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EA Once Again Proves They've Learned NOTHING

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YongYea (1 month ago)
EDIT: To no one's surprise, EA is still full of shit. Show your support on Patreon.com/YongYea or PayPal.me/YongYea! It's completely optional, but even $1 a month contribution will go a long way. Also, follow me on Twitter.com/YongYea for the latest updates. TOP PATRONS - Thelionsam (Cipher) - Shawn Duane Cottrell (Cipher) - Willie Houston (Big Boss) - KMille (Boss) - Michael Redmond (Boss) - Alex Moretti (Boss) - Jonathan Ball (Boss) - ComfyHat (Boss) - J Black (Boss) - Justconst (Boss) - Brenton Brown (Boss) - Jamie Alder (Boss) - Christopher Horkey (Boss) - Hiroshi Miyagusuku (Boss) - Andrew Hendricks (Boss) - John A Perez (Boss) - Pawel Dziemian (Legendary) - Jonah Ferguson (Legendary) - Darius Harvey (Legendary) - Jake Betts (Legendary) - Princess Stabbity (Legendary) - Teemu Hattukangas (Legendary) - JMorro (Legendary) - Darien Cunningham (Legendary) - Matthew Riggs (Legendary) - PrismatDragoon (Legendary) - Jade Rose (Legendary) - D Kurtti (Legendary) - Christopher Davis Kildahl (Legendary)
The only perfect games of EA are Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare games
you gamer (27 days ago)
YongYea at least battlefield V is no more pay to win and all dlc's will be free
Albert Haxha (1 month ago)
YongYea NO SHIT in 6 months swbf2 got 3 maps and 4 FKING HEROES and 1 generic campaign wich was suppoust to be full of personality
James Corey (1 month ago)
YongYea It's us the gamers who've learned nothing. Stop buying EA games.
Tatakai no Kami (1 month ago)
At 0:36 the word you were looking for is concerted, not conceited. EA is always conceited.
Doom Guy (1 day ago)
Most people I know who play FIFA have never even heard of the whole FIFA Aids thing, let alone EA's reputation as one of the most hated companies in the past decade. They just blindly buy FIFA and COD year after year. Its these casuals who need to be educated.
Doom Guy (1 day ago)
This is why you should only play DOOM.
you can't write STEAL without EA
SpazzymGoo (2 days ago)
I havnt bought an EA game since bf4. As soon as I see a game advertised with the EA logo I instantly skip it. I feel like I'm at peace now, you guys should try it. You get this strange sense of pride and accomplishment.
martha kroegonnfogrn (2 days ago)
loot boxes are the future wether u like it or not.
jolibaybay (4 days ago)
If I buy a loot box and have a 1/100 chance of getting the item I want... I think that’s called GAMBLING.
Titan Slayer (4 days ago)
But have they now?
Dukez Venom (5 days ago)
And yet my classmate keeps buying fifa year in year out
Gabriel Allanigue (5 days ago)
Umm... I just got a Fifa 18 Ad on this video..... Wut?
Agelis (6 days ago)
"We're always thinking about how much money we can squeeze out of players"
Spagooti Spaghett (7 days ago)
We will catch these dirty greedy jews.
Frank Adamo (7 days ago)
EA: Our ethics now included in loot boxes, find it if you’re lucky
Daniel M (8 days ago)
It's simple, don't buy their crap and support other companies instead.
Billy Williams (8 days ago)
That EA is doing illeagal crime to lie everyone including european law enforcement
Lite Dark (8 days ago)
And then you have DE who removed a microtransaction system because it was being used too much..
Lite Dark (8 days ago)
Im more mad at the idiots that keep buying ea's shitty games and dlcs
Confused Nick (9 days ago)
Remember the old EA? The one that made good game like NFS?
James Semple (10 days ago)
As much as I hate loot boxes, I don't want government fucking intervention it always leads to a massive shitshow!
Paulo Henrique Junior (10 days ago)
Do you guys realize that banning loot boxes gonna destroy games like hearthstone and pokemon tcg right?
chadwick hayes (10 days ago)
I have never spent real money on micro transactions and never will what's wrong with you kids
Tommy Bitchface (12 days ago)
"We don't condone the trading of in game currency and items for real world money." "We don't condone the use of our pornographic film establishment as a den of iniquity! We're certainly aware of the hole in the wall that many people put their penises through, but drywall is so expensive to buy! Yes, we have a bowl of condoms and flavored lubes in the booth next to the hole, but it doesn't mean we support what's happening!"
