great time watching it
Tae Sky (8 days ago)
Fuc* you
Siem Siem (6 days ago)
Tae Sky who and why?
Pallelll Mahardika (8 days ago)
Sobat Jr (8 days ago)
Wait ? Wtf
Gustavo Matthews (8 days ago)
Jetted Tea (9 days ago)
U can speak indonesian
Salar (9 days ago)
Holy fuck
SlimeManGames (9 days ago)
ору с этого момента: 12:17
zLmOfL (9 days ago)
Wtf penderitaan sesungguhnya
Simone Magrelli (10 days ago)
I am New watching pewdiepie videos and I Cannot speak Great english.I need italian comments
Lyreece Lopez (13 days ago)
...and Pewds isn't the same anymore.
Serpent115 (13 days ago)
He wins at 12:15
Zara (13 days ago)
GlipseHeroine (14 days ago)
This is so funny 😂😂😂
Riaz Ali (15 days ago)
I want some of your moves
Amelia (15 days ago)
I find it fun to watch one of my favorite youtubers have a mental breakdown over a game
Amara Harris (15 days ago)
10:13 thats deep af
Amara Harris (15 days ago)
3:10 background​ music is everything
Amara Harris (15 days ago)
i'm getting mad for him😡😡...​
Włodek 1410 (16 days ago)
WitterCritter (16 days ago)
How tf did he get through the chimney part in such a short amount of time?
Uber Phantom (16 days ago)
I'd imagine that his numerous fails were edited out. Or then again, perhaps he just got really lucky and didn't mess around.
Jolo (17 days ago)
Shows how much markiplier sucked at this game
mudit bhargava (18 days ago)
12:24 Jess Jess Jess Jess Jess Jess Jess Jess jess
mudit bhargava (18 days ago)
Who hears Jess when pewds says yess
Specter Garfield (18 days ago)
12:06 that save tho! <3
1Health Gamer (19 days ago)
Maaant (20 days ago)

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