Luna AngelEclipse (13 days ago)
In my opinion loot boxes in Overwatch aren't too bad for various reasons.
Carlos Urroz (13 days ago)
EA will go to the last consequences
rambythezombie (14 days ago)
I don't have a problem with loot boxes. I just wish they weren't sold and could only be earned by playing the game at a reasonable rate of acquisition.
Melon Muncha (14 days ago)
Next Up:Ea Buys minecraf
mikaili maruya (14 days ago)
How does EA survive?
BertmanGaming (14 days ago)
dude. there are 100s of types of lootboxes. also, fifa doesnt have lootboxes. and you dont gamble with real money . you buy fifa coins. and you can get them by being a good player you ididot. and yes , fifa is fair, balanced and transparent. please play the game first and then be dumb... btw : im not a fanboy, but fifa is totally okey the way its done.
Soul of Cinder (15 days ago)
Why would they have to "learn" anything? They make good profits of microtransactions and they don't care wether people like it or not. They're a company. They do what makes them the most profit and they will continue doing things like that as long as you give them money.
RegularGamerz (15 days ago)
The EU might be silly in a lot of ways but this is fantastic news for gamers, push on with the law EU!
Adiarby13 (17 days ago)
How stupid people can be..supply and demand mofos. Hate EA fuck EA blabla but they still buy shits thrown at them lmao. smh stupid idiot stupid idiot everywhere
Xamuswing (18 days ago)
Given all this flip flopping EA spouts, I want to believe there are people in the company that want things to change. It's just unfortunate that the higher ups don't see how much they're shooting themselves in the foot.
Christof Emmanuel (18 days ago)
EA and Ubisoft are the same money leeches.
Jayzl (18 days ago)
its fifa who cares they'll just make another one next year makeing everything you buy pointless let idiots waste their money
caalcb7 (19 days ago)
Mostly who defended EA is a rich kids with trust funds, not all of us have money to buy it. Especially if you're outside US of A.
I don't care in Fifa, so this fut packs don't bother me. What I care is Garden Warfare games
FATEd Pondera (20 days ago)
Lol couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch of lying cunts, y'know? EA has wrecked the industry for years. They knifed Maxis in the back and killed them. They obliterated Westwood and are personally responsible for the demise of RTS games in the modern world that aren't Starcraft, and killed not one, not two, BUT THREE game franchises that I loved in my childhood. They killed Bullfrog and dragged Dungeon Keeper's name through the mud. They made damn sure that Origin would never make another Wing Commander game again, and they ruined Bioware into an unrecognizable mess with politically correct bullshit. So, I'm very happy to see SOMEONE getting set to do something about them. Apparently, Government is the answer here, as most gamers are too pants on head retarded to figure out that giving money to EA to let them keep yanking your chain around might not be the best idea.
Ferenc Tkáčik (21 days ago)
Hope They gonna bankrupt
dr badboy (21 days ago)
nice diamond dogs shirt. i wanna pick one up now that looks sick
Chris MacQuiddy (22 days ago)
And Bioware, subset of EA, had an ex employee and current employee (mainly ex, but backed by a current) post he was happy TotalBiscuit died and the world was a better place.
Fraidoon Khuram (22 days ago)
I am so ashamed that EA is from CANADA
CCCP (23 days ago)
You same faggots crying are the same faggots that frown upon and cry about pirating games or other cheaper ways of obtaining them. For years I watch you all cry and enable these corporations and for many more years the circle of life shall repeat. Enjoy free enterprise democracy ya suckers.
vjm3 (23 days ago)
I actually disagree with your point at 6:29. EA shouldn't justify doing this loot box bullshit, I believe it's killing games, but I can't blame EA for something other people on other sites do with their items, condemned by EA or not. Valve, for example, shouldn't be responsible when a dude from CS illegally trades their rare blade for real money via some random chat website. To counter this point: EA could make it so once an item is revealed/rewarded to a player, then it's soul-locked to that account and can't be traded, but both you and I know they won't ever do that. It'll literally drive any player from their company to a game willing to do so. Heck, what's stopping EA from by that point just changing their name and doing it again? Also, what's stopping illegal sellers from selling the whole account to someone by getting paid, and providing the password? Lonelygurl8243 has the rarest blade in the game. Now this guy has Lonelygurl8243's account and changes the password and username. Then loot crates and online gaming would need to become illegal, and I don't like when the government steps in to tell responsible adults what they can do with their money and games. How about we try this: Let people use their money to decide what they want? If EA loses profit due to this shit, and a no-name startup company offers complete and fun games that are similar and become the next big star but with no or minor inclusion of loot crates, then capitalism has succeeded and we get exactly what we ask for. If not and people actually like loot crates, then as shitty and destructive to a game as that is, that's what the people want. I don't know. There's got to be a better solution than demanding regulation.
KOT RoundTable (23 days ago)
The best way to show EA that they're wrong: stop buying into their shit!
GhostSasuke (23 days ago)
And I’m just done with EA. Like enough is enough. I’m so glad I stopped buying their games. I’m just so done with this BS from this company...it’s disgraceful to still see them at E3.
Tx240 (23 days ago)
I will not spend money on anything with EA's name on it and I encourage others to avoid EA. EA wants our money, but they have no interest in creating good games nor in providing good value for their customers.
HauntingMage (23 days ago)
How do you _accidentally_ build a slot machine? _Whoops!_
Raf Tube (23 days ago)
They changed it. BFV will be the direct skin that you buy, not the random chance.
Jerokhna (24 days ago)
Yeah... loot boxes are straight up slot machine mechanics with a few goodie wins here and there to get you to spend more for a chance at a big win.
Zachary Zavala (24 days ago)
I’m okay with EA Sports games having packs, I understand that sure it might seem P2W but if you’re a good enough player you don’t need a 99 OVR team. It’s kind of apart of the franchise and aren’t at all hard to get. When you compare it to something like the Call of Duty loot boxes it’s not even in the same ballpark, although yes you open and get a random card, there’s often packs that guarantee Elite cards such as Zlatan or in the case of madden someone like Brady. In the sports side of EA I’m able to easily build a 60 OVR team to a 88-90 OVR in 5-6 Days without buying MUT Cash or using any 3rd party website. I don’t mind spending money on packs because more than likely I’m guaranteed to get enough MUT COINS (Earned Currency) to get a handful or so a day. But if I chose to buy MUT CASH (Purchased Currency) I could do that. What people seem to forget with Madden/FIFA/The Show 18 (well aware it’s not EA) you have the ability to earn packs at a rate that it’s not taxing on your gameplay experience and in a way that you don’t have to buy them if you don’t want to.
Zachary Zavala (24 days ago)
If we can’t agree up there we can here tho. BATTLEFRONT 2 WAS SOME WHACK ASS BULLSHIT, that game basically required your ass to spend money
Michael Ingling (24 days ago)
Big corporations ruin everything.
KonstantinGeist (25 days ago)
first world problems: oy vey, in a game no one forces you to play they want you to optionally pay for things, call the cops
Brad (25 days ago)
They've learned how to make money. Much to our dismay, they've learned how to do it very well.
Fiery Nugget (25 days ago)
EA could learn a lot from Gearbox, the borderlands games are a good example (especially borderlands 2), those games are fun single player, split screen and online and the only extras you can buy are the dlc which are actually worth the price. They even give out keys to unlock special chests which have better weapons and that’s why they still have a lot of loyal fans, they made a great game without micro transactions. Gearbox could easily add micro transactions in borderlands 3 to catch up with the “trend”, but they probably won’t since they know they can make a good game without charging you to have fun.
Kevin Coffey (25 days ago)
FUCK EA they ruin everything they get their grubby little shit stained hands on...bunch of jerk offs
xzer (25 days ago)
I’ll be hoping everyday that ea goes bankrupt🙏🏻
JunoJupiter GLRR (25 days ago)
thats the common practice of capitalism... EA is just another example for greedy money hungry cunt companies... the world is full of that kind of company.. people, in this case gamers, just start to realize that
John Dow (25 days ago)
Game on gamers what if gamers started buying ea shares and not thier games. So we the gamers can fix ea, so we the gamers can run the show. Fight on gamers.
Colin colin (26 days ago)
EA killed fifa. Fifa is spiralling thanks to EA greed.
Chuck The gamer (26 days ago)
This is why battlefield v is getting hate some love it but most hate it already
Tirol Ibk (26 days ago)
Fuck You ea
Ricky Smithe (26 days ago)
More like ppl who STILL buy EA products have learned nothing and deserve to be ripped off #retards
GhostShipSupreme (26 days ago)
Governments should tax companies like EA, because they make gambling games with lootboxes. When they're suddenly making much less money and answering to governments across the globe, maybe then they'll learn their place. Maybe Europe and Asia can make a major blow for us Americans
georgino7 (26 days ago)
FIFA for example..you can build top of the line squads for free if you're skilled and put the time into it..time is money.Im not defending EA whatsoever,but some games there is no need to spend a single penny cause you can earn what u want by playing
tsaisdatruth (26 days ago)
Lets grow our channels together sub subscribe hit like and comment done and I'll do the same
Kevin Wilson (26 days ago)
How could they learned anything? Didn't science already confirmed that 99%of their brains are made by profits, on 1% free space they can learn something new, and they already did "Make more profits"
Does that mean popcap will die? ;-;
you gamer (27 days ago)
At least BATTLEFIELD V is no more pay to win not premium and all dlc's are free plus in star wars battlefront 2 there are no more loot boxes and all heroes are free
Dave The Rave (27 days ago)
st EA l Everything.
Shane Kinsley (27 days ago)
So pretty much it's all the stupid Sports people who keep on buying this shit
Fireshot 92 (27 days ago)
EA games, challenge everything lol
Valin Connell (27 days ago)
NBA 2k18 was no better
Summ Gai (27 days ago)
nice haircut
Rob Kaiser (27 days ago)
technicaliy pay to win would mean a buyable thing that guarntees victory not pay to buy an advantage thats not guaranteed that you will get
Average Joe (27 days ago)
I installed Battlefront 2 and the SAME DAY I uninstalled it.
Spooky Boyy (27 days ago)
Conceited effort hahaha you idiot
F2ID78gh (27 days ago)
It's not about learning.... it's about greed....for everyones last dime.
Genarel Betrayus (27 days ago)
Negative can be positive in this case its free publicity negative publicity doesnt always come off as negative as it should. in this case all your complaining has accomplished nothing examples every game EA is and has continued to put out.
Terminater 007 (27 days ago)
Oh Plz, EA is Garbage, what hppnd to the update for NFS PAYBACK?
Kultsound (27 days ago)
And while watching this video it gets interrupted by a YouTube commercial. Guess for what? FIFA 2018. Oh the irony of capitalism!
Rich Davis (28 days ago)
EA has abandoned golf games I therefore abandon them! Eff EA!!
Shayne Persad (28 days ago)
I blame Andrew Wilson not changing they way hes is running EA, I don't blame EA I blame Andrew Wilson, I would like George Soros to make Andrew Wilsons life miserable lol.
Meowkitty Meowmeow (28 days ago)
EA is trying to become Team Fortress 2
uriahahaha (28 days ago)
Nah.. I liked it
Liam Bach (28 days ago)
RIP NFS payback November 2017- December 2017
Caleb Imrie (28 days ago)
You keep buying their games. No wonder, dipshit.
Rayce Archer (28 days ago)
Surely as server owners EA could easily stifle any kind of item trading. They know exactly what they're doing, "working with regulators" just means "seeing what we can get away with."
Ulf Sark (28 days ago)
Maybe if you idiots who hate on EA actually STOPPED BUYING THEIR GAMES, they'd listen. instead you buy the game then bitch on their forums, all the while paying them.
Louis Saeys (28 days ago)
my brother and step brother have actualy used almost 600 dollars from my dads bank acount without him nowing it. This system is actualy dangerous
LemonGrab (28 days ago)
lets all laugh at an industry that never learns anything tee hee hee
Luis Romandia (29 days ago)
Burns (29 days ago)
EA is like IOI in Ready Player One lol
John Abordo (29 days ago)
EA learnt that 90% of the people who bitch and moan about their games will still buy them. They win.
Lúi Tokun (29 days ago)
EA garbage company..
Dimitri Prout (29 days ago)
I hope they go bankrupt, I just feel sorry for the people who would lose their jobs
Tilton Hopkins (29 days ago)
With need for speed payback the only reason the upgrade system is made like a slot machine is because the location is based upon Las Vegas and as a result they made it like that to fit the city’s context
Adam Stringer (29 days ago)
Forza Horizon 3 had a good system. Whenever you levelled up the spinwheel would give you a mostly random chance to get either a bunch of credits or a new car, as far as I know you couldn’t buy additional spins with micro transactions.
MaguroGaming (29 days ago)
Tmw Bungie's new BS boxes are slightly more tolerable than EA's entire BS...
norman ellis (30 days ago)
Greed and stupidity are not mutually exclusive.
Flatpancakez (30 days ago)
Personally I love the packs, such a fun way to get things

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